Tsuno Soultwisters (Way of shugenja): Using the power from various Spirit Realms to cast their spells this class of shugenja is only offered at the temple in the Shadowlands.
Reverse the values of their Fort and Will saves.

- They do not possess the sense spirits ability, instead they gain the spell-like ability to detect passage as a 12th level sorcerer.
- They have the same spell list as shugenja, but different schools (listed below) based upon their Spirit Realm with which they are aligned. They still have a element of focus and a banned element from which they can't select spells.
- The ability score a Soultwister uses to cast magic is not always determined by the Spirit Realm drawn upon.

Chikushudo Spells
From the realm of animals, duplicating some of their abilities (ability score: Wis).
1    Spider Climb
2    Web
3    Water Breathing
4    Charm Monster
5    Animal Growth
6    Hold Monster
7    Creeping Doom
8    Animal Shapes
9    Shapechange
Gaki-Do Spells
From the realm of the Hungry Dead you can sap the life force of living beings (ability score: Con).
1    Ray of Enfeeblement
2    Scare
3    Vampric Touch
4    Enervation
5    Feeblemind
6     Eyebite
7     Destruction
8     Horrid Wilting
9     Energy Drain
Jigoku Spells
From the Realm of Evil and the source of taint, the Soultwister can use maho without blood to fuel it (ability score: Cha).
1     Legacy of the Dark One (Rokugan)
2     Mists of Fear (Rokugan)
3    Animate Dead
4    Cloud of Taint (O. Adv.)
5    Gift of the Kansen (Rokugan)
6    Create Undead
7    Blasphemy
8    Create Greater Undead
9    Rise Taint (Rokugan)
Kanosei Furudera School
Used only by the Order of Kanosei.

0    Commune with Elements
1    Protection
2    Kaimetsu-Uos' Ward (resist elements)
3    Know the Earth (stone shape)
4    Blessing of Isora (Rokugan)
5    Summon the Wind (control winds)

6    Command the Clouds (control weather)
7    Kami's Reflection (spell turning)
8    Waves are Ever Changing (Way of the Shugenja)
9    Walking the Way (Way of the Shugenja)
Meido Spells
The Realm of the Dead, has no alignment, and these spells can create the sensations of death or cause death itself (ability score: Int).
1    Chill Touch
2    See Invisibility
3    Gentle Repose
4    Death Ward
5    Mind Fog
6    Circle of Death
7    Finger of Death
8    Trap the Soul
9    Soul Bind
Sakkaku Spells
From the Realm of Mischief, involving deceit , concealment and the ability to create false emotional stats or sensations in others (ability score: Cha).
1    Unseen Servant
2    Misdirection
3    Nondetection
4     Confusion.
5    False Vision
6    Mass Suggestion
7    Insanity
8    Mass Charm
9    Freedom
Tengoku Spells
From the Realm of the Celestial Heavens and the home of the Fortunes and the Elemental Dragons. Effects from this realm are typically benevolent (ability score: Wis).
1    Detect Undead
2    Daylight
3    Protection from Elements
4    Rainbow Pattern
5    Contact other Plane
6    Control Weather
7    Plane Shift
8    Protection from Spells
9    Prismatic Sphere
Toshigoku Spells
From the Realm of Slaughter a place of violence, darkness, and mindless bloodshed the source of much offensive magic (ability score: Str).
1    Inflict Light Wounds
2    Death Knell
3    Keen Edge
4    Inflict Critical Wounds
5    Slay Living
6    Harm
7    Power Word, Stun
8    Power Word, Blind
9    Power Word, Kill
Yomi Spells
From the Realm of the Blessed Ancestors, the home of largely benevolent spirits (ability score: Wis).
1    Bless
2    Endurance
3    Magic Vestment
4    Imbue with Spell Ability
5    Righteous Might
6    Legend Lore
7    Greater Restoration
8    Shield of Law
9    Kharmic Vengeance (Way of Shugenja)
Yume-Do Spells
From the Realm of Dreams allows others to communicate via means of sight, vision even dreams (ability score Cha).
1    Message
2    Hypnotic Pattern
3    Clairaudience/Clairvoyance
4    Scrying
5    Nightmare
6    Veil
7    Greater Scrying
8    Mind Blank
9    Foresight
There is no school devoted to the Jigoku Realm. Soultwisters aligned with Jigoku may attempt any maho spell they wish, and they do not need to sacrifice blood.
(O. Adv.) = Oriental Adventures
(Rokugan) = Rokugan
(Way of the Shugenja) = Way of the Shugenja
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