A Flaw is any disadvantage that a character can get. They are offset by Merits and differ from knowledges, skills and talents, but are bought with the same points. You can have a maximum of seven points in flaws.

Absent-minded: [3 Points] This flaw may not be taken with the Merit of Concentration. Though you do not forget such things as your knowledge or skills, you often forget such things as your address, and even where or when you last ate. In order to remember anything more than your own name, you need to make a Wits roll or as a last resort use a Willpower point. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Addiction: [2 or 4 Points] You have become physically addicted to some substance - examples include neocaffeine, nicotine, marijuana-111, and heroin. This Flaw is worth two points if the substance is legal where you normally operate, four if it's banned. For every 24 hours after the first 24 that you go without your fix, you are at +1 difficulty on all rolls. This penalty is cumulative - if you go without for four days, you'll be at +3 difficulty on all rolls. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Allergic: [1-3 Points] You are allergic to some substance. The potency of the allergy will determine its point value. For example alcohol is worth 2 Points, while simple Hay Fever would only be worth 1 Point. (Adapted from Vampire Player's Guide)
Amnesia: [2 Points] You are unable to remember your past, or anything of yourself or perhaps your family. Your life is a blank slate and begins anew now. However, your past may come back to haunt you. If you are wiling you can take up to 5 points in flaws that are undiscovered and will be discovered in the Chronicle, with permission from the Storyteller. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Bad Sight: [2 Points] Your sight is defective; there is a +2 difficulty to any dice roll where good eyesight is essential. This is neither nearsighted or farsighted, which are laser correctable. It is a minor form of blindness and is not correctable. You may not take this flaw with the Merit Acute Vision. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Bad Vibe: [1-3 Points] There is just something not "right" about you, it could be a lack of personal hygiene, a personality quirk or you just give off a "bad vibe." You suffer a +1 Difficulty to Social interactions for every point you put into this flaw.
Big Mouth:
[1 Point (2 Points for Clairsentients and Telepaths)] You've got an opinion on everything and you're not at all hesitant about letting people hear it. You tend to blurt out painful truths at the worst times. At least once per high-tension social scene, you must come out with your thoughts. You can avoid this by biting your tongue - literally. This inflicts one health level of Bashing damage and costs a Willpower point. Big Mouth is particularly dangerous For clairsentients and telepaths, as they tend to blurt out other people's secrets as much as their own observations ("Yeah Chris, why don't you tell her about that girl on Luna?").
Blind: [6 Points] Your vision is completely gone. You were most likely born this way, though you may have been exposed to hard radiation or strong taint instead. You automatically fail all rolls for actions that require effective vision unless you have some means of compensating, such as certain psi powers. Any roll made with such assistance (e.g. using and Attunement roll to aim a gun at a nearby Aberrant) requires you to first roll for the power's effectiveness. You may then, if the power worked, make your roll for your normal action at +5 difficulty. Every success over the sensory power's difficulty reduces this penalty by one. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Code of Honor, Restrictive: [1-3 Points] You have a code that limits your behavior, like many superheroes who refuse to kill criminals. The code's cost varies with how restrictive it is; for example the Boy Scout Code of Conduct would be worth 1 point, while a Vow of Nonviolence would be worth 3 points.
Color Blindness: [1 Point] You can only see in black and white--color means nothing to you--although you are sensitive to color density, as shades of gray. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Combat Paralysis: [3 Points] Whether from inexperience or some past trauma you tend to "freeze up" in combat. You must roll two initiative dice and take the lower result.
Combat Stress:
[3 Points] You've spent a good portion of the last Five or more years in combat situations and it's beginning to wear on you. You don't handle social interactions with civilians well (+1 difficulty for Social rolls that deal with non-military personnel, raised to +2 or even +3 if the people are completely clueless). Furthermore, you tend to react violently to any perceived threat, whether or not it's real. Any time you're surprised by an event that may be seen as threatening (e.g. fireworks, a kid with a toy L-K Avenger jumping out of a dark alley), there's a good chance that you'll respond with violence before your thought processes catch up with your threat reactions. You must succeed in an Awareness roll at +1 Difficulty to accurately assess the situation as safe. Failure indicates that your next action is an attack with whatever weapon is at hand, while a botch means that you start shooting at anything that's not a known friendly until you succeed in a Willpower roll at +2 Difficulty. This Flaw may not be taken in conjunction with the Flaw: Combat Ineffective, though it is very commonly seen in characters with the Merit: Combat Veteran.
Compulsion: [1 Point] You have a psychological compulsion of some sort, which can cause you a number of different problems. The compulsion can be temporarily avoided at the cost of a Willpower point, but it is in effect at all other times. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Confused: [2 Points] You are often confused, and the world sometimes seems to be a very distorted and twisted place. Sometimes you are not able to make sense of things. You need to role play this out especially in circumstances where a lot is going on. Willpower can override the effects of confusion, temporarily. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Creepy: [2 Points] It maybe pheromones, body language, bad teeth, or an unpleasant noetic bleed effect, but you exude bad vibes and most people are rather uncomfortable around you. You're at +2 Difficulty on most Social rolls just because other individuals are less inclined to listen to what you have to say. However, you gain two dice on all Intimidation rolls - you're significantly more disturbing than an ordinary person.
Curiosity: [2 Points] Secrets were meant to be shared! While you may have an intellectual understanding of privacy and security regulations, your morals are a little ... flexible. You must make a Willpower roll to avoid nosing around whenever you're presented with an obvious chance to learn a secret. The Difficulty depends on how tantalizing the secret in question is and how significant it appears. Avoiding the impulse to peek at Christmas presents in your boyfriend's closet is standard Difficulty, while not reading those classified technical manuals on his desk would be +l Difficulty. If they were plainly marked "Top Secret - Burn Before Reading," the Difficulty might rise to +2, or even +3 if they pertained directly to an investigation on which you were currently working.
Damaged Template: [4 Points] Whether through a Vitakinesis or Biokinesis botch, exposure to Aberrant taint or just plain bad luck, the subquantum pattern that makes up your physical body has been permanently weakened. Perhaps a skilled quantakinetic could correct the problem ... if there were any left. As a result, you are highly susceptible to Psi and Taint attacks. You suffer an additional health level of the appropriate type of damage from all such effects. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Dark Fate: [5 Points] You are doomed to experience a most horrifying demise or worse. No matter what you do, some day you will be out of the picture. In the end, all your efforts, all your struggles, and all your dreams will be as nothing. Your fate is certain and there is nothing you can do about it. Someday you will meet your fate, the time and how, is up to the Storyteller. Though you can't do anything about it, you can still try to accomplish goals, have friendships and other aspects of life. This is a most difficult Flaw to role play and though it may seem as if it takes away all freewill, it ironically grants it instead. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Dark Secret: [1, 3 or 5 Points] Oops. You screwed up big-time at some point in the past and you've managed to keep the evidence hidden so far. However, you know you didn't do a complete job OF hiding the bodies (perhaps literally!), and there's always a chance that some- one might find out and use that knowledge for blackmail or just to bring you down. For one point, your dark secret would cost you a substantial about of prestige and money if it were revealed. If you take this Flaw for three points, your dark secret is a felony and its revelation would result in at least a decade in prison. For five points, your dark secret is an act so heinous that you would be executed on sight by most law enforcement authorities and military forces were it ever unearthed. Storytellers should have no qualms about imprisoning or killing characters with this Flaw if the player purchases it at 3 or 5 points respectively. The player had his chance to enjoy his extra bo- nus points and the piper needs to be paid. This is one of the few situations in which a Storyteller should deliberately contrive a character's demise - the player knew exactly what he was getting into when he chose Dark Secret. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Deaf: [4 Points] As the name of the Flaw suggest, you are unable to hear at all, and automatically fail all rolls involving hearing. Your options for conversation are voice-to-text conversion computer application (Cost •• for basic models, •••• for sophisticated ones that also display readouts of nonverbal sounds such as doors opening or guns firing; either type requires a HUD set or other visual display) or a dot in Linguistics devoted to lip reading.
Debt: [1-3 Points] You owe someone a favor, for 1 point it is an emotionally or social obligation. For two points it is a significant finical debt and for three points it is a matter of life or death. The debt can be called in at any time and it must be significant enough that a friend will turn into a enemy or your reputation will be ruined.
Deep Sleeper: [1 Point] When you sleep it is very difficult for you to awaken, raising the difficulty by 2 on any such roll. You also tend to arrive late for appointments and must role play that out. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Deformity: [3 Points] You have some kind of deformity--a misshapen limb, hunchback or whatever--which affects the reactions of others and may inconvenience you physically at times. The difficulty on dice rolls where physical appearance is important is raised by 2. It will also raise the difficulty of some Dexterity rolls by 2, depending on the type of deformity. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Dependence: [1-7 point Flaw] You require a particular substance in order to live. If you go without, you begin to suffer damage. The value of this Flaw depends on the rarity of the substance and how quickly you suffer from being deprived of it. A fairly common substance (like water) is worth one point. An uncommon substance is worth 2 points. A rare or illegal substance is worth 3 points. You suffer one level of bashing damage for every 24 hours you go without a "dose" of whatever you need. If you suffer damage every 8 hours, increase the Flaw's rating by one. If you suffer damage every 4 hours, increase by two. If you suffer damage every hour, increase by 3. If you suffer Lethal damage rather than bashing damage increase by 1. This flaw can simulate characters dependant on a particular environment (such as amphibians) as well as characters dependant on certain medications to keep them alive (like insulin). This does not cover addiction; an addictive substance can not be taken, with a detox period (Aberrant Player's Guide).
Dependant: [4 Points] You have someone--a family member or loved one--who depends on you for support. Your dependant relies completely on you and often requires your attention and sometimes your protection. Unlike an ally or contact, a dependant has nothing to offer you but love and moral support. Otherwise, they are hooks for the Storyteller to use(Aberrant Player's Guide).
[2 Points] You have a particular devotion to a cause, ideal, code of honor, organization or even an individual. Attempts to sway you from the object of your devotion are at +3 Difficulty. However, you must remain true to your devotion in order to retain this benefit. If you deliberately and knowingly betray the object of your devotion, you lose the inner strength it gives you until you make amends (in the Storyteller's opinion) (Aberrant Player Guide).
Disability: [3 Points] Some part of your body is defective in a way that inhibits your abilities, causing you to suffer a +2 Difficulty penalty on all Dexterity rolls. The disability may be the result of a birth defect, an illness or an injury (Aberrant Player's Guide).
Disfigured: [2 Points] A hideous disfigurement makes you ugly and easy to notice as well as remember. You have a zero appearance. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Driving Goal: [1 Point] You have some personal goal, which compels and directs you in sometimes startling ways. The goal is something limitless in depth that you can never truly accomplish. You must follow the dictates of this goal throughout the story. You can avoid doing so for a short period of time by spending Willpower. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Elgee: [3 or 5 Points] You were born in low gravity (e.g. a poor sector on Luna) or microgravity and spent the first two decades of your life in such conditions. As a result, your skeleton and muscles are poorly adapted to higher gravity fields. The point value of this Flaw depends on the severity of your condition. For three points, you were born on Luna or a similar planetary body (1/3 to 1/8 Earth normal gravity). All Physical Attribute-based rolls are made at +2 difficulty when you are on a planet with Earth-normal or heavier gravity. Additionally, your bones are more fragile - any blunt trauma inflicted on you increases by one die, whether it's bashing or lethal damage. However, you're used to low gravity; any dice pool penalties are negated if you're in a gravitational field similar to that of your home and halved for microgravity. If you choose to take this Flaw for the full five points, you were born and raised in full microgravity, away from any strong gravity field. The penalties described above apply if you're in a low-gravity area. 1f you're in full Earth-normal gravity, the penalty for Physical Attribute-based rolls rises to +4 difficulty and bashing dice pools against you are doubled. However, you may completely ignore all penalties for performing task in microgravity and if fact, add one die to all Dexterity-based rolls made while weightless (some of the best fighter pilots in human space were born in weightless colonies in the Belt). You are also completely incapable of getting spacesick (which makes this flaw mutually exclusive with Spacesick). (Trinity Player's Guide)
Enemy: [1-7 Points] Sometime in your past, you yanked someone's chain enough to give her a permanent dislike for you. This Flaw gives bonus points for two categories: the degree of the individual's hatred for you and her potential capacity to cause you grief. For no bonus points in the "degree of hatred" category, it's an unfriendly rivalry. One point indicates a distinct desire to see you humiliated and ruined, while two indicates a distinct desire to see you dead in an unpleasant fashion. As for the individual's relative "power level," 'Or One Point, less Powerful than You in terms of experience or ability to make someone's life uncomfortable. Two points make her your rough equal. For three points, she's substantially more powerful than you and you'd be hard-pressed to stay afloat if she engaged you in a direct confrontation. Four points indicates an individual who would stand a good chance Of ruining You in what- ever manner she chose were she actually to try (why hasn't she yet?). For five points, you've managed to piss off a proxy or a Prime Threat Aberrant -- pray her calendar doesn't get a sudden opening or you'll never know what hit you. Generally, a character with more than four total bonus points invested in this flaw is a candidate for a sudden death or disappearance - players should be warned and Storytellers should take note.
Flashbacks: [3 Points] There's some great psychological trauma in your past, most likely due to combat or injury but possibly from abuse, humiliation, or another source. Whatever the case, whenever you're in a similar situation, you must make a Willpower roll at +1 Difficulty to avoid being overwhelmed by memories of the experience. 1f you fail, you may mistake events, people and objects around you for their rough equivalents from the past. A botch indicates that you fall into a catatonic state - lying on the ground in a fetal ball as you re-live your experiences. This Flaw is common to inept telepaths and Fourth Legion personnel. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Fugitive: [4 Points] You are wanted by the UN, the psi orders and/other Aeon Trinity for one or more capital crimes or crimes against humanity (whether or not these charges are true is a matter for discussion with the Storyteller). Your face is plastered on "wanted "posters known 'pace and you may not hold Status in Organization that Operates within the law. Any given law enforcement official will recognize you with an lnvestigation roll at +2 difficulty (standard difficulty if he's with the that first Opened the against You). make matters worse, you're fairly certain that there are one or more investigators hot on your trail. If you take this Flaw in conjunction with Order Outcast, the two are worth a combined total of 7 points. Characters with both Fugitive and Order Outcast are generally those individuals classified as rogue psions.
Hard of Hearing: [1 Point] Your hearing is defective. There is a +2 Difficulty to any dice roll where hearing is important. You may not take this flaw with the Merit Acute Hearing. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Hatred: [3 Points] You have an unreasoning hatred of a certain thing. This hate is total and largely uncontrollable. You must make a Self-control roll whenever you are confronted with the object of your hatred. You constantly pursue opportunities to do harm to the object of your hatred or to gain power over it, so much so that your reason is clouded. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Horny: [1 Point] Crass but accurate, this Flaw's name refers to your penchant for hounding after the opposite (or same, depending on your orientation) gender. You enjoy sex, or at least what you've heard about it, and it's never far from your thoughts. You are at +1 difficulty to resist hitting on someone you find attractive, and attempts to seduce you gain two dice. You may spend a Willpower point to ignore the effect of this Flaw for one scene. This may be taken in conjunction with the Merit Animal Magnetism. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Hunted: [4 Points] You are devoutly pursued by a fanatical group and all who associate with you may become hunted as well.
Impatient: [1 Point] You regularly have screaming, sweat- drenched nightmares at least two nights a week (the kind that most people only have once or twice a year). Roll one die every time you wake up; on a result of 1-3, you're at +1 Difficulty on all of your actions for a number of hours equal to the die result. At the Storyteller's discretion, you may also mistake particularly vivid nightmares for reality or vice versa. This Flaw is particularly common among low--Willpower clairsentients, telepaths and vitakinetics specializing in Mentatis. This can easily fall by the wayside in comparison with other events you're involved with; the Storyteller is encouraged to maintain the nightmares' influences at appropriately dramatic points in the story. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Imprecise: [2 Points] You've got the basics down, but you don't quite have the fine control you need for Some effects. Whenever you're trying for a specific level of success with a Psi roll, such as exactly three net successes on that important Telepathy attempt, your roll is at +1 Difficulty. This Flaw does not come into effect in situations where you're going for brute force, such as throwing a telekinetic punch with all your "strength." This Merit is only available to psion characters. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Intolerance: [1 Point] You have an unreasoning dislike of a certain thing. This gives you a +2 difficulty on all dice rolls when dealing with this prejudice. The Storyteller is the final arbiter on what group or issue you may pick. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Lame: [2 or 4 Points] Your legs do not function as well as those of most humans do. This restricts your movement both in and out of combat. For two points, you have a limp that reduces your movement rates by one quarter and applies +2 difficulty to any actions that require rapid lower body movement, such as running down stairs or dodging in com- bat. If you select the four-point version of this Flaw, your impairment is more severe - you must use crutches, a cane, or a prosthetic to walk farther than 10 meters and may even be missing part or all of a leg. Your movement speed is one quarter its normal value, and you are at +4 difficulty on all affected actions (this may prevent you from dodging at all). (Trinity Player's Guide)
Low Pain Threshold: [3 Points] " I m allergic to pain -- I breakout in wounds." You just don't deal well with physical trauma. All wound penalties are one higher than they would be for a normal individual. You're down one die as soon as you're Bruised, and a Crippled result knocks you down five dice on all your rolls. You may not spend Willpower to overcome your wound penalties. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Low Potential: [4 Points] You are significantly less able than the human norm in one area of basic development. You do not receive the usual free dot in a single Attribute of your choice; it still must be raised to at least one dot during character creation, whether though allocation of Attribute points or raising this Attribute is Current Level x9, and you may never raise it above four points. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Low Self-Image: [2 Points] You lack self-confidence and don't believe in yourself. You have 2 less dice in situations where you don't expect to succeed (Storyteller's discretion, though the penalty may be limited to 1 die if you help the Storyteller and point out situations that might affect you). At the Storyteller's option, you may be required to make Courage rolls to do things that require self-confidence, or even at times, use a Willpower point when others would not be obliged to do so.
Lusty: [1 Point] You have an insatiable libido coupled with an inability to control your desires. Any attempt to Seduce you receives 3 extra dice, provided they are attractive to you. You are at +1 Difficulty to resist any such attempts. You can expend a Willpower Point or take a cold shower to resist this flaw.
Mild Phobia:
[1 Point] You have an overpowering fear of something and instinctively and illogically retreat from and avoid the subject of your fear. You must roll Intelligence + Courage whenever the object of your fear is encountered. The difficulty of this roll is determined by the Storyteller. If you fail the roll, then you must retreat in terror from the object, and if you get less than 3 successes you will not approach it. The Storyteller has the final say over which phobias are allowed. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Minority: [1 Point] You belong to a group "outside" of the mainstream. You have to deal with prejudice, misconceptions and stereotypes. You may suffer increases to Social rolls at the Storyteller's discretion, this may range from +1 to mere difficulties or someone uncomfortable with you up to +3 for true bigots. On the upside you get one extra dice on social rolls when dealing with "your kind." It should be noted that everyone is a minority at some point, for this to be a true flaw it must be significant. It should be noted that Novas are not considered a minority.
Mistaken Identity:
[1 or 2 Points] "Hey, aren't you...?" You bear an uncanny re- semblance to someone else who's known across the solar system. For one point, they're a celebrity -- but the extra attention you get is distinctly uncomfortable and aggravating. Alternately (for a high--lnfluence character), you're famous but look so different From your publicity holos that no one recognizes You in person. If this is a two-point flaw* You look like someone who's wanted for capital crimes and may be hassled by law enforcement agents un- til you manage to present valid identification
Mute: [4 Points] You are unable to speak--either your vocal cords do not function at all or you suffer from some psychological or neurological trauma that has rendered the speech center of your brain inoperative. You may speak to the Storyteller, but may not communicate in-game without the aid of a specialized linguistic computer agent or a keyboard, written notes or sign language. Note that this Flaw also renders you unable to use most voice-command technology, such as computers without keyboards, radios and some security devices. If taken in conjunction with the Flaw: Deaf, Mute is only worth 2 points. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Mode Dysfunction: [1, 4, or 6 Points] Something went wrong when you experienced the Prometheus Effect or maybe you have some sort of psychological block that keeps you from using one of your Modes effectively. Whatever the case, you're now impaired when using one of your Aptitude's Modes, The least damaging version of this Flaw, worth one point, inflicts +1 difficulty on all Psi rolls involving the selected Mode. 1f you take the four-point version, you not only have to roll against +1 difficulty for that Mode, but must spend an additional Psi point for all uses of powers from that Mode. For six points, you're permanently blocked from ever using that Mode and may only purchase powers from your other two Aptitude Modes or auxiliary Modes. Characters with this Flaw are Often looked upon with a mixture Of Pity and contempt by other psions. This Merit is only available to psion characters. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Nightmares: [3 Points] You experience a horrendous nightmare every night, and memories of them continue to haunt you during your waking hours. Sometimes they are so bad that they cause you to lose one die on all actions for a scene. Some of these nightmares may be so intense that you will begin to mistake some of these unreal incidents for reality. The Storyteller will have the final say on this Flaw.) (adapted from the Vampire Player's Guide, increased price due to importance in the campaign.)
Noetic Sensitive: [2 Points or 2 Point Flaw] You're more in tune with the subquantum universe than most other psions are, and can get more detail from your psi-related senses. This can be a blessing or a curse, depending on which way you go. If you purchase this as a Merit then you have the equivalent of Acute Sense for your Attunement rolls: you can intuitively sense subtle but important details that other psions would miss, at the discretion of the Storyteller. If you opt for Noetic Sensitive as a Flaw, how- ever, you're unable to effectively manage your subquantum perceptions and any Attunement roll you make is an unpleasant experience that leaves you nauseated or dizzy. Whenever you voluntarily extend your perceptions with an Attunement roll, you're at +2 Difficulty on all actions for the next five minutes as you shake off the flood of extra- sensory information. You can take Noetic Sensitive as a Merit and a Flaw if you're feeling sufficiently masochistic. This Merit is only available to psion characters. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Notoriety: [3 Points] You have a bed reputation in your city. There is a 2 dice penalty to all dice rolls for social dealings. A character with this Flaw may not take the Merit Reputation.
One Arm: [3 Points] You have only 1 arm--choose which one, or determine randomly at character generation. It is assumed that with practice you will have become accustomed to using your remaining hands so there is no off-hand penalty. However, there is 2 dice penalty to any dice roll where two hands would normally be needed to perform a task. A character may not take this Flaw and the Merit Ambidextrous. (Vampire Player's Guide)
One Eye: [2 Points] You have only 1 eye--choose which or determine randomly, at character generation. Your blind side has no peripheral vision, and two less die are rolled when a situation involves depth perception. Including rolls for missile, gun, or laser combat. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Order Outcast: [4 Points] Your parent psi order has openly blacklisted you. You're a freelance psion, a member of an- other order or the Trinity, but you may not declare your Aptitude's corresponding order as your Allegiance. You may have no Backgrounds that stem from that order and no member of it would willingly have anything to do with you. Any instruction in your Modes must come from other renegades or publicly-accessible data, which means you're not likely to learn the alternate powers (see the various combination sourcebooks for specifics). Members of your parent order will most likely shun you on sight, and you may be rewarded with a few bruises or broken bones if you show up in the wrong place. This Flaw may not be taken by former members of Norca, as the shifters tend to dispose of renegades rather swiftly and permanently (being a former Norca member who's now on the outs with the order is considered a five-point Dark Secret).
Over-Confident: [1 Point] You have an exaggerated and unshakable estimation of your own worth and capabilities--you display not hesitation in trusting your abilities in situations where you risk defeat. Because your abilities may not be enough this confidence can be dangerous at times. When you do fail in some task you are quick to find someone or something to blame other than yourself. If you are convincing enough however, you can inflect others with your confidence (Vampire Player's Guide)
Overwhelmed: [2 Points] You suffer from over stimulation, a common problem in the overcrowded 22nd century. Unless you are in an area of complete calm and relative silence, you're distracted as you try to filter more sensory input than you can comfortably handle. All tasks attempted under chaotic conditions are at +l to +3 difficulty, depending on the level of turmoil around you - combat is usually good for a +2 difficulty. You may temporarily focus and ignore this penalty for a number of turns equal to your Wits score by spending a Willpower point. You may not take this Flaw in conjunction with the Merit Concentration. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Pacifist: [1-4 Points] You must spend a Willpower Point to commit a violent act, although you can defend yourself or others without having to expend Willpower. For 4 points you must spend a Willpower to fight at all. Normally, you use only bashing attacks and must spend a Willpower Point to use a Lethal weapon
Paraplegic: [6 Points] You are paralyzed From the waist down and must use a wheelchair (Cost ? for manual, which gives movement equal to the character's Strength in meters; cost ??? for a motorized version that can move eight meters a turn) Or a custom bioapp walker (two-point Device, Tolerance 2, must be formatted to function gives normal movement rate) to move any distance. You are effectively a non-dodging target and all attacks against you gain two dice. Any vehicle must be altered for hand control only for you to drive or pilot it, including a VARG.
Phobia: [2 Points] Fear is a self-preservation mechanism but you go overboard in one particular area. Specify the nature of your phobia (heights, enclosed or wide- open spaces, dogs, spiders, aliens, biokinetics) when you purchase this Flaw. Whenever you are confronted with the object of your phobia, you must make a Willpower roll at +1 difficulty to avoid retreating from it. If you botch this roll, you go completely catatonic for the rest of the scene and are reduced to zero current Willpower. You may purchase more than one phobia. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Poor Attunement: [2, 4 or 6 Points] You don't quite have the range or perceptions that most other psions do. For every two points you receive from this Flaw, your Psi is considered one dot lower for the purposes of Attunement rolls and range. You cannot have below an effective Attunement 2 with this Flaw - so a psion with Psi 4 could take the two or the four point versions of this Flaw, but not the six point version. Obviously, this Flaw is incompatible with the Merit: Enhanced Attunement. This Flaw is only available to psion characters. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Poor Sight: [1 to 3 Points] Your eyesight is permanently impaired, either from aging or from neurological defects. All rolls you make that involve vision are at +2 difficulty - including most combat maneuvers. if you take this Flaw for one point, your vision can be corrected with the use of glasses or contact lenses (Cost 0). For three points, the problem is completely neurological and cannot be affected mechanically. This Flaw cannot be taken in conjunction with the Merit Acute Vision. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Poor Tolerance: [1 to 5 Points] For some inexplicable reason (perhaps undiagnosed allergies?), your system doesn't respond well to bioapps. For every point you receive from this Flaw (maximum of five), your Psi is considered one point lower for the purpose of deter- mining when you've reached Tolerance Overload.
Provisional Member: [3 Points] You've recently joined your current organization (see the Allegiance section of this chapter) and are not yet fully trusted by your new employer. Your responsibilities are limited to those that can't damage your superiors' reputations and your security clearances are quite limited. All Social rolls involving other members of this group are at +1 Difficulty and you may not have more than one dot of Status in the organization. Many Aeon Trinity associates are considered Provisional Members. You can take this Flaw in conjunction with Law Enforcement Powers; this indicates that you may have the badge, but you're going to be very closely supervised while doing field work. (Trinity Player's Handbook)
Secret: [1/3/5 Points] You are hiding something that if revealed it would seriously worsen your life if it came out. For one point your secret would result in embarrassment, for three points it would result in your arrest and imprisonment. For five points your secret is so dreadful that if it were found out it would result in your death. Generally, your Secret would be threatened every other episode. If you don't take precautions your secret could easily be revealed.
Severe Phobia:
[3 Points] You have an overpowering fear of something. You must make a Self Control roll whenever confront the thing you are afraid of. If the roll fails then you must flee in terror. If you get less than 3 successes you can't approach the object of your phobia.
Short: [1 Point] You are well below average height and will have trouble seeing over high objects and moving quickly. You suffer a -2 penalty to all pursuit rolls. You and the Storyteller will determine situations where your height should be taken in account. In combat or under some other conditions you may get a concealment bonus. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Short Fuse: [2 Points] You are easily angered and put off kilter. You lose in die in situations where you have to show patience. This can be a powerful flaw. (adapted from Vampire Player's Guide)
Shy: [1 Point] You are distinctly ill at ease when dealing with people, and you will try to avoid social situations whenever possible. All rolls concerned with social dealings are made with a +1 difficulty, and any roll made while you are the center of attention is made at +2 difficulty. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Soft-Hearted: [1 Point] Suffering of any kind is anathema to you. You feel bad when you see a hurt puppy and killing an- other human is an unspeakable act under your moral code. You must make a Willpower roll at +1 difficulty to keep from interfering in any situation where someone is causing another individual to suffer. You must expend a Willpower point to initiate combat and you may only use non-lethal weapons. Many AEsculapians have this Flaw. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Spacesick: [2 Points (4 for Clairsentients(] You don't adapt well to microgravity. In fact, the lack of a definite "up" and "down" makes you violently ill to the point of constant nausea once you've emptied your stomach. In game terms, whenever you're in a microgravity environment, you're at +3 difficulty on all actions. Spending a Willpower point and a standard Resistance roll can reduce this penalty for one action; each success on the roll knocks off one point of additional difficulty. It is possible to obtain over-the-counter drugs to combat this Flaw (cost ?, available in all major spaceports and orbital facilities and standard in shipboard medical kits). With such chemicals in your system, you're at a flat +1 difficulty on all rolls (which can't be eliminated by the above roll), your effective Wits score is reduced to one dot and your base initiative is a flat zero. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Speech Impediment: [1 Point] You are distinctly ill at ease when dealing with people, and you will try to avoid social situations whenever possible. All rolls concerned with social dealings are made with a +1 difficulty, and any roll made while you are the center of attention is made at +2 difficulty. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Territorial: [2 Points] You've got an area of home turf that you don't like leaving - or having uninvited guests in. Whenever you're away from home, you're at +1 Difficulty on most Mental and Social rolls due to the distraction of unfamiliar surroundings. You must also make a standard Willpower roll to keep from reflexively attacking anyone who willfully trespasses on your territory, "Territory" in this case may be from a single vehicle or dome habitat up to any area of ground up to 10 square kilometers, a single high--rise building, or any rough equivalent. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Trademark: [1 Point] You have a particular "signature" and like to "sign" your work. It may be leaving a poem or carving your initials into the scene; you feel compelled to do something to not it was your work. What makes it a flaw is your obsession to leave your mark and the extra risk you take to do it. To avoid leaving your trademark "signature" behind you must spend a Willpower Point.
[5 Points] Because you have never been to school, you have 5 less points to spend on your Knowledge abilities. You can still take free points, at character generation, however you can't start the game with a knowledge level at 3 dots or higher. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Unskilled: [5 Points] You have never trained extensively in any skill or craft, and therefore you have 5 less points to spend on your Skills, you can still use free points to take Skills, however you can't start the game with any skill higher than 2 dots. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Vengeance: [2 Points] You have a score to settle. You are obsessed with vengeance on an individual or group and will make it your first priority in all situations. The need for vengeance can be overcome with the use of Willpower points, and even then only temporarily. Someday you may actually be able to fulfill your vengeance, but it won't be easy. (Vampire Player's Guide)
Vengeful: [2 Points] You don't forgive or forget. In fact, you tend to get mad and then get even--in the nastiest way possible. You have to make a Willpower roll at +1 Difficulty to avoid repaying any sight, insult or offense against you in equal, if not greater, measure. This can range from getting in the last jibe to killing someone who tried to kill your (or have you killed). You can spend a Willpower point to ignore a particular offense (although you're still likely to carry a grudge about it) (Aberrant Player's Guide).
Visions of Death:
[5 Points] You have foreseen your own death through visions (if you're a clairsentient) or been told about it in vivid detail. You don't know the precise date and time, but you have a pretty good idea of what's coming, and it's going to be highly unpleasant. You find yourself looking over your shoulder for signs that your fate is drawing near and you devote an inordinate amount of time to taking preventive measures to avoid it. On the other hand, you might have become re- signed to your fate and are clinically depressed - or even developed the habit of taking insane risks because you know you can't die "before your time." However you deal with your knowledge, it will come to pass some day. No one can outrun Fate. Storytellers should have no qualms about killing characters with this Flaw. The player had his chance to enjoy his five extra bonus points, after all. This is one of the few situations in which a Storyteller should deliberately contrive a character's demise -- the player knew the choice he made when he purchased Visions of Death. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Ward: [4 Points] You have a family member who relies on you and you alone for financial and other modes of support. This may be a child, an invalid spouse, or an ailing parent. Whoever your Ward is, he is totally dependent upon You and must be cared for and occasionally protected. Unlike a Follower, a Ward doesn't really contribute anything besides roleplaying complications and the occasional bit of moral support. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Weak Psi: [5 Points] You're just not as strong, psionically speaking, as most other psions who share your level of potential development. Reduce your starting Psi rating by one dot (though it can never fall below Psi 2). You can spend bonus points to increase your Psi if you really want to and your experience costs for raising Psi are the same as they would be for anyone else - you just start at a disadvantage. This Flaw is only available to psion characters. (Trinity Player's Guide)
Weak Sense: [1 Point] One of your senses is poor or compromised in some way, imposing a +2 Difficulty penalty to all Perception rolls involving that sense. When affecting vision or hearing, this Flaw can be corrected by wearing a suitable prosthesis, such as glasses or a hearing aid (Aberration Player's Guide).
Weak Willed: [2 Points] You are highly susceptible to the domination and intimidation of others; you are in fact unable to use your Willpower freely. You can employ your Willpower only when your survival is at stake, or when it is appropriate to your Nature. (Vampire Player's Guide)

Additional Flaws can be found on the White Wolf World of Darkness, White Wolf Wiki, Mage-Ties Merits and Flaws, World of Darkness Wiki, Exalted, or Dark Mush Wiki websites.

You can always pay off a Flaw during the game, but you can only buy most Merits during character development.

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