(Secrets of the Dragon)
The eagle is the master of the sky, and though the Ise Zumi cannot truly fly, he comes close.
Effect: You can spend one Void Point to gain a +30 to all Jump checks. This bonus lasts for five minutes.
Rising Sun Tattoo
(Secrets of the Dragon)
Darkness abhors the light, Likewise, many (minions of Fu Leng loathe and fear the bright light of the sun.
Effect: Once per day, you may invoke the power of this tattoo. A brilliant burst of sunlight erupts from the tattoo. All Tainted creatures within a radius equal to 5 ft. per character level are affected as by spell blindness as if cast by a shugenja of equal character level. Furthermore, all Tainted creatures within the area of effect must make a Fortitude save [DC 15 + the tattooed monk's maximum Void Points) or be Stunned for one round. This tattoo only functions during daylight hours.
Void, The
(Secrets of the Dragon)
This tattoo is represented by an inky black kanji, symbolizing the Void. The tattoo is imbued with the essence of the Void, greatly enhancing the senses of its wearer.
Effect: Any time the tattooed monk spends a Void Point, for any reason, he gains a +2 bonus on all Listen, Search, Sense Motive, and Spot checks for the next ten minutes. Spending multiple Void in this manner is cumulative. The tattooed monk can spend the Void to increase the result of a Listen, Search, Sense Motive, or Spot check and gain this bonus on the same roll. Spending multiple Void in this manner is cumulative. If the tattooed monk spends four Void Points at once specifically for this purpose, he can see and hear through all non-magical darkness and obstruction for one hour. (He does not gain the normal Free Raises if using this ability to perceive his environment when otherwise completely blinded or deafened.) After this tattoo wears off, the shock of having one's senses contained within one's own body can be intense. For five minutes after the tattoo's effects fade, the tattooed monk suffers a -2 penalty to all rolls related to perceiving his environment. Like the bonus, this penalty is also cumulative for each time the tattoo is used.
(Secrets of the Dragon)
The wolf is an expert tracker, with a sharp sense of smell. The tattooed monk can emulate this extraordinary ability.
Effect: The monk gains the Scent feat. However, his sharp sense of smell causes him to suffer a -4 penalty on all saves vs. stinking cloud and other such effects which target one's sense of smell.
Tattoos of the Ise Zumi
(Way of the Samurai)
The athleticism and agility of the hare is almost without equal among the creatures of the Empire. However, it is also a timid creature, fleeing at the first sign of real danger.
Effect: The tattooed monk's Dex modifier is raised by their tattoo monk level. This effect may only be used once per day and lasts for 2 round for every level they have in the tattooed monk class. During this time the tattooed monk has a -5 penalty to all saves vs. fear.
(Ise) Wolf
(Way of the Samurai)
A symbol of both shame and daring, the wolf is a pack hunter that is feared simply because it almost never fights alone.
Effect: The tattooed monk gains a number of extra Void Points equal to the number of allies in their party at the start of combat, but these extra points only last until the end of combat and may not exceed the character's level in tattooed monk. Tattooed monks without the Void Use feat gain no bonus from this tattoo. At the start of every round that the tattooed monk has no allies within 50 ft. they must make a Will save (DC 20) or suffer a -2 Tattoo penalty to all attack rolls. Minimum Level: 5th.
(Secrets of the Dragon)
The cat is an omen of wealth, comfort and good fortune in Rokugan, and is common among such wealthy families as the Doji and Otomo. The cat's warm personality and sociability is shared, by those who share its image.
Effect: Once pet day per tattoo he possesses, the tattooed monk may add the number of tattoos he possesses as an enhancement bonus to his Charisma score. This enhancement lasts for one hour.
(Secrets of the Dragon)
The deepest jungle recesses on the Islands of Silk and Spice are home to the panther, a creature of preternatural speed and stealth. These sleek jungle cats blend effortlessly into the shadows, stalking their prey and striking from darkness. Ise Zumi who bear the panther's likeness share the animal's uncanny knack for stealth and silence.
Effect: Once per day per number of tattoos he possesses, the tattooed monk may cast chameleon (see Oriental Adventures™ page 98) as per the spell of the same name.
The monk's tattooed monk level is considered to be his caster level.
(Secrets of the Dragon)
The vine is nature's most resilient plant quickly overcoming any damage done to it and thriving in even the most inhospitable environments. The vine's power allows an Ise Zumi to recover from damage quickly, and cart even allow him to extend the plant's resiliency to others.
Effect: Once per day, the tattooed monk may cast regenerate as per the spell of the same name. His caster level is equal to his tattooed monk level. Minimum level: 10th.
White Dragon
(Secrets of the Dragon)
The white dragon is a depiction of a figure from Rokugan's cosmology called the Frost Dragon, a minor manifestation of the great Water Dragon and the wrathful aspect of Inari, Fortune of Rice. Farmers make offers to the Frost Dragon in the spring to prevent the frosts that can kill crops and severely impact a village's ability to produce food. Those who bear a white dragon are able to call upon the Frost Dragon's power, although there is always a price for doing so.
Effect: By spending two Void Points, the tattooed monk can use cone of cold as per the spell of the same name. This last is issued from the mouth, and may not be used if the mouth is obstructed or blocked in some way. The monk's caster level is considered to be his tattooed monk level.
Minimum level: 10th.
After using this tattoo, the Ise Zumi's initiative checks suffer a -8 penalty for one hour as his body is chilled with numbing cold.
(Time of the Void)
Effect: The eyes of the hawk are unparalleled. By accessing this tattoo, the Ise Zumi is able to see great distances without effort. Also, when using ranged weapon, the range penalty is reduced by 1.
Tattoos of the Kikage Zumi
(Secrets of the Dragon)
Though the Kikage Zumi are the agents of Lady Moon, they are not unfamiliar with the destructive nature of the blazing sun and its fire. The Hitomi monk with the nature of fire in his soul often receives the tattoo of the blaze instead of that of the dragon. Most often, this tattoo is depicted by a swirling and crawling fire that starts at the fists of the tattooed monk and bums up his arms. Those who have seen the Kikage Zumi angry notice that the flames of the tattoo writhe and crawl higher as the Dragon enters a fray.
Effect: A number of times per day equal to the tattoos this character possesses, the tattooed monk may activate the blaze tattoo after making a successful unarmed strike. If he does so, the attack gains the properties of a+2 flaming burst weapon, stacking with any other enhancements.
(Secrets of the Dragon)
This Blessing of Hitomi manifests itself as a tattoo of pure white skeletal bone somewhere on the tattooed monk's body. Most often, this is seen as a skeletal spine and ribcage, or even a skull painted on their face. In the most disturbing cases, the entire Kikage Zumi's body is adorned with art of their own skeleton.
This tattoo grants a bizarre mastery of the undead. The Hitomi often use this to turn undead against controlling maho tsukai, or to repel undead attacks. The Hitomi are careful not to keep the undead they control, for to do so risks being seduced by the Shadowlands' dark power.
Effect: A number of times per day equal to his Charisma modifier (minimum once), the tattooed monk may rebuke or control undead as if he were an evil cleric of four levels lower than his character level. This does not grant any other form of channeling negative energy, and may never be used to bolster undead or dispel another turning. The tattooed monk may only command one undead creature at a time, unless the creatures are completely mindless such as skeletons and zombies.
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