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These are just some suggested Natures; what they are, how you would feel if you have it, how you regain Willpower and what you resort to when you run out of Willpower or fail a Willpower roll. Your Nature should be coordinated with and approved by the Storyteller, it can become one of the most important things about your character since it is what you will be trying to do constantly. There is some overlap and there may be other natures that you can design.

Addict: Hooked on something or someone.
- Gain Willpower when you get a "fix" of your addiction.
- If fail Willpower get a deraignment and go into withdrawal.
Analyst: You live by logic and have a goal of understanding everything to uncover the truth.
- Gain Willpower when a rational scientific approach helps to solve a problem.
- If fail Willpower get lost in details.
Architect: You build a better future, plans are what matters most to you.
- Gain Willpower whenever you create or establish something of importance or lasting value.
- If fail Willpower you retreat to plan something.
Autocrat: You want control and you take charge structuring events around you in a build of rigid hierarchies and procedures. You think that nobody has what it takes to lead and you step in to guide and direct.
- Gain Willpower if you construct a plan that others will follow.
- If fail Willpower you immediately try to take control over the situation issuing orders and demeaning to be obeyed.
Bon Vivant: Since we only live once, you live to party! You aren't averse to a little work or waiting, but you want to have fun at the end of it all.
- Gain Willpower whenever you have a really good time and truly enjoy what you're doing.
- If fail Willpower you must go and party, starting to drink, celebrate or whatever you do to have fun.
Bravo: It is a tough world and nobody will look out for you except yourself. You live by keeping the upper hand.
- Gain Willpower whenever you gain the upper hand in a long-running conflict either through your personal strength or the accumulation of power.
- If fail Willpower you will resort to force to take control of the situation.
Bumpkin: You believe in the practical approach and common sense, you distrust theory and ideology. Your life is grounded in rationality. Self-taught mechanics, shrew country folk and sensible parents are a good examples.
- Gain Willpower if you successful resolve a crisis by following procedures set down by some established authority.
- If fail Willpower you will resort to the old ways much like a traditionalist.
Bureaucrat: Laws exist for a reason and your primary concern is to follow them. You take comfort in established processes, confident that they are the key to victory.
- Gain Willpower when a crisis is resolved by following correct procedures.
- If fail Willpower than you must fall back on the accepted procedures, you want to find a law or procedure and make sure that it is obeyed.
Caregiver: You try to make a difference by helping those around you and they depend on you for it. Your not blind to their flaws, if anything that gives you more reasons to help them.
- Gain Willpower when you receive tangible proof that you have helped someone.
- If fail Willpower you must turn to help those in your party immediately.
Celebrant: You have a love that drives you; be it a person, and idea, or a cause. Passion is your strength, you love your chosen cause so much that you will push beyond the limits that would stop others. You truly enjoy and care about your work and inspire others to do so as well.
- Gain Willpower whenever you are able to get the group to party for a scene.
- If fail Willpower you must start a party
Charmer: People like to be happy, and you're good at making people happy. You know just what they need to hear in order to feel good, and it gives you genuine pleasure to give them what they need. It may not be the truth -- but deep down, who wouldn't rather be happy than right?
Child: You are immature and childish, you desire a simpler life and for others to do things for you. You are unprepared to deal with the world unless someone is holding your hand.
- Gain Willpower whenever someone looks after you like a parent; either in care taking, planning or attitude.
- If fail Willpower you will immediately throw a tantrum and it will not stop until someone takes care of you and your concerns.
Competitor: You strive to be the best that you can be. Life is a challenge and you treat every event as a race or some sort of competition.
- Gain Willpower if win a contest that relates directly to the story.
- If fail Willpower you will immediately need to engage one of your fellow characters in some sort of contest.
Confidant: Your world revolves around other people and the more you know about what makes them tick the better. You may be someone who listens well and gives advice or you may just collect secrets.
- Gain Willpower if you learn a significant piece of gossip.
- If you fail Willpower you have the urge to gossip and cannot stop until someone engages you and you learn something new.
Others have blazed a trail for you so there is no reason to risk taking a different path. You aren't adverse to a little struggle but you like to follow other plans and fit in with the group.
- Gain Willpower if the group acts together, in concert, in some task that is important to the story.
- If you fail Willpower you suffer from a low-self esteem and refuse to take any risks or any chances ,or do anything dangerous.
Conniver: Why break your back when you can get someone else to do it for you. You advance your cause by coordinating your friend's efforts and sowing dissent among your enemies.
- Gain Willpower when you trick someone into doing what you want.
- If fail Willpower you must try and con someone into doing something that is not advantageous for them.
Critic: You find purpose in revealing weakness and faults, whether in artwork, an organization or in a person's habits. you strive to perform others by pointing out their shortcomings. You do this for their good, whether they want your help or not. You can do your job too well, convincing someone that he isn't just Flawed but worthless, perhaps driving away even those closest to you.
- Gain Willpower when you point out a significant flaw that would have been harmful had it been overlooked.
- If fail Willpower you start criticizing everything the group is doing.
Curmudgeon: Nothing is worthwhile, the old ways were the best ways. The group needs to step back and reflect on life.
- Gain Willpower when the group or a significant member expresses disgust at the current situation and wants to stick to a traditional method.
- If fail Willpower you must stop what you are doing and compare it to traditional plans with the goal of doing it that way.
Cynic: You're grim, morbid and bitter…and you have just got to share this with the rest of the universe. Your naysaying is the stuff of legend and more often than not your pessimistic observations come true.
- Gain Willpower whenever someone screws up or something goes wrong like you predicted it would, either out loud or in private to the Storyteller.
- If fail Willpower slip into and inactive depressive funk, paralyzed by your own certainty that nothing comes out right.
Dabbler: It is best to have many irons in the fire. You want to engage in doing a wide variety of things.
- Gain Willpower when the group barely finishes a task and jumps to another one, or jumps to another task without finishing the current one.
- If fail Willpower you must immediately change your current task to another one.
Defender: You stand guard over that which you care for.
- Gain Willpower if successfully defend a group from attack.
- If fail Willpower you must stand and make a defense.
Deviant: You exist for no one's pleasure, but for your own, no matter how twisted. You must come up with a desire or pleasure that is not accepted by society and inform the Storyteller of it.
- Gain Willpower whenever you are able to indulge one of your pleasures.
- If fail Willpower then you must indulge in your twisted desire.
Director: You desire order and want to eliminate random chance and chaos.
- Regain Willpower whenever your influence in the group causes them to work together to achieve a goal.
- If fail Willpower you must take charge and start classifying things and putting them in order.
Dreamer: You aspire to lofty heights and have great dreams and visions.
- Gain Willpower whenever one of your major goals is accomplished, or when you take time out to just day dream.
- If fail Willpower you enter a day dream, pretty dangerous to do in the middle of combat.
Expert: You have passionately devoted your life to excellence in a single field. Other people can be "well round," but you think that the hunter who chases two rabbits loses both. Only through concentration can you hope to reach your full potential. (Indicate what talent the expertise is associated with - Expert pilot, Expert Financier, Expert Academic, etc.)
- Gain Willpower when you teach your chosen skill to someone or whenever you make a particularly impressive showing with that ability.
- If fail Willpower you cannot resist any opportunity to show off your prowess and want to find a way to do so now.
Explorer: The prospect of finding new places, people and things gives your life meaning. Discoveries are your passion, and you devote a great deal of time and effort to keeping up with current events. The routine and commonplace bore you, and learning of someone else's discovery Fills you with envy.
- Gain Willpower whenever you make a significant discovery.
- If fail Willpower you must leave the party to explore new areas or you can take them with you, but you must go out and explore.
Fanatic: The cause is all that matters. You must develop a cause that you share with the Storyteller. This cause can't be a minor one.
- Gain Willpower if you accomplish a major step in reaching your goal.
- If fail Willpower you must turn from the task at had to perform one that would let you reach your goal.
Follower: Leaders need followers, and you await your orders. Taking charge isn't your style. It isn't in your nature to rebel. In fact, your strength comes from your ability to cooperate with a variety of personalities toward a common cause. Yet, while you might follow your commander into a sun, you tend to lack the self-esteem to question such a suicidal act. Gain Willpower if you help the team succeed be- cause you carry out your assigned duty. Hedonist: Life is too important to waste, so have as good a time as possible. You only go around once, after all. You don't mind a little hard work as long as a good time awaits you at the end of it. Pleasure is its own reward, and you pity those who take life too seriously to realize this. Even so, your pursuit of a good time can take you too far.
- Gain Willpower whenever the team succeeds at a task because you carried out your assigned duty.
- If fail Willpower you must ask for commands or a task and then perform it.
Gambler: You play the odds in all things.
- Gain Willpower if you win a major bet; not just one made with your bookie.
- If fail Willpower you must immediately make a bet.
Gallant: You seek to be the center of attention.
- Gain Willpower whenever you are rewarded as a hero who succeeded.
- If fail Willpower you must do something to take a major risk.
Hedonist: Life exists to be enjoyed. If that wasn't so, why would we enjoy enjoyment so much? If we're all built to experience pleasure, isn't seeking pleasure just common sense? Sure, it's possible to go overboard - but as long as no one gets hurt, bring on the Garden of Earthly Delights! Virtue.
- Gain Willpower when you have a truly good time (and bring others along for the ride).
- If you fail Willpower you are unable to resist physical pleasures. (This expenditure may not be necessary if the temptation has recognizably certain and severe consequences.)
Hot Shot: How do you know what you can do until you try something you think you can't do? Testing limits is the only way to discover your own -- and the only way to push beyond them. You're never going to accept being half your best, and if that means you have to crash sometimes -- well, that's the price of being alive.
- Gain Willpower when you survive a dangerous situation that you deliberately entered.
- If you fail Willpower you are unable to resist indulging in an obviously Foolhardy venture, especially if it has no direct bearing on your goals.
Innocent: Though you may be an adult you are stuck in a pre-teen mindset of naiveté and reliance on others. You guileless nature can be a boon among the world-weary, but it comes with a price. You're little prepared to cope with seeing the dark side of the human soul; exposure to human foibles can hurt you more than a laser shot.
- Gain Willpower whenever you substantially impress another character.
- If you fail Willpower you will engage in an immediate act to try and impress your teammates, no matter what the cost.
The only sane defense is an insane universe is to laugh at it all. Sorrow and pain are your enemies, and humor is your weapon. You act the fool, the comic, to take others' minds off gloom and despair. In your pursuit to spread smiles, you may cross the line, distracting and irritating those whom you mean to entertain.
- Gain Willpower whenever you can lighten the mood or ease a tense situation.
- If fail Willpower you must crack a joke and get a smile from at least someone, and keep trying until you do.
Judge: You seek to solve the problems of others by acting as a mediator, arbitrator or even a friend. You pride yourself on your clear judgment and ability to Find compromises. Conflict and dissent are abhorrent to you; you know there is always an option to which everyone can agree. Your greatest fear is that you may use poor judgment; thinking this way can make you doubt even the most obvious of choices.
- Gain Willpower any time you lead others to an amicable resolution.
- If fail Willpower you must judge something of consequence.
Leader: You're meant to be in charge. You excel at organizing, and others look to you for direction. You trust your own judgment implicitly, and have no qualms about taking over a project and shaping it the way you see fit. There are two ways to do a job: your way and the wrong way. While you may be a master of direction, ignoring others' suggestions could be your downfall.
- Gain Willpower when the group follows your commands, without argument.
- If fail Willpower you start becoming an autocrat; barking out orders you expect to be obeyed.
Loner: You go your own way and strike out on your own.
- Gain Willpower whenever you leave the group and accomplish something on your own.
- If fail Willpower you must leave the group to strike out on your own.
Martyr: You're ready to put yourself at risk so that others or a cause succeeds, even when the sacrifice isn't necessary. You drive yourself twice as hard as anyone else does, expecting no reward other than recognition of your efforts. Despite this suffering, you endure, clinging firmly to the belief that you make a difference. In your blind desire to throw yourself into the breach, you could sacrifice yourself for nothing.
- Gain Willpower whenever you sacrifice yourself or something of yours to a higher goal.
- If fail Willpower you must make an immediate sacrifice of yourself, your goods or something else.
Masochist: You revel in causing pain to yourself. You test your limits each day.
- Gain Willpower if you are hurt by more than 2 health levels, either in combat or self inflicted.
- If fail Willpower you must cause great pain to yourself causing the loss of at least one health level.
Mediator: You always seek the middle way, you seek an agreement or deal.
- Gain Willpower if you make a deal between two or more groups that disagree on something.
- If fail Willpower you must try to make a deal with your current competition.
Mentor: You try to teach and tutor others.
- Gain Willpower if you engage in successfully training someone.
- If you fail Willpower you engage in a lecture trying to teach those around you.
Monster: You are grotesque, sociopathic or just plain wrong. Even more extreme than Deviant, you subscribe to your own inhuman moral code that affirms your strength over those weak mewling masses of neutrals. You are not human--you are so much better than them, a step above on the evolutionary scale and one the food chain.
- Gain Willpower whey you assert your dominance (usually violently) over humanity as a society or as a species.
- If you fail Willpower you're likely to resort to extreme and vicious acts just to prove your superiority. This Nature is common to serial killers and high-taint Aberrants. Take this Nature only with careful advice from the Storyteller.
Paragon: You know what's right and what's wrong, and compromising with wrong when you're right is more wrong than just being wrong in the First place. Right? You have a duty to yourself to do good - but more than that, a duty to humanity. Of course, adhering to a strict and inflexible standard of right and wrong can be difficult and wearying even in the best of times.
- Gain Willpower when you accomplish a task by sticking to your enlightened ideals.
- If you fail Willpower you must do something to demonstrate the difference between right and wrong to those around you.
You save others through your knowledge.
- Gain Willpower whenever you teach someone something new.
- If fail Willpower you will attempt to teach someone, you allies or foes something.
Penitent: You seek to atone for past acts. You worry about major mistakes you have made in your life.
- Gain Willpower if you confess of a misdeed.
- If fail Willpower you must make a confession to someone.
Perfectionist: Nothing is every good enough, you want things to be just so and when they aren't you feel stymied.
- Gain Willpower whenever a complex plan you make succeeds.
- If fail Willpower you must change the current scene to fit your exacting specifications.
Rebel: You're the ultimate Free thinker. Whether you champion a cause or simply feel contrary, you choose your own path. Others are welcome to join your march to a different drummer, but only if their beat matches yours. You defy authority in principle and deed, even if you have similar views.
- Gain Willpower whenever you act to defy an established authority.
- If fail Willpower you must rebel against the current plan, even if it is yours.
Riddler: The truth is best obscured and covered.
- Gain Willpower when you hide the facts of a case.
- If you fail Willpower you must come up with a riddle and pose it to the group.
Rogue: You have learned one important lesson out of life and that is to look after number one, yourself. After all no one else is going to give anything to you, everyone is trying to succeed and they will happily do it on your back.
- Gain Willpower whenever you manage to gain something significant through your self-centered nature.
- If fail Willpower you turn inward and selfish, you won't cooperate unless you see a way for you to come out on top.
Scientist: Any problem can be solved with logic and deduction.
- Gain Willpower when you successfully solve a problem through logic, reasoning and or deduction.
- If fail Willpower you engage in a descriptive dialogue of the scene, pin pointing all the details and narrating the events.
Skeptic: Science of the day is tearing down many long-held beliefs regarding mankind, the world in which he lives and the cosmos as a whole. Rules of creation are being thrown by the wayside in Favor of new "discoveries" as Far-fetched as any old wives' tale. You don't see the point of abandoning beliefs that have stood the test of time in favor of crazy new ideas slapped together by some over-eager scientist.
- Gain Willpower when adherence to tried-and-true methods proves effective.
- If fail Willpower completely disregard any incidence of intuition, non-traditional deduction or mysticism and prove the old-ways are the best.
Socialite: The social whirl is both a battlefield and a workshop, you are not just a social climber, you revel in social events.
- Gain Willpower whenever you attend a major social advent and are recognized.
- If fail Willpower
Survivor: You can endure nearly any circumstance. No matter what happens, you always persevere. Never say die and never give up ever. You have no time for those who crumble at the first sign of adversity. In fact, to be safe, you avoid forming close ties with others. You'll pull through whatever the odds, even if it means sacrificing others. - - - Gain Willpower whenever you survive a difficult situation through your own cunning and perseverance.
- If fail Willpower you must sacrifice someone or something to survive the situation.
Thrill Seeker: You do things, not for the ends, but for the rush that the means provides. Risk gives your life meaning, and boredom is death. The stakes are never so high that they can't be made higher. As long as there's a thrill in it, you're willing to pay almost any price. Paybacks are a bitch, though, and you will get in over your head sooner or later.
- Gain Willpower every time you put yourself in a life-threatening situation and then escape it.
- If fail Willpower you must make an immediate gamble with someone's life at stake.
Traditionalist: You believe the solutions for today's problems can be found by applying the methods of the past. Constant change destroys instead of creates. You wrap yourself in tradition, resisting innovations and breakthroughs. Not all change is bad, though; in holding too tightly to old ways, you can miss something better.
- Gain Willpower when a tried-and-true method proves effective.
- If fail Willpower you must follow a specific and laid out plan.
Trickster: Laughter erases the pain. Practical jokes are made for fun.
- Gain Willpower when you are able to pull a practical joke.
- If fail Willpower you will immediately try to pull a practical joke.
Visionary: You have a goal that only you can see, something to which you've dedicated your life. You must establish this goal and inform the Storyteller about it. You may be a spiritualist, philosopher or inventor, but whatever you are, you search for something more. You create new possibilities by seeing beyond the bounds of conventional imagination. Though you are full of new ideas, your head is often among the stars.
- Gain Willpower whenever you take a concrete step toward realizing your goal.
- You must try to take measures to reach your goal despite whatever resistance you will meet (within reason of course).
Xenophile: Humanity has made contact with alien races and you're right there at the forefront of the human efforts to establish a galactic community. While there's nothing wrong with your species, the other ones are just so incredibly fascinating. You're convinced that there is some way to establish a common trans-sentient culture and much of your time is spent sublimating your own identity in favor of something more "universal." Be warned, though, that you run the risk of dissociation from humanity if you spend too much time in total immersion in and alien culture.
- Gain Willpower when you manage to learn something new and critical about an alien race, or whenever you have a meaningful dialogue with an alien that furthers mutual understanding. Your achievement must be significant--learning that the Qin like your music is not enough.
- If fail Willpower you attempt to learn something about an alien or at least interact with them. Since the only local aliens are the Qin, on the moon, or some Aberrants who probably want to kill you, take this Nature only if you plan on dealing directly with aliens. Consult your Storyteller first.

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