Characters can come from a variety of sources. You should feel free to generate your own and determine its corresponding Background, with the Storyteller's approval
Aboriginal: Instead of being raised in a "developed" nation such as those of Europe or the United States, you had the traditional upbringing of a low-tech society.
Examples: Australian Aborigine, Bedouin, Inuit, Pygmy
Background Options: Cipher or Menagerie
Activist: You're a proponent of new, modern politics.
Examples: Anarchist, Suffrasette, Communist, Fascist
Background Options: Influence or Reputation
Academic: You're a scholar from a long line of scholars - education and knowledge have always been important to you.
Examples: Scientist, Teacher, Librarian, Monk
Background Options: Backing or Sanctum.
Affluent: Connoisseur of fine things.
Examples: Idle Rich, Executive, Dilettante
Artist/Creator: You're an artist or entertainer of some sort or an- other, earning your living by making others laugh, think or simply relax.
Examples: Artist, Dancer, Circus Acrobat, Painter, Stage Magician, Musician
Background Options: Influence or Reputation
Criminal: You have broken the law and are possibly hunted for it.
Examples: jailbird, mafioso, drug dealer, pimp, carjacker, thug, thief, fence
Defender: You crusade against society's wrongs.
Examples: Muckraker, Politician, Police Officer, Missionary
Background Options: Contacts or influence.
Drifter: You travel from place to place with no home of your own.
Examples: Bum, Smuggler, Prostitute, Junkie, Pilgrim, Biker, Gambler
Entertainer: You seek to amuse or bring joy to others.
Examples: Musician, Film Star, Artist, Club Kid, Model
Foreigner: You're not in your home country for me reason or another, whether to start a new life or to escape you old one.
Examples: Diplomat, Immigrant, Royalty in Exile
Background Options: Allies or Resources.
Gambler: Risk is what makes life palatable.
Examples: Cardsharp, Bookie, Stuntman, Barnstormer, Thrillseeker, Irreverent, Youth
Background Options: Contacts or Mentor.
Hermit: Cast adrift in the universe
Examples: Vagabond, Recluse, Scarred Veteran
High Class: You come From wealth and are used to commanding great financial resources.
Examples: Duchess, Business Tycoon, Eccentric Millionaire
Background Options: Followers or Resources,
Intellectual: You seek knowledge.
Examples: Writer, Student, Scientist, Philosopher, Social Critic
Investigator: You search for the truth
Examples: detective, beat cop, government agent, private eye, witch-hunter
Kid: A child to the world, you are either very young or you know little
Examples: Child, Runaway, Outcast, Urchin, Gangbanger
Low Class: Your whole life has been a struggle to keep shoes on your feet and a roof over your head.
Examples: Revolutionary, Criminal, Laborer
Background Options: Cipher or Contacts
Middle Class: You had an average upbringing, with some hard times and some luxuries.
Examples: Chauffeur, Police Officer, Greengrocer, Accountant
Background Options: Ally or Contacts.
Military: You're enlisted in (or possibly retired from) some form of armed service, or you were the child of military personnel and were raised in that disciplined milieu.
Examples: Sailor, Soldier, Pilot, Mercenary
Background Options: Backing or Followers
Mystery: Your past is shrouded in conjecture or is entirely blank, either deliberately or due to some vagary of fate.
Examples: Spy, Fugitive, Amnesiac, Orphan
Background Options: Cipher or Nemesis
Nightlifer: You party your life away.
Examples: Clubgoer, Skinhead, Punk, Barfly, Raver, Substance Abuser
Nobody: Just and average, everyday person
Background: Student, Working Stiff, Grunt
Outlaw: Somehow you have ended up on the wrong side of the authorities.
Examples: Mobster, Bank Robber, Fugitive, Smuggler
Background Options: Contacts or Reputation.
Outsider: Fallen through the cracks of society.
Examples: Slummer, Dispossessed, Neurotic, Urban Primitive, Refugee, Minority, Conspiracy Theorist
Philosopher: Occupied with matters of the mind.
Examples: Dreamer, Idealist, Student, Scientist, Poet, Theorist
Background Options: Followers or Sanctum
Pioneer: You push at the world's boundaries.
Examples: Artist, inventor, Explorer, Researcher, Trailblazer, Environmentalist
Background Options: Gadget or Reputation.
Politician: You either seek public office or have held it.
Examples: Judge, Public Official, Councilor, Aide, Speechwriter
Professional: You are a pro, the consument professional.
Examples: Engineer, Doctor, Computer Programmer, Lawyer, Industrialist
Protector: One who cares for others
Examples: Police, Doctor, Missionary, Teacher
Rebel: Shaking up the status quo
Examples: Criminal, Gang Member, Politician
Reporter: You seek to inform others about the world
Examples: Journalist, News Reporter, Paparazzo, Talk-Show Host, 'Zine Editor, Blogger
Saint: You do good works or studiously avoid wickedness.
Examples: Priest, Moralizer, Samaritan, Theologian, Visionary
Background Options: Followers or influence.
Scholar: Learning is its own reward
Examples: Professor, Theorist, scientist
Socialite: You rub elbows with the rich, the famous and the powerful.
Examples: Dilettante, Host, Playboy, Sycophant, Prominent Spouse
Soldier: A member of the armed services
Examples: Bodyguard, Enforcer, Mercenary, Soldier Of Fortune, Green Beret, Navy Seal
Tinkerer: Not only do you find out what makes things tick, you make them tick better. Examples: Mechanic, Watchmaker, inventor
Background Options: Gadget or Sanctum
Warrior: Conflict draws you.
Example: Vigilante, Soldier, Soldier of Fortune, Crusader
Worker: You toil for the good of others.
Trucker, Farmer, Wage Earner, Manservant, Construction Laborer
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