Wounds and Weeds Summarized
(Healing Herbs)
Herb Heals Notes/Warnings
Aaron's Rod 1d4 hit points for 2 hours The pain relief is temporary and expires after 2 hours. Strenuous activity will cause your wounds to reopen. giving you another 1d4 hit points of damage. Multiple applications are useless.
Adder's Tongue 1d3 hit points /day of rest Can only be administered once per day OR
  1d2 hit points If applied within 2 rounds, only useful once per day.
Birthwort +2 save vs. poison Must be ingested one round after poisoning. Non-humans can be paralyzed 20% for 1d8 rounds.
Comfrey 1d4 hit points No adverse effects
Garlic 2 hp per day of rest Useful for the first 3 days of healing.
1 hp If applied to a sting it can be used once to heal.
Acts as insect and vampire repellant.
Henbane 1d6 hit points 1d4 hit points wear off 2 hours later, can't be taken orally. If fight during those 2 hours you are mildly drunk. OR
1 Str, 1 Con It can be applied during healing to restore stat damage. It is poisonous and if taken orally it does 2d6 damage. Save for half; DC 15 Fortification save. Preparation of the juice requires boiling and if the fumes are inhaled it is a mild hallucinogen.
Herb True-Love +2 save vs. poison If applied in two rounds.
+3 save vs. poison for halflings and dwarves OR
1 hit points it can be used once per day. Looks like nightshade if nightshade is drunk save vs. poison or die.
Juniper Berry 1d4 hit points Heals and can be used on severely wounded people.
+1 save vs. poison If taken within 2 rounds of poisoning.
Half-Elves and Elves must save vs. poison or fall under the effects of a love potion for 2d4 rounds.
Marsh-Mallow 2 per day of rest If applied to burns for the first 3 days of healing. OR
+1 to saving roll If taken within 2 rounds of poisoning.
St. John's Wart heals 1d4 hit points If applied within 2 rounds of wounding. OR
  +1 save vs. poison When the broth is drunk.
Sphagnum Moss 4 hit points per 3 days If applied to the wound dressing.
25% faster healing Dressing only lasts 3 days.
Woundwort 20% of 1 wound If applied within 2 rounds. However, Dwarves can go blind 25% for 1d6 rounds

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