World-Wide Timeline, an alternate history
Date Event
1941 World War 1 starts
1918 World War 1 ends
1923 Hammersmith Experiment releases Tellric radiation world wide. Trinity timeline starts to diverge from standard timeline.
1924 Aeon Society for Gentlement founded, later becomes Aeon Trinity. Beginning of the Age of Insipiration.
1926 Robert Goddard launches first liquid fuel rocket, start of rocket age.
1929 Start of Great Depression in US.
1941 World War II starts.
1942 Aeon Trintiy starts working with charities including the rubber and scrap steel drives.
1943 Aeon Society battles Doctor Primoris who vanishes at the conflict's climax.
1945 World War 2 ends.
1946 UN founded and takes over all asses of the League of Nations; headquartered in New York.
1950 Maxwell Anderson Mercer Vanishes
1969 1st man lands on the moon; US wins the space race.
1989 Nova eruptions start. Japan has 70 and hires 40 to help rebuilding and policing.
1990 Japanese Economy collapses
1997 Columbia legalizes the drug trade.
1998 Second Hammersmith effect creates disruption in the quantum world. Dawn of the Nova Age as Novas and Aberrants continue to erupt. The space station Galatea, a large private space station, is destroyed in and industral accident. The station was unpopula with many people because they had a nuclear reactor to create medical material.
1999 Team Tomorrow founded. Project Utopia founded.
2001 Russia breaks up into the Russian Confederation; a lose group of independent Russian states that went independent, but remained an economic federation like the European Union (they backed the rubble with hard currency for the first time in its history). The Directorate is first organized.
2002 India, Pakistan and China have several minor wars, or incidents over the Kashmir Providence. Eventually India took control of Kashmir. Team Tomorrow had to intervene to prevent a war that could have involved most of Asia. In that war many Novas worked for all sides as mercenaries. 2100 known Novas.
2003 Project Utopia terraforms the Ethiopia Highlands turning it into Africa's breadbasket.
2004 Hypercombustion Engine invented; an improved internal combustion engine. 2800 known Novas.
2005 Pope Benedict XVI issues Bull saying that Novas are people with a soul. Divis Mal issues the Null Manefesto claiming humans are to Novas as Apes are to Humans and Nova don't need to follow human laws. It is adopted by the Teragen.
2006 War fought, using Novas, between Pakistan, China and India. Project Utopia steps in and with Team Tomorrow stops the war before it escalates into a nuclear one. 3500 known Novas.
2007 Project Utopia receives and advisory position on the UN Security Council. 4008 known Novas.
2008 Japan has rebuilt its economy and becomes a world hard tech leader. It makes extensive use of Novas. 6000 known Novas, but oddly enough none get pregnant; Corbin blames Project Utopia. Jennifer Slider, popular Nova of Team Tomorrow, is killed by person or persons unknown. Conspiracy theories start that it was a result of Project Utopia because she found out their secret.
2011 Terrorist Attack destroys World Trade Center. Patriot Act is instated. Earthquake in Japan.
2012 US normalized relations with Mymar (Burma).
2013 Japan's Quantum Wall erected, all computer data is monitored.
2015 Pearl City established signialing the revival of Venezuela.
2016 Psions debut to thwart a major Aberrant attack.
2018 Collapse of 3 Gorges Dam in China, the Communist party falls out of favor and is taken over by its bureaucracy. Neoconfusim is born. Emperor is reinstated and chosen out of a group of ruling scholars for a 12 year term. Emperor's power is limited, but he can act as the chief executive and commander in chief.
2020 Massive influx of refuges flock to Japan, the tide doesn't stop until 2047.
2022 Patriot Act widened to extend to Aberrants. Queen Elsbelth Tzarich assumes the throne of Romania.
2031 Olympus colony is christened on Luna, Aeon Trinity is publicly considered a service organization.
2035 China outlaws all Novas or Aberrants. Novas become unstable, due to taint, and Japan starts executing them. Soon after Novas are officially outlawed in Japan.
2043 Mexico City destroyed by an earthquake.
2046 After economic collapse North Korea finally united with South Korea.
2047 Japan closes its borders to all and starts to pave most of the main island.
2049 UN declares war against Aberrants.
2050 Warfare erupts in the Balkan region. The area becomes known as "The Shatter" due to intense ceaseless conflict. Russia tries to destroy all Aberrants by 2060; the resulting Aberrant attack destroys half of Moscow.
2053 First fusion prototype reactor becomes self-sustaining.
2054 FBI attacks the Prophets of Jehovah sanctuary, Calvert destroys himself and the agricultural Heartland of North America. 2055 The "Blight" spreads across North America, making much of the are uninhabitable. Federal intelligence agencies begin consolidating operations forming the Central Security Agency in 2062. Korea united, resulting in a local economic depression. Wycoff explosion in the US, creating the tainted wasteland. Sudameriaca raises the Necessary Wall, blocking out all outsiders (the drug trade continues though).
2056 First Omaha Declaration: US declares political sovereignty to respond to the Aberrant menace and US Military allowed to act within the US. Fusion reactors start in production.
2058 Unification Initiative proposed in Canada, meets with much resistance. US reorganizes into districts for centralized federal control. The Aberrant "Poseidon" floods the Florida peninsula, destroys Cuba and Bahamas. Unified Korea unites with Japan forming Nihonjin. Myan League created from Belize, Costarica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. The Myan League joins the Necessary Wall.
2059 Unification Initiative Passes; Federated States of America is formed.
2060 In response to Aberrant threat Mexico is proposed for inclusion in the FAS. The Initiative passes the popular vote, but much voter fraud is claimed.
2061 Mexico enters FAS. The Internet Crash disrupts the European economy serving as a catalyst for the fragmentation of the European Union. In answer to the Aberrant threat China took over space with its frigate and promised to lay nuclear waste to the entire planet if the Aberrants did not leave. Most did leave. China declined to become ruler of the world and after they stood down they let the other nations take over and do as they will. Recognized by the UN. Several nuclear reactors in Russia are attacked and destroyed by Aberrants spreading contamination along the county side. Russia becomes isolated and fails to unlock the natural resources in Siberia. Japan hides loyal Novas; 100's are hidden. Venezuelan Plagues released, forming the tainted Quarantine Zone. Aberrants bomb Argentio and taint hits the Amazon forest. The Aberrant War ends with nuclear blackmail by China. Minor peasant uprisings in Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia, Argentina and Peru, but are quickly stamped out. Amazon biodiversidity treaty signed by Brazil and Columbia, with natives getting a cut of the profits from research based in the Amazon.
2062 32 Amendment to the Constitution claims; "The members of the governing board of directors is defined in FAS and authorized to modify policies as may be desirable to promote the aims of peace and good government." FAS strong-arm administration put in effect.
2063 Dr. Matthieu Zweilder is born in Basel, Switzerland (AEsculapian Proxy).
2067 Solveign Larssen (Legion Proxy) born outside of Stockholm. World economy changes to the Platinum standard.
2068 Consolidation of Andeian Commerce Federation.
2070 Turkey re-forms into the New Ottoman Empire, expanding its borders to incorporate the southern half of Bulgaria. Northern Collective forms, in Europe, with socialism it developed the highest standard of living in the world. It reached its zenith with the fall of the Esperanza. Argentina invades Paraguay and Uragay in the "Weekend War." The FAC and Brazil impose trade restrictions on Argentina causing them to quit the fighting.
2071 "Pseudo-gravity" invented.
2072 China sets up the first interstellar colony; Khantzele Gu Colony.
2073 The Necessary Wall is opened, Sudamerica starts aggressive international trade practices.
2080 UN Passes laws making cloning of humans illegal. The same year the FDA accepts cloned meat as "just as good as farm raised meat."
2081 Chile becomes Mapuche Nation and joins the FAC.
2083 Kampucha tries to break away from Russia, unsuccessfully leads to resentment in Sibera.
2084 Orthodox Catholicism forms based on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. The religion repudiates the idea of female clergy and claims that Pope Benedict is an anti-pope lacking apostolic succession. Orthodox Catholicism forms.
2086 The Montressor Clinic is opened in a converted monastery outside Basel, Zweidler gains a controlling interest.
2087 Helsinki arcology riots. Cloned meat is gaining in popularity world-wide, including "organically cloned" meat that is raised without preservatives, pesticides, antibiotics or hormones. The only medications administered to the cloned meat has been tested extensively for over 20 years to see if it would harm humans to consume it.
2088 Zweidler remakes the Montressor Clinic in his own image. He starts rejecting the Spiritualists who reform in Haiti.
2091 Proxy Solveign Larssen forms Fortune's Knights; later a core unit of the Legion.
2092 First rise in industrial output and GAP since the Aberrant War began. Conflict erupts on Mars between UAN, China and Brazil.
2093 Japan stars intersteller colonies and builds a presence on Mars. It joins the West in decrying China's Century Progect.
2097 UN moved to Olympus Luna, the 20th century UN building becomes just another office building. The UN maintains a presence in Geneva. Coup in Argentina. Giuseppe del Fuego joins the Norca and later becomes their proxy. General Ernesto Santander sets up fascist regime and starts purges.
2099 Lunar Institute of Technology founded--one of the best science colleges in settled space.
2101 Prometheus Effect first disclosed to the Proxies.
2102 World Enterprises, Incorporated formed (at first as a joke) becomes the founding of Ogotek. Zweidler reports first reports of his psionic manifestations. Atwan takes indefinite medical leave. Del Fuego disappears.
2103 The AEsculapian Order is established, but remains a secret. The Upeo wa Macho is established. Japan reopens its borders after the long exile.
2104 Aberrants return, the attack on Sydney airport, the Psionic Orders appear publicly. Zweidler develops the foundations of noetic theory. Several nations start "Super Soldier" programs with poor results, they can't create psions without Prometheus chambers and they dare not experiment with Taint for fear of creating Aberrants. Terrorists sympathizing with Aberrants try to ferment rebellion in the Philippines, unsuccessfully.
2106 Psi Orders reveal themselves to the public and start active recruiting. Upeo wa Macho visits the Crab Nebula. Construction of the Karroo research and mining station first laid out and built.
2107 First Contact with Qin. Ogrotech promotes relations with the alien race for an exchange of biotech
2108 Qin and human ambassadors are exchanged. Ecuador hit by strong earthquakes and collapses. Half of the Guayaquil Arcology is destroyed.
2109 Mining starts at the Karro research and mining station. Regular teleport relays between China and Khantze Lu Ge colony start. Korean revolt against Chinese rule as well as the Chib Bhanu purge.
2110 Constitution of Tahuantinsuyo finished the FAC moves in.
2111 Planet Eden discovered; first Earth-like uninhabited planet with a compatible ecosystem. First contact with Coalition. The Deutsche Degenerative Sozialistische Republik (DDSR) forms in southeastern Germany. Explosives planted by Canadian extremists tore apart 6 magtrain terminals killing hundreds and bankrupting an arcology.
2015 Pearl City established signialing the revival of Venezuela.
2018 Ecuador hit by strong earthquakes and collapses. Half of the Guayaquil Arcology is destroyed.
2110 Constitution of Tahuantinsuyo finished the FAC moves in.
2111 Planet Eden discovered; first Earth-like uninhabited planet with a compatible ecosystem. First contact with Coalition. The Deutsche Degenerative Sozialistische Republik (DDSR) forms in southeastern Germany. Explosives planted by Canadian extremists tore apart 6 magtrain terminals killing hundreds and bankrupting an arcology.
2110 Large Upeo expedition lost, later it is discovered to a Chromatic attack. Fifth Legion given access to the Blight lands. Hampsah Cisse leads a expedition to a new system. It was listed as being habitable, but follow up missions can't find the original party and the area is uninhabitable.
2111 Planet Eden discovered; first Earth-like uninhabited planet with a compatible ecosystem. First contact with Coalition. The Deutsche Degenerative Sozialistische Republik (DDSR) forms in southeastern Germany. Explosives planted by Canadian extremists tore apart 6 magtrain terminals killing hundreds and bankrupting an arcology.
2112 UAN sponsors the colonization of a recently discovered world. Contact with planet Eden, who prove to be descendants of Aberrants. The Esperanze is launched by a consortium of nations lead by Spain. European Commonwealth's efforts to return to a place of influence in modern society. UAN sponsors the colonization of Far Nyumbia.
2113 First contact with the Chromatics as they attack Karroo mining colony. Nihonjin Supreme Court rules that psions may not pursue a career in any legal occupation in Nippon.
2114 Contact with the extrasolar colonies is lost. Upeo start leaving Earth. Space station Esperanza, stationed at L1, is brought down over France. Knowledge in Motion project by Orgotek started. Upeo wa Macho flee from earth and the established colonies. East Sibera is rented to China for exploitation, but terrorist nomads make trouble and retreat into West Sibera.
2115 Indonesia invasion of Papua New Guinea is repelled by Austronesian Union forces (Australia and New Zealand). Argentina retakes the Falkin Islands and Great Britain cannot counter attack. Pearl City established signialing the revival of Venezuela.
2116 The New Ottoman Empire annexs the remainder of Bulgaria. First broadcast of Rabib Arunhan's "Bad News Playground." These brutally honest and dark transmissions detail the harsh conditions that exist in the ruins of France.
2117 The Deutsche Allianze is established in Germany between the nations of DDSR, PPK and the New Weimar. Explorers find artifacts from a star-faring species that left Mgitu approximately 1,000 years ago. Brazil with Norca aid refurbishes Orguhlo de Ceustation into an advanced scientific research haven.
2118 British Intelligence uncovers a conspiracy to provide counterfeit passports to French refugees. Officially Britain's borders were closed to all traffic for 1 month while the central immigration computer was reprogrammed. Secretly, conspirators suspected in the plan were executed.
2119 Aberrant attack against Peligroso's fusion generators on the moon, 200 psions and 1,000 Lunar citizens are killed driving back the attacks lead by the Aberrant Bullethead.
2120 Three ISRA diplomats on Qin die in an industrial accident. European nations strive for a return to political and economic stability. Poland and the New Ottoman Empire make an increasing number of forays into portions of Europe. Refugees, gangs and Aberrants contiune to emerge from France. The AEsculapians suffer from weak leadership and are rife with scandal. Olympics resumed.
2120 Campaign Starts
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