Trinity: A White Wolf Science Fiction Game PDF

The Planets, Psionics, Technology, Aliens, My Game     Mercury, Venus, Earth, Luna, Mars, Asteroid Belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Ort Cloud

Core Concepts of the Game Important ideas PDF
Rolling up a Character Short Form, Encumbrance, Awarding Experience Points, Spending Experience Points PDF
Origins Where could your character come from? PDF
Character Nature Nature describes your playing style and how you recover Willpower PDF
Flaws Gain some points by having a few problems PDF
Merits Spend some points for extra benefits PDF
Knowledges, Skills and Talents Knowledges, Skills, Talents; extra advantages PDF
Backgrounds Special Advantages PDF
Psionic Aptitudes Chart listing the powers (linked to Psionic Powers page) Biokinesis, Clairsentience, Electrokinesis, Psychokinesis, Telepathy, Vitakinesis and Teleportation PDF
Psionic Powers Explanation of Biokinesis, Clairsentience, Electrokinesis, Psychokinesis, Telepathy, Vitakinesis and Teleportation PDF
Languages Language List PDF
Playing the Game Combat:

Initiative, Attack, Resolution, Armor, Damage, Soak, Damage to Weapons, Called Shots, Ambush, Blind Fighting, Movement while Fighting, Position, Two Weapons, Defense Maneuvers, Close Combat Maneuvers, Hand to Hand Combat Maneuvers, Ranged Combat Maneuvers, Complications, Hand to Hand Maneuver Table, Ranged Maneuver Table

Other Sources of Damage: Electrocution, Falling, Fire, Overexertion, Poison and Drugs, Radiation, Suffocation and Drowning, Temperature, Vacuum
Mental States: Burnout, Tolerance, Tolerance Overload, Amnesia, Delusions, Multiple Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia, Polar/Bipolar Disorder, Recovery
Health: Healing Bashing Damage, Healing Lethal Damage
Vehicles: All, Most, Atmospheric and Spacecraft, Movement, Armored Combat
Willpower and Psi: Uses for Willpower, Compulsions, Recovering Willpower, Psi
Tolerance: Using biotech
Using Your Resources: What each point in Resources translates into.
Materials and Technology: What's new in the world.
Attunement Chart Table of what can be detected, and how easily, with a Psionic Attunement Roll (Taint is detected as a negative space). PDF
Armor Table of various armor types and their protection rating. PDF
Melee Weapons Table PDF
Projectile, Energy and Web Guns Table: One-Hand Weapons, Two-Hand Weapons, Heavy Weapons PDF
Vehicle Table Wheeled, Recreation, Motorcycles, Skimmers, Hovercycles, Cargo Haulers, APC, Tanks, Sailing Vessels, Aerosub, Submarines, Aircraft, Helicopters, High-Velocity Tiltrotors and Ducted Fans, Jets, Hybrid Jets, Spacecraft, Frigates, Cruisers, Drones, Vacuum Assault and Reconnasissance Gear, Bio-Vacuum Assault and Reconnaissance Gear PDF
Levels of Care from the AEsculapains Medical care in the future PDF
Medication and Drugs Description and Table for drugs, medications, toxins, and gas weapons. PDF
Equipment from the Traveller Central Supply Catalog Table: Adapted from Mongoose's Traveller Central Supply Catalog PDF
GURPS Equipment Table: Adapted from GURPS for Trinity (Note in case of conflict the values in the Traveler Central Supply Catalog have priority) PDF
Technology and History What happend to my flying car--and an explanation of why technology is at its current level. PDF
Research and Development Adapted from Adventure; it is a system to use when creating something novel. PDF
Trinity Timeline When events happend, the game will start in 2020. PDF
Trinity Organization Organization of the Unit you are working for. PDF
Major Groups, Organizations, and Personal A listing of people and major groups PDF
Rolling up an Aberrant/Nova Included for the DM to roll up Aberrants/Novas; players will not be able to play Novas it would be too unbalancing. PDF
Articles listed in bold type face must be read. The entire site is recommend reading (I posted it for a reason), the text in bold is the minimum (you only need to read the Psionic Powers for your character).
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