Psychic Warrior Powers List
1st Level, 2nd Level, 3rd Level, 4th Level, 5th Level, 6th Level, 7th Level, 8th Level, 9th Level
1st Level
Astral Traveler (Exp. Psi.)
Attraction (C. Psi.)
Biofeedback (Exp. Psi.)
Bite of the Wolf (Exp. Psi.)
Bolt (C. Psi.)
Call to Mind (C. Psi.)
Call Weaponry (Exp. Psi.)
Catfall (Exp. Psi.)
Chameleon (Exp. Psi.)
Channel the Psychic Dragon (D. Magic)
Claws of the Beast (Exp. Psi.)
Compression(Exp. Psi.)
Conceal Thoughts (Exp. Psi.)
Control Flames (C. Psi.)
Create Sound (C. Psi.)
Daze Psionic (C. Psi.)
Deceleration (C. Psi.)
Deceleration (C. Psi.)
Déjà vu (C. Psi.)
Demoralize (C. Psi.)
Detect Psionics (Exp. Psi.)
Disable (C. Psi.)
Dissipating Touch (Exp. Psi.)
Distract (Exp. Psi.)
Ecto Protection (C. Psi.)
Eidetic Lock (C. Psi.)
Elfsight(Exp. Psi.)
Empathy (C. Psi.)
Empty Mind (Exp. Psi.)
Endure Elements, Psionic (C. Psi.)
Energy Arc (C. Psi.)
Energy Ray (C. Psi.)
Entangling Ectoplasm (C. Psi.)
Expansion (Exp. Psi.)
Far Hand (C. Psi.)
Float (Exp. Psi.)
Force Screen (Exp. Psi.)
Grease, Psionic (C. Psi.)
Grip of Iron (Exp. Psi.)
Hammer (Exp. Psi.)
Inertial Armor(Exp. Psi.)
Know Direction and Locat. (C. Psi.)
Matter Agitation (C. Psi.)
Metaphysical Weapon (Exp. Psi.)
Mind Thrust (C. Psi.)
Missive (C. Psi.)
My Light (Exp. Psi.)
Precognition Defensive (Exp. Psi.)
Presiecne Offensive (Exp. Psi.)
Prevenom (Exp. Psi.)
Primal Fear (C. Psi.)
Sense Luck (C. Psi.)
Skate (Exp. Psi.)
Slow Breathing (C. Psi.)
Stomp (Exp. Psi.)
Stone Mind (C. Psi.)
Stygian Discernment (C. Psi.)
Synchronicity (C. Psi.)
Synesthere (Exp. Psi.)
Telempathic Projection (C. Psi.)
Thicken Skin (Exp. Psi.)
Urban Strider (C. Psi.)
Vigor (Exp. Psi.)

2nd Level
Animal Affinity (Exp. Psi.)
Bestow Power (C. Psi.)
Biofeedback (C. Psi.)
Body Adjustment (Exp. Psi.)
Body Equilibrium (Exp. Psi.)
Body Purification (Exp. Psi.)
Cloud Mind (C. Psi.)
Concealing Amorpha (Exp. Psi.)
Concussion Blast (C. Psi.)
Control Sound (C. Psi.)
Crystalstorm (C. Psi.)
Damp Power (C. Psi.)
Darkvision, Psionic (Exp. Psi.)
Detect Hostile Intent (Exp. Psi.)
Dimension Swap (Exp. Psi.)
Dissolving Touch (Exp. Psi.)
Dissolving Weapon (Exp. Psi.)
Earth Walk (C. Psi.)
Elemental Steward (C. Psi.)
Elfsight (C. Psi.)
Empathic Transfer (Exp. Psi.)
Energy Adapt., Specif. (Exp. Psi.)
Energy Emanation (Frost.)
Energy Push (C. Psi.)
Energy Stun (C. Psi.)
Evade Breath (R. of Dragon)
Feat Leech (Exp. Psi.
Hustle (Exp. Psi.)
Id Insinuation (C. Psi.)
Identify, Psionic (C. Psi.)
Inflict Pain (C. Psi.)
Knock, Psionic (C. Psi.)
Larval Flayers (C. Psi.)
Levitate, Psionic (Exp. Psi.)
Mental Disruption (C. Psi.)
Missive, Mass (C. Psi.)
Painful Strike (Exp. Psi.)
Power Claws (R. of Stone)
Power Weapon (R. of Stone)
Prowess (Exp. Psi.)
Psionic Lock (C. Psi.)
Psionic Scent (Exp. Psi.)
Psionic Lion's Charge (Exp. Psi.)
Psychic Scimitar (C. Psi.)
Psychoportive Shelter (C. Psi.)
Recall Agony (C. Psi.)
Sense Link, Forced (C. Psi.)
Serenity (C. Psi.)
Share Pain (C. Psi.)
Strength of My Enemy(Exp. Psi.)
Stygian Ray (C. Psi.)
Sustenance (Exp. Psi.)
Swarm of Crystals (C. Psi.)
Thought Shield (Exp. Psi.)
Tongues, Psionic (C. Psi.)
Wall Walker (Exp. Psi.)
Zone of Alertness (C. Psi.)







3rd Level
Body Adjustment (C. Psi.)
Body Purification (C. Psi.)
Breath Barrier (R. of Dragon)
Cerebral Phantasm (C. Psi.)
Claws of the Vampire (Exp. Psi.)
Conceal. Amorp., Great. (Exp. Psi.)
Danger Sense (Exp. Psi.)
Darkvision, Psioinic (C. Psi.)
Dimension Slide (Exp. Psi.)
Dimension Twister (C. Psi.)
Dismiss Ectoplasm (C. Psi.)
Dispel Psionics (C. Psi.)
Dudimensional Claw (Exp. Psi.)
Energy Bolt (C. Psi.)
Energy Burst (C. Psi.)
Energy Lance (C. Psi.)
Energy Retort (C. Psi.)
Energy Wall (C. Psi.)
Eradicate Invisibility (C. Psi.)
Exhal. of the Bronze Dragon (C. Psi.)
Extoplasmic Form (Exp. Psi.)
Empathic Feedback (Exp. Psi.)
Empathic Transf., Hostile (Exp. Psi.)
Escape Detection (Exp. Psi.)
Evade Burst (Exp. Psi.)
Exhal. of the Black Drag. (Exp. Psi.)
Glypsh of Warding, Psionic (C. Psi.)
Graft Weapon (Exp. Psi.)
Heavy Earth (C. Psi.)
Keen Edge, Psionic (Exp. Psi.)
Mental Barrier (Exp. Psi.)
Mindfire (C. Psi.)
Mind Trap (C. Psi.)
Perfect Archery (R. of Stone)
Psionic Blast (C. Psi.)
Psychic Containment (C. Psi.)
Realized Potential (Exp. Psi.)
Share Pain, Forced (C. Psi.)
Solicit Psicrystal (C. Psi.)
Telekinetic Boomerang (R. of Wild)
Telekinetic Force (C. Psi.)
Telekinetic Thrust (C. Psi.)
Time Hop (C. Psi.)
Touchsight (C. Psi.)
Ubiquitous Vision (Exp. Psi.)
Vampiric Blade (Exp. Psi.)

4th Level
Aura Sight (C. Psi.)
Claw of Energy (Exp. Psi.)
Correspond (C. Psi.)
Death Urge (C. Psi.)
Detect Remote, Viewing (C. Psi.)
Dimension Door, Psionic(Exp. Psi.)
Divination, Psionic (C. Psi.)
Dragon Hearted (R. of Dragon)
Ectoplasmic Swarm (C. Psi.)
Empathic Feedback (C. Psi.)
Energy Adaptation (Exp. Psi.)
Energy Flash (C. Psi.)
Freed. of Move.t, Psionic (Exp. Psi.)
Immovability (Exp. Psi.)
Inertial Barrier
Intellect Fortress (C. Psi.)
Mindwipe (C. Psi.)
Personality Parasite (C. Psi.)
Planar Aporheosis (C. Psi.)
Power Leech (C. Psi.)
Psychic Reformation (C. Psi.)
Psychic Vampire (Exp. Psi.)
Shadow Elt (C. Psi.)
Steadfast Perception (Exp. Psi.)
Suggestion, Implanted (C. Psi.)
Telekinetic Maneuver (C. Psi.)
Trace Teleport (C. Psi.)
Truevenom (Exp. Psi.)
Truevenom Weapon (Exp. Psi.)
Wall of Ectoplasm (C. Psi.)
Weapon of Energy (Exp. Psi.)

5th Level
Adapt Body (Exp. Psi.)
Anticipatory Strike (C. Psi.)
Catapsi (Exp. Psi.)
Celestial Conduit (C. Psi.)
Crainal Deluge (C. Psi.)
Detain Ectoplasm (C. Psi.)
Ectoplasmic Shambler (Exp. Psi.)
Etheral Agent (C. Psi.)
Incarnate (Exp. Psi.)
Leech Field (Exp. Psi.)
Living Arrow (R. of Wild)
Major Creation, Psionic (Exp. Psi.)
Plane Shift, Psionic (Exp. Psi.)
Power Resistance (Exp. Psi.)
Psychic Crush (Exp. Psi.)
Psychotic Break (C. Psi.)
Sense of the Dragon, Psi (R. of Dragon)
Shatter Mind Blank (Exp. Psi.)
Stomp, Greater (C. Psi.)
Stygian Dominion (C. Psi.)
Suppress Schism (C. Psi.)
Telekinetic Buffer (C. Psi.)
Tower of Iron Will (Exp. Psi.)
True-Seeing, Psionic (Exp. Psi.)

6th Level
Aura Alteration (Exp. Psi.)
Blackstone Hammer (R. of Stone)
Breath of the Black Drag. (Exp. Psi.)
Cloud Mind, Mass (Exp. Psi.)
Contingency, Psionic (Exp. Psi.)
Co-opt Concentration (Exp. Psi.)
Disintegrate, Psionic (Exp. Psi.)
Energy Barrage (C. Psi.)
Energy Nullification, Field (C. Psi.)
Etheral Abduction (C. Psi.)
Fuse Flesh (Exp. Psi.)
Inconstant Location (C. Psi.)
Mind over Energy (C. Psi.)
Overland Flight, Psionic (Exp. Psi.)
Psychometry (C. Psi.)
Remote View Trap (Exp. Psi.)
Retrieve (Exp. Psi.)
Stygian Bolt (C. Psi.)
Suspend Life (Exp. Psi.)
Temporal Acceleration (Exp. Psi.)

7th Level
Decerebrate (Exp. Psi.)
Divert Teleport (Exp. Psi.)
Energy Claw (C. Psi.)
Energy Conversion (Exp. Psi.)
Energy Wave (Exp. Psi.)
Evade Burst (Exp. Psi.)
Insanity (Exp. Psi.)
Mind Blank, Personal (Exp. Psi.)
Mom. of Prescience, Psi. (Exp. Psi.)
Oak Body (Exp. Psi.)
Phase Door, Psionic (Exp. Psi.)
Planar Champion (C. Psi.)
Sequester, Psionic (Exp. Psi.)
Ultrablast (Exp. Psi.)

8th Level
Bend Reality (Exp. Psi.)
Iron Body, Psionic (Exp. Psi.)
Matter Manipulation (Exp. Psi.)
Mind Blank, Psionic (Exp. Psi.)
Planar Embrace (C. Psi.)
Recall Death (C. Psi.)
Shadow Body (Exp. Psi.)
Stygian Veil (C. Psi.)
Teleport, Psionic Greater (Exp. Psi.)
True Metabolism (Exp. Psi.)

9th Level
Affinity Field (Exp. Psi.)
Apopst (Exp. Psi.)
Assimilate (Exp. Psi.)
Etheralness, Psionic (Exp. Psi.)
Microcosm (Exp. Psi.)
Reality Revision (Exp. Psi.)
Stygian Conflagration (C. Psi.)
Timeless Body (Exp. Psi.)
Urge Extermination (C. Psi.)


(Exp. Psi.) = Expanded Psionics Handbook
(C. Psi.) = Complete Psionic)
(D. Magic) = Dragon Magic
(R. of Dragon) = Races of the Dragon
(R. of Stone) = Races of Stone
(R. of Wild) = Races of the Wild

Characters are able to learn more psionic powers than they are able to cast each day as per Table 1-1: Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells in the Player's Handbook. As based on their primary stat; Wis for Psychic Warriors. This will increase the number of psionic powers you can learn or know, but not the number that you can cast each day (that will remain unchanged). The amount of PSPs per day per level will also remain unchanged (Psicrystals will not enjoy this benefit).

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