Random Magical Side Effects Table


01 Grow ram horns (they last for 1D6 hours, attack damage 1D4) 51 Hear constant buzzing in your ears (lasts for 1D12 days), -1 to Listen Checks.
02 Hair becomes white (1D3 months). 52 Chronic and severe flatulence (lasts for 2D6 days).
03 Hair becomes a random color (this lasts 1D20+2 days). 53 Belch constantly for an hour after each meal (lasts 2D6 days).
04 Goes bald (1D3 months). 54 The creatures' hearing improves (+2 to hear noise), making them more susceptible to sonic attacks; -4 to save and double damage (this lasts for 1D6 rounds).
05 Hair and beard grows at and extraordinary rate for 1 day. 55 The creature falls into a death like trance (for 1D12 rounds).
06 Lose all body hair (2D6 weeks). 56 Develop a fear of closed spaces (lasts 2D6 days).
07 Female; grow a beard Male; grow breasts (Last for 3D6 hrs). 57 Develop a fear of open spaces (lasts 2D6 days).
08 Whole body develops fur (sheds in 2D6 weeks). 58 Develop a fear of crowds, ten or more (lasting for 2D4 days).
09 Skin becomes scaly (+1 AC, duration 2D12 minutes). 59 The creature turns ethereal (check for encounters) and looks like a ghost (for 1D4 minutes).
10 Skin changes color (this lasts 1D10 days). 60 Grows a feature of a random animal (lasts for 3D10 hours).
11 You start giving off a faint smoke, that becomes noticeable when ever you stay in one area for more than 5 minutes. (this lasts 1D8 days).
61 The creature develops a odor that repels all animals and attracts monsters (this lasts or 2D4 hours).
12 You develop tunnel vision, no Dexterity adjustment for Armor Class and +2 to be surprised (2D6 rounds).
62 Cats and dogs follow you around (for 2D4 days).
13 Eyes turn deep red, and seem to glow at night (1D4 days). 63 Dogs bark and howl when you are within 25' (for 3D4 days).
14 Eyes turn a random color (1D2 weeks). 64 Vultures circle above you, and you smell of carrion (this lasts for 3D6 days).
15 Irises change shape to cats eyes (2D6 days). 65 A thunder cloud forms over the creature and rains once per hour for five minutes (this will last for 1D6 days).
16 Blindness develops in 1D4 minutes (remains for 1D6 minutes). 66 A cloud of flies, 4' diameter, circles your head (this lasts for 5D6 hours).
17 Body's appearance ages 50 years (health is not affected, the looks are permanent). 67 All domestic animals become afraid of you (this lasts for 1D4 days).
18 Gains low light vision (or an extra 40' if you already have it) (lasts 2D8 days). 68 You always feel too hot or too cold (50% chance of each) (this lasts for 3D20 hours).
19 Horns sprout on the creature's head, and spurs on their feet. The horns and spurs are too small to be effective in combat (they last for 1D6 hours).
69 Temperature within 20' of you raises 15 degrees (2D6 hours).
20 Sudden weight gain of 3D10 pounds (1 month). 70 Temperature within 20' of you drops 15 degrees (2D6 hours).
21 Fingernails turn black and lengthen; attack damage 1D2 (1 week). 71 Body becomes charged with electricity, causing 1D8 points of damage to anyone that touches you (this lasts for 2D6 rounds).
22 Fingernails grow at an extraordinary rate (for 1D6 minutes, when they reach 1D6" the extra length falls off. 72 Your touch becomes icy to others, your touch does 1 hit point of damage. (2D6 rounds).
23 Develop unusual body odor (50% pleasant, 50% offensive) (2D4 days). 73 Your touch becomes hot to others, your touch does 1 hit point of damage. (2D6 rounds).
24 Get a chronic head cold or allergy (1D10 days). 74 The creature's nose turns into a prehensile trunk, like an elephant's (this lasts for 2D6 rounds).
25 Gender changes (this effect lasts for 3D6 hours). 75 The creature's hair catches fire, causing 1D4 hit points per round, until it is put out.
26 Narcolepsy, fall asleep easily, save vs. Will once each turn or fade off (1D3 hours). This lasts until you get 4 hours of sleep. 76 The creature's eyes glow brightly and their voice deepens (this lasts for 2D4 minutes).
27 Become nocturnal, -1 "to hit" and damage while in direct sunlight (1D4 days). 77 The creature is teleported 5' to the left, but their clothing remains in the same place.
28 Chronic insomnia (2D4 days); -1 "to hit" and on saving rolls. 78 Bad luck follows the creature (for 1D10 hours) (-1 to save and -1 to hit).
29 Needs 12 hours of sleep each night, if not then -1 "to hit" and to saving rolls (2D4 days). 79 The closest plant to you dies (this only happens only once).
30 Plagued with terrible nightmares, save vs. Will each night or suffer -1 "to hit" and to saving rolls (2D4 days).
80 Good luck follows the creature (for 1D10 hours) (+1 to save and +1 to hit).
31 Tongue becomes thin and forked (lasts 1D10 hours). 81 Develop an intense itch, -1 to Dexterity (which lasts for 2D8 rounds).
32 Nose becomes elongated and thin (returning to normal after 1D2 weeks). 82 The creature is turned into a frog (returning to normal in 1D4 rounds).
33 Ears grow large and floppy (returning to normal after 2D6 hours) +1 on Listen checks. 83 Become a fool, -4 to Wisdom score. (this lasts for 1D6 hours).
34 Grow an extra set of ears, they are useless and appear in an unusual spot (lasts 1D6 days). 84 The creature grows an extra set of eyes on the back of their head. (i lasts for 1D8 days this cancels any surprise rear attacks).
35 Grow an extra digit (50% on both hands, 50% on both feet) (It falls off after 2 weeks). 85 Become drunk (for 1D4 minutes).
36 Head enlarges to 1.5 normal size (lasts 1D6 minutes). 86 Weakness strikes, lose 1D4 Strength points (for 3D6 rounds).
37 One limb become paralyzed (1D8 rounds). 87 The new moon causes your primary stat to drop by one point (lasts two cycles).
38 Body glows at night (for 1+1d6 days), as per torch. 88 Super strength, gain 1D4 Strength points, (this lasts for 1D6 minutes).
39 Voice changes (becoming higher 50% or lower 50%) (returning to normal after 4D6 hours).
89 The creature develops a large wart, -1 to Charisma, (which lasts for 2D4 days).
40 Go mute (for 2D6 rounds). 90 The creature shrinks, by 50% (which lasts for 2D4 turns).
41 Go deaf (for 2D8 rounds). 91 You forget one skill, randomly picked, (for 2D6 days).
42 Lose sense of smell (for 1D6 hours). 92 In direct sunlight your image becomes transparent (lasts for 2D8 days).
43 Lose sense of taste (for 3D8 hours). 93 You no longer project an image in a mirror (lasts for 1D8 days).
44 Teeth become stained and noticeable darken (they clear up after one week). 94 You no longer project a shadow (lasts for 2D6 days).
45 Canine teeth grow (like a vampire's) and the creature's skin becomes pasty white. This effect will last for 1D8 hours).
95 The creature's fore limbs grow to twice their size (for 2D6 rounds).
46 Lose your appetite for (3D6 days). 96 Vermin (rats, bugs, bats, etc.) start to follow you around (for 2D6 hours).
47 Acquire a craving for a random food (for 2D6 days). 97 A bull's-eye target magically appears on your back. (It lasts until you are attacked) Any creature attacking you from the rear gains a +1 "to hit."
48 Develop a fear of the dark (lasts 2D6 days). 98 You start to cry (-1 to hit, and half range for all missile weapons) (for 3D6 rounds).
49 Develop arthritis, -1 to Strength and Dexterity (lasts for 4D6 days). 99 You are turned to STONE, but it only lasts (for 1D6 rounds).
50 The creature falls into a death like trance (for 1D12 rounds). 100 You are polymorphed into a giant rat for (2D6 rounds).
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