Rolling Up a Character

Dice aren't used when rolling up a character, instead points are spent developing the characters.

1.   Pick an Origin; where did your character come from. Check the Origins page. What is your character's back story, where did they come from and who are they. All players are human, but can be of any race (black, white, Hispanic, Japanese etc). They have either gone through the Prometheus Effect at one of the various Psionic Orders or they are a normal human recruited by Aeon Trinity. You also need to pick a homeland, or nation. You could come from a space station, the Lunar Bases, Mars, Mercury colonies, the Venus Station, Saturn or Uranus stations or from the Asteroid Belt. Most people come from earth, followed by those from earth orbiting stations or the Moon. People who don't live in what is called Local Space are few and far between.
2.   The Series is the campaign; Contact Coalition, Dan. You have joined Aeon Trinity to help fight the Aberrant threat and to try and unite the world against the coming alien threat.
3.   Next you must choose your Nature and Demeanor. Nature; a personality archetype that best suits your character's true personality. Your Nature is important because when you fulfill your Nature you can regain Willpower. Your Demeanor is how you act and look around others. Often your Nature and Demeanor are different. A few examples are: Analyst, Architect, Bravo, Bureaucrat, Caregiver, Conniver, Critic, Explorer, Follower, Hedonist, Jester, Judge, Leader, Martyr, Rebel, Survivor, Thrill Seeker, Traditionalist, Visionary (Aeon page 177, see this section for details) or Architect, Bon Vivant, Bravo, Caregiver, Child, Conformist, Conniver, Curmudgeon, Deviant, Director, Fanatic, Gallant, Jester, Judge, Loner, Martyr, Rebel, Survivor, Traditionalist, or Visionary (Vampire the Masquerade page 88, see this section for details). The DM must know your nature, but you only have to present your demeanor to your party members. Burning Willpower gives you extra successes, and lets you keep going through adversity, even some powers are charged with your Willpower so it is important to have a Nature that you can role play well. The demeanor is just how you act. For example you might want to be a Follower; gain Willpower if you help the team succeed because your carry out your assigned duty, but you might have a demeanor of a Leader, totally opposite of your true Nature. To the group you appear as a take charge kind of guy who wants to command, but you reluctantly follow orders. Secretly you want to follow orders, you want someone else to shoulder the burden of leadership. It is pretty easy to regain Willpower if you are a Follower, it may not be so easy if you take Leader; who gains Willpower when the group follows his orders without disputing them (When does a group follow the leader and not argue with them?). Your Nature and Demeanor can be the same thing, that only means that you are being honest.
4.   Attributes: The physical, mental and social stats for your character. The Attributes come in 3 groups and all start at 1 point. You then select your primary, secondary and tertiary Attributes. You get:
              7 points for your Primary Attributes
              5 points for your Secondary Attributes
              3 points for your Tertiary Attributes.
Chose between Physical, Mental and Social. Then spend the points among the subcategories. Later you will buy Abilities in the subcategories for your Attributes.
Spend your points in (type) Attribute:
  (Physical) (Mental) (Social)
  Strength Perception Appearance
  Dexterity Intelligence Manipulation


Stamina Wits Charisma
You must pick either Physical, Mental or Social as one of your Primary, Secondary or Tertiary groups that you spend the points in. For example you could chose to be a Strong Character and take (Physical) as your primary group. You could spend 3 points for Strength, 3 points for Stamina and 1 point for Dexterity (you might be a little clumsy). Next you need to decide which one is going to be your secondary group; either Mental or Social. Spend 5 points in your Secondary; say 1 in Perception, 2 in Intelligence and 2 in Wits. Next you spend your points for your Tertiary group; say 2 in Appearance and 1 in Manipulation. Later you will get bonus points to spend, so this isn't final. If you have 4 or more points in an Attribute you get a Quality (maximum of 3). A Quality allows you to roll again whenever you roll a 10 while rolling for that stat. This differs from Specialties that give you and extra dice to roll. If you are really good at one area both can apply.
5.   Allegiance: which Psionic Order do you belong to?
                    AEsculapians--healers (heal people),
                    ISRA--clairsentients (see what others don't),
                    The Legions--psychokinetics (able to move things with mental power),
                    The Ministry--telepaths (able to read minds),
                    Norca--biokinetics (able to change bodies, usually your own),
                    Ogroteck--electrokinetics (control over electricity), or
                    Neutrals (no powers at all).
This will determine what powers you have (Psi Order and power explanations start on Aeon page 191). You will have 3 points to spend among your three possible Psionic Modes (Ability Groups). You start at one point in your primary psion for each discipline; usually that means you can sense what your discipline covers. For example Norca's get one point in Biokinetics and have a sense of all living things around them; they sense living things. They also get one point in Transmogrify; they can make gross changes. They get one point in Adaptation giving them Metabolic Efficiency. You get 3 more points to spend in those modes. You can even take one point in an mode that doesn't fall under your primary Allegiance (called an Auxiliary Mode, but only one point, never any more even when spending experience points). Each order comes from a different geological location and has a different variant of the Prometheus Machine. For example the ISRA is based on the Moon so if your character came from there, or went there, then they could be some type of clairsentients. Or you could come from Europe, or some other area, and went to the moon to join the ISRA. Psionics are tested for their psionic ability called latency. Those that test high enough can enter a Psionic Order. Some have a natural bend toward one Order, others are more general. Psionics are the default character concepts, but they have one problem and that is the direct interface with technological machines is hampered by their psionic power; the more items or the larger the interface the more the trouble. Normals (also called Neutrals) don't have this problem; they can accept a higher limited of tech implants allowing them direct interface with technological machines. A Normal person who works for Aeon will probably have a biological interface, except for those in purely support roles (paper pushers). If you decide to go Normal you will get extra bonus points to spend among your Merits, and Backgrounds. Normals have one point in Psi, but if they have a specially implanted biointerface they have 5 dots for purposes of biotechnic tolerance. Psions will have at least two dots. Psionic characters get more points because they are artificially enhanced by the Prometheus Chamber. Psionic members will have completed their training and service time (4 years) with their Psionic Order. They left the order for their own reasons and recently joined Aeon Trinity. Each order has its own psionic forces that follow their own agenda. Aeon Trinity's agenda is to defend against the Aberrant attacks, unite warring nations, scheming corporations, various groups and stop the international bickering. Aeon Trinity wants a united humanity to face the future and the coming alien attacks. You will need to write your Psionic Modes down on your character sheet and spilt 3 points among them, you start with 1 free point in your primary mode. You can have up to 6 modes, most people concentrate on only 3 though. You can only select modes from your Psionic Order and they must be developed in order. You start with 1 free point in your primary mode. Alternative Psionic Modes can be found in the background books and on the psionic description page.
6.   You get to spend 10 points among Abilities determined by your order:
                    AEsculapian: Academics, Awareness, Medicine (must spend a minimum of one point on Medicine), Meditation, Resistance, or Science.
                    ISRA: Athletics, Awareness, Investigation, Meditation, Pilot, Rapport.
                    The Legions: Athletics, Brawl or Martial Arts (choose one), Command, Firearms, Melee, or Survival.
                    The Ministry: Bureaucracy, Command, Etiquette, Interrogation, Martial Arts or Rapport.
                    Norca: Athletics, Brawl or Martial Arts (choose one), Intrusion, Melee, Stealth, Savvy
                    Orgoket: Academics, Bureaucracy, Firearms, Science, Subterfuge, or Engineering.
7.   Abilities describe a character even more. Abilities are added to Attributes to create your dice pool, to perform a certain task which is equal to 1d10 per point (they are explained on Aeon page 162). Abilities start at 0 points and are also rated on a scale of 1-5. You can't take any Ability over 3 when creating a character. Psionic Abilities are your psionic powers and were purchased above. You have 13 points to spend among your Abilities (max 3 per Ability). The Abilities are listed, on the character sheet, under each Attribute to which they are most commonly assigned. If you want to use a melee weapon then you need to develop the Ability for it, consult with the Melee Weapon chart and chose either; Axes and Picks, Blades, Blunt, Fist Load, Flexible, Polearm or Staff. You will then have an Ability with that class of weapons, you need to add this to your character sheet yourself. It is easy to swap one Blade (or sword) for another, but using a tonfa or halbred would be two totally different skills, so the Abilities vary. Hand-to-Hand Fighting is covered under Martial Arts or Brawling and all Guns use the Firearms Ability.
8.   Advantages; are Knowledge, Skills, Talents, Background, Flaws and Merits. They further develop the character's background. Backgrounds are written on the character sheet, your Flaws and Merits are written on the back (Backgrounds are explained on Aeon page 186). You have 7 points to spend on backgrounds (10 for Normals or Neutrals, those without psionic powers). You will have to check the Background sheet for some backgrounds and it will refer you to the proper website(s). Not all backgrounds will work, some are written only for Vampires. Discuss each Background that you take with the DM. Psionic characters get more points overall because they are artificially enhanced by the Prometheus Chamber.
9.   You have 15 bonus points to spend anywhere on your character sheet (21 points if you are a normal) that you want; including Attributes, Abilities, Backgrounds, Flaws or Merits. You can't take any Attribute past 5 points or any Ability past 3 points. The DM reserves the right to throw extraordinary creatures at the party that may have more than 5 dots in an area. Bonus points must be spent according to the following table:
  Trait Cost per Dot Trait Cost Per Dot  
  Attribute 5   Auxiliary Psion Modes 6  
  Abilities 2   Willpower 2  
  Specialties 1   PSI 5  
  Backgrounds 1   Initiative 1  
  Aptitude Modes 4   Merits Listed  
  Flaws Listed        
When you take 4 or more points in an Attribute or Ability you get to take a Specialty. Write your Specialty down next to the Attribute or Ability Stat. Specialties let your roll one more 1d10 when using that Ability. Look at important stats like Stamina and Willpower (Stamina and Willpower don't get a Quality or Specialty) to see if you want to increase them, or even your PSI rating.
11.    Record your special stats:
                          Willpower starts at 5 points.
                          PSI rating ([Stamina+ Wits + Charisma]/2 (round fractions up).
                          Initiative (Dexterity + Wits)

                          Movement speeds:
                                                    Walk 5 meters/round
                                                    Run at Dexterity + 12 meters/round
                                                    Sprint at [Dexterity x 3] +20 meters/round

12.    Determine Traits (Aeon page 162)
· Age: (remember your character has spent 4 years in a Psionic Order, you can't undergo the Prometheus Effect until you are 16 years old, and the Psionic Order will not count education time as service time). Most people go to college prior to undergoing the Prometheus Effect, but it is not a requirement. Some people undergo the Prometheus Effect so they could concentrate on their psionic powers during college. The Ministry has "dunked" people as young as 14, but usually they wait for puberty to end because of the emotional turmoil it causes.
· Height
· What do you look like
· How did you notice you were different after undergoing the Prometheus Effect and why did you choose that Psionic Order?
· What are your Quirks?
· Your race
· Who is important in your life?
· What do you own, based on your resources. (Aeon Trinity will provide dorms you can rent).
· How you perceive the world around you (are you angry, grateful to be out of the FSA wastelands, out for money etc.).
· What are your motivations?
· You speak English, any more languages costs 1 background point.
· You will be a citizen of Great Britain, any more nations that you want to become a citizen of will have to be purchased at 1 background point. Dual citizenship is recognized by most nations, but rarely tri-citizenship to have this you will need a special reason. Most of the time citizenship is derived from the parents and the nation where you were born--in that order.
· The Storyteller has determined that you have all joined Aeon Trinity, hopefully to strengthen humanity so it can stand against their enemies. You are Special Agents, members of the Protus Division, the active arm of Aeon Trinity; providing investigation and defense services. Protus is primarily concerned with the Aberration threat.
· If you have at least one point in Drive you will have a driver's license.
· You will have a passport for Great Britain, but any travel will have to be authorized.
· You will have a TV license and a license for up to 5 computers (in England TV licenses are required, they are expensive and used to sponsor the BBC).
· You will have a license for a handgun. Weapon licenses are rare in England and Europe, in England most of the police don't carry handguns. You may carry a melee weapon, but walking around on the street with a sword at your side is going to take some pretty powerful explanations. Having anything over a 3" blade (Dagger) is illegal to carry in public.
13.   Write a background; this explains where you come from and what your character did before joining the game. It is important to have a back story so the Storyteller can use it to add an extra dimension to the game. Possible hooks might be an old enemy or a rival from school. Or maybe your family has a secret like criminal ancestors or cousins. You will have a small salary from Aeon Trinity, that will be discussed once the game has begun, not before that point.
You can carry 10 kg (about 22 lbs) of material for each dot in Strength. Exceeding your encumbrance increases the Difficulty of all rolls by one. For each 10 kg (about 22 lbs) over your encumbrance you lose 1 meter of movement speed. Of course your Encumbrance goes up in low-g and micro-g situations, however the mass remains so the +1 Difficulty for being encumbered also remains. You also lose 1 meter of movement per 10 kg over your encumbrance you are carrying. If the total weight is twice your Strength you can't move. Gravity differs on other planets and moons. The weight a character carries is multiplied by the G rating of the planet, however the mass remains the same. This means you can carry or push large weights, but when you try to start, stop or change direction you will have to contend with their mass.
Body Gravity Body Gravity  
  Mercury 0.38 g   Ceres (Asteroid) 0.028 g  
  Earth 1.0 g   Juno (Asteroid) 0.0122 g  
  Moon (Luna) 0.1654 g   Phallas (Asteroid) 0.0183 g  
  Mars 0.376 g   Vesta (Asteroid) 0.025g  
  Phobos (Mars's Moon) 0.525 g   Ganymede (Saturn's Moon) 0.146 g  
  Deimos (Mars's Moon) 0.0398 g   Triton (Uranus's Moon) 0.795 g  
Remember that most places use gravity plates for health reasons, our bodies are designed for 1 g and at lighter g we start losing bone mass and muscle. Calculate your encumbrance under 1 g, the game will be based in London England on Earth. There are people who grew up on the Moon, in the Asteroid Belt, and on some space stations that have lived all their lives in micro-g or low-g. These people have more delicate bones and are taller. While the possible range of characters covers them; they are actually NPCs their weaknesses are too much of a liability for general characters to have. Now days all stations, space ships, and colonies use gravity plates to keep things at 1-g; it's usually healthier. In 0.6 g or lower you gain one dot in Strength and Stamina, but lose one dot in Dexterity, until you get acclimated, which takes 30 days under that gravity. If you are under 1.5 g or greater you lose two dots of Strength and Dexterity. You can not get acclimated to this weight and operate normally, you would have to be born under this gravity field and physically developed the skeleton and muscle mass to maneuver normally under such a high g load.

14.   Starting Resources: You can start with an old beat up, used car if you take at least one point in Drive, you will also have a driver's license. A lease on a small one bedroom flat will be paid for by Aeon Trinity. If you have a point in Firearms you will be issued one weapon; provided it can be concealed and is not a rifle. If that weapon requires ammunition, and most do you will have to provide it, but that shouldn't be a major problem unless you want specially made ammunition. If you want a melee weapon the same rules apply. You can deal with the Storyteller to start with more gear or better gear (like a house) by spending background points during character development.
Character Creation
1.     Concept; choose your Origin
2.     Select your Demeanor and Nature, you can use the same for both.
3.     Write down the series; "Contact Coalition, Dan".
4.     Spend 13 points among your Attributes picking each group and spending 7, 5, or 3 points among them as you determine. Chose between Physical, Mental and Social.
                              Spend 7 points among your primary group.
                              Spend 5 points among your secondary group.
                              Spend 3 points among your tertiary group.
5.     Choose your Psionic Order and your Psionic Modes (Psionic Attributes) and spend 3 points among them. Normally only 3 modes are taken. You can spend one point in a Psion that is out of your order, but you will never be able to increase it.
6.     Spend 10 points among the Abilities connected to your Psionic Order (no Ability can start at over 3 points, all start at 0 points).
     · AEsculapian: Academics, Awareness, Medicine (must spend a minimum of one point on Medicine), Meditation, Resistance, or Science.
     -    ISRA: Athletics, Awareness, Investigation, Meditation, Pilot, Rapport.
     -    The Legions: Athletics, Brawl or Martial Arts (choose one), Command, Firearms, Melee, or Survival.
     -    The Ministry: Bureaucracy, Command, Etiquette, Interrogation, Martial Arts or Rapport.
     -    Norca: Athletics, Brawl or Martial Arts (choose one), Intrusion, Melee, Stealth, Savvy
     -    Orgoket: Academics, Bureaucracy, Firearms, Science, Subterfuge, or Engineering.
7.     Spend 13 points among all your Abilities, each Ability starts at 0 and can be raised to a maximum of 3 points when you start the game.
8.     Use 7 points to purchase your Knowledge, Skills, Talents, Background, Flaws and Merits.
9.     Spend 15 bonus points in any area (21 if you are a normal).
  Trait Cost per Dot Trait Cost per Dot  
  Attribute 5   Auxiliary Psion Modes 6  
  Abilities 2   Willpower 2  
  Specialties 1   PSI 5  
  Backgrounds 1   Initiative 1  
  Aptitude Modes 4   Merits Listed  
  Flaws Listed        
10.     Determine your Specialties if any (you get a Specialty if you have 4 or more dots in an Ability).
11.     Record your Willpower (5),
                              Psi ([Stamina + Wits + Charisma]/2, (round fractions up)
                              Initiative (Dexterity + Wits)
                              Movement speeds: Walk: 5 meters per round
                                       Run: [Dexterity + Wits] meters per round
                                       Sprint: ([Dexterity x3]+20) meters per round
12.     Determine your traits: height, age, looks, quirks, race, what is important, what you own, what are your motivations. You will Speak English and be a Citizen of Great Britain; any more languages or Citizenships will have to be purchased at the cost of one point each. You will have a Passport, a driver's license (if you have at least one point in Drive), a license for a TV (yes, they are licensed in England to support the BBC and they are expensive) and you will be licensed to carry a handgun or weapon (not a two-handed weapon). You will have a license to own and operate at least 5 computers.
13.     Write your background.
14.     Starting Resources:
If you have one point in Drive you will get a used car.
If you have one point in Firearms you will be issued a gun and a license for it. You will have to provide your own ammunition. The same rules apply for melee weapons.
You will have a lease for a one bedroom flat paid for by Aeon Trinity.
You will have a license for a TV and for up to 5 computers.
You will get a salary from Aeon Trinity, more on that topic will be covered once the game has begun.
Awarding Experience Points

Up to 9 Experience Points can be awarded in one session, typically at the end of the evening's session or the current chapter. Points are awarded based on this table:
Automatic: Each character receives one point for participating in the session.
Discovery: If the character understands something new and significant about themselves, their fellow psions or the universe.
Exceptional Roleplaying: If a character plays their character particularly well. It is not awarded for outlandish out-of-character antics.
Heroism: If the character risked their life to save the day in a dramatic situation they can be awarded an Experience Point, stupidity does not count.
Wisdom: If the character discovered a way out of a trap or learned truth behind a mystery they earn an Experience Point. Often this is a group action, where the whole group puts the pieces together in that case each group member who participated in this gains an Experience Point.
Creativity: Players who add to the story's enjoyment, but who don't distract from the game. This includes; well-developed backgrounds, character journals or introducing new story elements. This bonus is highly discretionary and should be awarded infrequently.
Cohesion: If the characters work well together, defeating their foes or strategically investigating all avenues of information.
Story Milestones: At the conclusion of a major part of the story the Storyteller can award an Experience Point.
As always the Storyteller can award experience for exception play as either a group or individual award.

Spending Experience Points
Experience points are earned while playing the game, 5 points is normal for one session. You may save your experience points or spend them, you can only do this between sessions, not in the middle of a session.
Trait Increase Cost
Attribute current rating x6
Ability current rating x4
Background current rating x3
Aptitude Mode (psionics) current rating x5
Willpower current rating x3
PSI current rating x6
Initiative current rating x1
New Trait Cost
Ability 4
Specialty (max 3) current rating
Background 3
Aptitude Mode (psionics) 7
Auxilary Mode (max 1 dot) 10

Ideally you spend your experience points among the activities that you participated in while playing. For example if you shot your weapon a lot then you can increase your Firearms Ability, but you shouldn't increase your Brawl. Experience is gained through play, or extra training. The Mentor is the exception to this rule, your Mentor can train you in any one of your Abilities or train you in your Attributes. Mentors aren't just trainers though, if you take this Background then you will have to deal with an NPC Mentor in the game. A person with wants, needs and desires of their own (you will also need to include how you meet them in your background and give the DM some information on them so he can play them. The DM will create the character sheet, if one is needed. Some Abilities may require research; which takes time and usually money. Having access to a library is a possible Merit background. You can increase knowledge--related Traits at low levels, with in--depth research. At higher ratings, however, you must combine study with application. If you haven't used an Ability or Attribute that you want to increase then you must train for it; like going to the Gym and lifting weights to increase your Strength. Attending most of these costs money and it will cost time. There is down time that runs between each session which you can spend in training and in research, but you have to set it up in the game. You will need to establish these training periods in your story during role playing time and down time in between each session. Aeon Trinity will provide some training places; like a gym or some psionic training from the Orders, but you will have to provide your own library if you want more than just the basics. The Gym can be used to build up your Physical Attributes or Abilities, they will even offer Martial Arts classes. Aeon Trinity will also host a weapon range for firearms and bows. The basic library that Aeon Trinity supplies can let you add only one point to any Mental Attribute with the expenditure of experience points. You will need your own library to go further. The Appearance Attribute and Abilities will have to be developed on your own (plastic surgery is one option, but you would have to pay for it). If you take an Attribute or Ability up to four or five points then you have to spend experience points on your Specialties, but you can only have a maximum of 3 Specialties for your character each Ability. If you don't have enough experience points then you can gain the Specialty the next time Experience Points are given and spent.
     Contacts; cost in money, favors, information and time.
     Allies; must be nurtured they to will have their own needs that you must address them.
     Followers; also must be nurtured, they may need training, money and time spent among them.
You can gain new backgrounds without having to spend the experience points through role playing. For example you can gain contacts among the police if you spend some time with them and train with them, or help them in some way. However, the Storyteller may require you to spend experience points to keep those contacts. For example helping the police can get you're a contact, but unless you buy the Background you may not be able to keep them. You can also spend your resources for additional gear. The group will be limited to purchasing 3 items at 3 points or less for a mission, this equipment will be checked out and turned in at the end of the mission. Additional equipment can be provided on a case-by-case basis. You will be issued one weapon, but you will have to buy the ammunition yourself.

You can also lose Attributes, Abilities and Backgrounds. If your contacts are killed then you lose them, if you are injured then the Storyteller may reduce your Attributes, to reflect those wounds. You don't just get good stuff by role playing you can also get the bad if you perform poorly. You can't just gain a Mentor without role playing, just like you can't double your vision without some training. If you take the Flaw poor eyesight, then glasses aren't good enough (that is too easy), you must find a different way to improve your vision, if it is even possible. Some flaws can be bought off with experience points, but some you are stuck with. Some points may be picked up by spending money, but just throwing money at the problem won't always fix it. Backgrounds must be paid off with experience points, they are not minor problems, but facets of your character.

It is possible to change your Nature, but not likely. You can't change it very often and you must have a good role playing reason to change yours. Remember that your Nature defines your personality's overriding focus, it is the basic fabric of your personality. You will need to go through some "soul searching" and have some pretty good reasons if you want to change your Nature.

You can't change Allegiance. You were trained by a Psionic Order and you can't undergo the Prometheus Effect again; it will ruin your mind. You may only develop one dot in a psion that is out of your Psionic Order. You may only take psionic training from one Psionic Order. Your primary Allegiance is now to Aeon Trinity. If that changes then you will no longer be a player character in the game, you may even become an enemy. You have recognized that there is a threat in Aliens and they are coming here. The other orders are not concerned about this and have their own agendas that sometimes conflict. All orders and Aeon Trinity is concerned about Aberrations.

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