Races allowed in the Campaign and Racial Outlook

Asherati are very rare and often mistaken for humans since there is not much desert in the area.
Aventi are uncommon and often mistaken for humans.
Bhukas are rare and often mistake for goblins, since there is not much desert n the area.
Catfolk are rare.
Centaura are rare, but well received, they have a colony in the woods near Seagate.
Darfellan are uncommon.
Dromite are almost unknown, coming from a far off location.
Drow, are very rare and universally hated, however there is a tradiation of secret worship to Loth in Seagate, started by LeBlanc; the famous member of Avalance (a successful adventuring group).
Duergar are very rare and often mistaken for dwarves.
Dwarves are common.
Dwarf, Badlands (Sand.) are rare since there is not much desert n the area.
Dwarf, Dream (R. of S.) are rare.
Dwarf, Glacier (Frost.) are rare.
Dwarf, Seacliff (Storm.) are common.
Elan, are very rare--they are a special psionic race created from humans.
Elfs, High are very common with an equal community of Grey and Wild Elves, most come from Gongaga.
Elf, Painted (Sand.) are rare since there is not much desert n the area.
Elf, Snow (Frost.) are rare.
Feral Gargun don't come down from the mountains very often so are rare.
Githyanki are considered monsters and are very rare.
Githzerai are considered monsters and are very rare.
Goliaths (R. of S.) are rare, they don't come down from the mountians often.
Gnoll are considered monsters and are very rare.
Gnomes are a small minority in town. They don't trust the Lizard Men, since they have eaten gnomes.
Gnome, Chaos (R. of S.) are rare.
Gnome, Ice (Frost.) are rare.
Gnome, Wavecrest (Storm.) are rare.
Gnome, Whisper (R. of S.) are fairly rare.
Hadozee (Storm.) are uncommon. They do work on several ships that regularly visit Seagate.
Half-Elves are common, but few others consider, or care about, what their parent's race is.
Half Giants are better accepted than Half-Orcs, but they still come from a monster race.
Half-Orcs are a fact of life, they are few and not well accepted in the area. The orcs were defeated in the last war.
Half-Orc, Scablands (Sand.) are very rare since few come from the deserts.
Haflings have a small permanent community in Seagate and treaties for carven use in a park.
Haflings, Tundra (Frost.) are very rare.
Humans are quite common
Illumian are strangers from far away, no one knows where and they don't like to talk about it. It is suspected they are plane travelers.
Killoren are rare.
Kobolds are rare, but several dwarves regularly do business with them so they are accepted by some dwarves.
Lizard Men are common south of Seagate and some do come to the big city. They are seen as bullies, especially by the gnomes.
Maenads are known as an emotional race and are fairly uncommon.
Neanderthal (Frost.) are almost unknown.
Raptor are fairly rare.
Spellscales are very rare.
Stonechild are very uncommon.
Uldra are very rare.
Xeph are very rare.

If you want to join the majority of civilization then play a Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Hafling, Half-Elf, or Half-Orc. All others are somewhat rare and could be mistaken as monsters.


The Following Races Are In The Area, But Are Not Allowable Player Races

Aquatic Elves live in the harbor area and they help provide security around the prison island and the Wizards' College off-shore experiment area.

Satyrs have several small communities in the area. They are reclusive, but individuals often interact briefly with Elves, Half Elves, Gnomes, Centaurs and Humans. They trust the Elves and Centaurs the most, but refuse to enter the Centaur-Wemic war. For a Satyr to seduce a human is considered a great achievement. It is a goal that they often pursue, but it is not the point to cause too many problems.

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