Core Concepts
1. The party will be composed of members of Aeon Trinity, in the Proteus division based in Europe, who have been organized into a fast reaction team. Their primary purpose is to defend against Aberrants, however they can be used for almost any police job. The characters will not be badge carrying members of any Law Enforcement Organization (LEO), and they will operate on a limited budget as contractors to the police and in secret.
2. The purpose of the campaign is to organize a response to the dual threat of aliens and Aberrants. While the Qin are our allies the Chromatics and the Coalition are not. Few groups are doing this, most are just dealing with what they can right now and not planning for the future, much less a united human front.
3. Characters will be psionic members of Aeon Trinity who have completed their mandatory term of service with their Psionic Order. Being a nonpsionic character or even an allied Aberrant are possibilities that can be explored, but are not preferred.
4. The White Wolf World of Darkness system is designed to be social, where combat is rare. Characters will usually spend most of their time practicing diplomacy with potential criminals and citizens. They may have to deal with aliens.
5. Their will be more combat in my game than is normal for a White Wolf game. This is dangerous because characters have only 10 health levels and suffer adverse effects when they are wounded, unlike in Dungeons and Dragons. Gun combat is especially lethal. Characters will be urged to wear some sort of armor and to try to avoid combat, I have developed a lot of armor types. If avoiding combat is unavoidable the winning group is usually the one who shoots first. This is not meant to make characters trigger happy, they will be held responsible for compiling with the law. The use of deadly force is always the last resort and a full investigation will result from any discharge of your weapons. This investigation will be handled by the police or Interpol, not by Aeon Trinity. Many police officer describe their jobs as 95% boredom, 5% sheer terror. There are police officers who go their entire career without using their firearm. You should be so lucky to have a career like that.
6. The chief enemies of the party and Aeon Trinity will be Aberrants and criminals in Europe. The Aberrants left earth a while ago and now are returning, for some reason. A few have said that homo sapiens have had the earth long enough, now it is homo superior's time. A chilling comparison is made between apes and humanity, with apes endangered this doesn't bode well for Aberrant relations.
7. The party are private contractors, giving the government plausible deniability. As it used to say in the Mission Impossible Briefings "agents caught of killed will be disavowed." Characters caught breaking the law may also be disavowed. If you have ever seen the series Burn Notice you will understand your position. My favorite type of mission is one similar to a mission impossible mission (the series, not the Tom Cruise abortions). As independent contractors you will not have access to most military equipment, but you can develop connections, especially if you were members of the Legion. The background Device is in the Trinity Player's guide and it will grant you access to either high grade technology, military weaponry or both.
8. Do not read the modules for Aeon Trinity, I will be adapting them to my game. You may read or borrow any of the setting books, Player's Guides, or the core book. I also have pdf versions of some of the books and would prefer to give them to you than loan you a physical book.
9. Using psionic power on someone without their express permission is considered rude, crude and socially unconscionable. In some jurisdictions it is illegal. You may use your Attunement power at will, as per the rules, but using your psionic power on someone is heavily frowned upon. Characters caught violating this taboo will be in a whole range of trouble.
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