Shugenja Spells
0st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th
0st Level
Crow's Vision (Know Direction)
Flash of Insight (Magic of Rokugan)
Flight of Doves (Magic of Rokugan)
Gathering Swirl (Magic of Rokugan)
Ghost Sound
Kami's Guidance (Guidance)
Know Direction
Stun the Mind (Daze)
Whispers of the Wind (Ghost Sound)
Be the Mountain (Magic of Rokugan)
Call Earth (Rokugan)
Fires From the Forge (Mending)
Hands of Clay (Rokugan)
Jurojin's Balm (Magic of Rokugan)
Kami's Hand (Mage Hand)
Kami's Protection (Resistance)
Mage Hand
Pebble Charm (Magic of Rokugan)
[Crab] Shadowing (Fortune & Winds)
Agasha's Touch (Rokugan)
Call Fire (Rokugan)
Dancing Lights
Disrupt Undead
Flickering Flame (Magic of Rokugan)
Flaring Speed (Magic of Rokugan)
Isawa's Eye (Flare)
Jade Touch (Disrupt Undead)
Whisper's of the Kami (Magic of Rokugan)
Drawing out the Void (Magic of Rokugan)
Void Touch (Magic of Rokugan)
Accounts of Shorihotsu (Detect Magic)
Cleanse (Magic of Rokugan)
Cure Minor Wounds
Detect Poison
Purify Flood and Drink
M. Bless. of Shorihotsu (Purify Food & Drink)
Moment of Peace (Cure Minor Wounds)
Purity (Magic of Rokugan)
Suitengu's Surge (Magic of Rokugan)
Summon Water (Create Water)
Commune with Elements (Rokugan)
Detect Magic
Read Magic
Summon (Rokugan)
Wisdom of the Fortunes (Read Magic)

1st Level Spells
The Arrow's Flight (Magic of Rokugan)
Blessed Winds (Magic of Rokugan)
Blessing of Kaz-no-Kami (Feather Fall)
By the Lig. of L. Mo. (Detect Snares & Pits)
Detect Snares and Pits
Disguise Self
Expeditious Retreat
False Face (Change Self)
Feather Fall
Lesser Mists of Illusion (Silent Image)
Quiescence of Air (Rokugan)
Silent Image
Speed of the Hair (Expeditious Retreat)
Wind-Borne Slumbers (Sleep)
[Phoenix] Serpent's Tongue (Way of the Shugenja)
Anger of Earth (Magic Stone)
Biting Steel (Magic Weapon)
Earth's Mercy (Magic of Rokugan)
Earth's Stagnation (Rokugan)
Iuchi's Armor (Shield of Faith)
Magic Stone
Magic Weapon
Pass Without Trace
Protection From Taint (Rokugan)
Protection of Shinsei (Sanctuary)
Walk Without Passing (Pass without Trace)
Whispers of the Land (Magic of Rokugan)
[Crab] Crystal's Dawn (Way of the Shugenja)
[Crab] Shadowbinding (Fortunes & Winds)
Aura of Flame (Farie Fire)
Burn the Mind (Hypnotism)
Burning Hands
Cause Fear
Evil Ward (Magic of Rokugan)
Eye of the Sun (Rokugan)
Faerie Fire
Fear (Cause Fear)
Never Alone (Magic of Rokugan)
Ruined Earth (Magic of Rokugan)
Shocking Grasp
Touch of Thunder (Shocking Grasp)
Look into the Void (Magic of Rokugan)
Touch of All (Magic of Rokugan)
Calm Mind (Remove Fear)
Castle of Water (Rokugan)
Charm Animals
Cure Light Wounds
Detect Taint (Oriental Adv.)
Ebbing Strength (Magic of Rokugan)
Gift of the Kami (Bless)
Heart of Nature (Charm Animal)
Obscuring Mist
Path to Inner Peace (Cure Light Wounds)
Remove Fear
Speak with Animals
Speed of the Waterfall (Magic of Rokugan))
Spirit of Water (Magic of Rokugan)
Summon Fog (Obscuring Mist)
Endure Elements
Heart of Osano-Wo (Endure Elements)
Importune Kami (Magic of Rokugan)
Sense Spirit (Magic of Rokugan)
[Soultwister] Bloodlust (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwister] Heaven's Blessing (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwister] Primal Nature (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwister] Separate the Soul (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwister] Slow the Spirit (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwister] The Smith's Lament (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwister] The Veil of Death (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwister] Whispered Secrets (Way of the Shugenja)
[Kanosei] Dance of the Elements (Way of the Shugenja)
Water and Earth (Way of the Shugenja)

2nd Level Spells
-- AIR
Benten's Touch (Rokugan)
Call Upon the Breeze (Levitate)
Color Spray
Detect Thoughts
Distracting Spirits (Magic of Rokugan)
Eyes Shall Not See (Magic of Rokugan)
Greater Quiescence (Silence)
Know the Mind (Detect Thoughts)
Know the Shadows (Oriental Adv.)
Lessons of the Lion (Magic of Rokugan)
Minor Image
Mists of Illusion (Minor Image)
Reflecting Mirror (Magic of Rokugan)
Yari of Air (Oriental Adv.)
[Crane] Guidance of the Wind (Way of Shungenja)
[Crane] Winter's Touch (Way of the Shugenja)
Armor of the Emperor (Barkskin)
Bear's Endurance
Courage of the 7 Thunders (Rokugan)
Earthen Barrier (Magic of Rokugan)
Fire from the Forge II (Make Whole)
Grasp of the Kami (Hold Person)
Hold Person
Lion's Might (Bull's Strength)
Make Whole
Mask of Jade (Magic of Rokugan)
Murmur of Earth (Magic of Rokugan)
Tetsubo of Earth (Oriental Adv.)
Way of Earth (Endurance)
Burning Kiss of Steel (Magic of Rokugan)
Burning the Ashes (Magic of Rokugan)
Cat's Grace
The Fires that Cleanse (Rokugan)
Flame Blade
Flaming Sphere
Heat Metal
Hurried Steeps (Magic of Rokugan)
Inferno's Tooth (Heat Metal)
Katana of Flame (Flame Blade)
Oath of the Two Heavens (Magic of Rokugan)
Produce Flame
Summon Flame (Produce Flame)
Way of Fire (Cat's Grace)
Boundless Sight (Magic of Rokugan)
Drawing the Void (Rokugan)
Unraveling (Magic of Rokugan)
Bo of Water (Oriental Adv.)
Clarity of Purpose (Magic of Rokugan)
Cure Moderate Wounds
Delay Poison
Fog Cloud
Fortune's Turn (Magic of Rokugan)
Freedom of Water (Remove Paralysis)
Iuchi's Sling (Magic of Rokugan)
Lesser Restoration
Locate Object
Mend the Spirit (Lesser Restoration)
Minor Blessing of Purity (Delay Poison)
Path to Inner Peace II (Cure Moderate Wounds)
Remove Paralysis
Resist Energy
The Ties that Bind (Locate Objects)
Wisdom and Clarity (Rokugan)
[Mantis] Endless Seas (Way of the Shugenja)
Bewildering Substitution (C. Champion)
Bewildering Visions (C. Champion)
Importune Kami II (Magic of Rokugan)
Interfatih Blessing (C. Champion)
[Soultwisters] Agony's Embrace (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwisters] Blackened Kharma (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwisters] Hungry Steel (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwisters] Night of Screams (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwisters] The Shield of Heav. (Way of the Shugenja)
[Kanosei] Kanosei's Blessing (Way of the Shugenja)
Fire and Water (Way of the Shugenja)
Water and Air (Way of the Shugenja)
[Crab] Cleanse Body (Way of the Shugenja)
[Crab] Crystalline Prison (Way of the Shugenja)
[Phoenix] Whispering Flames (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwister] Death's Dark Embrace (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwisters] Delicious Pain (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwisters] Fury of the Wild (Way of the Shugenja)

3rd Level Spells
Castle of Air (Wind Wall)
Cloak of Night (Magic of Rokugan)
Dispel Slumber (Magic of Rokugan)
Essence of Air (Invisibility)
False Tongue (Rokugan)
Glimpse of the Soul's Shadow (Haste)
Greater Mists of Illusion (Major Image)
Gust of Wind
Kaze's Fury (Gust of Wind)
Major Image
Watchful Spirit (Clairaudi./Clairvoyance)
Wingblast (Dragon Magic)
Wind Wall
[Phoenix] Weight of the Heavens (Way of the Shugenja)
Agasha's Kiss (Magic of Rokugan)
Aid of the Kami (Prayer)
Biting Steel II (Greater Magic Weapon)
Blood Curse (Magic of Rokugan)
Greater Magic Weapon
Kaiu's Jade (Magic of Rokugan)
Know the Earth (Stone Shape)
Magic Circle Against Taint (Oriental Adv.)
Meld into Stone
Plant Growth
Rapid Growth (Plant Growth)
Stone Shape
Tremor (Rokugan)
Walk Through the Mount. (Meld into Stone)
[Crab, Minor Secret] Minor Binding (Way of the Shugenja)
[Dragon] Earthen Blade (Way of the Shugenja)
Breath of Suitengu (Water Breathing)
Burn the Soul (Oriental Adv.)
Call Lightning
Disrupt the Aura (Magic of Rokugan)
Fire Wings (C. Arcane)
Fire Wings (Magic of Rokugan)
Fury of Osano-Wo (Call Lighting)
Gaijin Flames (Magic of Rokugan)
Hungry Blade (Keen Edge)
Keen Edge
Osano-Wo's Blessing (Magic of Rokugan)
Path to Inner Peace III (Cure Serious Wounds)
Remove Blindness/Deafness
Remove Curse
Remove Disease
Sun's Anger (Searing Light)
Walking Upon the Waves (Water Walk)
Wonderful Origami Furoshiki (Oriental Adv.)
[Lion] Matsu's Fury (Way of the Shugenja)
Contemplate the Void (Rokugan)
Voice of the Void (Magic of Rokugan)
Breath of Suitengu (Water Breathing)
The Inner Ocean (Magic of Rokugan)
Path to the In. Peace III (Cure Serious Wounds)
Remove Blindness/Deafness
Remove Curse
Remove Disease
Ride Through the Night (Magic of Rokugan)
Skein of Sleep at 3rd level (Fortunes &Winds)
Surging Soul (Magic of Rokugan)
Walking Upon the Waves (Magic of Rokugan)
Water Breathing
Water Walk
Wonderful Origami Furoshiki (Rokugan)
Armor of the Kami (Protect. from Elements)
Counterspell (Dispel Magic)
Dispel Magic
Glyph of Warding
Importune Kami III (Magic of Rokugan)
Protection from Energy
Spirit Sight (Magic of Rokugan)
Summon Minor Kami (Summon Nature's Ally III)
Wards (Glyph of Warding)
[Soultwister] Drink the Soul (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwister] Gift of the Fortunes (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwister] Twisted Form (Way of the Shugenja)
[Bloodspeaker] Fire and Blood (Way of the Shugenja)
Air and Earth (Way of the Shugenja)
Fire and Air (Way of the Shugenja)
[Crab] Crystal Torch (Way of the Shugenja)
[Crane] Quickness of a Breeze (Way of the Shugenja)
[Fox] Touch of the Kitsune
[Soultwister] Drink the Soul (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwister] Interrogate the Weak (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwister] Kharmic Sundering (Way of the Shugenja)
[Soultwister] Lost in Dream (Way of the Shugenja)

4th Level Spells
Air Walk
Blessing of Isora (Magic of Rokugan)
Bridge to Yomi (Magic of Rokugan)
Detect Scrying
Discern Lies
Hallucinatory Terrain
Illusory Wall
Mist Upon the Lands (Hallucinatory Terrain)
See the Seer (Detect Scrying)
Walk Upon the Wind (Air Walk)
Wall of Mists (Illusionary Wall)
Whispering Wind (Discern Lies)
Whispers of Twilight (Magic of Rokugan)
Wisdom of the Kami (Rokugan)
[Crane] Steal the Breath (Way of the Shugenja)
[Phoenix] Clouded Mind (Way of the Shugenja)
Anchor the Soul (Death Ward)
Death Ward
Dimensional Anchor
Immortal Steel (Rokugan)
Jade Strike (Oriental Adv.)
Lesson's of the Crab (Magic of Rokugan)
Mountain's Teeth (Spike Stones)
Slash of the Lion (Magic of Rokugan)
Spell Immunity
Spike Stones
Star-Filled Steel (Magic of Rokugan)
[Dragon] Defiance of Stone (Way of the Shugenja)
Chasing Osano-Wo (Lighting Bolt)
Extinguish (Quench)
Fire Shield
The Fires From Within (Rokugan)
Fist of Osano-Wo (Magic of Rokugan)
Flame Arrow
Lightning Bolt
Shroud of Flame (Fire Shield)
Tamori's Curse (Magic of Rokugan)
Wall of Fire
Warning Flame (Magic of Rokugan)
Endless Depth (Magic of Rokugan)
Kharmic Intent (Rokugan)
Whispered Blade (Magic of Rokugan)
Blessing of Purity (Neutralize Poison)
Control Water
Cure Critical Wounds
Locate Creature
Near to Ice (Rokugan)
Neutralize Poison
Open the Waves (Control Water)
Path to Inner Peace IV (Cure Critical Wounds)
Restore the Spirit (Restoration)
Stand Against the Waves (Magic of Rokugan)
The Ties that Bind II (Locate Creature)
Torrential Rain (Magic of Rokugan)
Yuki's Touch (Magic of Rokugan)
[Mantis] Crushing Waves (Way of the Shugenja)
Importune Kami IV (Magic of Rokugan)
[Bloodspeaker] Taint Strike (Way of the Shugenja)
[Phoenix] Stifling Wind (Way of the Shugenja)

5th Level Spells
Bad Kharma (Rokugan)
City of Mists (Mirage Arcana)
Control Winds
Dance of the Kami (Magic of Rokugan)
Dimension Door
Greater Invisibility
Lord of the Sky (Dragon Magic)
Mirage Arcana
Persistent Image
Piercing the Soul (Magic of Rokugan)
Purity of Air (Improved Invisibility)
Spirit or Air (Dimension Door)
Summon the Wind (Control Winds)
Symbol of Air (Magic of Rokugan)
True Mists of Illusion (Persistent Image)
[Mantis] Sanctuary of Ningen-Do(W. of Sh.)
Dispel of Taint (Oriental Adv.)
Embrace of Kenro-Ji-Jin (Magic of Rokugan)
Force of Will (Rokugan)
Jurojin's Curse (Magic of Rokugan)
Kami's Refusal (Spell Resistance)
Open the Mountain (Passwall)
Soul Sword (Magic of Rokugan)
Spell Resistance
Symbol of Earth (Magic of Rokugan)
Wall of Iron
Wall of Stone
Breath of the Fire Dragon (Fire Breath)
Burning Steps (Magic of Rokugan)
Dragon Br.(Red or Gold only) (C. Divine)
Energy Vortex (Fire only) (C. Divine)
Flame Strike
Osano-Wo's Embrace (Rokugan)
Scatter the Soul's Flame (Magic of Rokugan)
Shorihotsu's Wraith (Feeblemind)
Symbol of Fire (Magic of Rokugan)
The Thunder's Strike (Flame Strike)
[Dragon] Defiance of Fire (Way of the Shugenja)
Essence of the Void (Rokugan)
Void Strike (Magic of Rokugan)
Unraveling III (Magic of Rokugan)
Blessing of Healing (Healing Circle)
Cure Light Wounds, Mass
Divinity Pool (Scrying)
Energy Transference (Magic of Rokugan)
Judgement of the Kami (Atonement)
Path of the Scorpion (Rokugan)
Righteous Might
The Path Not Taken (Magic of Rokugan)
Strength of the Thunders (Righteous Might)
Strike of Flowing Waters (Magic of Rokugan)
Symbol of Water (Magic of Rokugan)
Wall of Ice
Yuki's Blessing (Wall of Ice)
Bewildering Mischance (C. Champion)
Commune with Nature
Greater Commune (Commune with Nature)
Importune Kami V (Magic of Rokugan)
Summon Kami (Summon Nature's Ally V)
Summon Nature's Ally V
[Phoenix] Cryptic Cipher (Way of the Shugenja)
[Dragon] Mountain's Wrath (Way of the Shugenja)
[Phoenix] Soul Sword (W. of Sh.)
[Phoenix] Burning Gaze (Way of the Shugenja)
[Unicorn] Burning the Lifeblood (Way of the Shugenja)

6th Level Spells
Blessing of the Four Winds (Magic of Rokugan)
Call Upon Kaze-no-Kami (Wind Walk)
Dominate Mind (Rokugan)
Eternal Mists of Illusion (Permanent Image)
Facing your Devils (Magic of Rokugan)
The Kami Watch Over Me (Magic of Rokugan)
Mist Upon the Soul (Veil)
Permanent Image
Vengeance of Kaz-no-Kami (Cloudkill)
Wind Walk
Wisdom of the Air Dragon (Magic of Rokugan)
[Fox] Bane of the Kitsune
Antimagic Field
Armor of the Emperor II (Stoneskin)
Flight of the Kami (Antimagic Field)
Harvest of Jade (Magic of Rokugan)
Know the Earth (Move Earth)
Move Earth
Powers of the Earth Dragon (Magic of Rokugan)
Prison of Earth [Trap the Soul for outsider] (Rokugan)
Stone Tell
[Soultwisters] Detect Passage (Way of the Shugenja)
Anger of the Noonday Sun (C. Divine)
Final Rest (Rokugan)
Fire Seeds
Fires of Purity (C. Divine)
Fires of Purity (Oriental Adv.)
Greater Glyph of Warding
Plain of Desperate Evil (Magic of Rokugan)
Rage of the Fire Dragon (Magic of Rokugan)
Symbol of Earth (Greater Glyph of Warding)
Yakamo's Anger (Oriental Adv.)
Balance the Elemental (Magic of Rokugan)
Unraveling IV (Magic of Rokugan)
Command of the Clouds (Control Weather)
Ebb and Flow of Battle (Magic of Rokugan)
The Emperor's Road (Magic of Rokugan)
Heart of the Water Dragon (Magic of Rokugan)
Kharma (Fortune & Winds)
Master of the Rolling River (Oriental Adv.)
Peace of the Kami (Heal)
Perceive Harmony (True Seeing)
Silent Waters (Contingency)
Skein of Sleep at 6th level (Fortunes &Winds)
Within the Waves (Rokugan)
Detect Passage (Fortunes & Winds)
Greater Counterspell (Greater Dispelling)
Importune Kami VI (Magic of Rokugan)
Kharma (Rokugan)
Summ. Greater Kami (Summon Nature Ally VI)
Earth and Fire (Way of the Shugenja)
[Phoneix] Path of Suitengu (Way of the Shugenja)
[Bloodspeaker] Dark Favors (Way of the Shugenja)

7th Level Spells
Borne by the Wind (Magic of Rokugan)
Greater Deception (Mislead)
Guardian of Air (Magic of Rokugan)
Mass Invisibility
Mists of Cunning (Programmed Image)
Passage into Dream (Fortunes & Winds)
Poison of the Windspider (Rokugan)
Programmed Image
Ryoshun's First Gift (Magic of Rokugan)
Teleport II (Vanish)
Teleport Object
True Essence of Air (Mass Invisibility)
Essence of Earth (Rokugan)
Flesh to Stone
Guardian of Earth (Magic of Rokugan)
Kami's Reflection (Spell Turning)
Laughter of the Risen Earth (Magic of Rokugan)
Passage into Darkness (Fortunes & Winds)
Spell Turning
Tome of Jade (Oriental Adv.)
Wooden Prison (Magic of Rokugan)
[Lion] The Rolling Earth (Way of the Shugenja)
Breath of Thunder Drag. (Chain Lightning)
Chain Lightning
Death of Flame (Rokugan)
Fire Storm
Grandfather's Word (Magic of Rokugan)
Guardian of Fire (Magic of Rokugan)
Kuro's Fire (Magic of Rokugan)
Passage into Death (Fortunes & Winds)
Scatter the Soul's Flame (Magic of Rokugan)
Tempest of Fire (Fire Storm)
Essence of All (Magic of Rokugan)
The Flow of Time (Rokugan)
Passage into Harmony (Fortunes & Winds)
Unbound (Magic of Rokugan)
Control Weather
Creeping Cold, Greater (C. Divine)
Endless Deluge (Magic of Rokugan)
The Flow of Time (Rokugan)
Greater Divinatory Pool (Greater Scrying)
Greater Restoration
Greater Scrying
Guardian of Water (Magic of Rokugan)
Master of the Rolling River (C. Divine)
Osaku's Lifeblood (Magic of Rokugan)
Passage into Chaos (Fortunes & Winds)
The Penetrating Drop (Rokugan)
Revive the Spirit (Greater Restoration)
True Seeing
Winds of Change (Rokugan)
Words of the Kami (Rokugan)
Dispel Magic, Greater
Importune Kami VII (Summon Nature Ally VII)
Summon Major Kami (Summon Nature Ally VII)
[Crab] Brittle Tempest (Way of Shungenja)
[Mantis] Elemental Vessel (Way of the Shugenja)
[Phoenix] The Soul's Prison (Way of the Shugenja)
[Bloodspeakers] Blood of the Ages (Way of the Shugenja)

8th Level Spells
Alter Mind (Magic of Rokugan)
Summ. Major Kami (Summ. Nature Ally VII)
Banish the Eye (Screen)
Blessings of Jizo (Magic of Rokugan)
Call the Spirit (Magic of Rokugan)
Calling the Sun (Sunburst)
Slayer's Knives (Rokugan)
Teleport, Greater
Teleport III (Teleport without Error)
[Crane] Banish the Air (Way of Shugenja.)
Devastation of Stone (Magic of Rokugan)
Kami's Refusal II (Protection form Spells)
Kami's Strength (Magic of Rokugan)
Oni Warding (Magic of Rokugan)
Protection from Spells
Time's Deadly Hand (Rokugan)
Boiling Fire (Magic of Rokugan)
Calling the Sun (Sunburst)
Curse of the Burning Hand (Magic of Rokugan)
The Element's Fury (Magic of Rokugan)
Eye of the Moon (Power Word Blind)
Everburning Rage (Rokugan)
Fraying of Jigoku (Incendiary Cloud)
Power Word Blind
[Crab, Major Secret] Major Binding (Way of Shungenja)
End of Illusions (Magic of Rokugan)
Unraveling V (Magic of Rokugan)
Visage of the Void (Rokugan)
Discern Location
Gather the Clouds (Magic of Rokugan)
Hands of the Tides (Magic of Rokugan)
Kingdom Beneath the Sea (Magic of Rokugan)
Major Blessing of Healing (Mass Heal)
Mass Heal
Regrow the Wound (Regenerate)
Tides of Battle (Magic of Rokugan)
The Ties That Bind III (Discern Location)
Waves Are Ever Changing (Rokugan)
Importune Kami VIII (Magic of Rokugan)
Summon True Kami (Summon Nature Ally VIII)
[Lion] Breath of Battle (Way of the Shugenja)

9th Level Spells
Doji's Curse (Magic of Rokugan)
Look Into the Soul (Magic of Rokugan))
The Mirror's Smile (Rokugan)
Ring of Air (Magic of Rokugan)
Seeing Ages Past (Magic of Rokugan)
Teleport IV (Teleportation Circle)
Walking the Way (Rokugan)
Castle of Earth (Magic of Rokugan)
Essence of Earth III (Rokugan)
Maw of the Earth (Magic of Rokugan)
Purity of the Seven Thunders (Rokugan)
Quest for the Pearl (Magic of Rokugan)
Ring of Earth (Magic of Rokugan)
Slumber (Magic of Rokugan)
Warding (Antipathy)
Call of Heaven (Rokugan)
Choke the Soul (Magic of Rokugan)
Final Ruin (Magic of Rokugan)
Follow the Flame (Rokugan)
Ring of Fire (Magic of Rokugan)
Tears of the Heavens (Meteor Swarm)
Turmoil (Magic of Rokugan)
Banished to the Outer Dark. (Magic of Rokugan)
Divine the Future (Rokugan)
Draw Back the Veil (Magic of Rokugan)
Master the Void (Magic of Rokugan)
Ring of Void (Magic of Rokugan)
Kharmic Vengeance (Magic of Rokugan)
Kumo's Black Embrace (Magic of Rokugan)
Peace of the Kami (Magic of Rokugan)
Ring of Water (Magic of Rokugan)
Skein of Sleep at 9th level (Fortunes &Winds)
Storm of Vengeance
Suitengu's Embrace (Rokugan)
True Ressurrection
Tsunami (Rokugan)
Wheel of Fortune (Rokugan)
Elemental Swarm
Fury of the Kami (Elemental Swarm)
Importune Kami IX (Magic of Rokugan)
Rise, Kami (Summon Nature's Ally IX)
Summon Nature's Ally IX
Transform (Magic of Rokugan)
Suitengu's Wraith (Way of the Shugenja)





































(C. Champion) = Complete Champion
(C. Divine) = Complete Divine
(Dragon Magic) = Dragon Magic
(Magic of Rokugan) = Magic of Rokugan
(Oriental Adv.) = Oriental Adventures
(Rokugan) = Rokugan Campaign Setting
(Way of the Shugenja) = Way of the Shugenja

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Oriental Table of Contents

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