Sorcerer/Wizard Spells by School
0th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th 8th, 9th
0th Level Spells
    Acid Splash
    Caltrops (S. Comp.)
    Detect Poison
    Detect Magic
    Dancing Lights
    Electric Jolt (S. Comp.)
    Ray of Frost
    Sonic Snap
    Ghost Sound
    Silent Portal (S. Comp.)
    Disrupt Undead
    Touch of Fatigue
    Arcane Mark
    Launch Bolt
    Launch Item
    Mage Hand
    Repair Minor Damage (C. Arcane)
    Stick (S. Comp.)

1st Level

    Deflect, Lesser (PHB2)
    Dispel Wand (S. Comp.)
    Ectoplasmic Armor (S. Comp.)
    Endure Elements
    Hold Portal
    Iron Guts (S. Comp.)
    Karmic Aura (C. Mage) 1
    Nightshield (S. Comp.)
    Protection From Arrows
    Protect. vs. Chaos/Evil/Good/Law
    Tensor's Floating Disk
    Benign Transposition (S. Comp.)
    Blades of Fire (S. Comp.)
    Blockade (C. Scoundrel)
    Buzzing Bee (S. Comp.)
    Corrosive Grasp (S. Comp.)
    Create Trap (Conj.) (R. of Dragon)1
    Deep Breath (S. Comp.)
    Elemental Burst (C. Arcane)1
    Glaze Lock (Frost)1
    Hail of Stone (C. Arcane)1
    Kelgor'es Fire Bolt (PHB2)
    Mage Armor
    Obscuring Mist
    Orb of Acid, Lesser (C. A. & S. C.)
    Orb of Cold, Lesser (C. A. & S. C.)
    Orb of Elect., Lesser (C. A. & S. C.)
    Orb of Fire, Lesser (C. A. & S. C.)
    Orb of Sound, Lesser (C. A. & S. C.)
    Resist Planar Alignment (Planar)
    Stand (PHB2)
    Sticky Floor (R. of Dragon)1
    Summon Monster I
    Summon Undead I (S. Comp.)
    Unseen Servant
    Wall of Smoke (S. Comp.)
    Arrow Mind (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
    Comprehend Language
    Critical Strike (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
    Death's Call (C. Mage) 1
    Detect Chaos/Evil/Good/Law
    Detect Secret Doors
    Detect Undead
    Detect Weaponry (City)
    Golem Strike (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
    Guides Shot (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
    Insightful Feint (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
    Instant Locksmith (Div.) (S. Comp.)
    Instant Search (Div.) (C. Adv. & S. C.)
    Locate Touchstone (Planar)
    Sniper's Shot (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
    Spontaneous Search (S. Comp.)
    Targeting Ray (S. Comp.)
    True Casting (C. Mage) 1
    True Strike
    Vigilant Slumber (C. Mage)
    Dawnburst (C. Mage) 1
    Distract (S. Comp.)
    Distract Assailant (S. Comp.)
    nhibit (S. Comp.)
    Rouse (PHB2)
    Power Word Fatigue (R. of Dragon)1
    Power Word Pain (R. of Dragon)1
    Sting Ray (S. Comp.)
    Whelm (PHB2)
    Bigby's Tripping Hand (PHB2)
    Blood Wind (S. Comp.)
    Burning Hands
    Cobra's Breath (C. Arcane)1
    Fiery Eyes (C. Arcane)1
    Ghostly Tail (R. of Dragon)2
    Guiding Light (S. Comp.)
    Ice Dagger (S. Comp.)
    Jet of Steam (C. Mage)
    Kelgor'es Fire Bolt (PHB2)
    Lantern Light (Ex. D.) 1
    Light of Lunia (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Luminous Gaze (S. Comp.)
    Magic Missile
    Persistent Blade (S. Comp.)
    Ray of Flame (S. Comp.)
    Shocking Grasp
    Sonic Blast (S. Comp.)
    Thunderhead (S. Comp.)
    Wings of Bounding (R. of Dragon) 2
    Wings of Swift Flying (R. Of Dragon) 2
    Color Spray
    Dead End (S. Comp.)
    Disguise Self
    Ghost Light (Illus.) (C. Arcane) 1
    Instant Diversion (R. of Dragon)1
    Net of Shadows (S. Comp.)
    Nystul's Magic Aura
    Secret Sign (C. Arcane) 1
    Secret Weapon (City)
    Serene Visage (S. Comp.)
    Silent Image
    Backbiter (C. Arcane) (S. Comp.)
    Bestow Wound (H. Horror)
    Blade of Blood (PHB2)
    Cause Fear
    Chill Touch
    Necrotic Awareness (L. M.)1
    Negative Energy Ray (T. of B.)1
    Ray of Enfeeblement
    Reaving Aura (C. Mage) 1
    Shivering Touch, Lesser (Frost)1
    Spirit Worm (S. Comp.)
    Familiar Pocket (S. Comp.)
    Backbiter (C. Arcane) (S. Comp.)
    Bestow Wound (H. Horror)
    Blade of Blood (PHB2)
    Cause Fear
    Chill Touch
    Necrotic Awareness (L. M.)1
    Negative Energy Ray (T. of B.)1
    Ray of Enfeeblement
    Reaving Aura (C. Mage) 1
    Shivering Touch, Lesser (Frost)1
    Spirit Worm (S. Comp.)
    Accelerated Movement (S. Comp.)
    Accuracy (C. Arcane)1
    Animate Rope
    Animate Water (C. Arcane)1
    Animate Wood (C. Arcane)1
    Armor Lock (C. Scoundrel) 1
    Babau Slime (S. Comp.)
    Breath Flare (S. Comp.)
    Burning Rage (PHB2)
    Cheat (S. Comp.)
    Cutting Hand (S. Comp.)
    Ebon Eyes (S. Comp.)
    Enlarge Person
    Expeditious Retreat (S. Comp.)
    Expeditious Retreat, Swift (S. Comp.)
    Eyes of the Avoral
    Feather Fall
    Fist of Stone (C. A.) (S. Comp.)
    Float (Frost)1
    Ghostly Reload (R. of Dragon)
    Horrible Taste (S. Comp.)
    Iron Scarf (C. Arcane)1
    Low-Light Vision (C. A.) (S. Cp.)
    Mage Burr (C. Scoundrel)
    Mage Hand, Greater (S. Comp.)
    Magic Weapon
    Mighty Wallop (R. of Dragon)1
    Mimicry (C. Scoundrel)
    Nerveskitter (S. Comp.)
    Peacebond (City)
    Portal Beacon (S. Comp.)
    Raging Flame (S. Comp.)
    Ray of Clumsiness (S. Comp.)
    Reduce Person
    Remove Scent (S. Comp.)
    Repair Lght Damage (C. A. & S.C.)
    Scales of the Lizard (C. Arcane)1
    Scatter Spray (S. Comp.)
    Shieldbearer (S. Comp.)
    Slide (S. Comp.)
    Slow Burn (S. Comp.)
    Smoke Ladder (C. Arcane)1
    Snowdrift (Frost)1
    Spell Flower (S. Comp.)
    Weapon Shift (S. Comp.)
    Wings of the Sea (S. Comp.)

2nd Level

    Aiming at the Target (S. Comp.)
    Alarm, Greater (S. Comp.)
    Arcane Turmoil (C. Mage) 1
    Arcane Lock
    Attentive Alarm (C. Mage) 1
    Augment Familiar (C. W. & S. C.)
    Daggerspell Stance (S. Comp.)
    Deflect (PHB2)
    Discern Shapechanger (S. Comp.)
    Dispelling Touch (PHB2)
    Dissonant Chant (S. Comp.)
    Distracting Ray (S. Comp.)
    Earth Lock (S. Comp.)
    Ectoplasmic Feedback (S. Comp.)
    Filter (Tome of Blood) 1
    Icicle (Frost)1
    Ice Darts (Frost)1
    Indifference (Tomb of Blood)1
    Obscure Object
    Obscuring Snow (Frost)1
    Portal Alarm (S. Comp.)
    Protect. from Arrows
    Protect from Charm (C. Arcane)1
    Resist Energy
    Scintillating Scale (S. Comp.)
    Zone of Glacial Cold (Frost)1
    Baleful Transposition (S. Comp.)
    Blades of Fire (C. Arcane)
    Cloud of Bewilderment (S. Comp.)
    Cloud of Knives (PHB2)
    Create Magic Tattoo (S. Comp.)
    Dimension Hop (PHB2)
    Fog Cloud
    Gnome Blight (R. of Dragon)1
    Ice Darts (Frost)1
    Ice Knife (C. Arcane & S. Comp)
    Incendiary Slime (C. Mage) 1
    Inky Cloud (S. Comp.)
    Kelgore's Grave Mist (PHB2)
    Malevolent Miasma (S. Comp.)
    Melf's Acid Arrows
    Obscuring Snow (Frost)1
    Summon Monster II
    Summon Swarm
    Summon Undead II (S. Comp.)
    Zone of Glacial Cold (Frost)1
    Allied Footsteps (C. Mage) 1
    Balancing Lorecall (S. Comp.)
    Chain of Eyes (S. Comp.)
    Detect Thoughts
    Iinsight of Good Fortune (PHB2)
    Listening Lorecall (C. Adv.)
    Locate Object
    Marked Object (S. Comp.)
    Master's Touch (PHB2)
    See Invisibility
    Spymaster's Coin (C. Scoundrel)
    Sure Strike (PHB2)
    Black Karma Curse (PHB2)
    Daze Monster
    Entice Gift (S. Comp.)
    Indifference (Tomb of Blood)1
    Mechanus Mind (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Mindless Rage (C. Adv. S. Comp.)
    Power Word Pain (R. of Dragon)1
    Ray of Stupidity (S. Comp.)
    Rebuke (S. Comp.)
    Stay the Hand (PHB2)
    Tasha's Hideous Laughter
    Torrent of Tears (C. Mage) 1
    Touch of Idiocy
    Unfettered Grasp (R. of Dragon)1
    Whelming Blast (PHB2)
    Yoke of Mercy (Ex. D.) 1
    Battering Ram (S. Comp.)
    Bigby's Striking Fist (PHB2)
    Bigby's Warding Hand (PHB2)
    Blade of Pain and Fear (L. M.)1
    Blast of Force (S. Comp.)
    Burning Sword (S. Comp.)
    Combust (S. Comp.)
    Continual Flame
    Electric Vengeance (PHB2)
    Etheral Chamber (S. Comp.)
    Fatal Flame (C. Scoundrel)
    Fire Shuriken (C. Arcane)1
    Fireburst (C. Arcane & S. Comp.)
    Flame Dagger (S. Comp.)
    Force Ladder (S. Comp.)
    Force Whip (C. Arcane)1
    Frost Breath (S. Comp.)
    Ghostly Tail (R. of Dragon)1
    Gust of Wind
    Ice Blast (C. Arcane)1
    Light of Mercuria (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Lightning Blade (C. Arcane)1
    Lemound's Tiny Igloo (Frost)1
    Local Tremor (R. of Dragon)1
    Luminous Swarm (C. Mage) 1
    Melt (C. Arcane)1
    Numbing Sphere (Frost)1
    Rainbow Beam (S. Comp.)
    Ray of Ice (S. Comp.)
    Scorch (S. Comp.)
    Scorching Ray
    Seeking Ray (PHB2)
    Slapping Hand (S. Comp.)
    Snowball Swarm (S. Comp.)
    Tail Slap (R. of Dragon) 2
    Veil of Shadow (S. Comp.)
    Wings of Cover (R. Of Dragon) 2
    Apparition (C. Arcane)1
    Bladeweave (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
    Blinding Color Surge (PHB2)
    Chameleon (C. Arcane)1
    Cloak Pool (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Dark Way (S. Comp.)
    Delusions of Grandeur (S. Comp.)
    Desiccating Bubble (S. Comp.)
    Discolor Pool (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Disguise Undead (S. Comp.)
    Hypnotic Pattern
    Leomund's Trap
    Magic Mouth
    Minor Image
    Mirror Image
    Phantas. Assailants (C. A. & (S. C.)
    Phantom Foe (S. Comp.)
    Reflective Disguise (S. Comp.)
    Shadow Mask (S. Comp.)
    Shadow Radiance (S. Comp.)
    Shadow Spray (S. Comp.)
    Wall of Gloom (C. A. & S. Comp.)
    Vertigo (PHB2)
    Bone Chill (Frost)1
    Command Undead
    Curse of Impending Blades (S. C.)
    Death Armor (S. Comp.)
    Escalating Enfeeblement (C. Mage)1
    False Life
    Ghoul Glyph (S. Comp.)
    Ghoul Touch
    Heal Leech (Frost)1
    Kiss of the Toad (C. Arcane)1
    Life Bolt (S. Comp.)
    Necrotic Cyst (L. M.)1
    Necrotic Scrying (L. M.)1
    Ray of Sickness (S. Comp.)
    Ray of Weakness (S. Comp.)
    Razorfangs (S. Comp.)
    Shroud of Undeath (S. Comp.)
    Spawn Screen (S. Comp.)
    Spectral Hand
    Stolen Breath (S. Comp.)
    Wracking Touch (S. Comp.)
    Familiar Pocket (C. Arcane)
    Alter Self
    Adrenaline Surge (M. Wild)
    Animate Fire (C. Arcane)1
    Animalistic Power (PHB2)
    Augment Familiar (C. W. & S. C.)
    Balor Nimbus (S. Comp.)
    Bear's Endurance
    Belker Claws (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Blindsight (S. Species) 1
    Body of the Sun (C. D. & S. Comp.)
    Boiling Blood (C. Mage) 1
    Bristle (Trans.) (S. Comp.)
    Brumal Stiffening (Frost)1
    Bull's Strength
    Cat's Grace
    Catapult (C. Scoundrel)
    Celerity, Lesser (PHB2)
    Cloud Wings (S. Species) 1
    Crystalline Memories (C. Mage) 1
    Eagle's Splendor
    Earth Grasp (S. Comp.)
    Earthen Grasp (C. A. & S. Comp.)
    Energize Potion (Ex. D.) 1
    Energy Surge, Lesser (PHB2)
    Entangling Scarf (C. Arcane)1
    Essence of the Drag (R. of Dragon)2
    Extend Tentacles (S. Comp.)
    False Peacebond (City)
    Fearsome Grapple (S. Comp.)
    Fins to Feet (S. Comp.)
    Fly Swift (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
    Fox's Cunning
    Frost Weapon (Frost)1
    Fuse Arms (S. Comp.)
    Ghost Touch Armor (S. Comp.)
    Heart of Air (C. Mage) 1
    Heroics (S. Comp.)
    Hurl (S. Comp.)
    Increase Virulence (PHB2)
    Infernal Wound (S. Comp.)
    Ironthunder Horn (S. Comp.)
    Lively Step (S. Comp.)
    Lion's Charge (S. Species) 1
    Lucky Streak (C. Scoundrel)
    Mountain Stance (S. Comp.)
    Owl's Wisdom
    Quick Potion (S. Comp.)
    Rain of Needles (C. Arcane)1
    Rapid Burrowing (S. Species) 1
    Repair Mod. Damage (C. A. & S. C.)
    Rope Trick
    Scale Weakening (S. Comp.)
    Scent (C. Divine)
    Share Talents (PHB2)
    Slide, Greater (S. Comp.)
    Snake's Swiftness (S. Comp.)
    Sonic Weapon (C. Adv. S. Comp.)
    Speak to Allies (S. Comp.)
    Spider Climb
    Steal Size (R. of Dragon)1
    Stone Bones (S. Comp.)
    Stretch Weapon (PHB2)
    Surefooted Stride (S. Comp.)
    Swim (C. Arcane & S. Comp.)
    Whirling Blade (C. A. & S. C.)
    Whispering Wind
    Wings of Air (S. Comp.)
    Wings of the Sea (Trans) 1
    Wood Shape (C. Arcane)1
    Woodland Veil) (Races of Wild) 1
    Wraithstrike (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)

3rd Level

    Anticipate Teleportation (S. Comp.)
    Avoid Planar Effects (Planar & S. C.)
    Dispel Magic
    Disobedience (C. Scoundrel) 1
    Earthen Grace (S. Comp.)
    Ectoplasmic Feedback (L. M.)
    Energy Aegis (PHB2)
    Energy Vulnerability (PHB2)
    Eradicate Earth (S. Comp.)
    Explosive Runes
    Glacial Globe of Invuler. (Frost)1
    Icelance (S. Comp.)
    Karmic Backlash (C. Mage) 1
    Magic Circle vs. Chaos/Evil/Good/Law
    Melf's Unicorn Arrow (PHB2)
    Protect from Energy
    Repelling Shield (C. Mage) 1
    Resist Taint (H. Horror)
    Reverse Arrows (S. Comp.)
    Sign of Sealing (C. A. & S. C.)
    Acid Breath (S. Comp.)
    Arctic Haze (Frost)1
    Bands of Steel (C. A. & S. Comp.)
    Bridge of Sound (S. Species) 1
    Caustic Smoke (C. Mage) 1
    Contagious Fog (S. Comp.)
    Corpse Candle (C. Arcane & S. C.)
    Crack Ice (Frost)1
    Create Fetch (C. Scoundrel)
    Dimension Step (PHB2)
    Grasping Wall (C. Scoundrel)
    Laozzed's Breath (S. Species) 1
    Mage Armor, Greater (C. A. & S. C.)
    Mage Armor, Mass (S. Comp.)
    Phantom Steed
    Regroup (PHB2)
    Scattering Trap (PHB2)
    Sepia Snake Sigil
    Servant Horde (S. Comp.)
    Sleet Storm
    Stinking Cloud
    Summon Monster III
    Summon Undead III (S. Comp.)
    Vipergout (S. Comp.)
    Alter Fortune (PHB2)
    Analyze Portal (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Analyze Touchstone (Planar)
    Arcane Sight (Div.)
    Circle Dance (S. Comp.)
    Commune with Lesser Spirit (C. A.)1
    Crown of Clarity (PHB2)
    Discern Shapechanger (C. Arcane)
    Enduring Scrutiny (C. Mage)
    Spellcaster's Bane (C. Mage) 1
    Telepath Bond, Less (C. D. & S. C.)
    Tenacious Dispelling (C. Mage) 1
    Unluck (S. Comp.)
    Bothersome Babble (C. Mage) 1
    Deep Slumber
    Dolorous Motes (Ex. D.)1
    Elation (Ex. D.)1
    Hesitate (PHB2)
    Hold Person
    Inevitable Defeat (PHB2)
    Mesmerizing Glare (S. Comp.)
    Miser's Envy (S. Comp.)
    Power Word, Deafen (R. of Dragon)1
    Power Word Maladriot (R. of Dragon)1
    Power Word Weaken (R. of Dragon)1
    Ray of Dizziness (S. Comp.)
    Suppress Breath Weapon (S. Comp.)
    Warcry (Ex. D.) 1
    Bigby's Disrupting Hand (PHB2)
    Blacklight (S. Comp.)
    Blade of Pain & Fear (S. Comp.)
    Capricious Zephyr (S. Comp.)
    Chain Missile (S. Comp.)
    Cone of Dimness (S. Comp.)
    Earthbolt (C. Arcane)1
    Flashburst (S. Comp.)
    Ghost Lantern (C. Mage) 1
    Glowing Orb (S. Comp.)
    Great Thunderclap (S. Comp.)
    Hailstones (S. Comp.)
    Ice Burst (Tome of Blood) 1
    Leomund's Tiny Hut
    Light of Venya (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Lightning Bolt
    Manyjaws (S. Comp.)
    Prismatic Mist (PHB2)
    Rainbow Blast (S. Comp.)
    Ray of Python (PHB2)
    Resonating Bolt (C. A. & S. C.)
    Scintillating Sphere (S. Comp.)
    Shatterfloor (S. Comp.)
    Sonorous Hum (S. Comp.)
    Sound Lance (S. Comp.)
    Spectral Weapon (S. Comp.)
    Steam Breath (C. Arcane)1
    Stars of Arvandor (Ex. D.) 1
    Wall of Light
    Wind Wall
    Claws of Darkness (S. Comp.)
    Deceptive Façade (C. Mage) 1
    Hood of the Cobra (C. Mage) 1
    Illusory Script
    Invisibility Sphere
    Legion of Sentinels (PHB2)
    Major Image
    Mask of the Ideal (C. Mage) 1
    Nightmare Terrain (C. Mage)
    Pall of Twilight (C. Mage)
    Phantasmal Strangler (C. Mage) 1
    Shadow Binding (C. A. & S. C.)
    Shadow Cache (S. Comp.)
    Suspended Silence (S. Comp.)
    Vertigo Field (PHB2)
    Blood Snow (Frost)1
    Crown of the Grave (PHB2)
    Curse of Imp. Blades, Mass (S. C.)
    Disrupt Unead, Greater (S. Comp.)
    Feign Death (Tome of Blood) 1
    Gentle Repose
    Halt Undead
    Healing Touch (S. Comp.)
    Healing Touch II (Ex. D.) 1
    Incorporeal Enhancement (S. Comp.)
    Junglerazer (S. Comp.)
    Mind Poison (S. Comp.)
    Necrotic Bloat (L. M.)1
    Negative Energy Burst (Tone of Blood) 1
    Ray of Exhaustion
    Shivering Touch (Frost)1
    Skull Watch (S. Comp.)
    Thin Air (Frost)1
    Undead Lieutenant (S. Comp.)
    Undead Torch (S. Comp.)
    Fortify Familiar (S. Comp.)
    Air Breathing (S. Comp.)
    Animate Weapon (C. Mage)
    Antidragon Aura (S. Comp.)
    Amorphous Form (S. Comp.)
    Babu Slime (Planar)
    Bite of the Wererat (S. Comp.)
    Control Temperature (Frost)1
    Crown of Might (PHB2)
    Crown of Protection (PHB2)
    Curse of Arrow Attraction (PHB2)
    Demon Dirge (S. Comp.)
    Devil Blight (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Diamondsteel (S. Comp.)
    Distilled Joy (Ex. D.)1
    Dolorus Blow (S. Comp.)
    Dragonskin (S. Comp.)
    Energy Surge (PHB2)
    Enhance Familiar (C. A. & S. C.)
    Evard's Menacing Tentacles (PHB2)
    False Gravity (S. Comp.)
    Fire Wings (C. Arcane)1
    Flame Arrow
    Fuse Arms (S. Species) 1
    Gaseous Form
    Giant's Wrath (S. Comp.)
    Girallon's Blessing (S. Comp.)
    Halt (PHB2)
    Hamatula Barbs (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Heart of Water (C. Mage) 1
    Keen Edge
    Magic Weapon, Greater
    Magnetism (C. Arcane)1
    Mighty Wallop (R. of Dragon)1
    Prickling Torment (C. Mage) 1
    Primal Form (S. Comp.)
    Regal Procession (S. Comp.)
    Repair Serious Damage (C. A. & S. C)
    Rust Ray (S. Comp.)
    Secret Page
    Sense of the Dragon (R. of Dragon)1
    Shadow Phase (S. Comp.)
    Shape of Hells. Stalker (C. Mage) 1
    Shrink Item
    Siphon (C. Scoundrel)
    Snake's Swiftness, Mass (S. Comp.)
    Spell Vulnerability (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Spiderskin (S. Comp.)
    Steeldance (S. Comp.)
    Stony Grasp (C. Arcane & S. C.)
    Terra Cotta Warrior (C. Arcane)1
    Thornsking (C. Arcane)1
    Tremorsense (S. Comp.)
    Unicorn Horn (C. Mage) 1
    Wand Modulation (C. Scroundel)
    Water Breathing
    Weapon of Energy (S. Comp.)
    Weapon of Impact (S. Comp.)


























































 4th Level

    Bloodstar (L. M.)1
    Caustic Mire (C. Mage) 1
    Condemnation (PHB2)
    Dimensional Anchor
    Dispelling Screen
    Elemental Ward (C. Arcane)1
    Fire Trap
    Glacial Ward (Frost)1
    Globe Of Invulnerability, Lesser
    Ie Shield (Frost)1
    Otiluke's Dispelling Screen (C. A.)
    Otiluke's Suppressing Field (C. Mage) 1
    Portal Alarm, Improved (S. Comp.)
    Ray of Deflection (S. Comp.)
    Ray of Deanimation (S. Comp.)
    Remove Curse
    Resist Energy, Mass (C. A. & S. C.)
    Resistance Greater (S. Comp.)
    Slashing Dispel (PHB2)
    Stifle Spell (PHB2)
    Wall of Chaos/Evil/Good/Law (S. C.)
    Blast of Flame (C. A. & S. Comp.)
    Bloodstar (S. Comp.)
    Bright Worms (PHB2
    Column of Ice (Frost)1
    Dimension Door
    Doom Scarabs (PHB2)
    Etheral Mount (S. Comp.)
    Evard's Black Tentacles
    Explosive Rune Field (PHB2)
    Dimension Door
    Hoard Life (R. of Dragon) 2
    Ice Ship (Frost)1
    Ice Web (Frost)1
    Leomund's Secure Shelter
    Leomund's Spacious Carriage (City)
    Minor Creation
    Orb of Acid (C. Arcane & C. S.)
    Orb of Cold (C. Arcane & C. S.)
    Orb of Electricity (C. A. & C. S.)
    Orb of Fire (C. Arcane & C. S.)
    Orb of Force (C. Arcane & C. S.)
    Orb of Sound (C. Arcane & C. S.)
    Radiant Shield (Ex. D.) 1
    Resinous Tar (C. Mage) 1
    Resist Energy, Mass (C. A. & S. C.)
    Solid Fog
    Summon Component (C. Mage) 1
    Summon Monster IV
    Summon Pest Swarm (City)
    Summon Undead IV (S. Comp.)
    Translocation Trick (S. Comp.)
    Wall of Sand (S. Comp.)
    Wall of Scales (Conj.) (R. of Dragon) 2
    Wall of Water (S. Comp.)
    Arcane Eye
    Assay Resistance (C. Arcane)
    Assay Spell Resistance (S. Comp.)
    Contact Other Plane
    Detect Scrying
    Know Vulnerabilites (S. Comp.)
    Locate Creature
    Prying Eyes
    Rary's Telepathic Bond
    Treasure Scent (S. Comp.)
    Unluck (C. Arcane)
    Battle Hymn (S. Comp.)
    Charm Monster
    Crushing Despair
    Dominate Person
    Geas, Lesser
    Hold Monster
    Melf's Slumber Arrows (C. Mage) 1
    Mind Fog
    Power Word Distract (R. of Dragon)1
    Rebuke, Greater (S. Comp.)
    Symbol of Sleep
    Vecna's Malevol. Whisper (C. Mage)1
    Whelm, Mass (PHB2)
    Bleakness (PHB2)
    Blistering Radiance (C. A. & S. C.)
    Chain Lightning
    Channeled Pyroburst (PHB2)
    Creeping Darkness (C. Arcane)1
    Defenestrating Sphere (C. A. & S. C.)
    Dweomer of Transference (Psionic)
    Dragon Breath (S. Comp.)
    Energy Spheres (S. Comp.)
    Explosive Cascade (S. Comp.)
    Fire Shield
    Floating Disk, Greater (S. Comp.)
    Force Chest (S. Comp.)
    Force Claw (S. Comp.)
    Force Missiles (S. Comp.)
    Forcewave (S. Comp.)
    Ice Storm
    Incendiary Surge (C. Mage) 1
    Otiluke's Resilient Sphere
    Slashing Dispel (PHB2)
    Stone Sphere (S. Comp.)
    Sword of Deception (S. Comp.)
    Tail Sweep (R. of Dragon)2
    Thunderdance (S. Comp.)
    Vortex of Teeth (S. Comp.)
    Wall of Bones (C. Arcane)1
    Wall of Coldfire (Frost)1
    Wall of Fire
    Wall of Ice
    Wingbind (S. Comp.)
    Wings of Flurry (R. of Dragon)2
    Crown of Veils (PHB2)
    Hallucinatory Terrain
    Illusory Wall
    Invisibility, Greater
    Mirror Image, Greater (PHB2)
    Nightmare Terrain (C. Mage)1
    Phantasmal Killer
    Phantom Battle (PHB2)
    Rainbow Pattern
    Sensory Deprivation (S. Comp.)
    Shadow Conjuration
    Shadow Well (S. Comp.)
    Animate Dead
    Bestow Curse
    Burning Blood (C. A. & S. Comp.)
    Doom Scarabs (PHB2)
    Evil Glare (Planar)
    Finger of Agony (C. Mage)1
    Heartripper (C. Arcane)1
    Horrid Sickness (C. Mage) 1
    Mindfrost (Frost)1
    Necrotic Domination (L. M.)
    Negative Energy Wave (T. of Blood) 1
    Rebuking Breath (S. Comp.)
    Seed of Undeath (C. Mage) 1
    Touch of Years (C. Mage) 1
    Wrack (C. Divine)
    Fortify Familiar (C. Arcane)
    Mystic Surge (PHB2)
    Aerial Alacrity (Races of Wild) 1
    Aspect of the Icy Hunter (C. Mage)1
    Attune Form (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Backlash (S. Comp.)
    Baleful Blink (PHB2)
    Balor Nimbus (Planar)
    Bite of the Werewolf (S. Comp.)
    Blinding Breath (S. Comp.)
    Call of Stone (PHB2)
    Celerity (PHB2)
    Corporeal Instability (Planar & S. C.)
    Dancing Blade (C. Arcane)1
    Darkvision, Mass. (C. A. & S. C.)
    Demon Dirge (Planar)
    Displacer From (S. Comp.)
    Earth Reaver (S. Species) 1
    Enduring Flight (Races of Wild) 1
    Enlarge Person, Mass
    Entangling Staff (S. Comp.)
    Extend Tentacles (S. Species) 1
    Fire Stride (S. Comp.)
    False Gravity (Planar)
    Flight of the Dragon (S. Comp.)
    Heart of Earth (C. Mage) 1
    Improved Blindsight (S. Species) 1
    Infernal Wound (Planar)
    Iron Bones (S. Comp.)
    Metal Melt (S. Comp.)
    Perfect Summons (Ex. D.) 1
    Perinach (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Poison Needles (C. Arcane)1
    Raise from the Deep (S. Comp.)
    Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer
    Rebirth of Iron (C. Mage) 1
    Reduce Person, Mass
    Repair Critical Damage ( C. A. & C. S.)
    Ruin Delver's Fortune (S. Comp.)
    Rusted Blade (C. Mage) 1
    Scramble Portal (S. Comp.)
    Sharptooth (S. Comp.)
    Snake Darts (C. Arcane)1
    Spell Enhancer (S. Comp.)
    Stone Shape
    Trollshape (PHB2)
    Voice of the Dragon (S. Comp.)
    Weapon of Energy (S. Species) 1
    Wings of Air, Greater (S. Comp.)
    Water to Poison (C. Arcane)1

5th Level

    Aiming At the Target (C. Arcane)
    Anticold Sphere (Frost & S. Comp.)
    Boreal Wind (Frost)1
    Break Enchantment
    Cacophonic Burst (S. Comp.)
    Cacophonic Shield (S. Comp.)
    Conting. Energy Resistance (S. Comp.)
    Dispelling Breath (S. Comp.)
    Dragon Ally, Lesser (S. Comp.)
    Duelward (C. Arcane & S. C.)
    Energy Buffer (Tome of Blood) 1
    Field of Resistance (PHB2)
    Indomitability (S. Comp.)
    Ironguard, lesser (S. Comp.)
    Mana Flux (PHB2)
    Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum
    Planar Tolerance (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Psychic Turmoil (Psionic)
    Reciprocal Gyre (C. A. & S. C.)
    Refusal (C. Arcane & S. C.)
    Spell Theft (C. Scoundrel) 1
    Superior Resistance (S. Species) 1
    Symbol of Spell Loss (S. Comp.)
    Telepathy Block (Ex. D.) 1
    Toxic Weapon (PHB2)
    Vanishing Weapon (Ex. D.) 1
    Zone of Respite (S. Comp.)
    Acid Sheath (S. Comp.)
    Call Faithful Servants (Ex. D.) 1
    Call Zelekhut (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Dimension Door, Greater (S. Comp.)
    Dimension Jumper (C. Mage) 1
    Dimension Shuffle (PHB2)
    Fire and Brimstone (C. Mage) 1
    Freezing Fog (C. Arcane)
    Hidden Lodge (S. Comp.)
    Leomund's Hidden Lodge ( C. Arcane)
    Lemound's Secret Chest
    Luminous Assassin (PHB2)
    Major Creation
    Manifest Dragon Hert. (R. of Dragon) 2
    Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound
    Phantasmal Thief (S. Comp.)
    Precipitate Breach (Planar)
    Servant Horde (C. Arcane) 1
    Summon Monster V (Conj.)
    Summon Undead V (S. Comp.)
    Touchstone Lighting (Planar)
    Viscid Glob (S. Comp.)
    Vitriolic Sphere (C. Arcane & S. C.)
    Wall of Stone
    Contact Other Plane
    Prying Eyes
    Ray's Telepathic Bond
    Incite Riot (PHB2)
    Mind Fog
    Power Word Disable (R. of Dragon)1
    Symbol of Sleep
     Incite Riot (PHB2)
     Mind Fog
     Power Word Disable (R. of Dragon)1
     Symbol of Sleep
    Ball Lightning (S. Comp.)
    Bigby's Interposing Hand
    Channeld Sonic Blast (C. Mage) 1
    Coat of Arms (C. Mage) 1
    Cone of Cold
    Crushing Grip (PHB2)
    Cyclonic Blast (S. Comp.)
    Dragon Breath (C. Divine)
    Electric Vengeance (PHB2)
    Emerald Burst (Ex. D.) 1
    Fire Breath (C. Arcane)1
    Fire Shield, Mass (C. A. & S. C.)
    Fireburst, Greater (C. A. & S. C.)
    Moonbow (S. Comp.)
    Prismatic Ray (C. A. & S. C.)
    Radiance (PHB2)
    Resounding Thunder (C. Mage) 1
    Shard Storm (S. Comp.)
    Shroud of Flame (S. Comp.)
    Sonic Rumble (S. Comp.)
    Sonic Shield (PHB2)
    Sword of Deception (C. Arcane) 1
    Wall of Limbs (S. Comp.)
    Wall of Force
    False Vision
    Fever Dream (C. Mage) 1
    Friend to Foe (PHB2)
    Illusory Feast (S. Comp.)
    Miasma of Entropy (Illus) (S. Comp.)
    Mirage Arcane
    Persistent Image
    Retributive Image (C. Mage) 1
    Shadow Evocation
    Shadow Form (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
    Shadow Hand (S. Comp.)
    Shadowfade (S. Comp.)
    Channeled Lifetheft (C. Mage) 1
    Circle of Death
    Crytwarden's Grasp (C. Mage)1
    Death Throes (Planar & S. Comp.)
    False Vision
    Friend to Foe (PHB2)
    Gelid Blood (Frost)1
    Graymantle (S. Comp.)
    Haunt Shift (L. M.)1
    Kiss of the Vampire (L. M.)1
    Magic Jar
    Necrotic Burst (L. M.)1
    Night's Caress (S. Comp.)
    Oath of Blood (H. Horror)
    Opalescent Glare (Planar)
    Spiritwall (C. Arcane & S. Comp.)
    Symbol of Pain
    Touch of Vecna (C. Mage) 1
    Wrack (S. Comp.)
    Waves of Fatigue
    Arcane Fusion (C. Mage) 1
    Animal Growth
    Baleful Polymorph
    Blink, Greater (C. Arcane)
    Bite of the Wereboar (S. Comp.)
    Blink, Greater (S. Comp.)
    Breath Weapon Substitution (S. Comp.)
    Cloak of the Sea (M. Wild)
    Dance of Blades (PHB2)
    Draconic Might (S. Comp.)
    Dragon Ally, Lesser (S. Comp.)
    Dragonsight (S. Comp.)
    Enlarge Person, Greater (S. Comp.)
    Etheral Breath (S. Comp.)
    Etherealness, Swift (PHB2)
    Fiendform (S. Comp.)
    Flaying Tendrils (C. Mage) 1
    Flesh to Ice (Frost)1
    Fly, Mass (C. Arcane & S. Comp.)
    Form of the 3-fold Beast) (C. Mage) 1
    Ghostform (Tome of Blood) 1
    Gutsnake (S. Comp.)
    Heart of Fire (C. Mage) 1
    Ice Shape (Frost)1
    Ice to Flesh (Frost)1
    Improved Enlarge (S. Species) 1
    Improved Reduce (S. Species) 1
    Lucent Lance (S. Comp.)
    Metal Skin (C. Arcane)1
    Minor Servitor (Trans) (S. Species) 1
    Nightstalker Trans. (S. Comp.)
    Overland Flight
    Reduce Person, Greater (S. Comp.)
    Spell Matrix, Lesser (S. Comp.)
    Stunning Breath (S. Comp.)
    Summoning Wind (C. Arcane)1
    Surefooted Stride, Mass (S. Comp.)
    Terra Cotta Lion (C. Arcane)1
    Touch of Adamantine (Ex. D.) 1
    Transmute Mud to Rock
    Transmute Rock to Mud
    Vulnerability (S. Comp.)
    Wall of Dispel Magic (S. Comp.)
    Xorn Movement (S. Comp.)
    Zone of Peace (City)

6th Level

    Anticipate Teleport., Greater (S. Comp.)
    Antimagic Field
    Aura of Evasion (S. Comp.)
    Dispel Magic, Greater
    Freezing Glance (Frost)1
    Globe of Invulnerability
    Guards and Wards
    Karmic Retritution (Abjur.) (C. Mage) 1
    Lighting Leap (C. Mage) 1
    Prismatic Aura (C. Mage) 1
    Psychic Turmoil, Greater (Psionic)
    Seal Portal (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Sign of Seal., Great. (C. A. & S. C.)
    Starmantle (Ex. D.) 1
    Transcribe Symbol (S. Comp.)
    Tunnel Swallow (S. Comp.)
    Wall of Gears (S. Comp.)
    Wall of Iron
    Acid Fog
    Acid Storm (S. Comp.)
    Fire Spiders (S. Comp.)
    Familiar Refuge (C. Mage) 1
    Freezing Fog (S. Comp.)
    Gemjump (S. Comp.)
    Planar Binding
    Resistance, Superior (S. Comp.)
    Spirit Binding (C. Arcane)1
    Steal Summoning (C. Mage) 1
    Summon Monster VI
    Tactical Telportation (C. Mage)1
    Transcribe Symbol (S. Comp.)
    Tunnel Swallow (S. Comp.)
    Vipergout (Conj) (S. Species) 1
    Wall of Gears (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Wall of Iron
    Analyze Dweomer
    Legend Lore
    Probe Thoughts (Psi & C. D. & S. C.)
    Rary's Interplanar Telepath. Bond (Plan)
    Transcribe Symbol (S. Comp.)
    Tunnel Swallow (S. Comp.)
    Wall of Gears (S. Comp.)
    Wall of Iron
    Cloak of Hate (H. Horror)
    Endless Slumber (C. Mage) 1
    Heroism, Greater
    Overwhelm (PHB2)
    Power Word Nauseate (R. of Dragon)1
    Suggestion, Mass
    Symbol of Persuasion
    Wages of Sin (Ex. D.) 1
    Bigby's Forceful Hand
    Chain Lightning
    Entomb (Frost)1
    Fires of Purity (C. Divine & S. C.)
    Howling Chain (S. Comp.)
    Lingering Flames (C. Mage) 1
    Otiluke's Freezing Sphere
    Ray of Light (S. Comp.)
    Storm of Fire and Ice (C. Mage)
    Thunder Field (PHB2)
    Transfix (C. Arcane)
    Illusory Pit (C. Arcane & S. C.)
    Permanent Image
    Programmed Image
    Reflective Disguise, Mass (S. Comp.)
    Shadow Walk
    Shadowy Grappler (S. Comp.)
    Dream Casting (S. Comp.)
    Illusory Pit (C. Arcane & S. C.)
    Permanent Image
    Programmed Image
    Reflective Disguise, Mass (S. C.)
    Shadow Walk
    Shadowy Grappler (S. Comp.)
    Arrow of Bone (C. Arcane)
    Aura of Terror (S. Comp.)
    Cat's Grace, Mass
    Circle of Death
    Contagion, Mass (S. Comp.)
    Create Undead
    Fleshshiver (S. Comp.)
    Ghoul Gauntlet (S. Comp.)
    Heartfreeze (Frost)1
    Imperious Glare (S. Comp.)
    Incroporeal Nova (S. Comp.)
    Necrotic Eruption (L. M.)1
    Opalscent Glare (S. Comp.)
    Ray of Entropy (S. Comp.)
    Revive Undead (S. Comp.)
    Spectral Touch (S. Comp.)
    Symbol of Fear
    Undead to Death
    Waves of Cold (Frost)1
    Imbue. Familiar w Spell (C. A. & S. C.)
    Rary's Arcane Conversion (C. Mage)1
    Bear's Endurance, Mass
    Bite of Weretiger (S. Comp.)
    Brilliant Blade (C. Arcane & S. C.)
    Bull's Strength, Mass
    Chasing Perfection (PHB2
    Cloak of the Sea (C. Adv.S. Comp.)
    Control Water
    Eagle's Splendor, Mass
    Energy Surge, Greater (PHB2)
    Extract Water Elemental (S. Comp.)
    Fiendform (C. Arcane)
    Flesh to Stone
    Fox's Cunning, Mass
    Hardening (S. Comp.)
    Make Manifest (S. Comp.)
    Mental Pinnacle (Psionic)
    Mordenkainen's Lucubration.
    Move Earth
    Move Snow and Ice (Frost)1
    Ooze Puppet (S. Comp.)
    Owl's Wisdom, Mass
    Quickshift (Ex. D.) 1
    Ruby Ray of Reversal (S. Comp.)
    Seal Portal (S. Comp.)
    Smoky Confinement (C. Mage) 1
    Spirit Needle (C. Arcane)1
    Stone Body (S. Comp.)
    Stone to Flesh
    Suppress Flame (Frost)1
    Subvert Pl. Essence (C. D. & S. C.)
    Tenser's Transformation
    Unicorn Blood (C. Mage) 1

7th Level

    Antimagic Ray (S. Comp.)
    Dispelling Screen, Greater (S. Comp.)
    Energy Absorption (C. Mage) 1
    Energy Immunity (C. A. S. Comp.)
    Ghost Trap (S. Comp.)
    Glacial Ward, Greater (Frost)1
    Hide from Dragons (S. Comp.)
    Ironguard (S. Comp.)
    Otiluke's Grt Dispelling Screen (C. A.)
    Planar Bubble (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Spell Turning
    Body Outside Body (C. Arcane)1
    Call Kolyarut (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Chocking Cobwebs (C. Mage) 1
    Dragon Ally (S. Comp.)
    Drawmij's Instant Summons
    Great Worm of the Earth (C. Mage) 1
    Ice Castle (Frost)1
    Luminous Assassin, Greater (PHB2)
    Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion
    Phase Door
    Plane Shift
    Reanimation (C. Arcane)1
    Stun Ray (S. Comp.)
    Summon Aspect of Baha. (R. of Drag.)1
    Summon Monster VII
    Teleport, Greater
    Teleport Object
    Arcane Sight, Greater
    Commune w. Greater Spirit (C. A.)1
    Interplanar Telepathic Bond (S. C.)
    Scrying, Greater
    Hiss of Sleep (S. Comp.)
    Hold Person, Mass
    Power Word Blind
    Rebuke, Final (S. Comp.)
    Symbol of Stunning
    Symphonic Nightmare (S. Comp.)
    Transfix (S. Comp.)
    Amber Sarcophagus (Ex. D.) 1
    Bigby's Grasping Hand
    Cacophonic Shield (C. Adv.)
    Delayed Blast Fireball
    Emerald Flame Fist (C. A. & S. C.)
    Ice Claw (S. Comp.)
    Mordenkainen's Sword
    Prismatic Eye (S. Comp.)
    Prismatic Spray
    Radiant Assault (S. Comp.)
    Submerge Ship (S. Comp.)
    Invisibility, Mass
    Project Image
    Shadow Conjuration, Greater
    Solipsisum (S. Comp.)
    Stalking Spell (S. Species) 1
    Avasculate (S. Comp.)
    Awaken Undead (S. Comp.)
    Barghest's Feat (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Control Undead
    Energy Ebb (S. Comp.)
    Evil Glare (S. Comp.)
    Finger of Death
    Kiss of the Vampire (S. Comp.)
    Miasma of Entropy (Planar)
    Necrotic Curse (C. Mage) 1
    Necrotic Empowerment (L. M.)1
    Pulse of Hate (PHB2)
    Retributive Enervation (C. Mage)1
    Righteous Glare (Ex. D.) 1
    Seed of Undeath, Greater (C. Mage) 1
    Sword of Darkness (C. A. & S. Comp.)
    Symbol of Weakness
    Veil of Undeath (L. M.)1
    Waves of Exhaustion
    Withering Palm (C. Arcane)1
    Limited Wish
    Adamantine Wings (C. Mage) 1
    Animalistic Power, Mass (PHB2)
    Animate Breath (S. Comp.)
    As the Frost (PHB2)
    Bite of the Werebear (S. Comp.)
    Body of War (S. Comp.)
    Brilliant Aura (S. Comp.)
    Control Weather
    Decapitating Scarf (C. Arcane)1
    Eladrin Form (Ex. D.) 1
    Elemental Body (S. Comp.)
    Energy Transformation Field (S. C.)
    Ethereal Jaunt
    Ghostform (C. Arcane)
    Giant Size (C. Arcane)1
    Glass Strike (S. Comp.)
    Reverse Gravity
    Spell Matrix (S. Comp.)
    Stone Shape, Greater (S. Comp.)
    Synostodweomer (S. Comp.)
    Teleport, Mass (Tome of Blood) 1
    Tomb of Light (Ex. D.) 1
    Unicorn Heart (C. Mage) 1

8th Level

    Chain Dispel (PHB2)
    Dimensional Lock
    Finding the Center (C. Arcane)
    Mind Blank
    Mysterious Redirection (C. Mage) 1
    Prismatic Wall
    Protection From Spells
    Spell Engine (S. Comp.)
    Cloud Chariot (C. Arcane)1
    Deadly Lahar (C. Mage) 1
    Fierce Pride of the Beast. (Plan & S. C.)
    Incendiary Cloud
    Manifest Dragon Hert., Gr (R. of Drag.)2
    Planar Binding
    Plane Shift (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Spirit Binding, Greater (C. Arcane)1
    Summon Monster VIII
    Trap the Soul
    Discern Location
    Moment of Prescience
    Prying Eyes, Greater
    Charm Monster, Mass
    Familial Geas (H. Horror)
    Maddening Whispers (S. Comp.)
    Otto's Irresistible Dance
    Power Word Petrify (R. of Dragon)1
    Power Word Stun
    Symbol of Insanity
    Wrathful Castigation (S. Comp.)
    Bigby's Clenched Fist
    Field of Icy Razors (S. Comp.)
    Great Shout (Tome of Blood) 1
    Lightning Ring (S. Comp.)
    Otiluke's Telekinetic Sphere
    Polar Ray
    Prismatic Bow (C. Mage)1
    Shout, Greater
    Invisibility, Superior (S. Comp.)
    Scintillating Pattern
    Shadow Evocation, Greater
    Shifting Paths (S. Comp.)
    Avascular Mass (S. Comp.)
    Bestow Curse, Greater (C. D. & S. C.)
    Blackfire (C. A. & S. Comp.)
    Create Undead, Greater
    Dread Form of Eye Tyr. (C. Mage)1
    Heart of Stone (C. A. & S. Comp.)
    Horrid Wilting
    Last Judgement (Ex. D.) 1
    Plague (PHB2)
    Skeletal Guard (S. Comp.)
    Symbol of Death
    Touch of the Graveborn (C. Mage)1
    Veil of Undeath (S. Comp.)
    Arcane Fusion, Greater (C. Mage)1
    Axiomatic Creature (Ex. D.) 1
    Celerity, Greater (PHB2)
    Excavate (S. Comp.)
    Fimbulwinter (Frost)1
    Flame Whips (S. Species) 1
    Flensing (C. Arcane & S. Comp.)
    Ghostform (S. Comp.)
    Iron Body
    Make Manifest, Mass (S. Comp.)
    Minute Form (Trans.) (C. Arcane)1
    Polymorph Any Object
    Stunning Breath, Greater (S. Comp.)
    Temporal Stasis
    Unyield. Form of Inv. Death (C. Mage)1
    Wall of Great. Dispel Magic (S. Comp.)

9th Level

    Absorption (C. Arcane & S. Comp.)
    Abyssal Army (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Effulgent Epuration (S. Comp.)
    Magic Miasma (S. Comp.)
    Maw of Chaos (S. Comp.)
    Mordenkainen's Disjunction
    Prismatic Sphere (S. Comp.)
    Reaving Dispel (S. Comp.)
    Unbinding (C. D.) & (S. Comp.)
    Abyssal Army (S. Comp.)
    Black Blade of Disaster (S. Comp.)
    Blinding Glory (Ex. D.) 1
    Call Marut (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Detonate (PHB2)
    Dimension Jumper, Greater (C. Mage)1
    Dragon Ally, Greater (S. Comp.)
    Genius Loci (C. Mage)1
    Heavenly Host (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Hellish Horde (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Obedient Avalanche (S. Comp.)
    Precipitate Complete Breach (Planar)
    Sphere of Ultimate Destruct. (S. C.)
    Summon Elem. Mono. (C. A. & S. C.)
    Summon Golem (PHB2)
    Summon Monster IX
    Teleportation Circle
    Towering Thunderhead (C. Mage) 1
    Vile Death (S. Comp.)
    Eye of Power (S. Comp.)
    Hindsight (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
    Eye of Power (S. Comp.)
    Dominate Monster
    Hold Monster, Mass
    Instant Refuge (S. Comp.)
    Power Word Kill
    Programmed Amnesia
    Bigby's Crushing Hand
    Chain Contingency (Tome of Bld) 1
    Deadly Sunstroke (C. Mage)1
    Hold Monster, Mass
    Iceberg (Frost)1
    Lash or Force (C. Mage)1
    Meteor Swarm
    Prismatic Deluge (C. Mage)1
    Reality Maelstrom (S. Comp.)
    Ice Assassin (Frost)1
    Astral Projection
    Energy Drain
    Enervating Breath (S. Comp.)
    Hide Life (Tome of Blood)1
    Necrotic Termination (L. M.)1
    Plague of Undead (S. Comp.)
    Soul Bind
    Wail of Banshee
    Awaken Construct (S. Comp.)
    Breath Weapon Admixture (S. Comp.)
    Dragonshape (PHB2)
    Frostfell (Frost)1
    Incarnate Construct (S. Species) 1
    Perinarch, Planar (Planar & S. Comp.)
    Replicate Casting (S. Comp.)
    Spell Matrix, Greater (S. Comp.)
    Time Stop
    Trans. Rock to Lava (C. A. & S. Comp.)
    Undermaster (S. Comp.)

1 Only members of the Mages Guild can learn these spells
2 Only sorcerers of the Mages Guild can learn these spells
(C. Arcane) or (C. A.) = Complete Arcane
(C. Adv.) = Complete Adventurer
(C. Divine) = Complete Divine
(C. Warrior) = Complete Warrior
(Ex. D.) = The Book of Exalted Deeds
(Frost) = Frostburn
(H. Horror) = Heroes of Horror
(L. M.) = Libris Mortis
(PHB2) = Player's Handbook II
(Plan ) or (Planar) = Planar Handbook
(Psionic) = Psionic Handbook
(R. of Dragon) = Races of the Dragon
(Races of Wild) = Races of the Wild
(S. C.) or (S. Comp.) = Spell Compendium
(S. Species) = Savage Species

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