A merit is any advantage that a character can get. They are offset by Flaws and differ from knowledges, skills and talents, but are bought with the same points.

Acute Hearing: [1 Point] You have exceptionally sharp hearing. Lower the difficulty by 2 of any dice roll that relies upon hearing (Perception + Awareness to hear a faint noise or Perception + Linguistics to overhear a conversation in a foreign language). (Vampire Player's Guide)
Acute Sense of Smell: [1 Point] You have an exceptionally keen sense of smell. Lower the difficulty by 3 on any dice roll which relies upon smell. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Acute Sense of Taste: [1 Point] You have an exceptionally keen sense of taste. Lower the difficulty by 3 on any dice roll which relies on taste. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Acute Vision: [1 Point] You have exceptionally keen eyesight. Lower the difficulty by 1 on any dice roll which relies up vision. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Ambidextrous: [1 Point] You have a high degree of off-hand dexterity and can perform tasks with the "wrong" hand at no penalty. The normal penalty for using both hands at once to perform different tasks (like fighting with a weapon in each hand) is +1 difficulty for the "right" hand and +3 difficulty for the "wrong" hand. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Animal Magnetism: [1 Point] There's just something about you that makes members of the opposite sex (and a few individuals of your own gender) lust for you on a primitive, feral level. You gain two dice on any attempt to seduce or otherwise influence another person through sexuality. However, you may be seen as competition by jealous individuals -- be careful whose girlfriend you steal. This may be taken in conjunction with the Flaw: Horny (below). (Trinity Player's Guide)
Blindfighter: [3 Points] The phrase "blind as a bat" always gives you a of a chuckle. After all, bats never run into things. You may have developed this Merit to compensate for actual blindness, or it may be the result of extensive training. Regardless, darkness holds few secrets for you--an advantage that you can apply to lethal effect in combat situations.
System: The character suffers no penalties for movement or close combat in low light or darkness. Ranged combat and perception rolls related to anything except spatial awareness suffer the normal penalties. The character can perceive shapes out to a radius of twice her Perception in meters. However, she can't sense them precisely enough to aim or dodge ranged attacks, nor can she sense surface details such as color or texture.
Business: [2 Points] You own a moderate sized 'small business.' It provides +1,000 credits per month and a bit of prestige in the business community. (Adapted from the Nightclub Merit.) (Vampire Player's Guide)
Centered: [5 Points] Your sense of self is extremely strong and any attempt to sway you, whether conversational or psionic, meets with a high degree of resistance. You may spend a Willpower point to completely nullify any attempt to control your mind, be it hypnosis or Telepathy. You may declare your intention to spend this point after the aggressor makes her roll or you can "let her in" if you so choose. You must have a minimum Willpower 8 to purchase this Merit. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Charmed Existence: [5 Points] Your life is somehow protected and you do not face the perils that others must. It could be that you are simply lucky. Because of this Merit you may completely ignore a single 1 on every roll you make, thus making a botch less common and granting you more success than you would normally get. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Combat Veteran: [3 Points (2 Points for a Legion member)] The 2nd century is a violent time. You've seen an enormous amount of action and it left its mark on you (perhaps with one or more Physical Flaws, Combat Stress, Nightmares or Flashbacks in addition to this Merit). Your fighting reflexes have been honed to a razor's edge and you're used to making life-or-death decisions in a split second. You may roll two dice for initiative and apply the result you prefer (most likely the higher of the two). You must have a military or similar character history and at least two combat-related Abilities (Brawl, Firearm, Gunnery, etc.) at three dots or higher in order to purchase this Merit. This Merit should by no means be common to any character who's been in a bar fight. Modem combat, even by 20th century standards, is an insane and dehumanizing situation and only one in several thousand individuals actually thrives in such an environment enough to develop the reflexes this Merit reflects. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Code of Honor: [1 Point] You can automatically resist most temptations that would bring you in conflict with your personal code of honor and you gain 3 extra dice to resist temptations. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Common Sense: [1 Point] You have a significant amount of practical wisdom which can be an advantage. Whenever you are about to do something that would run counter to common sense the Storyteller will alert you in how it might violate your common sense. An invaluable for novice players. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Computer Aptitude: [1 Point] You have a natural affinity with computers, so the difficulty is 2 less on all rolls to repair, construct or operate computers. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Concentration: [1 Point] You have the ability to focus your mind, shutting out distractions and annoyances. Any negative modifier to a dice roll arising through distractions and other inauspicious circumstances is limited to 2, though no extra benefits are gained if one penalty die was imposed.
Cool Hand: [4 Points] You're inhumanly steady, even in the tightest situations. No matter how much your brain's screaming at you, your body keeps operating smoothly. This is not necessarily mental composure--you may be just as prone to panic as anyone else. Instead, your body functions efficiently regardless of the stresses under which it's operating. You never get "the shakes," nor do you get seasick or shiver. System: The character still suffers injury From detrimental effects to her body - wounds, drugs, illness, temperature extremes, stress - but is completely immune to Dexterity-based dice pool penalties resulting From these conditions. She gains one bonus die For all physical tasks involving ultra-fine manipulation, such as lockpicking or surgery (but never combat). Her rock-steady grip also doubles the effective range of all ranged weapons (fire- arms, bows, fire hoses, disintegrator rays ...) she wields. As a side effect of this Merit, the character never suffers any physical effects from being intoxicated. She can still get drunk, but the only outward reflection of this condition is slurred speech. She's perfectly poised right up until the point at which she passes out. (Knacks; Adventure)
Corporate Ties: [1 Point] You have both influence over and contacts with the local coporate community. You understand the dynamics of money in the city and have links with all the major players. In times of need you can cause all sorts of financial mayhem and could raise considerable amounts of money through loans or favors in a very short period of time. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Crack Driver/Pilot: [2 Points (1 Point for Clairsentients)] You have a natural affinity with driving motorized wheeled vehicles such as cars, semi-trucks and even tractors. The difficulty is at -1 for any roll requiring risky or especially difficult driving maneuvers. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Danger Sense: [2 Points] You have a 6th sense which warns you of danger. Whenever you are in danger, the Storyteller should make a secret roll against your Perception + Alertness; with a difficulty corresponding to the remoteness of the danger. If the roll succeeds, the Storyteller tells you that you have a feeling of foreboding. Multiple successes may even be able to refine that feeling and give you an indication of direction, distance or nature. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Daredevil: [3 Points] You are good at taking risks, and are even better at surviving them. All difficulties are at -1 whenever you try something particularly dangerous and you can ignore up to 1 botch result when you roll ones on such actions (can cancel a single rolled 1 as if you had an extra success without spending Willpower). (Vampire Player's Guide)
Debit: [1-3 Points] Somebody owes you big-time and you're sitting on his marker until you decide to call it in (at which time this Merit disappears -you can't milk his sense of gratitude indefinitely). For one point, he owes you a socially or emotionally significant favor (maybe you provided him legal advice with regards to his divorce). For two points, he owes you a favor that might have serious Financial implications (maybe you alerted him to the fact that his ex-wife was embezzling several million credits from him). For three points, he owes you his life (perhaps you saved him from the hit man his ex- wife hired with those several million credits). The individual in question is substantially more powerful than you are - generally at least three dots of lnfluence or Status above you in terms of standing and ability to pull strings. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Destiny: [4 Points] You have a destiny to which your whole life is directed, though you may not realize it. This culmination to your life will become more and more apparent as the Chronicle goes on, granting you clues to what your destiny might be and guiding your way. The sense of direction and security this feeling of destiny grants you helps you overcome fear, depression and discouragement caused by anything not relevant to your destiny. Until that destiny is fulfilled, you may suffer setbacks but nothing can permanently thwart you. Not this does not say your life will go well or without pain; that is up to the character. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Detached: [4 Points] You have the rare ability to view your psionic abilities as separate from your physical existence and YOU can maintain this distance even under ad- verse conditions. Any wound penalties don't affect your Psi rolls until you reach lncapacitated. if you are lncapacitated then you may spend a Will- power point to attempt to use a Psi power at half your normal dice pool (rounded down). This action may only be performed once per scene, after which you fall unconscious, so choose your last ditch efforts carefully. This Merit is only available to psion character. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Device: [1-4 Points] You have something special like an experimental VARG (3 points), an experimental hovercycle (2 points), a specially crafted weapon (1 point), a lucky weapon, a specially decorated item or something similar. You must prepare reports on your equipment and have it checked regularly. It also may be hard to find parts. Devices don't have easily-gauged cash values. A good rule of thumb is that a Device's Cost Trait should be 3 dots higher than the Background value of the Device in question. Circumstances can change this, it is up to the Storyteller. A one point Device generally adds one die to a specific combat roll, to dice to a specific non-combat roll, or has a reputation recognized within a specific subculture or in a specific area. A two point Device has been moderately modified to enhance its capabilities or has a reputation that is more wide spread. It may also merge the functions of two similar pieces of low-level standard equipment, or it could replace a collection of four common pieces of equipment. At three dots and item starts to become impressive. It has noteworthy extended operation, or better performance, it can typically add 2 dice to a common roll or to a variety of less common rolls. It can cover a collection of up to four two point Devices. A four point Device is extremely rare and powerful. It may be the product of a special craftsman or technician, modified to far exceed its original design, or even a bleeding-edge prototype. It gives its user two bonus dice on a wide variety of rolls, has a mixed bag of enhanced capabilities, or is favorably recognized by a majority of the population of the Solar System. It's also likely to be a target of thieves and con men. A four point Device can be as much as a trio of three point Devices. A five point Device is the stuff of urban legend, a completely unique item whose reputation overshadows that of its owner. Such an item is rare, powerful and any character who has one needs a good role playing reason for it and for how they got it. A five point Device generally adds three dice to all rolls made with it, augments its owner's Modes to a substantial degree or has some unquantifiable but very significant capabilities.
Double-Jointed: [1 Point] You are unusually supple. Reduce the difficulty of any Dexterity roll involving body flexibility by 2. Squeezing through a tight space which is normally too small can be done with this Merit.
Dual Nature: [3 Points] You have 2 distinct Natures, both of which have an influence on your personality and behavior. Be careful to chose an Archetype that is compatible. You regain Willpower using both Natures. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Eagle Eyes: [1 Point] Your eyesight is second to none. The character gains two additional dice on all rolls related to long-range or precise visual perception. All difficulty penalties imposed on any vision-related roll by poor visibility (darkness, fog, smoke) are reduced by two. All difficulty penalties for long-range attacks with ranged weapons are halved, rounding down. The blind cannot lead the blind; a character must have Perception 3 or better to have Eagle Eyes. (Knack; Adventure)
Eidetic Memory: [2 Point] You can remember things seen and heard with perfect detail with at least one success on an Intelligence + Alertness roll. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Enchanting Voice: [1 Point] Whether through resonant, imposing tones or via a dulcet croon that goes straight to the heart, your voice has a certain natural mesmerizing effect on listeners. You may add two dice to any at- tempt to charm, seduce, or impress that directly involves your speaking or singing voice. You must have Charisma 3 or Manipulation 3 or higher to purchase this Merit. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Enhanced Attunement: [2, 4 or 6 Points] Your psionic sensitivity is substantially greater than the norm for someone with your Psi rating. For every two points spent on this Merit, your psi is considered one higher for purposes of rolls Attunement rolls and range. you don't gain any extra Psi points, just extra dice on Attunement. Latents may purchase this Merit as they can still roll Attunement to detect things, albeit at a higher difficulty than an active psion could (see "Attunement," p. 142). (Trinity Player's Guide)
Exceptional Potential: [3 Points]: Something in the Prometheus Effect altered your genetic structure for the better, giving you the potential to reach superior levels of development in some aspect of basic human nature. You may raise one Attribute to a maximum value of six dots with experience (though it may not be higher than five dots during character creation). Exceptional Potential may be purchased for more than one Attribute. This Merit is only available to active psion characters.
Fast Learner: [3 Points] You learn very quickly, picking up on new things faster than others. Gain one extra experience point at the conclusion of each story chapter (not the game session). (Vampire Player's Guide)
Friend in High Places: [3 Points] You have an ally in a position of power granting you a -2 for the difficulty of all rolls that have to do with your friend's social circle. This can be a two-edged sword in that you will be assumed allied with that friend and his organization and could suffer for this. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Fists of Stone: [1 Point] Your gnarled, knobby hams have probably seen more than their fair share of other folks' jawbones. You've got a grip like a vise, and you tend to leave dents when you knock on doors. Why bother with tricks such as a roll of quarters or brass knuckles? Your collection of scars and calluses works just fine for you.
System: The character's bare-handed attacks inflict a base (Strength + 3) dice of bashing damage. His Might dice pool is considered two points higher for any roll dealing solely with the power of his grip. His hands never suffer minor mishaps (scraped knuckles, sprained wrists), though they're not all that pretty, and he probably doesn't play piano. Finally, he receives no damage from punching anything less sturdy than solid metal.
Prerequisite: A daredevil must have Strength 3 or better to have Fists of Stone. (Knacks; Adventure)
Forgettable: [1 Point]
It's not that you don't make a good impression, just that no one ever seems to remember it once you're gone. They may be able to recall everything you did or said with perfect clarity, but your name, your Face and the sound of your voice consistently escape memory. Is invaluable if you don't want your actions to come back to haunt you, but it also makes it hard to get a second date.
System: The character forgettable. There are a few mechanical benefits, but the Storyteller should strive to ensure that only the character's most extreme impressions have any lasting effect on witnesses' memories. Note that this does not apply to the current scene the character is in. The character suffers no penalty to Social rolls involving direct interaction. Only after he leaves the immediate area do people begin to forget her. While the daredevil's closest associates and Family members aren't likely to forget him, pretty much everyone else will. Any casual acquaintance or witness attempting to recall the character's name or face after he's left the immediate scene must succeed in a cross-matched (Intelligence + Awareness) roll with a difficulty penalty determined by the character's Psi. (Knacks; Adventure)
Friend in High Places:
[3 Points] You have an ally in a position of power granting you a -2 for the difficulty of all rolls that have to do with your friend's social circle. This can be a two-edged sword in that you will be assumed allied with that friend and his organization and could suffer for this. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Gadgeteer (Operator): [1 Point]
You have no problem using even the most complex devices. Intuition and a good deal OF mechanical sense give you the uncanny ability to operate any piece OF machinery you encounter. You may not always know exactly what you're messing with, but you know how to make it do ... well, whatever it's supposed to do. Plus, you're no slouch when it comes to making improvements to standard technology. Coming up with technological breakthroughs is as easy as Falling off a log -- and given a couple minutes you could figure out a way to improve on that, too.
System: The character can operate any relatively simple device (five or fewer controls) within seconds of seeing it. Complex machinery requires a Few minutes of inspection. Gadgeteer does not grant familiarity with the principles behind the device, just an operator's Familiarity with the controls and settings. Any additional Ability requirements required to operate the device still apply, but otherwise the character faces no difficulties from unskilled operation. If the character has Ability in Engineering, Medicine or Science this Merit adds one dice to any rolls made to operate unfamiliar machines that pertain to an area where they are skilled. (Adapted from Knacks; Adventure)
Guardian Angel:
[6 Points] Something or someone watches over you, protecting you from harm. You have no idea who or what it is, but you have the idea that someone is there looking out for you. In times of great need you may be protected from harm, though not always. This is not something to be counted upon. The Storyteller must decide why you are being so protected and what is doing it. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Heightened Senses: [3 Points] A living bloodhound, telescope and microphone all rolled into one, you enjoy sensory acuity that most people can't attain without mechanical assistance. However, this blessing can occasionally be a curse--bright flashes, loud noises and noxious smells can all incapacitate you through sensory overload. You tend to avoid big band concerts and Italian kitchens.
System: The player gains two bonus dice on all Perception rolls that deal with tiny details or things on the edge of human perception. When the character makes an aimed ranged attack, her weapon's range doubles due to the her exceptional visual acuity (approximately 20/5 vision). Sensory overload effects are left to the Storyteller's discretion, but should be dramatic and appropriate to the circumstances. (Adapted from Knacks; Adventure)
High Pain Tolerance:
[3 Points (2 Points for Biokinetics)] You get hurt just as easily as everyone else, but you don't feel it as severely. Either through naturally strong nerves or a gradual buildup, you may ignore certain wound effects - specifically, all wound penalties are reduced by one (so you function as if un- hurt when you're injured and are down only three dice when you're Crippled). Upon reaching incapacitated, however, you collapse just like everyone else. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Higher Purpose: [1 Point] You have a goal which drives and directs you in everything you do. You don't concern yourself with petty matters, because your higher purpose is everything. You gain 2 extra dice on all rolls that have anything to do with this higher purpose. Be sure to talk over the higher purpose with your DM before taking this flaw. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Huge Size: [4 Points] You are abnormally large giving you one additional body level, and thus are able to suffer more harm before becoming incapacitated. Treat this as an extra hurt level with no penalties to rolls.
Increased Tolerance: [3 Points] Although you lack the noetic strength to be- come a psion, your biological template is strong enough to maintain a surprisingly high degree of bioware - and even have devices formatted to you! While your actual Psi score remains at one and you are still incapable learning psionics, your biotech Tolerance rating equals your Stamina + 1. You still cannot use any biotech that increases psionic powers (since you have none) and you also cannot use any biotech that requires the expenditure of Psi points. However, you can now use various unformatted or formatted weapons, vehicles, or even bioVARGs up to your Tolerance rating. This Merit is only available to neutral characters. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Increased Tolerance: [3 Points] Although you lack the noetic strength to be- come a psion, your biological template is strong enough to maintain a surprisingly high degree of bioware - and even have devices formatted to you! While your actual Psi score remains at one and you are still incapable learning psionics, your biotech Tolerance rating equals your Stamina + 1. You still cannot use any biotech that increases psionic powers (since you have none) and you also cannot use any biotech that requires the expenditure of Psi points. However, you can now use various unformatted or formatted weapons, vehicles, or even bioVARGs up to your Tolerance rating. This Merit is only available to neutral characters. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Internal Compass: [1 Point] It's almost impossible to make you lose your Sense of location and direction. You can tell which way is north, even indoors, with an Awareness or Navigation roll at base difficulty; you can also retrace a path you've traveled only once with a +l difficulty Awareness or a standard Navigation roll. Additionally, you never suffer any ill effects or disorientation from low- or zero-gravity. This Merit is particularly useful for clairsentients and teleporters. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Iron Will: [3 Points] When you are determined and your mind is set, nothing can thwart you from your goals. You can't be dominated, nor can your mind be affected in any way, though the Storyteller may require you to spend Willpower points when extremely potent powers are used on you. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Jack of All Tonuges: [3 Points] You're a refugee from the Tower of Bable or so it would seem to anyone who speaks to you. While other students we struggling with one foreign tongue, you were struggling with your school's limited selection of language courses. Some professors consider you a freak of nature, while others just want to drag you dong on their next expedition.
System: The character knows double the normal number of languages for her Linguistics score and pays half the normal experience cost to learn new languages. When speaking, she displays no foreign accent--her pronunciation and idioms are perfect for the local culture. If the character has no dots in Linguistics, she knows two extra languages. (Adapted from Knacks; Adventure)
Judicial Ties:
[3 Points] You have both influence over and contacts with the Justice system. You know judges and prosecutors and can have input in cases undergoing trial. It is also much easier to obtain search warrants. (Adapted from Vampire Player's Guide, price increased to reflect significant advantage in the campaign.)
Law Enforcement Powers: [1-7 Points] You work for one of the myriad agencies charged with enforcing laws across human-controlled space. You have certain responsibilities with this authority but also certain rights and powers. These include relatively unrestricted access to crime scenes and sensitive information, the right to arrest or detain suspects and cooperation from members of other agencies. This Merit's point value is determined by two different categories: the character's standing within the agency in question and the agency's size and scope. The default agency standing (at no point cost) is an associate or consultant - you can't make arrests but you can investigate in the name of your employer (though you don't actually have the authority to flash a badge and Force your way into someone's home). For one point, you're a full- fledged member of the agency (though at a very low rank unless you also purchase the appropriate Status Background). For three points, you're not only a full member but you have an unofficial "II- cense to kill" - you can employ deadly force within that agency's jurisdiction without expecting serious repercussions, as long as you can pro- vide vaguely nebulous proof that you were justified in shooting first. This isn't an actual 1D card that says "allowed to use deadly force;" it's more of an unspoken acknowledgement that you're competent and responsible enough to be trusted know when to shoot first - and when not to shoot. Second, the agency's size and region of authority is a factor. One point indicates that the agency is a minor local one, such as a municipal police department. For two points, the organization has fairly wide-reaching enforcement rights, such as a state police force. Three points indicate that you work with a national law enforcement or espionage agency and four points make you member or affiliate of an international organization (most likely the UN's International Capital Crimes Council). So if you were authorized to use deadly force as a member of a state police force, this Merit would cost five bonus points. Note, however, that members of military forces (including the Legions) cannot purchase this Merit as UN law prohibits such personnel conducting independent law enforcement operations. It is very rare among members of other orders, and is actually most common among Aeon Trinity employees likewise have no law enforcement powers of their own - the Trinity is an advisory agency, not a police force. many Trinity members are associates of law enforcement forces, and are called in as in such areas as forensic anthropology or abnormal psychology. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Light Sleeper: [2 Point] You can awaken instantly at any sign of trouble or danger and do so without any sleepiness or hesitation. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Lightning Calculator: [1 Point] You have a natural affinity with numbers and a talent for mental arithmetic giving you a -2 difficulty with all related tasks.
Lightning Reflexes: [2 Points] Your reaction times are far faster than the human norm, and you rarely, if ever, falter. While you're not capable of the bursts of blinding swiftness that some stalwarts display, your reflexes nonetheless operate at a steadily higher level than do those of most people. You habitually snatch insects out of the air, and ambushes rarely catch you flat-footed. System: Whenever the die for the character's initiative roll comes up a 1, 2, or 3, it counts as a 4. Prerequisite: Lightning Reflexes require a certain degree of physical acuity (Dexterity 4 or better) or a corresponding degree of mental fleetness (Wits 4 or better). The character gains no additional benefit for fulfilling both prerequisites. (Adapted from Knacks; Adventure)
Luck: [3 Point] You were born lucky. You can repeat 3 failed rolls per story. Only 1 repeat attempt may be made on any 1 roll. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Lucky: [3 Points] lSRA calls you a Temporary Focal Entity. The Legions call you a point man. Whatever you are, there's a certain subquantum current around you that occasionally turns probability to your advantage. you may repeat one failed roll per game session. With the Storytellers you may expend three Psi points (one Psi point if a neutral) to repeat a second failed roll during that same session.
Mansion: [2 Points] You own a large mansion, a home with 25+ rooms as well as the surrounding estate. You will need the Finance to support this Mansion and keep a staff or servants or it will fall into disrepair. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Master of Dissimulation: [2 Points] No one is more confident than you are, buddy. Your binding webs of double-talk and immense vocabulary bamboozle even the most astute listener. As long as there's no one present who can call you on your bluffs, you can fake nearly any sort of professional credentials. Just don't try to act on your professed knowledge -- you may talk the talk, but you most likely can't walk the walk. System: With a successful Subterfuge roll at standard difficulty, the character becomes an instant authority on anything -- as far as observers are concerned. She could claim to be a detective and gain admission to a crime scene by mumbling under her breath about the preservation of evidence or could infiltrate a hospital by masquerading as a doctor called in to consult on the dreaded Bennett-Mullins Syndrome. As long as her deception remains within the realm of verbal misdirection, only those observers whose Perception Attribute ratings that exceed the your successes on the Subterfuge roll and who are experts in the Field that she is discussing can tell that she's not what she appears. The character's duplicity is revealed if she attempts to act on her purported knowledge. She could infiltrate a hospital by speaking pseudo-medical gibberish, and eyen most of the doctors there would accept her, but she would quickly be revealed as a Fraud if she tried to perform surgery. Of course, if the character actuality does have the Abilities required for her roll, there's no reason she can't back up her bluff) The thing that separates a Master of Dissimulation From an ordinary scam artist is her complete independence From physical guises ("I left my badge on my dresser, Johnnie..."). This Merit functions regardless of the character's appearance. Even if she's just crawled out of the sewers, a straight posture and an arrogant tilt of the chin will convince just about anyone that she's a high-class lawyer who was simply performing some "Field investigation." Prerequisite: It's not easy being this smooth. A daredevil must possess an ample measure of both improvisational skill (Wits 3+) and personal magnetism (Manipulation 3+) to be a Master of Dissimulation. (Adapted from Knacks; Adventure)
Mechanical Aptitude: [1 Point] You have a natural aptitude for dealing with all kinds of mechanical devices (not electronics though). The difficulty is 2 less on any dice roll when you are trying to understand, repair or operate any kind of mechanical device (except for Driving). (Vampire Player's Guide)
Media Ties: [2 Points] You have both influence over and contacts with the local media. You can create or suppress news stories and have access to all the files and much of the street lore and rumor known by the staffs of newspapers and TV stations. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Mentor: [3 Points] You have someone who can give you advice. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Mode Natural: [5 or 7 Points] You are particularly strong in one of your Aptitude's Modes, though you haven't necessarily trained heavily in that Mode yet. Designate one of your Aptitude Modes when you purchase this Merit. 1f you take the five point version of this Merit, you may add one die to all Psi rolls for that Mode. If you take the Seven point variation, in addition to the benefits of both, your Psi costs for use of that Mode are reduced by one (to a minimum of zero). You may not purchase this Merit more than once. This Merit is only available to psion characters. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Natural Leader: [1 Point] People flock to your banner - or just naturally go along with whatever you suggest. You gain one die on most Social rolls involving leadership, and two dice if you're commanding from the front or leading by example in a situation that obviously puts you in some form of jeopardy. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Natural Linguist: [3 Points] You have a flair for language in all its forms. This Merit doesn't allow you to learn more languages than you have taken, but you can add 3 dice to any roll involving languages, both written and spoken. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Natural Technician: [3 Points (2 Points for Electrokinetics)] Machines like you, sometimes better than people do, and the sentiment is mutual. Difficulty modifiers for constructing or repairing one specific type of device are reduced by two. The specific device type must fall under one of the basic Engineering specialties (Trinity, p. 184). This Merit may be bought separately for more than one field of technology. Note that Natural Technician does not apply to operating the devices in question, only working on them. You can't reduce firearm difficulties just because you're a natural gunsmith. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Noetic Sensitive: [2 Points or 2 Point Flaw] You're more in tune with the subquantum universe than most other psions are, and can get more detail from your psi-related senses. This can be a blessing or a curse, depending on which way you go. If you purchase this as a Merit then you have the equivalent of Acute Sense for your Attunement rolls: you can intuitively sense subtle but important details that other psions would miss, at the discretion of the Storyteller. If you opt for Noetic Sensitive as a Flaw, how- ever, you're unable to effectively manage your subquantum perceptions and any Attunement roll you make is an unpleasant experience that leaves you nauseated or dizzy. Whenever you voluntarily extend your perceptions with an Attunement roll, you're at +2 Difficulty on all actions for the next five minutes as you shake off the flood of extra- sensory information. You can take Noetic Sensitive as a Merit and a Flaw if you're feeling sufficiently masochistic. This Merit is only available to psion characters. (Trinity Player's Guide)
One--Man Army: [3 Points] You're never outnumbered you just have larger and larger target selections. The more enemies you're facing, the happier you are. In fact, you prefer situations where you're being assaulted by more than just a couple of opponents. if there's one of you and five of them, chances are good that they'll wind up doing some of the work for you! System: The character receives none of the usual penalties for facing multiple opponents in close combat. Instead, she receives one bonus die on all close combat maneuver rolls for every opponent past the first that she faces, to a maximum of 4 dice. In addition to this bonus, each turn that she faces four or more opponents directly in close combat she gains one additional action. This extra action can only be used for close--combat maneuvers and occurs at half the character's current Initiative score. Remember to adjust the total bonuses as the number of opponents change.
[1 Point] you don't lose your temper easily and you have an unusual degree of persistence. You gain one die to all rolls that involve remaining calm (or at least appearing to do so) and may add one die to every roll after the first on extended actions. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Perfect Poise: [2 Points] They never see you sweat. You're capable of remaining unruffled even in the tightest of situations. If you gamble, even the most savvy of opponents remarks on your poker face. You never panic at the threat of violence, nor in the face of the most excruciating insults. You are the very epitome of "suave and debonair," never less than completely composed and in control of yourself. Note that you aren't necessarily immune to surprise--you can be ambushed just as easily as the next person. You're simply better able to control your reactions than most ordinary folks. System: The character is completely immune to panic unless it's induced by other psionics. She is completely incapable of displaying any sign of discomfort, shock or surprise unless she chooses to. She gains two bonus dice on all Social rolls involving poise, grace or composure (Storyteller's discretion). She also receives one additional die in any gambling situation where a "poker face" is a factor. As a side effect of this Merit, the character is immune to minor embarrassing mishaps such as tripping, spilling her drink or getting splashed by a passing car. Also, her clothes almost never suffer damage or get significantly dirty outside of combat. If they do become rumpled or soiled, a brief brushing-off usually restores them to near-pristine condition. Prerequisite: This Merit requires a high degree of self-control or an exceptionally agile mind. The characters must have a minimum Willpower 7 or a minimum Wits 3. (Knacks; Adventure)
[1 Point] There is something about you which other pity. Some Natures and Demeanors may not be affected, or pretend that they are not. You need to decide with the Storyteller what it is about you that attracts such pity. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Police Ties: [1 Points] You have both influence over and contacts with the local police department. You can, with a single phone call cause an APB to be issued. Your connection will weaken with frequent use or they may require something from you. (Reduced in price due to campaign Vampire Player's Guide).
Political Ties: [1 Points] You have both influence over and contacts with politicians and bureaucrats (must be purchased for local, state and national levels). You can unleash various forms of harassment against your enemies, however the more you use this power the weaker the connection becomes or they may require something from you (Reduced in price due to the campaign Vampire Player's Guide).
Prestigious Family: [1 Point] You have a family that holds a special political position of influence or fame. Most people treat you with respect, while some feel that you didn't earn this respect. Don't forget that there are downsides to fame. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Psi Sink: [7 Points] You are as close to noetically neutral as is possible without having a Psi rating of zero and being considered an Aberrant. Psions (the subquantum energy packets, not the human beings) seem to flow into you at an accelerated rate, an effect that is vaguely disconcerting for psionically sensitive individuals in your immediate vicinity. Every time a Psi power is used on you (even a beneficial one), roll Willpower. Each success cancels one success on the power in question and each success beyond the amount needed to reduce the Psi roll to zero drains the psion of one temporary Psi point. Additionally, any Psi power used in an attempt to detect you, including Attunement, is rolled at a +2 Difficulty. This Merit is only available to neutral characters with Psi 1. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Reputation: [2 Points] You have a good reputation. Add +3 to all dice for social dealings with your society. A character with this Merit may not take the Notoriety Flaw. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Resilient: [4 Points] You're up and around while the doctors are still trying to decide how to break the news of your crippling injuries to you next of kin. You're not any less likely to be critically injured, but you bounce back from the gravest of wounds or illnesses in a matter of days as long as you survive them. System: The character heals all wounds as if they were one wound level less serious on the recovery chart. This bonus applies if she is already enjoying improved recovery times due to skilled medical care--effectively healing at two levels better on the chart. Additionally, the character halves the minimum healing time for the Bruised health level. Prerequisite: Rapid healing requires a certain degree of physical hardiness. A Resilient character must have a minimum of Stamina 3. (Knacks; Adventure)
Self-Confident: [5 Points] Whenever you spend a point of Willpower to gain an automatic success your confidence in yourself may allow you to gain the benefits of that expenditure without actually losing the Willpower. When you spend the point you will not lose it unless that success is your only one, i.e. you do not gain any additional successes from the dice you roll. This Merit may only be used, however when you need confidence in your abilities in order succeed. This means that you can use it when the difficulty of your roll is 5 or higher. You may still spend Willpower at other times, but when the difficulty is 5 or less, the Willpower will be spent no matter what you roll. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Sexy: [1 Point] There is something about you that is very attractive, you get two extra dice for seduction rolls. However, some people may be jealous of you.
Speed Reading:
[2 Points] You can read at 4 times the normal rate with no loss in comprehension. While reading make an Intelligence roll each success adds to the reading rate multiplier. So rolling two successes results in a reading rate of 6 times normal.
Strong Latent:
[7 Points] You are a latent psion who has not yet undergone the Prometheus Effect, but you already have a natural bias toward one specific Aptitude. Once per session, you may roll Psi; if you succeed, you gain your preferred Aptitude's basic technique for the remainder of the scene. 15 you are ever activated to that Aptitude, you gain one additional dot to spend when selecting your initial Modes (for a total of four points) and a permanent point of Willpower. If you are activated to a different Aptitude, you gain one Auxiliary Mode in your previously-biased Aptitude and you may purchase the other one-dot powers of your previously-biased Aptitude as auxiliary Modes at half the normal experience cost. This Merit may be purchased only for latent characters. Only one of the six core Aptitudes -- Biokinesis, Clairsentience, Electrokinesis, Psychokinesis, Telepathy, Vitakinesis -- may be selected. Teleportation and Quantakinesis require higher latency than other Aptitudes do. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Strong Template: [6 Merits] For some reason, your subquantum pattern is very strongly bonded. You are very difficult to alter with Psi or Taint powers - any such effect that has a direct, physical effect on you or an item with your Psi print rolls at +2 Difficulty. Note that this does not include powers that affect your environment, such as Plasma Manipulation, nor does it include those that affect your mind or emotions, such as Mind 6omb. Additionally, you stand out like a beacon to clairsentients and other sensitives -- any Attunement roll or other means of subquantum perception gains an automatic success for the purposes of detecting your presence.
Superhuman Reflexes: [3 Points] Your hands are faster than striking cobras, flickering at the edges of human perception. It may be possible to surprise you, but no Old West gunslinger could have ever out-drawn you. The proverbial greased lightning would have trouble striking you if you knew it was on the way.
System: The character gains a permanent +3 bonus to Initiative
Time Sense:
[1 Point] You have an innate sense of time and can estimate the passage of time fairly accurately without need to consult a watch or calendar. (Vampire Player's Guide)
True Love: [4 Point] You have discovered, but may have lost, a true love. This provides joy during trying times. Whenever you are suffering in danger, or feel dejected the thoughts of your true love is enough to give you strength. You automatically succeed on any Willpower roll when you are striving to protect your true love. However, your true love can also be a hindrance; requiring aid, being a hostage or requiring rescue. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Underworld Ties:
[3 Points] You have both influence over and contacts with the local Mafia and organized Street Gangs, providing you with extensive links with the criminal underworld. The more often you use this Merit the weaker it becomes, and your contacts may require something from you (Reduced price due to campaign Vampire Player's Guide).
Universally Deadly: [4 Points] In your hands, any weapon is extremely deadly. You may never have seen a given weapon before, but you intuitively understand how to use it as soon as it's in your hand. You're more a prodigy than a savant - your talents are the product of precise aim and an intuitive understanding of range, weight and speed.
System: The character gains one die to attack rolls with all weapons and reduces by one all wound penalties involving weapon use. The character is never penalized dice For using unfamiliar or exotic weapons. Prerequisite: The character must have at least Four dots of Firearms and Melee to take this Merit. (Adapted from Knacks; Adventure)

If a character has any points in the Drive Ability they will get a free driver's license. If they later pick up the Drive Ability they will need to purchase the license for 1 point. Characters will also receive a Great Britain international passport, and finally they will be issued a license for up to 5 computers and a TV license (yes, they are licensed in England and cost a lot). A character can choose to forgo one of the latter two Merits for one extra point each.

Additional Merits can be found on the White Wolf World of Darkness, World of Darkness Wiki, White Wolf Wiki, Mage-Ties Merits and Flaws, Exalted, or Dark Forces Mush websites

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