Psionics Powers List
Crytpic     Dread Powers     Gifted Blade     Marksman     Psion/Wilder     Egoist     Kineticists     Nomad     Seer     Shaper     Telepath     Psychic Warrior     Sighted Seeker    Tactician    Vitalist
     0                   0                                                     0                        0                                                                                                                                     0                                                         0               0
     1                   1                         1                          1                        1                    1                  1                1              1             1                1                        1                               1                        1               1
     2                   2                         2                          2                        2                    2                  2                2              2             2                2                        2                               2                        2               2
     3                   3                         3                          3                        3                    3                  3                3              3             3                3                        3                               3                        3               3
     4                  4                          4                          4                        4                    4                  4                4              4             4                4                        4                               4                        4               4
     5                  5                                                                                5                    5                  5                5              5             5                5                        5                                                         5               5              
     6                  6                                                                                6                    6                  6                6              6             6                6                        6                                                         6               6                
                                                                                                           7                    7                  7                7              7             7                7                                                                                   7               7     
                                                                                                           8                    8                  8                8              8             8                8                                                                                   8               8
                                                                                                           9                    9                  9                9              9             9                9                                                                                   9               9
0th Level Cryptic Powers 1st Level Cryptic Powers 2nd Level Cryptic Powers 3rd Level Cryptic Powers 4th Level Cryptic Powers 5th Level Cryptic Powers 6th Level Cryptic Powers Top of Page
Create Sound Absorb Weapon Animal Affinity Concealing Amorpha, Greater Disrupting Strikes Adapt Body Aura Alteration      
Detect Psionics Call to Mind Body Adjustment Danger Sense Energy Adaptation Bonding Strike Barred Mind, Personal      
Distract Chameleon Body Equilibrium Dispel Psionics Fold Space Parasitic Position Cosmic Awareness      
Ectoplasmic Repair Conceal Thoughts Breach Ectoplasmic Grapnel Hidden Body Pierce the Veils Ethereal Passage      
Ectoplasmic Trinket Déjà vu Cloud Mind Escape Detection Slip the Bonds Retrieve Hypercognition      
Empathy Elfsight Concealing Amorpha Evade Burst Steadfast Perception          
Far Hand Float Control Sound Sharpened Edge Vanishing Strike          
Fortify, Lesser Fortify Defy Gravity Ubiquitous Vision            
Missive Hidden Pocket Detect Hostile Intent              
My Light Inevitable Strike Distracting Strike              
Psionic Repair Kinetic Legerdemain Energy Adaptation, Specified              
Telekinetic Punch Locate Secret Doors Everyman              
Vim Know Direction and Location Heightened Vision              
  Metamorphosis, Minor Natural Linguist              
  Precognition, Defensive Psionic Scent              
  Precognition, Offensive Resist Toxin              
  Precognition, Tactical Wall Walker              
  Prescience Offensive                
 0th Level Dread Powers 1st Level Dread Powers 2nd Level Dread Powers 3rd Level Dread Powers 4th Level Dread Powers 5th Level Dread Powers 6th Level Dread Powers Top of Page
Conceal Thoughts Biofeedback Concealing Amorpha Dispatch Aura Sight Dream Message Barred Mind, Personal      
Create Sound Conceal Thoughts Deflect Ectoplasmic Form Deadly Fear Induce Nightmare Dream Travel      
Detect Psionics Demoralize Feat Leech Guarded Sleep Fear Cascade Pierce the Veils Form of Doom      
Distract Distract Id Insinuation Mental Barrier Mindwhipe Planar Travel Temporal Acceleration      
Empathy Lingering Touch Mental Disruption Mindhunter Moment of Terror Psychic Crush        
Fortify, Lesser Mind Thrust Sidestep   Personality Parasite Schism        
Missive Mindlink Strength of My Enemy   Power Leech          
My Light Precognition, Defensive Subconscious Banishment   Sensory Cascade          
Telepathic Lash Precognition, Offensive Sustenance              
Vim Prescience, Offensive Thought Shield              
  Slumber True Terror              
  Telepathic Lash                
  Unearthly Terror                
  Untouchable Aura                
  1st Level Gifted Blade Powers 2nd Level Gifted Blade Powers 3rd Level Gifted Blade Powers 4th Level Gifted Blade Powers Top of Page
  Astral Travel Body Adjustment Concealing Amorpha, Greater Energy Adaptation          
  Biofeedback Body Equilibrium Dimension Slide Fold space          
  Burst Body Purification Ectoplasmic Grapnel Immovability          
  Call Weaponry Cloud Mind Empathic Feedback Inertial Barrier          
  Chameleon Concealing Amorpha Escape Detection Psychic Reformation          
  Conceal Thoughts Defy Gravity Evade Burst Slip the Bonds          
  Deaden Attack Detect Hostile Intent Graft Armor Steadfast Perception          
  Detect Psionics Dimension Swap Graft Weapon Truevenom Weapon          
  Distract Dissolving Weapon Hustle Weapon of Energy          
  Elfsight Endorphis Surge Mental Barrier            
  Empty Mind Energy Adaptation Physical Acceleration            
  Expansion Feat Leech Psionic Lion's Charge            
  Float Heightened Vision Sharpened Edge            
  Force Screen Prowess Ubiquitous Vision            
  Fortify Psionic Scent Vampiric Blade            
  Grip of Iron Sustenance              
  Inertial Armor Thought Shield              
  Metaphysical Weapon Wall Walker              
  My Light                
  Precognition, Defensive                
  Precognition, Offensive                
  Precognition, Tactical                
  Prescience, Offensive                
  Prevenom Weapon                
  Thicken Skin                
0th level Marksman Powers 1st Level Marksman Powers 2nd Level Marksman Powers 3rd Level Marksman Powers 4th Level Marksman Powers Top of Page
Conceal Thoughts Astral Traveler Blanketing Assault Concealing Amorpha, Greater Aura Sight          
Detect Psionics Bolt Blinding Shot Control Air Barrage          
Distract Burst Body Adjustment Danger Sense Evade Burst          
Ectoplasmic Trinket Catfall Body Equilibrium Dimension Slide Inertial Barrier          
Far Hand Chameleon Body Purification Ectoplasmic Grapnel Mirror Shot          
Float Deadend Attack Cloud Mind Energy Adaptation, Specified Pierce the Veils          
My Light Deflect Missiles Concealing Amorpha Escape Detection Sharpened Edge          
Telekinetic Punch Elfsight Deflect Flexible Trajectory Slip the Bonds          
Trick Shot Foxhole Defy Gravity Gravitational Anchor Steadfast Perception          
  Inevitable Strike Detect Hostile Intent Heightened Vision Truevenom Weapon          
  Metaphysical Weapon Dissolving Weapon Hustle Zealous Fury          
  Precognition, Defensive Entangling Cover Physical Acceleration            
  Precognition, Offensive Ephemeral Bolt Touchsight            
  Prescience, Offensive Gravitational Well Ubiquitous Vision            
  Prevenom Weapon Kinetic Reload              
  Psychokinetic Cannon Knockdown              
  Sense Minds Localized Windstorm              
  Vigor Psionic Scent              
    Share Pain              
    Sonic Blast              
    Wall Walker              
    Wind Strike              
0th Level Psion/Wilder Powers 1st Level Psion/Wilder Powers 2nd Level Psion/Wilder Powers 3rd Level Psion/Wilder Powers 4th Psion/Wilder Level Powers 5th Level Psion/Wilder Powers 6th Psion/Wilder Level Powers 7th Level Psion/Wilder Powers 8th Level Psion/Wilder Powers 9th Level Psion/Wilder Powers
Binding Flash Astral Traveler Bestow Power Body Adjustment Augured Answer Adapt Body Aura Alteration Barred Mind, Personal Barred Mind Affinity Field
Conceal Thoughts Attraction Biofeedback Body Purification Aura Sight Catapsi Breath of the Black Dragon Bend Reality Body of Iron Apopsi
Create Sound Blinding Flash Body Equilibrium Concussive Onslaught Correspond Dream Message Brutalize Wounds Cosmic Awareness Matter Manipulation Assimilate
Crystal Light Bolt Breach Danger Sense Deadly Fear Ectoplasmic Creation, Major Co-opt Concentration Decerebrate Psychoport, Greater Ethereal Form, Greater
Detect Psionics Broker Cleanse Body Dismiss Ectoplasm Death Urge Ectoplasmic Shambler Defer Fatality Divert Teleport Recall Death  
Ectoplasmic Trinket Call to Mind Cloud Mind Dispel Psionics Detect Remove Viewing Incarnate Disintegration Energy Conversion Shadow Body Top of Page
Empathy Catfall Concealing Amoprha Endorphin Surge Empathic Feedback Induce Nightmare Fuse Flesh Energy Wave True Metabolism  
Energy Splash Circumstance Shield Concussion Blast Energy Bolt Energy Adaptation Leech Field Remote View Trap Esconce    
Far Hand Control Flames Control Sound Energy Burst Fold Space Pierce the Veils Retrieve Ethereal Passage    
Float Control Light Converse Energy Retort Incite Passion Planar Travel Suspend Life Evade Burst    
Fortify, Lesser Crystal Shard Defy Gravity Energy Wall Intellect Fortress Power Resistance Sustained Flight Oak Body    
Judge Deceleration Detect Hostile Intent Eradicate Invisibility Mindwhipe Psychic Crush Temporal Acceleration Psychosis    
Missive Déjà vu Ego Whip Guarded Sleep Moment of Terror Shatter Mind Blank Trigger Power Ultrablast    
My Light Demoralize Elfsight Heightened Vision Personality Parasite Shrapnel Burst        
Psionic Repair Detect Compulsion Energy Adaptation Mental Barrier Power Leech Tower of Iron Will        
Sense Poison Disable Energy Push Mind Trap Psychic Reformation          
Telekinetic Punch Dissipating Touch Energy Stun Mindhunter Psychokinetic Charge          
Unearthly Terror Distract Empathic Condition Relief Psionic Blast Slip the Bonds          
Vim Ectoplamsic Sheen Everyman Share Pain, Forced Telekinetic Maneuver          
  Ecto Protection Feat Leach Sharpened Edge Trace Psychoport          
  Empty Mind Id Insinuation Telekinetic Force Wall of Ectoplasm          
  Energy Ray Inflict Pain Time Hop Wither          
  Entangling Debris Mental Disruption Touchsight            
  Entangling Ectoplasm Metamorphosis, Minor Ubiquitous Vision            
  Force Screen Missive, Mass Upheaval            
  Fortify Natural Linguist              
  Foxhole Psionic Lock              
  Hammer Psychic Bodyguard              
  Inertial Armor Recall Agony              
  Inevitable Strike Sense Link, Forced              
  Know Direction and Location Share Pain              
  Locate Secret Doors Sustenance              
  Matter Agitation Swarm of Crystals              
  Mind Thrust Thought Shield              
  Precognition, Defensive                
  Precognition, Offensive                
  Prescience, Offensive                
  Sense Link                
  Telempathic Projection                
  Telepathic Lash                
  Unearthly Terror                
Egoist 1st Level Egoist 2nd Level Egoist 3rd Level Egoist 4th Level Egoist 5th Level Egoist 6th Level Egoist 7th Level Egoist 8th Level Egoist 9th Level
  Corrosive Aua Animal Affinity Ectoplasmic Form Hidden Body Psionic Revivify Cleanse Spirit Fission Fusion Metamorphosis, True
  Metamorphosis Minor Chameleon Expose Weakness Psychic Drain Psychofeedback Metamorphosis, Greater     Regenerative Aura
  Natural Healing Empathic Transfer Hustle Resist Death Restore Extremity        
  Thicken Skin Resist Toxin Metamorphosis           Top of Page
      Physical Acceleration            
  Kineticists 1st Level Kineticists 2nd Level Kineticists 3rd Level Kineticists 4th Level Kineticists 5th Level Kineticists 6th Level Kineticists 7th Level Kineticists 8th Level Kineticists 9th Level
  Control Object Control Air Energy Cone Control Body Energy Current Dispelling Buffer Reddopsi Psychokinetic Sphere Tornado Blast
      Localized Windstorm Energy Ball Fiery Discorporation Null Psionics Field      
        Inertial Barrier         Top of Page
  Nomad 1st Level Nomad 2nd Level Nomad 3rd Level Nomad 4th Level Nomad 5th Level Nomad 6th Level Nomad 7th Level Nomad 8th Level Nomad 9th Level
  Burst Dimension Swap Astral Caravan Expulsion Baleful Teleport Banish Dream Travel Time Hop, Mass Psychoportation Circle
  Detect Teleportation Dissolving Weapon Delayed Response Flight Psychoport Reposition Ethereal Form   Time Regression
    Gravitational Well Gravitational Anchor Wrench Psychoport Trigger       Top of Page
  Seer 1st Level Seer 2nd Level Seer 3rd Level Seer 4th Level Seer 5th Level Seer 6th Level Seer 7th Level Seer 8th Level Seer 9th Level
  Destiny Dissonance Clairvoyant Sense Escape Detection Anchored Navigation Clairtangent Hand Precognition Fate of One Hypercognition Metafaculty
  Precognition False Future Fate Link Remote Viewing Second Chance        
  Psychic Tracking Object Reading             Top of Page
    Sensit. to Psychic Impressions              
    True Terror              
  Shaper 1st Level Shaper 2nd Level Shaper 3rd Level Shaper 4th Level Shaper 5th Level Shaper 6th Level Shaper 7th Level Shaper 8th Level Shaper 9th Level
  Astral Construct Reconstruction Concealing Amorpha, Greater Crystalline Bonds Hail of Crystals Crystallize Ectoplasmic Cocoon, Mass Astral Seed Genesis
  Ectoplasmic Creation   Ectoplasmic Cocoon Modify Matter   Modify Matter, Greater     True Creation
        Quintessence   Quintessence     Top of Page
  Telepath 1st Level Telepath 2nd Level Telepath 3rd Level Telepath 4th Level Telepath 5th Level Telepath 6th Level Telepath 7th Level Telepath 8th Level Telepath 9th Level
  Empathic Connection Aversion Battlesense Alienation Metaconcert Mind Switch Crisis of Life Mind Seed Mind Switch, True
  Mindlink Brain Lock Crisis of Breath Fear Cascade Mind Probe       Psychic Chirurgery
  Suppress Compulsion Compelling Voice Empathic Transfer Memory Modification          
    Read Thoughts Empathic Transfer (Hostile) Mind Control          
    Sense Minds False Sensory Input Minklink, Thieving          
        Sensory Cascade          
0th Level Psychic Warrior 1st Level Psychic Warrior 2nd Level Psychic Warrior 3rd Level Psychic Warrior 4th Level Psychic Warrior 5th Level Psychic Warrior 6th Level Psychic Warrior Top of Page
Conceal Thoughts Absorb Weapon Animal Affinity Claws of the Vampire Blacklash Adapt Body Barred Mind, Personal      
Detect Psionics Astral Traveler Body Adjustment Concealing Amorphea, Great. Battle Transformation Barrage Body of Iron      
Distract Biofeedback Body Equilibrium Danger Sense Claw of Energy Biting Cold Breath of the Black Dragon      
Ectoplasmic Trinket Bite of the Wolf Body Purification Dimension Slide Energy Adaptation Bonding Strike Brutalize Wounds      
Float Blinding Flash Concealing Amorpha Dispatch Fold Space Catapsi Defer Fatality      
Fortify, Lesser Burst Deflect Dudoimensional Claw Immovability Metaconcert Dispelling Buffer      
My Light Call of Weaponry Defy Gravity Ectoplasmic Form Inertial Barrier Oak Body Form of Doom      
Sense Poison Catfall Detect Hostile Intent Ectoplasmic Grapnel Psychic Drain Psychofeedback Suspend Life      
Telekinetic Punch Chameleon Dimension Swap Empathic Feedback Shrapnel Burst Summoning Strike Upheaval      
Vim Claws of the Beast Dissolving Touch Empathic Transfer, Hostile Slip the Bonds          
  Compression Dissolving Weapon Escape Detection Steadfast Perception          
  Corrosive Aura Distracting Strike Evade Burst Thundering Step          
  Dazzling Swordplay Empathic Transfer Exhalati. of the Black Dragon Truevenom          
  Deaden Attack Energy Adaptation, Specified Expose Weakness Truevenom Weapon          
  Dissipating Touch Ephemeral Bolt Graft Armor Vanishing Strike          
  Elfsight Everyman Graft Weapon Weapon of Energy          
  Empty Mind Feat Leech Mental Barrier Zealous Fury          
  Expansion Freezing Sting Physical Acceleration            
  Force Screen Heightened Vision Sharpened Edge            
  Fortify Hustle Ubiquitous Vision            
  Foxhole Painful Strike Vampiric Blade            
  Grip of Iron Prowess              
  Hammer Proximity Strike              
  Inertial Armor Psionic Scent              
  Inevitable Strike Psionic Lion's Charge              
  Krakatal's Wall Repositioning Strike              
  Metaphysical Claw Shocking Strike              
  Metaphysical Weapon Sidestep              
  Precognition, Defensive Sonic Blast              
  Precognition, Offensive Strength of My Enemy              
  Precognition, Tactical Sustenance              
  Prevenom Thought Shield              
  Prevenom Weapon Wall Walker              
  Skate Wintry Grasp              
  Thicken Skin                
1st Level Sighted Seeker 2nd Level Sighted Seeker 3rd Level Sighted Seeker 4th Level Sighted Seeker Top of Page
  Blinding Flash Clairvoyant Sense Danger Sense Anchored Navigation          
  Burst Heightened Vision Escape Detection Augured Answer          
  Call to Mind Everyman Fate Link Aura Sight          
  Call Weaponry Feat Leech Guarded Sleep Detect Remote Viewing          
  Chameleon Know Direction and Location Mental Barrier Physical Acceleration          
  Circumstance Shield Object Reading Mindhunter Steadfast Perception          
  Compression Prowess Ubiquitous Vision Trace Psychoport          
  Destiny Dissonance Recall Agony              
  Detect Psionics Sensiti. to Psychic Impress.              
  Detect Teleportation                
  Grip of Iron                
  Precognition, Defensive                
  Precognition, Offensive                
  Presience, Offensive                
  Prevenom Weapon                
  Psychic Tracking                
0th Level Tactician 1st Level Tactician 2nd Level Tactician 3rd Level Tactician 4th Level Tactician 5th Level Tactician 6th Level Tactician 7th Level Tactician 8th Level Tactician 9th Level Tactician
Conceal Thoughts Call to Mind Coordinate as One Battlesense Alienation Adapt Body Brutalize Wounds Barred Mind, Personal Ability as One Affinity Field
Detect Psionics Circumstance Shield Delayed Response Danger Sense Battle Transformation Catapsi Co-op Concentration Bend Reality Barred Mind Assimilate
Fortify, Lesser Entangling Debris Detect Hostile Intent Delayed Response Correspond Incarnate Dispelling Buffer Cosmic Awareness Halt Combat Fusion
Missive Entangling Ectoplasm Dimension Swap Ectoplasmic Grapnel Intellect Fortress Metaconcert Reposition Divert Teleport Hypercognition Last Stand
Telepathic Lash Inevitable Strike Empathic Transfer Empathic Transfer, Hostile Psychic Reformation Power Resistance Technique as One Evade Burst   Reality Revision
  Know Direction and Location Feat Leech Expose Weakness Psychokinetic Charge Prowess as One Trigger Power     T'Nail's Ardent Legion
  Precognition False Future Improved Response Sense as One Tower of Iron Will       Timeless Body
  Precognition, Defensive Missive, Mass Share Pin, Forced Slip the Bonds Upheaval        
  Precognition, Tactical Sustenance Solicit Psicrystal Wall of Ectoplasm         Top of Page
  Sense Link Thought Shield Strike as One            
  Skills As One   Withstand as One            
  Unearthly Terror                
0th Level Vitalist 1st Level Vitalist 2nd Level Vitalist 3rd Level Vitalist 4th Level Vitalist 5th Level Vitalist 6th Level Vitalist 7th Level Vitalist 8th Level Vitalist 9th Level Vitalist
Dazzle Biofeedback Animal Affinity Battlesense Empathic Feedback Adapt Body Aura Alteration Barred Mind, Personal Barred Mind Affinity Field
Detect Psionics Collapse Body Adjustment Body Purification Energy Adaptation Incarnate Brutalize Wounds Bend Reality Body of Iron Assimilate
Disruptive Touch Detect Compulsion Body Equilibrium Danger Sense Evade Burst Leech Field Cleanse Spirit Crisis of Life True Metabolism Fusion
Hinder Elfsight Empathic Transfer Empathic Transfer, Hostile Immovability Power Resistance Defer Fatality Energy Conversion   Psychic Chirugery
Induce Pain Missive Energy Adaptation, Specified Endorphin Surge Incite Passion Psionic Revivify Fuse Flesh Oak Body   Regenerative Aura
Sense Poison Natural Healing Preserve Psyche Guarded Sleep Inertial Barrier Psychofeedback Heal Injuries     T'Nail's Ardent Legion
Sicken Body Sense Link Psychic Bodyguard Hustle Physical Acceleration Restore Extremity Suspend Life     Timeless Body
Vim Suppress Compulsion Resist Toxin Mend Body Psychic Drain Tower of Iron Will Trigger Power      
  Synesthete Share Pain Resist Death Psychic Reformation         Top of Page
  Thicken Skin Sustenance Sense Link, Forced Wither          
  Vigor   Share Pain, Forced            
      Solicit Psicrystal            
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