[3rd in the series of Adventure, Aberrations and Aeon]

In the Trinity timeline, in 2210 the Aberrants have started to return from exile, ready to take Earth back for themselves. However, they have to face a new force stopping them, that has been growing in secret for several years: the psions. The date has been updated in the game to allow for a longer depression and further time span into the future allowing for the date of the game's publication. The game will start on January 2nd 2109.

The Aberrant wars that take place before Trinity starts and have scarred the earth. In particular, the fall of the space station Esperanza in Europe (caused by an Aberrant), the Internet Crash (also caused by an Aberrant), and the Blight in the Midwestern GAF (again caused by an Aberrant), Greater American Federation, has resulted in a devolution of power to the rest of the world. Brazil, China, Africa and Australia are major powers. The middle of Europe and vast tracks of America are a wasteland, and Japan is only slowly emerging from self-imposed exile. There are colonies on orbiting Earth, on Mars, in orbit around Saturn, Venus, and Mercury, on Luna and on several moons as well as in the Asteroid Belt. I plan on following most of the history presented in the Trinity book.

In addition to the national changes, the Trinity era has brought first contact with several alien species. The most notable race are the Qin, alien masters of biotechnology, and out allies. Earth is at war with an alien race called the Chromatics, who have advanced control of light and their own strange technology. The potential greatest threat to mankind is the Coalition an apparent hegemony of aliens on a giant generational ship are headed towards Earth and with no interest in mankind except as a source of genetic raw material. A senior partner in the Coalition is a race called the Snee (think aliens from the movie Aliens and ignore the movie Prometheus).

When the teleporters of Africa, the Upeo wa Macho, left earth the Aberrations went with them, or maybe caused them to leave in mass. Until this mass exodus happened humanity had interstellar colonies and contact with alien races, through the teleporters. Colonies exist on the moon, where the Qin embassy is based, and humanity had mining colonies in the Coal Sack Nebula and on the Qin's Homeworld. Now humanity are building Jump Ships to reestablish contact with the colonies and the Qin. Humanity have interplanetary travel, mostly rocket propelled with ion drive engines (that means a heavy acceleration to start with and small acceleration over long distance).

Mercury: A colony in geocentric orbit around the planet, Vulcan, uses solar power to operate. It is the home base to the mobile mining city on the planet. The city, Hermes, is based on huge tractor treads and moves to keep itself in shadow near the terminator. It uses microwave power beamed down from the satellite, which orbits above the terminator. Vulcan is a manufacturing center specializing in metal products including a new element (Atomic Number 124) Olaminium; a stable super-heavy element that is very hard and extremely ductile under high heat. It and its alloys have become the basis for most high end metal use. It is semiconductive, nonferric and very dense. It has replaced depleted uranium in military munitions. It has no use in biotechnology and cannot be incorporated in biotech devices, however it does make good radiation shielding and armor. It has allowed the creation of plastisteel--a strong, but flexible plastic light building material that can be extruded on site allowing huge "ink jet" style printers to automatically construct a structure. Solar science is also conducted there.

Venus: Aphrodite is an orbital research station that uses the exotic gases produced by Venus and occasionally sponsors expeditions to the surface to mine, study, and map. However, the atmosphere reduces most equipment to junk fairly quickly. Olaminium has proved to be more resistant to the atmosphere so probes are starting to last longer.
Stations orbiting Earth: There are too many stations to name them all. Ogrotek has Romulus Station at L3. The station at L5 holds the Lulong and Mujukuu stations, the station at L1 was the Esperanza a joint European project lead by Spain, it was brought down by the Aberrants and now China's Fengming Station is there, under construction. The Station at L2 is the location of the Cala, a UAN Orbital Observatory and Armstrong Rehabilitation Satellite. At L4 holds the Orgulho de Ceu (Langrange Points 1-5 are orbital stable points between the earth and the moon. L1 leads the moon, L2 follows the moon, L3 is directly between the moon and earth, L4 is on the opposite side of the moon and L5 is over the darkside of the moon on a direct line between the moon and the earth). There are a score of other smaller stations at the Lagrange points, thousands of satellites and billions of tons in space junk from old satellites to lost tools. NORAD is now the American Space Command and it tracks all these objects and coordinates with Sky Watch; the attempt to locate comets and asteroids that are on an earth intercept course. The best known stations are the Lulong Station home of the Mulit-National Stock Exchange, Mujukuu Station home to the Mujukua Center for the Arts, Orgulho de C'eu Station home to Marquez Laboratories, the Bakuhatsu Spacecraft Factory, GN Orbital Media Center home to 200 channels of news and entertainment one of the largest content providers for the OptNet, Banji Orbital Factory Beta-3 factory for many of Banji weapons, Liaowangta Chinese Military Satellite the largest military station in current operation, Armstrong Orbital Rehabilitation Satellite prison for rogue psions and Aberrants and Lacordaire Orbital Hotel center of high society and culture in space (for details on these stations see Luna Rising).
Beanstalks: Kilimanjaro has a beanstalk (a beanstalk is the name given to a space elevator that stretches from the surface of the earth into space to an asteroid that has been moved into a special orbit that keeps it centered over one place on earth). China and India both want one and are arguing about where it should be, Everest is too remote and almost always socked in by bad weather. Brazil has one and another one is being constructed in Brownsville, Texas.
United States: I don't like the FSA; as a fascist Federated States of America that conquered Canada. Instead I am going to have the FSA as a capitalist, republic that stretches from Alaska, over all of Canada, down to Florida, and to Mexico. Canada and Mexico were annexed as the result of an open vote, however both outcomes are very unpopular with some of the inhabitants, who have resorted to terrorism. Both elections were citied for voter fraud and abuse, the worse offender being the Mexican vote.The Al Qaeda threat was replaced by the Aberrant threat, an even more severe threat. There was a massive disaster in the U.S. caused by an aberration who said, "burn, let it burn." He created a firestorm that stretched from north of Dallas, Texas to the Rockies, to North Dakota, as far east as the Mississippi River and as far west as the Rocky Mountains. The middle of the area is a lawless wasteland that covers Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. Missouri and Arkansas are undergoing recovery. A huge prison has been opened up on the border between New Mexico and Arizona. The majority of America's grain belt was ruined and food production has suffered. The US has suffered badly as well. The space port in New Mexico was moved to Houston, Cape Canaveral is still in service. Due to terrorist attacks security is of primary concern in the FSA and police enjoy expanded powers. Psions are not welcome in the FSA thanks to the Noetic Control Act; psions are prevented from observing any human being, any assault using psionics is considered to be aggravated. Noetic Research (Psionic Research) must be licensed. Using psionic abilities to gain a competitive edge in business is illegal. In the wake of the Hoffman-White act some states realize they can completely out law psionics. Orgotech is based in New York and they seem to have tact approval by the FSA., but many psions accuse them of selling out their own kind for this approval.
Europe: Has suffered dramatically as well, an aberration brought the space station Esperanza down over France, spreading destruction from the Mediterranean to Germany and from the coast to Switzerland. A lot of Switzerland's emergency response equipment is built into their mountains and it responded wonderfully. France was not so lucky, the nation wasn't destroyed, but it was heavily damaged. A nuclear reactor was breached and a lot of the ground was contaminated. Debris from the Esperanza scattered itself all across the world along the same latitude as France, though the majority of the destruction was confined to France and the Atlantic Ocean. The EU is trying to stage an economic come back. Great Britain is currently the leading European city. Poland has gone to war to increase their land. Germany has fragmented into several nations; a result of the fall of the European Economic Commonwealth. There is a famous case in Europe where a psion knew he was going to be mugged by a man and instead attacked him. When the case came to trial the final verdict was to clear the psion and charge the mugger. In the FSA the case would more likely have gone the other way. Ukriane attacked a weakened Russia taking over a 100 kilometer border. Russia complains that it never would have happened if not for Aberrant attacks that destroyed 1/2 of Moscow. To raise funds and gain military assistance it has started leasing East Sibera to China. It has also stopped its contention over Mongolia. Currently the area is poised on the verge of war over resources.
Asia and China: A major player in the world. After the collapse of the Three Gorges Dam the communist party was replaced by Neo-Confusim. China takes its place on the world stage they were responsible for ending the Aberration War with nuclear blackmail; threatening to destroy the entire planet if the Aberrations were did not stop. They then sat in the position of pending Armageddon with the only space cruiser of the time. It was armed with nuclear bombs and threatened the entire world. However, after the aberration threat passed China stood down. The whole world breathed a sigh of relief and the governments continued on their own path. China is a contradiction; the majority of its food is grown by peasants who's life has hardly changed in the last 2,000 years. It boasts the telepathic Ministry, but is very careful with what information is allowed past the Cyber Great Wall. Along its coast it is highly advanced and a technological leader. It still claims influence in the area from North Korea to the Sea of Japan. Mongolia and Nepal are considered client states. The Philippines, a united Korea, the Malay Republic, Tiwaan and Tibet have joined forces with China, but kept their own independence. For example the Dali Lama is in charge of Tibet. Singapore, Indonesia and other nations in South East Asia, like Cambodia, Loas and Vietnam, are allied with the Chinese Federation. The Chinese Federation doesn't have many laws against psionics, but unregistered psionics are actively recruited to government duty and unregistered use of psionics can incur a large fine and up to 10 years in jail. North Korea finally stopped its nuclear program, under pressure from China, but remains and independent and isolated nation. South Korea is doing quite well, few of the Aberrant attacks hit here. Tibet is much more firmly Chinese than it has been in the previous centuries. Xigaze is the administrative center of Tibet with a small spaceport and the foundation of a Beanstalk. Arguments with India has kept the beanstalk in limbo. Taiwan has become the 23rd province of a United China. It took a lot of political wrangling and a promise to let Taiwan exercise some political freedom and the power to vote for their politicians. Funan Economic Nation has formed out of the union of Vietnam and Laos. Currently 2% of Funan's citizens suffer "No Touch Syndrome," where the person has to remain totally isolated with their only connection to the outside world over the OptiNet or cell phones. This condition becomes prevalent in Japan.
Central Asia: Turkey and Poland have both gone militaristic and expansionistic. Oman is a rich and decadent place of gambling and glamour; the new Riviera. The" depraved sultan" has formed a splinter of Islam for his own ends. Poland wants revenge for all the years that it suffered. It has its eye on parts of Germany and Russia. Its main worry is currently Turkey. Turkic Federation is a loose union of Turkey and the various ex-Soviet Central Asian republics as far east as the Chinese border. The secular splinter of Islam is populated by rational-talking sufi; a trusty supporter of ISRA and home to some of the sanest people on Earth.
Japan: Is just immerging from a self imposed isolation in an attempt to avoid aberration attacks. It is a major technological competitor with China, but Japan has been reluctant to adopt biotechnology. Psionics are not illegal in Japan, but are heavily frowned upon. Using psionics in the commission of a crime can add as much as 10 years to the sentence and telepathic intrusion is considered a violation of privacy and subject to civil suit. Japan has the best computers and hard technology. It pioneered the implantable computer link, called a link. Honshu is the largest island of the nation called Nippon and is completely paved. Several archologies exist offshore as well as an artificially created island for their primary airport and spaceport. It currently hosts several arcologies and 180,000 people. They are extremely paranoid about biotech and don't allow it inside their borders. They also executed a lot of Aberrants in the war.
India: Has the largest population and weathered the aberration war fairly well. They are more advanced than many nations, but are handicapped by their need to feed their population. India and Pakistan went to war over Kashmir and India won. India unified Pakistan with themselves and formed an alliance with, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka forming the Bharati Commonwealth. China and India do not get along, but they haven't fought each other, yet. They are too close geographically and socially, but they differ greatly politically. What is called the Indian Federation is still a republic.
Southeast Asia: Vietnam is a completely decentralized Anima Zone with no capital city, it has formed an Economic Union with Laos and become the unofficial capitol of biotech using new contracts with our Alien partners the Qin. Djakarata is the most important of the of the Indonesi city states; a sort-of-happy man's Tokyo, "the Computer Crossroads of the World." These cities are so rich that they have actually bridged the gap between Djava and some outlying islands to expand their real estate. Indonesia includes the old Malaysia and the center of New Islam. They are united with Australia in a confederation of states. Cambodia has become the multimedia art capital of Asia Fab anima scene. Kuala Lumpur; the last vestige of Malaysia supports terrorists all over the continent in hopes of restoring the "sanity of the 20th century." It too is an ally of Australia. Kola Lampour was brought down by an Aberrant attack. Greater Siam forms with Thailand, and Kampuchea using Bancock for its capitol. It is the biggest city in Southeast Asia, where everything is for sell. Even if you want bureaucrats to do their job they have to be bribed as a matter of course.
Iran: Has suffered a nuclear attack of its own design. It took the aberration war as cover to fire a nuclear missile into its neighbor Israel, only to have that missile shot down. The armed missile landed back in Iran exploding a 3 kilo-ton device and earning the nation the ugly title as the second nation to use nuclear weapons in anger. It was universally condemned for this and is now largely isolated because of its action. To make matters worse the world is no longer dependent on oil for power.
Israel: Always a minor nation in land area, but strong in its people and technology has come out as a big player in the computer world and laser technology; especially laser based defensive systems, like it used against Iran. The Iran-Israeli war is also known as the Wet Firecracker War. It consisted of Iran making a sneak attack on Israeli and Israeli showing much restraint in using only a conventional attack response. It invaded Iran, but did not penetrate too far and gave up the land that it took. This was an empty gesture since much of that land is now radioactive. Israel has been commended for its restraint though and that has gone a long way to helping it establish a place among the nations. It has formed a client state for the Palestinians and kept up the wall. After wars Israel-Judah was formed out of Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, the Sinai peninsula and parts of Syria. The Palestinians are now a client state of Israel-Judah.
The Middle East: Is as mixed up and wild as ever. It seems that there will always be unrest in the Middle East.
Africa: Formally a collection of third world nations, it became more developed when the American grain belt was destroyed. High technology spread from South Africa north among large parts of the nation. It has finally gotten the AIDs epidemic under control, but it has proved to be impossible to eradicate it. With global warming it's equatorial area has become harder to live in, but areas like the Congo have become the new breadbasket to the world. The wide diversity of life has suffered both from constant drought and competition for land by humans. Domed agricultural centers are popular in Central Africa. The Congo has been mostly deforested and turned over to crops. Sudan is the site of a huge agriculture biodome project and is now a food exporter. Both Southern Sudan and Sudan are in reunification talks. Ethiopia is still a mess, firmly locked in a drought it has joined Somalia in the club of failed nation states. Ships can't travel around the horn of Africa or through the Suez Canal without armed escort. Even planes are escorted to keep them safe.
South America: Has undergone a revitalization and crime has come out on top. The drug trade has been legalized. The Norca boikenitics are based here. The Amazon forest has been reduced to 20% of its original size; most of that land has been taken over for crops. Venezuela has become a democracy. After the fall of the Chavez puppets the nation went through a period of rebuilding, aided by the U.S. it came out of that turmoil as a major player thanks to its extensive oil reserves. Argentina and Chile have had a minor war, and are now co-existing in an unsettled peace. The rest of the region keeps pleading for both sides to show restraint. Brazil has become the major player in South America and used that power to fund and construct a Beanstalk. Narco-Drug Lords have come into power instituting a las-a-fare attitude toward a lot of crime. They have a liberal attitude toward psionics. The narco-forces of South America still pour drugs across the FSA border and to keep border patrols down they sponsor terrorism by Mexicans. The Norcas have moved into the Venezuelan Quarantine Zone attempting to clear out the Taint. There was a massive noetic event there, but no one knows its exact origin or reason. Drugs were legalized in South America, except for the worst. The Norca work on improving them and reducing their side effects. They have smuggling routes world wide. Fortunately the Norca and other political forces have cleared the Drug Mafia and Drug Cartels out of politics. They have united the country and smoothed over old hatreds. The Norca happily fund separationists and terrorists in Mexico trying to gain independence.
Russia: The former nation of thugs has risen to a big resource provider by exploiting Siberia. Global Warming and the melting of the Artic Circle has allowed the entire nation to be exploited, especially Sibera. Russia has undergone a population boom and is on her way to becoming a great nation. Right now it is a great resource provider and working hard to be meaningful among other nations. It has a rich upper class, but a large poor lower class and is still wracked by ethnic fighting that it can't seem to control. The Russian Federation now includes Belorussia, Ukraina and Sibera. Kazakhstan and Caucastan are fiercely independent nations between Russia and the Turks.
Australia: Global warming has hurt this nation in the outback, but it has come back with re-colonization efforts. Australia opened its doors to immigrants after the disaster in the U.S. and it has built itself into a strong nation, competing with India, but still second to the superpower China.
The Moon: Is heavily colonized, half of the moon is independent and self supporting, but only barely. The British have opened Camelot, Russia is mining and the US started the ball rolling with its Olympus base. Olympus has declared its independence. There is a major crime organization in the underworld of Olympus with the self proclaimed President as the controlling crime lord. The moon also hosts the Qin embassy. The Qin are biogenetic engineers and the first alien race contacted. Luckily, they proved to be peaceful. With the loss of the teleporters they are isolated from their home world and have been for a long time, so their lunar colony is extensive. There is a population of Low-Geers; people who grew up in low-gravity and are unable to return to earth. With the invention of gravity plates most places are under one-gravity (1-G), but there will always be Low-Geers and grounds for them to live on. The Luna Public Transit Authority (LPTA) has the red line which takes individuals to their station or the blue line which takes groups to various stations. All on the Luna Automated Maglev Pneumatic (LAMP).
Mars: Several colonies were set up on the planet hosted by the more advanced nations. The aberration war saw a break down in that control and revolution sprang up. Now some of the colonies are independent. The Century Project is in full swing, ice asteroids are being crashed into the planet to raise the water and oxygen levels on the planet. They are also working on restarting the planet's magnetic field by using nuclear explosives and asteroid collisions to implant more metal in the core. An increased magnetic field will help keep out the ionizing radiation that burned off Mar's early atmosphere. Wanjing; the "City of Endurance" is the capital of the Chinese settlements on Mars. Russia and China are the only nations with loyal colonists. The other nations have had their colonies rebel against their parent nations and declared at independence.
The Asteroid Belt: Or the Belt Is colonized, independent and populated with a lot of miners. They sell minerals to most of earth, and ice to Mars. Belters have laid claim to the rings of Saturn and are pulling some of the ice from Saturn to Mars. This has been decried as the destruction of the famous rings, but economics has come out over traditionalists. Belters are gearing up for the next challenge; the ort cloud out past Uranus. Pluto is the most famous planetoid, but thousands of planetoids have been discovered and a few have been claimed. Most nations are not active out here, it is just too far from earth for many of them to care.
Jupiter: With a strong radioactive field it is hard to send manned expeditions to the planet. Io has been found to harbor an ocean underneath miles of ice. Two expeditions have been sent to explore that area and found life, but no signs of civilization. Of course the octopus is a highly intelligent animal, as is the porpoise, and humanity has seen no sign of them developing a civilization.
Saturn: Is uninhabitable, but Titan, one of its moons, has proven to be a good source of hydrocarbons. It has a few colonies and more are planned. The largest is, of course, controlled by China. There are a few space stations and gas mining plants in orbit.
Neptune: Has no colonies, there is talk of mining its atmosphere, but stations in orbit around Saturn are closer to earth and can supply all that Neptune has to offer.
Uranus: Has a few free stations in orbit around it, like boom towns during the gold rush in U.S. history. These stations are trying to position themselves as bases for operations in the Ort Cloud, but so far little has development gone on.
The Ort Cloud: Starting from the orbit of Uranus to the Heleopause, the extents of our solar system. The cloud is composed of ice rocks and asteroids similar to what exists in the asteroid belt. People are excited about the Ort Cloud, stakes out there are barely managed by the UN and there is a lot of small rocks that can be exploited. Dwarf planets like Pluto exist in the outer regions as do millions of asteroids and comets all waiting to be exploited.

With the destruction of the Space Station Esperanza all of the world's citizens were infected with a subtle disease that seemed no more severe than the common cold. It quickly spread world wide as the world responded to the disaster in Europe. The disease, called Prometh, subtly changed the subject's brain giving them power to manipulate the strong and weak nuclear forces. The result were psionics. Most people are normals, with some minor psionic potential and many of the population exhibit some minor powers, then there are those who undergo the Prometheus Effect. This Other

procedure is classified in exactly what it does, but it has been separately developed by many nations. It is kept as a secret on a national level so that private or blackmarket procedures won't surface. When such operations do threaten to surface they are ruthlessly cracked down on. The Prometheus Effect creates psionic agents who work for their various governments, for the psionic organizations, and the orbital nation states. When those agents retire they often go to work for the various megacorporations. Undergoing the Prometheus Effect requires a 4 year service commitment, but many people consider the price to be well worth it, because of the fields it opens up to them. Of course there are many who are jealous of the Prometheus Gifted. A minority of those subjected to the Prometheus have their brain chemistry mal-adjusted. The majority of them suffer brain damage, but a few are just "bent." Some of these escape the rigorous testing and training of the psionic orders becoming threats to society.

Other Colonies: With aid of the teleporters we established colonies on a few worlds and an embassy with the Quin. Contact with those colonies has been lost and only recently was re-established. We don't know all that has happened on those colonies over our absence. We were in the middle of a War on one colony and it appears there is an Aberrant war on another. The Chromatics, a hostile alien race based on light, has attacked our colonies in the Coal Sack Nebula and even staged an attack on Earth!
With the destruction of the Space Station Esperanza all of the world's citizens were infected with a subtle disease that seemed no more severe than the common cold. It quickly spread world wide as the world responded to the disaster in Europe. The disease, called Prometh, subtly changed the subject's brain giving them power to manipulate the strong and weak nuclear forces. The result were psionics. Most people are normals, with some minor psionic potential and many of the population exhibit some minor powers, then there are those who undergo the Prometheus Effect. This procedure is classified in exactly what it does, but it has been separately developed by many nations. It is kept as a secret on a national level so that private or blackmarket procedures won't surface. When such operations do threaten to surface they are ruthlessly cracked down on. The Prometheus Effect creates psionic agents who work for their various governments, for the psionic organizations, and the orbital nation states. When those agents retire they often go to work for the various megacorporations. Undergoing the Prometheus Effect requires a 4 year service commitment, but many people consider the price to be well worth it, because of the fields it opens up to them. Of course there are many who are jealous of the Prometheus Gifted. A minority of those subjected to the Prometheus have their brain chemistry mal-adjusted. The majority of them suffer brain damage, but a few are just "bent." Some of these escape the rigorous testing and training of the psionic orders becoming threats to society.
There are 8 types of psions, but the eighth process seems to be lost.
1.   1. Vitakinesis is the healing of the body and people with this psionic power are members of the Æsculapian Order. They are stationed in the Montressor Clinic in Basel Switzerland and in Haiti. There are two factions the Montressor Clinic is science based using their power in conjunction with the best that medical science has to offer. The second order is based on faith healing, it has no formal name, and is based in Haiti.
2.   The Chitra Bhanu, the forsaken dark psions, practitioners of quantakinesis, are headquartered in the Bombay Institute in Mumbai, India. The Chitra Bhanu had a short, but intense lifespan. Founded primarily as a test by the Doyen, the chibs went public along with the other seven orders in 2106. They had a reputation for being "soft" on Aberrants as early as 2107. Rumors of "insane" practices and "dangerous science" continued to circulate, along with the rumor that Bhurano had somehow managed to cure the Aberrant Syndrome. Various psi orders organized attack forces and sent them to the Bombay Institude. Bhurano called all quantakinetics in from the field, and ordered them to open to the other orders with open arms. The resulting slaughter came to be known simply as the Chitra Bhanu Purge. The chibs' Prometheus Chamber was disassembled, and its parts destroyed. They were the masters of transmutation working like alchemical wizards turning one material into another. There were some incidents on the moon and rumors that some chibs might be still hiding there
3.   3. The Interplanetary School of Research and Advancement, ISRA, are practitioners of clairsentience. They are skilled observers. The best can scan the entire solar system and narrow down on one individual. They are based on the moon with their leader, the old man, on a secret base.
4.   4. The Legions are practitioners of psychokinesis, which is broken down into Cryokinesis (cold), Pryokinesis (hot) and Telekinesis (movement). They are headquartered in Australia and were on the front lines of the Aberrant War. The Legions hire out as guards, soldiers, and mercenaries, they were important in fighting the aberrations.
5.   5. The Ministry of Noetic Affairs, practitioners of telepathy are based in China and the Philippines. They have kept the communist party in power, and the "Great Cyber Wall of China" is intact. Optinet communications are restricted in China. The government has literal access to mind readers so any dissent can be quickly addressed.
6.   6. The Nova Fôrça de Nacionales are practitioners of biokinesis, which is broken down into Adaptation (adapts the body to hostile environment), Psychomorphing (the ability to adapt the surrounding environment), and Transmogrifng (the ability to adapt others).
7.   7. Orgotek are practitioners of electrokinesis they are based in the New New York Arcology and are masters of controlling electricity. They are at the front lines of biotechnology.
8.   The Upeo wa Macho, prodigal practitioners of teleportation where based in Africa and are missing.

Players will be Special Agents of Trinity Aeon attached to the Neptune Division, living in England, a secret division that was used against the Aberrations. They can be clairsentients, telepaths, psychokinetics, biokinetics, vitakinetics or electrokenetics. (think; see, move, body, heal, and electric). The unit operates in individual teams, paid and funded by the Trinity, but allowed to operate with some independence and a limited budget. The Special Branch agents were originally assigned to Aberration Outbreaks. Lately, they have had their role expanded from mere liaison to actual investigation of crimes and are working with Interpol. The party will be independent contractors. As such they will get limited support, but freedom to do pretty much whatever they can get away with and if they are caught or killed they can be denied by Aeon Trinity.

Psionic laws vary with jurisdiction, from anything you can get away with in South America, to more moderate Europe, to more Conservative China, (Libya, Russia and most of Asia, to Iraq's borders are also conservative), or extremely limited in as they are in the FSA, to illegal as in Japan, Kashmir, the People's Republic of Estonia, and the Ukraine. Characters using psionics outside of their immediate jurisdiction do so at their own risk. Aeon Trinity will try to get their agents deported back to Europe, but this isn't always true. Some psionic organizations will work to defend their members, primarily the Legion, but they may use extra-legal means, like a smash and grab.

The player's characters are psionic with their original training in one of the six psionic disciplines or normals. The Prometheus Chamber for the quantakinesis were lost in the riots and dismantled. No one knows where the Prometheus Chamber for the Upeo wa Macho has been relocated, the Jumpers left Earth on the same day as the Esprenza attack suspecting it to be part of a plot by the other Psionic Orders to take over he Upeo wa Macho. So that leaves; vitakinesis, clairsentience, psychokinesis, telepathy, biokinesis or electrokinesis. Some nations are working on developing new Prometheus Chambers to recover the lost psions or to create new ones. Most of these projects are still in the experimental stage. The machines themselves are huge, like an MRI machine on steroids and require the power of a small power plant, limiting their use to major governments. The subject is immersed in a tank of fluid for the procedure, which can take several hours. The only Prometheus Chamber off of Earth is on the moon. Norms can get more biotechnic implants allowing them to control more biological devices.

The players have to operate in a climate where psions, while useful, are suspected because of the Aberrants and some psions who abuse their powers. Biomorphs can change their body and face to match that of someone else, telepaths get unfair advantages as do clairsentiences. The Legion masters of psychokinesis are only mercenaries and the electrokinetics who can reprogram computers. There is a famous case in the FSA., where a telepath was prosecuted for mind reading and learning secret and private information. The various Psionic organizations try to keep the lid on such events, but they failed with the Huang-Marr investigation (an illegal program with vitakinesis being crossed with Aberrant Taint).

When you use biotechnology the circuits interface with the person's nervous system. If you have biotechnology it is powered by psionics. Psions are given a tolerance rating that determines how much biotechnology they are using and can use. The biotechnology starts as a small computer implant and goes up to a full scale assault space ship. Normals can get a special interface that needs to be powered by a power cell that lasts one week, but they have a Tolerance of only five. Weapons are the most common use for biotechnology. Very few nations don't have the capability to launch germ warfare. Luckily, with the technology comes the tools to fight it as well.

Before the Aberration War there were the resource wars, conflicts over places like the Artic Sea, the Antarctic or other areas with untapped resources. The primary conflict was over oil, that is until the discovery of the fusion process. This allowed huge amounts of energy to be made from mere water. Resources are still in hot contention, but now it is over metal and clean water. With fusion reactors it finally becomes profitable to distil salt water and the import of rare metals from the Belt has eased tensions. The discovery of stable super heavy elements has opened a new world in material science.


The Optinet has replaced the silicon based Internet. It had to be done after the Kuwasha Pulse; a pulse sent through the entire Internet by an Aberration, "I just wanted to see what would happen." The pulse wiped out most of the world's databanks. Society is still trying to recover some lost information. So much had been converted to electronic files and it had to be created all over again. Needless to say Optinet security is a big concern. Some data bases are deliberately left off line, others need a special hardware device to be accessed and some are only accessible by people with a security key or in a specific building. But, what can be done by man can be undone so the most secure databases are those that are off line.

Optical computers with fiber optic processors are common, giving technology the ability to make smaller and smaller computers. With this development and an improvement in holographic technology the power of a desktop computer has been shrunk down to the size of a watch. Smart phones are common, so common that 12 digit phone numbers have had to be created. The computer industry decided to keep the smart phone size similar to what it had in the early 21st century simply because handling smaller objects would be difficult. Links are available; implantable smart phone/computers that directly interface with the brain. Now days a tablet computer has the processing power of a 20th century Cray Supercomputer. Computer technology and technology in general would have been more advanced if it weren't for the actions of an Aberrant who erased most of the world's database.

Technology has even hit the entertainment web with holovision and holosims. Holovision technology that displays the subject matter in 3D, it was a revolutionary as the early 3D movies like Avatar. Attempts back then were made to create artificial characters, mostly in video games. Three-D artificial characters are called holosims. They are so popular that a news show is still hosted by its host even after he has died. While entertainment is still broadcast for free, with commercials, the majority of it is downloadable and featured on the Optinet. There are even holographic sense rooms that offer full interactive immersion and mindsims. A mindsim is an entertainment that is delivered directly to the brain, there are some people who can handle this, but most people face a strong chance of becoming addicted. The life offered on-line can be so much better than real life and the experiences seem just as real. There is a gray market in the sex trade using virtual suits and mindsims.

Real actors in real situations are still in vogue, the artificial character is still just a construct no matter how life-like technology can't manage to totally duplicate a real person's face, mannerisms and speech. The Optinet has created everyman reporters who can see, report, and file stories in a matter of moments. The most popular and seemingly fair news service is Global News. There is also an condition called Information Addiction Syndrome where people become addicted to the information flow and can't get enough of it. Computer Agents have become quite popular. An Agent is a computer program that knows your preferences, your likes and dislikes. It can fetch the news, entertainment, any thing on the Optinet that its user wants. More and more people are dealing with their agent rather than dealing with a computer. Agents also act as secretaries, interns, and gophers; think of a telephone answering machine on steroids integrated into the Internet.

Nanotechnology is still new. Originally nanotech was restricted to retroviruses, but with the development of optical computers tiny computer controlled machines are possible. Mechanical nanotech is possible, but it is expensive and has not come into wide spread use. Examples vary from uncloggers that travel through an artery clearing out cholesterol deposits to a robot that traces and maps individual circuit paths.

Robot technology met some reverses when the Internet was crashed and erased, but it has continued. However, scientist can't get a robot to think creatively. Limiting their use to automated functions. They usually end up being assistants to humans and many processes like trash pick-up have been automated, but a robot that serves as your butler still seems to be a pipe dream.

Olaminium (Atomic Number 124) is an artificial super heavy element manufactured in orbital factories and used in place of aluminum or steel. This makes orbital manufactured items of a higher quality. Some olaminium is shipped planetside, or found in recycled items, but one can never be sure of the olaminum content of something made earthside. China has been guilty of passing lower quality steel as olaminum and using it in what were supposed to be olaminum alloys. A particle accelerator is needed to create olaminum, but it is found naturally on Mercury, which is where most of it comes from. It is the primary material used in construction of the beanstalks. Steel just wouldn't be strong enough and using carbon nanotubes would be very difficult. Long fibers are hard to create, but they can be made and are quickly replacing plastic. Plastic is made from oils (plant and mineral) so with oil becoming rarer substituting carbon nanofibers actually makes sense. The material is more expensive (creating it is not easy), but due to its great strength less of it can be used. It can also be made easily with an arc lamp or from other sources of carbon like coal (which is abundant).

Cloning humans is only legal on Luna, in China, Korea and Russia. Organs and body tissues can be custom manufactured; either grown or printed so except for emergencies organ transplant is done with your own organs.

Focused laser weapons are used, but they have not replaced gunpowder based weapons. Gunpowder weapons are the most common and cheapest. Work has started on blaster technology; use of focused radiation beyond mere light. X-ray lasers are possible, but typically are powered by nuclear explosives. This allows for laser bombs, or laser space weapons. Blasters will use focused radiation to burn the target, as of now they are still experimental. There are also sonic weapons, including stunners that disrupt the human nervous system. Why is the modern gun so much like the old fashioned gun. Frankly, a gun fighter from the old west would be at home with a modern revolver and except for the handgrip he would think it came from his era. There is simply not a lot that can be done with gunpowder weapons that hasn't already been done. The US Army stuck with the colt .45 automatic for almost 100 years.

With the discovery of the Higgs boson particle, and a whole lot of research, artificial gravity was discovered in 2071. On space stations, moons and other planets they are used to keep the environment at Standard-G so that people could return to earth and still be able to walk. The bone loss caused by living in micro-g used to be a big problem and would prevent people from returning to earth. Even ships and space stations use gravity plates. Only in the Belt and during assembly in space do people still spend time in micro gravity. Most of these people at least sleep in a one-gravity environment to keep the bone loss to a minimum. Otherwise people who spent a long time in space could never be able to return to earth.

Powered exoskeletons are still under development. Suits like that worn by Iron Man are possible, but extremely expensive. The biggest problem is powering these suits.

Money has been internationalized to the Credit (Central and Regional Euro/Dollar International Transaction). Convert dollars or yuan to credits on a one-to-one basis.

Humanity has contacted two races: The Qin and the Chromatics. Humanity has learned of another group called the Coalition which is lead by the Snee.
Qin: A race of bioengineered beings. Their technology is almost all biotechnology based. They were the first race that humanity meet and the meeting was peaceful and rewarding for both sides. Both races exchanged embassies, but with the disappearance of the teleporters they were cut off. The Qin have their embassy on the moon and relish our grav technology. They have given us some biotechnology, but not that much. It is not that they don't want to, it is that humanity is having a trouble understanding their science. They are carbon based, oxygen breathing, water using creatures that assume a bipedal form, but we are not exactly sure what their normal form is. Humanity knows that their bodies are grown, but we do not know exactly what they look like. The Qin computers are biological and DNA based, humanity has a hard time interfacing with them or even reading their data. Humanity has a lot in common with the Qin, so it is puzzling why humanity are having trouble understanding their technology. The primary reason seems to be our approach, another issue is that they sent us diplomats not scientists.
Chromatic: Attacked African mines in the Coal Sack Nebula. They appeared to not only be immune to lasers they could bend the light back at the soldiers fighting them. The teleporters left shortly after contact was made, so humanity has no idea where they are, what they are or why they attacked. The Chromatics were not using suits when they attacked. They hit the mining station, cut their way in, and sent in troops. Humanity responded with our own troops and repelled the invaders. But, then they came back. This time it was a ship to asteroid conflict, humanity didn't have any ships in the area since humanity were using teleporters to travel at the time. Humanity beat back the aliens, barely, but humans were in the process of sending in fighters to defend the base when the teleporters vanished. Since the Chromatics attacked and came back, humanity can only assume that they attacked again. Humanity suspects that the chromatics use light as weapons and as communication. Since they were without suits in an oxygen environment that means they can stand such an environment with no to little support. Other than that humanity is in the dark.

A group of several aliens that cooperate and work together, they don't have jump drive technology and are approaching earth using a generation ship and hyper sleep methods. Humanity found out about them from the Aberrations, but they only teased the norms with a little data, and didn't give out much useful information. Humanity don't know how the Aberrations discovered them. Humanity do know the Coalition has sent a ship against earth, but where it is and from what direction it is coming from is not known. Humanity has Sky Watch searching for them, but the will probably only detect it when it starts breaking maneuvers. If they decide to do a loop around the sun that might not be until they are inside of Mar's orbit and that is only based on guesses with the limited data humanity has and assuming something similar to our own technology. Humanity does know that they are "users" they spread to planets, taking out the dominant life forms there, exploiting the planet's resources and constructing another generation ship to spread to yet another planet. It is hoped that humanity can meet them on some sort of parity and so be engaged by the Coalition instead of used as raw generic material, or worse yet as food. The Qin have never heard of them or contacted them. Humanity have some pictures and results of scans, but without knowing what angle the pictures were taken at it is impossible to determine their location. They appear to be in the galactic plane, but that is an educated guess. Humanity doesn't even know what method of propulsion they are using or how the Aberrations contacted them or what they told them. Many people suspect that the Aberrations may have sold out humanity, giving them our location and information on us in return for getting some sort of support. The leading race is known as the Snee. They are tall bipedal creatures that are gray skinned and have large crescent shaped craniums. They must be technology users so are probably highly intelligent. Of course the skeptics argue with that and a few think that the whole thing might just be an Aberration trick to cause us to waste our resources and worry needlessly.


Religion and Society
When times a bad people resort to religion; the Trinity Era is no exception. Religions of all kinds are meeting a resurgence. Despite Jesuit support Pope Benedict has ruled that any priests who join the Ministry (Telepath order in China) will be excommunicated. There is a growing belief in Anism; and idea that every living creature has a soul and these souls can be contacted. Leaders of Anism have been excommunicated by Pope Benedict. The Catholic Church is one of the more active churches, but far from the largest. It has several charity programs going on in the tainted areas.

Rock an roll is still going strong, but out of it has risen a techno-inspired form of music called Bang. Bang is all that rock and roll was to its early parents; wild, untamed, considered a risk by some adults. The stories go on, but it only proves that life goes in cycles. Holographic fashions that incorporate Bang and/or Anism are popular.


My Game


What you will NOT be allowed to play in my game; Vampires, Ghosts, Mages and Werewolves. Although it was tempting to throw these monsters at the party it would bring in fantasy elements that I don't want AND it would open the door to all that other White Wolf material that I haven't read yet. I will let you use some things from those books, like Merits and Flaws, however some of them won't translate. For example a vampire needs to drink blood and having a herd is one Merit that won't do most people any good. I will probably not use Vampires, Ghost or Mages against the party for the same reason as I won't let them be player characters, but I am not going to rule anything out. Characters need to react like they would to real events, if you think that a vampire could be a possible type of monster I am throwing at you, then you character should think that way. After all X-Files was more fantasy than science fiction, but sometimes it had fantasy elements. I will also NOT allow anyone to be an Aberrations. Politics are against Aberrations, society is against Aberrations, the psions are against Aberrations, everyone is united in their hatred against the Aberrations. Some Aberrations behaved and used their powers to benefit mankind; most though used their powers to only benefit themselves or even acted as criminals. Most were tainted though, and dangerous, a few had no clear motive; the Aberration who crashed the whole Internet just wanted to see what would happen if he did it. Aberrations are not trusted and will probably be the foes that the party faces. If this puts you at a slight disadvantage then that is going to be a problem of balancing the game. You have strength in numbers and a pretty creative team so I don't think it will be an unfair advantage.

Jumpship technology is still in its testing phases, with short jumps across the system possible, but a ship sent on a test flight has yet to return. It was not supposed to contact any system and the chances of it meeting a hostile encounter is remote. The far more likely chance is that it has had a problem with the technology.

I have read the Adventure, Aberrations, Aeon (Trinity) series, some associated books and some Vampire the Masquerade books. I will try to restrict things to Trinity though. Some of you know the White Wolf system better than I do, I expect you to help me and the others. I don't know the system very well and this will be my first time to try and DM for it. I am using this system so that the less advanced players will not be confused. I was going to use the Rolemaster series, based on 1d100, but while the rules seem straight forward to me, I have had players complain that they are too complex. With an intention of avoiding that problem I have chosen to try White Wolf. I am not trying to insult anyone, Mike was the man who made the suggestion that some people would have problems. I have run Rolemaster in the past and enjoyed it, but I had one player actually quit because she felt the game was too complex for her. I can pull some of the tech and information from GURPS and Spacemaster (a Rolemaster product) and use things from other sources, so I won't be sticking strictly to Trinity, but I am going to use it as a base. If you read the book you will have a leg up on understanding my game. More importantly I am going to use the White Wolf World of Darkness system.

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