Prestige Classes
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Prestige Class
Prerequisites / Brief Description
Abjurant Champion
(C. Mage)
BAB +5, Combat Casting, Able to cast 1st level arcane spells, including at least 1 abjuration spell, proficient with at least 1 martial weapon
- Melds defensive spells with their melee battle strategy.
(L. of M.)
Can't be an aberration or Chaotic, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +4, Knowledge (Nature) +9, Track, Wild Empathy class feature
- Divine spellcasters with Wild Shape and Favored Enemy.
Acolyte of the Skin
(C. Arcane)
Not Good, Knowledge (The Planes) +6, 5th level caster, must have made peaceful contact with a summoned evil outsider
- Using the skin of fiends you bond it to your own body for fiendish power (supports casters).
(C. Arcane)
Nonlawful, Knowledge(The Planes) +8, Feat Augment Summoning, able cast at least one summoning spell of 3rd level or higher.
- Wielding the powers of alien creatures twisting your mind to an alien point of view.
Anarchic Initiate
(C. Psionic)
Chaotic, Knowledge (Psionics) +8, Knowledge (The Planes) +8, Wild Surge class feature or Overchannel Feat
- A psionic class that gains the chaotic ability to warp reality affecting the variables of a the psionic power used.
Animal Lord
(C. Adv.)
NG, LN, CN, NE, +5 BAB, Handle Animal +4, Knowledge (nature) +2, 4 ranks in a selected animal skill, Feats; one for each selected animal
- They gain their power from animal totems giving them selected abilities of the animals.
Anarchic Initiate
(C. Psionic)
Chaotic, Knowledge (Psionics) +8, Knowledge (The Planes) +8, Wild surge class feature or Overchannel feat.
- A Wilder devoted to conquering and channeling the chaos in their minds.
Anointed Knight
(Book of Ex Deeds)
Good alignment, BAB +5, Craft (Alchemy) +5, Knowledge (Arcana) +5, Spellcraft +3, Ancestral Relic
- Uses a magical oil to grant yourself and your ancestral weapon enhancements.
Apostle of Peace
(Book of Ex Deeds)
Good alignment, Base Will save +5, Concentration +10, Diplomacy +6, Sacred Vow, Vow of Nonviolence, Vow of Peace, Vow of Poverty.
- Gain large, but limited spellcasting ability allowing them to calm animals, turn undead and turn Fiends forcing them to recoil.
Evil, Climb +4, Knowledge (Nature) +4, Knowledge (Religion) +8, Verminfriend, Able to cast spider climb, summon swarm, or web as an
arcane spell.
- A spellcasting class that gains poison use, webwalking and tremorsense.
Arcane Archer
Elf or Half Elf, +6 Attack Bonus, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Weapon Focus (longbow or shorbow).
- Elven masters of the long bow who magically enhance their arrows.
Arcane Hierophant
(R. of Wild)
Nonlawful, BAB +4, Knowledge (Arcana) +8, Knowledge (Nature) +8, Able to cast 2nd level arcane spells and 2nd level divine spells
- Multiclass spellcasters who channel an aspect of nature.
Arcane Trickster
Not Lawful, able to cast 3rd level spells, able to cast Mage Hand, Skills; Decipher Script +7, Disable Device +7, Escape Artist +7, Knowledge (Arcana) +4.
- Spellcasters who specialize in using their rogue abilities at range.
Skills; Knowledge (Arcana) +15, Spellcraft +15, Skill Focus (spellcraft), Spell Focus in two schools of magic, able to cast 7th level arcane spells, knowledge of 5th level or higher spells from at least 5 schools.
- Arcane spellcasters who use secret lore to improve their spells.
Ardent Dilettante
+8 any skill, and 1 rank in 5 other skills, must recount experiences with the 5 senses at the Society of Sensation. the 5 senses at the Society of Sensation. Any skill rank +8 and any 5 other skills +1 in each, Must recount 5 experiences 1 or each of the different senses at a feasthall or sensorium run by the Society of Sensation.
- Spellcasters who revel in the sensations of life.
Argent Savant
(C. Arcane)
Knowledge(Arcana) +6, Spellcraft +12, able to cast at least 5 spells with, the word Force in the description and at least of which is 5th level or higher
- Uses the power of force you can even create force armor (supports spell casters).
Ashworn Dragoon
BAB +5, Handle Animal +4, Ride +8, Mounted Combat, Ride by Attack, Must have ridden an ashworm Sand-hardened folk from the desert who ride the monster ashworm.
- Riders of the desert who fight from their mounts.
Evil, Disguise, +4, Hide +8, Move Silently +8,must kill someone for membership
- Skilled killers with limited spells and the sneak attack ability.
Astral Dancer
Balance +6, Jump +8, Tumble +8, Feats; Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack
- A warrior skilled with combat in zero-gravity or no gravity conditions.
Base Will save +5, Knowldege (The Planes) +4, Knowledge (Religion) +8, Can't worship or have a connection to any god.
- Skeptics with resistance to divine magic.
Avenging Executioner
(C. Scoundrel)
Not Good, +5 BAB, Hide +4, Intimidate +6, Move Silently +4, Must have been tragically wronged in some manner
- Warriors who use sudden strike and fear to avenge a wrong done to them.
Battle Trickster
(C. Scoundrel)
5 BAB, any 3 skills +6 each, Any 3 skill Tricks
- Using combat and acrobatics making deft-defying stunts to fight their foes.
(Races of Stone)
Dwarf, BAB +8, Craft (Armorsmithing) or Craft (Weapon) +10, Armor Proficiency (Heavy), Weapon Focus (Warhammer), Must have created a dwarven weapon and have used it in battle.
- Combing war with armor and weapon smiths these creators or magic items learn the secrets of dwarven smithy.
Bear Warrior
(C. Warrior)
+7 BAB, Feats; Power Attack, Special Rage or Frenzy ability
- A primitive warrior who can assume the form of a bear.
Beloved of Valarin
(B. of Ex Deeds)
Female, Good alignment, BAB +7, Knowldege (Nature) +5, Ride +10, Mounted Combat, Sacred Vow, Vow of Chasity, Before she can join the class they must meditate at a druid's grove and fast until she saves the life of an animal in danger.
- Gain an Unicorn as a mount, Smite ability and limited spellcasting.
Beast Heart Adapt
Handle Animal +8, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +4, Animal Affinity, Spend at least 1 week living alone in a dungeon.
- Adventures attuned to the monsters found in dungeons.
(C. Adv.)
Handle Animal +8, Survival +4, Feats; Skill Focus (Handle Animal)
- More comfortable with animals they gain extra animal companions.
(Deities and Demigods)
Nonlawful, BAB +5, Armor Proficiency (Medium), Martial Weapons Proficiency (Battleaxe, Longsword, or Warhammer), Shield
Proficiency, Native to the Asgardian mythology
- Warriors who enter a battle fury that is better than rage, but has the bad effect of forcing them to make a Will save to avoid attacking a friend or innocent bystander.
Black Flame Zealot
(C. Divine)
Not good, Hide +8, Knowledge (Religion) +8, Move Silently +8, able to cast 2nd level divine spells, Sneak Attack +1d6 damage
- A secret society of holy slayers devoted to a dark deity of fire and destruction, trained in unholy rites including poison and sneak attack.
Evil, +6 BAB, Hide +5, Knowledge (Religion) +2, Feats; Cleave, Improved Sunder, Power Attack, peaceful contact with an Outsider
- Evil paladins who gain sneak attack and have limited spellcasting.
Blade Bravo
(Races of Stone)
Gnome, BAB +5, Bluff +4, Combat Expertise, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Rapier)
- A skilled gnome warrior who uses their size to their advantage.
(C. Warrior)
Elf or half-elf, BAB +5, Balance +2, Concentration +4, Perform (Dance) +2, Tumble +2, Combat Casting, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Weapon Focus (longsword or rapier), able to cast 1st level arcane spells
- A defender of the elves who uses music and spells (slow spell progression).
(Tome and Blood)
Elf or Half-Elf, +5 Attack Bonus, Concentration +4, Perform (Dance) +3, Perform (Sing) +3, Tumble +3, Feats; Combat Casting, Dodge, Expertise, Still spell, Weapon Focus (Longsword), Able to cast 1st level or higher arcane spells, proficient with longsword
- Elves, with limited spellcasting, who blend the art of sword fighting and spell casting.
(C. Divine)
Not good, +4 Attack Bonus, Ex-Druid previously capable of casting 3rd level Druid Spells
- A druid who turns from a protector of the land to a destroyer.
Blood Magus
(C. Arcane)
Not Lawful Good, Concentration +4, Feats; Great Fortitude, Toughness, arcane caster of 5th level of higher, must have been killed and returned to life.
- Arcane casters who control the power of blood.
(C. Adv.)
+4 BAB, Gather Information +4, Move Silently +4, Survival +4, Feats; Endurance, Track
- Track down wrongdoers and brings them to justice as a bounty hunter.
Bonded Summoner
Knowledge (the Planes) +8, Speak Language (Aquan, Auran, Ignan, or Terran), Able to cast 2nd level arcane spells, must have a familiar
- A slow advancing mage who gains the support of an elemental companion.
(C. Warrior)
Lawful, +8 BAB, Handle Animal +4, Ride +6, Feats; Spirited Charge, Weapon Focus (Lance), Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack
- The ultimate in mounted warrior, the knight in armor charging into battle.
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +4, Survival +8, Track, BAB +2, Must have natural darkvision.
- Gain bonuses with spelunking skills and exotic combat style.
Cancer Mage
(V. Dark.)
Evil, Base Fort save +5, Heal +3, Hide +6, Knowledge (Nature) +2, Move Silently +6, Great Fortitude, Poison Immunity, Toughness, Must
have fallen victim to the ravages of a disease and taken damage from a poison.
- Gains sneak attack and hosts an Int cancer tumor that grants the mage extra power and are able to host various diseases without harm.
Candle Caster
(Tome and Blood)
Craft (Candlemaking) +6, Feats; Great Fortitude, able to cast 3rd level arcane spells or higher, needs 100 tindertwigs
- Spellcasters who can empower candles with spell power.
Celestial Mystic
(B. of Ex Deeds)
Lawful Good alignment, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Knowledge (the Planes) +4, Knowledge (Religion) +6, Spellcraft +6, Servant of the Heavens, Sacred Vow, Vow of Abstinence, Able to cast 4th level spells.
- Spellcasters who gain blessings that gives them immunities to death spells, the ability to cast spells as an archon, the ability to channel spell energy into spell bolts, SR and DR.
(Exp. Psi.)
Knowledge (Arcana) +6, Knowledge (Psionics) +6, Able to cast 2nd level arcane spells. Able to manifest 2nd level powers
- Spellcasters who blend psionics with their spellcasting.
Champion of Gwyharwy
(B. of Ex. Deeds)
Chaotic Good, BAB +6, Intimidate +9, Knight of Stars, Righteous Wrath
- A limited divine spellcaster that gains the Rage and Smite Evil abilities.
Church Inquisitor
(C. Divine)
Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral, Will +3, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Knowledge (Religious) +4, Spellcraft +4, Able to cast Zone of Truth, must
have uncovered corruption.
- A cleric who searches inside their own church for evil with the ability to penetrate the disguise of Fiends.
Church Inquisitor
(D. of Faith)
Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral, Base Will Save +3, Knowledge (Arcana) +8, Spellcraft +8, Able to cast dispel magic as a divine spell. Must be a member of a lawful good church or religious order and must have already uncovered some corruption within that organization.
- A cleric who searches inside their own church for evil.
(R.of Destiny)
Human or Doppleganger, Bluff +8, Disguise +8, Sense Motive +4, Spellcraft +4, Able Learner
- This class offers limited spellcasting an the ability to mimic class features possessed by other creatures.
Champion of Corellon Larethian (R. of Wild) Elf or Half-Elf, Not Evil, BAB +7, Diplomacy +4, Knowledge (Religion) +2, Proficient with all martial weapons and heavy armor, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Mounted Combat, Must worship Corellon Larethian, either Weapon Focus (longsword) or Exotic Weapon (Elven
Thinblade or Court Blade)
- Defenders of the elven race who often serve as temple guards.
+4 BAB, +2 Fort save, Reflex save +2, Will save +2, Chaotic
- Characters who find grace in the chaos of life.
Cipher Adept
Neutral, Balance +5, Listen +10, Survival +5, Feats; Agile, Dodge, Improved Initiative
- A fast moving combant with combat instinct that grants them skill in battle.
Cloaked Dancer
(C. Scoundrel)
Hide +5, Perform (Dance) +10, Sleight of Hand +5
- Slow Advancing arcane spellcasters who use dance to distract their foes.
Cloud Anchorite
Nonchaotic, Base Fort save +5, Climb +9, Jump +9, Knowledge (religion) +9, Survival +4, Feats; Improved Unarmed Combat, Mountaineer, Live for a week on their own in a wilderness region at 12,000+ feet
- Climbers with resistance to the cold, fast movement and eventually gaining eternal life.
Combat Medic
(Heroes of B.)
Nonevil, Concentration +4, Heal +8, Combat Casting, Dodge, Able to cast cure light wounds.
- Clerics who fight and heal on the front lines of battle.
Combat Trapsmith
(C. Scoundrel)
Craft (Trapmaking) +8, Disable Device +6, Search +6, Special Trapfinding
- Able to litter a battlefield with impromptu traps to make engaging them a harder fight.
Consecrated Harrier
(C. Divine)
Lawful, +5 Attack Bonus, Disguise +5, Gather Info. +5, Track Feat Must have completed a mission to destroy specific enemy of church
- A religious bounty hunter who searches for those who offend their god or their church they gain limited spell casting ability.
(C. Divine)
Knowledge (Religion) +13, Able to cast 1st level Divine spells, must have had direct contact with one's deity or their direct servant
- A cleric or paladin who revels in the power of their deity channeled through them.
Corrupt Avenger
(H. of Horror)
Nonevil, BAB +6, Moderate Corruption (not needed in a campaign that doesn't use it).
- Those who have suffered a wrong and pledged to fight their foe, features limited arcane spellcasting.
Cragtop Archer
(Races of Stone)
BAB +6, Climb +10, Spot +5, Survial +5, Far Shot, Mountain Warrior
- A skilled mountain archer.
Crimson Scourge
Not good, BAB +4, Base Fort save +3, Gather Information +4, Handle Animal +8, Heal +1, Intimidate +3
- A class that allows the character to inflict painful nonlethal damage, track criminals, improved disarm, to cause an Intimidated character to become shaken, an immunity to nonlethal damage and eventually scent.
Lawful, Concentration +8, Craft (Alchemy) +1, Knowledge (Psionics) +2, Able to manifest the energy emanation power
- Psions who call on the power of cold and are able to sheathe their weapons in cold energy.
Daggerspell Mage
(C. Adv.)
Not evil, Concentration +8, Feats; Weapon Focus (Dagger), 2-Weapon Fighting, Arcane spell caster 5th level, Sneak Attack +1d6
- Arcane spellcasters who fight with daggers.
Daggerspell Shaper
(C. Adv.)
Not evil, Concentration +8, Weapon Focus (Dagger), 2-Weapon Fighting, Wild shape, either sneak attack +1d6 or skirmish +1d6
- Divine spellcasters who fight with daggers.
Dark Hunter
(C. Warrior)
BAB +5, Craft (trapmaking) +5, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +2, Move Silently +2, Survival +2, Blind-Fight, Track
- Specialists who hunt down and eliminate creatures in the Underdark.
(L. of M.)
Knowledge (Dungeonerring) +5, Search +5, Survival +7, Alertness, Track, Darkvision as a racial trait or class feature. Must seek out a chapter house of the Darkrunners and successfully petition to join their ranks. Once a member you gain 1st level in the Prestige Class. If at a later time you lose your membership you can't rely on support from the group, but you can still advance in the Prestige Class.
- Relying on their skills underground the class gains Direction Sense, limited teleport, improved darkvision and eventually the ability to walk through stone.
Darkwood Stalker
(C. Warrior)
Elf or half- elf, BAB +5, Hide +5, Listen +5, Move Silently +5, Speak Language (Orc), Spot +5, Survival +5, Dodge, Track
- Elite hunters of Orcs they gain some rogue abilities and darkvision.
(Races of Stone)
Goliath, Perform (Sing) +8, Spot +4, Listen +4, Bardic Music Ability
- Goliath bards who inspire their tribe mates.
Death's Chosen
(Libris Mortis)
Type; aberration, dragon, giant, humanoid, magical beast or monstrous humanoid, Non good alignment, BAB +5, Knowledge (Religion) +1, Spot +2 The character must be accepted as a death's chosen by a sentient undead creature with at least as many HD as the character.
- A short class where you pledge yourself to an undead master giving you more courage.
Death Delver
(H. Horror)
Base Will Save +2, Concentration +8, Heal +2, Knowledge (Religion) +4, Must have had at least 1 near-death experience (fallen below 0 hp)
- A limited spell caster who works at cheating death and study it.
(Races of Stone)
Dwarf, BAB +5, Climb +5, Heal +5, Jump +5, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 5, Survival +5, Endurance
- Trackers who serves as the early warning system for dwarven cities.
Defender of Sealtiel
(B. of Ex. Deeds)
Lawful Good, BAB +7, Listen +5, Diehard, Endurance, Servant of the Heavens
- A martial class that gains powerful defense abilities.
The Defiant
Will save +5, Knowledge (The Planes) +4, Knowledge (Religion) +8, Cannot worship a deity or have one as a patron, can't be a paladin or cleric.
- A class of characters who do not believe in the gods, or rather believe that they are mortals who gained exceptional power. It features SR, the ability to align a weapon, to counter divine spells and to escape divine detection; all to adventure without the interference of the gods.
Drow, Chaotic Evil, Bluff +4, Knowledge (the Planes) +8, Sense Motive +4, Speak Language (Abyssal), Invocations; baleful utterance plus 2 others.
- A class that allows you to advance as a Warlock who gains DR, extra invocations and immunities.
Demonlogist (V. Dark.)
(V. Dark.)
Chaotic Evil, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Knowledge (the Planes) +8, Evil Brand, Sacrificial Mastery, Malign Spell Focus, Must be able to cast at least 6 arcane spells of the Conjuration school, one of which must be 3rd level.
- Limited spellcaster who can summon demons and gain a quasit familiar.
(C. Warrior)
+5 BAB, Perform (Dance) +3, Tumble +3, Feats; Combat Expertise, Dodge, Mobility, Weapon Focus (any slashing melee weapon)
- The dancing warrior who uses fast movement and exotic blades.
Devoted Defender
(S. & Fist)
BAB +5, Weapon Focus (any melee weapon), Alertness, Search +4, Sense Motive +4, Spot +4
- A professional bodyguard with the ability to deflect attacks.
(V. Dark.)
Lawful Evil, Base Will save +5, Bluff +3, Intimidate +3, Knowledge (the Planes) +8, Evil Brand, Corrupt Spell, Must be able to cast shriveling. Must offer their soul--but not necessarily their loyalty--to the forces of hell in exchange for power. When the diabolist dies their soul becomes the property of a demon.
- Spellcasters who gain an Imp Familiar and can add evil power to their spells.
Diamond Dragon
(Dragon Magic)
Neutral Good, Neutral Evil, Lawful Neutral, Choatic Neutral or Neutral Alignments, BAB +3, Knowledge (Arcana) +3, Speak (Draconic), Able to manifest 3rd level psionic powers.
- Psionic using dragons.
(Libiris Mortis)
Not good alignment, Knowledge (Religion) +4, Perform (any) +8, Requiem, bardic music class feature.
- Gains extra bardic music abilities and diregesong level stack with bard levels.
Disciple of Asmodeus
(V. Dark.)
Lawful Evil or Neutral Evil, Bluff +4, Diplomacy +5, Sense Motive +4, Disciple of Darkness, Evil Brand, Leadership, The sect of Asmodeus initiates its disciples in a horrific act that includes the sacrifice of an intelligent creature, with royal blood or a royal connection.
- A slow advancing spell caster who learn unobtainable secrets, they also can summon a Hellcat or a Major Devil.
Disciple of Baalzebul
(V. Dark.)
Baalzebul Evil, Bluff +10, Diplomacy +4, Gather Information +4, Disciple of Darkness, The sect initiates new disciples in a terrible ritual involving the sacrifice of an intelligent creature in their home.
- Offers sneak attack, suggestion and the ability to summon an osyluth.
Disciple of the Eye
(R. of Dragon)
Dragonblooded, Lawful, Concentration +8, Spot +8, Improved Unarmed Strike
- A specialists in unarmed attacks, fast movement and the senses of a dragon.
Disciple of Dispater
(V. Dark.)
Evil, BAB +6, Disciple of Darkness, Combat Expertise, Power Attack, Initiates participate in a terrible ritual that involves the sacrifice of an Intelligent being atop an iron altar in the presence of erinyes.
- Gain rusting grasp and the ability to empower steel/iron weapons.
Disciple of Mammon
(V. Dark.)
Evil, BAB +4, Appraise +6, Open Lock +4, Pick Pocket +4, Disciple of Darkness, Must undergo a disgusting sexual ritual and betray their closest friend to an evil end before they can serve their new master.
- Experts at lying they gain abilities that complement that of a rogue.
Disciple of Mephistopheles
(V. Dark.)
Evil, BAB +6, Disciple of Darkness, Evil Brand. The sect requires that new disciples undergo a terrible ritual that involves sacrificing an
Intelligent being in fire.
- Able to use the power of fire and summon a hamatula.
Disciple of Thyrm
Not good, Intimidate +4, Survival +8, BAB +4, Feats; Weapon Focus (Greataxe), Cold Endurance Feat or Cold Subtype
- Limited spellcasters who channel their cold power into their weapons.
Divine Agent
(M. of Planes)
BAB +7, Knowledge (Religion) +7, Able to cast 2nd level divine spells. Must have made peaceful contact with their deity or its direct agent. Must have completed a specific task assigned by their deity to become a divine agent.
- Slow advancing divine spellcasters who work as their god's right hand.
Divine Crusader
(C. Divine)
Same alignment as deity, +7 Base Attack Bonus, Knowledge (Religion) +2, Weapon Focus in deity's chosen weapon
- A symbol of the specific aspect of their deity's portfolio with limited spell casting.
Divine Oracle
(C. Divine)
Knowledge (Religion) +8, Skill Focus Knowledge (Religion), able to cast at least 2 divination spells
- Clerics or Druids who gain divine visions with access to the Oracle Domain.
Divine Prankseter
(Races of Stone)
Gnome, Bluff +8, Perform (Comedy)+8, Sleight of Hand +8, Able to cast 2nd level divine spells, Worshipper of Carl Glittergold
- Divine spell casters who use their comedic performance to put their foes off guard.
+7 BAB, Feats; Improved Sunder, Weapon Focus (some sword), Must sunder a weapon, scatter 500 gp into a crowd and destroy a building
- Slow advancing spellcasters who channel destructive energy to deal extra damage.
(R. of Dragon)
Eschew Materials or Still Spirit, Knowledge (Arcana) +8, Perform (Oratory) +4, Spellcraft +4, Must be able to spontaneously cast 2nd level arcane spells, must know at least 1 language dependent spell, Must be able to speak Draconic plus 2 languages from this list: Auran, Dwarven, Elven or Ignan.
- Spellcasters who specialize in Power Word spells and using Draconic Words of Power.
Nondragon, Dragonfriend, Toughness, Concentration +8, Diplomacy +4, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Speak Language (Draconic), Able to cast 2nd level divine spells
- A spellcasting class where you foster a wyrmling dragon and at 10th level you can summon a dragon.
Dragon Descendant
(Dragon Magic)
Concentration +8, Combat Reflexes, Dragontouched or Draconic Heritage (any chromatic dragon), Improved Unarmed Strike, Still Minde class feature.
- A class that stacks with your monk levels and allows access to your dragon ancestors.
Dragon Devotee
(R. of Dragon)
Nondragon, can't have draconic template, BAB +5, Knowledge (Arcana) +1, able to speak Draconic
- A slow advancing sorcerer who tap the power of dragon that enjoy ability increases.
Dragon Disciple
Nondragon (can't be 1/2 dragon), Knowledge (Arcana) +8, speak Draconic Able to cast arcane spells without preparation, must chose one species (color) of dragon
- Those who wish to gain dragon like abilities.
Dragon Lord
(Dragon Magic)
BAB +6, Intimidate 9+
- A class that gives the dragon extra hit points and a morale bonus to combat as well as leadership skills among dragons.
Dragon Samurai
Alignment: Black--CN, NE or CE; Blue or Green--LN, LE, or CE; Brass or Copper--NG, CG, or CN; Bronze, Gold or Silver--LG, NG, or LN,
BAB +5, Knowledge (Arcana) +2, Must have no experience as a dragon samurai of another clan.
- A warrior devoted to one species of dragon and able to channel that dragon's power into their weapons.
BAB +5, Mounted Combat, Skill Focus, Diplomacy +4, Handle Animal +4, Ride +8, Speak Language (Draconic)
- A short class where a character becomes a dragon rider.
Dragonheart Mage
(R. of Dragon)
Able to spontaneously cast arcane spells, Knowledge (Arcana) +8, Draconic Heritage, be able to speak Draconic
- Arcane caster of dragon heritage who gain draconic feats.
BAB +5, Dodge, Iron Will, Tumble +2
- A slow advancing spellcasting class that gains DR and energy resistance all to create a dragon slayer.
BAB +5, Blind-Fight, Track, Gather Information +4, Hide +6, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Move Silently +6, Search +6, Speak Language (Draconic)
- With the ability to sneak attack, ignore natural armor and hide themselves this class is designed to hunt dragons.
Dread Commando
(Heroes of B.)
BAB +5, Hide +6, Move Silently +6, Dodge, Mobility
- Elite scouts who can strike a vital spot for extra damage and move stealthy.
Dread Fang of Loth
Lawful Evil, Drow, Hide +4, Listen +2, Move Silently +4, Spot +2, Evasion, Sneak Attack +2d6
- Gain sudden strike that stacks with your sneak attack damage, poison use, improved uncanny dodge and the ability to do more in a surprise round.
Dread Pirate
(C. Adv.)
Not lawful, +4 BAB, Appraise +8, Profession (Sailor) +8, Swim +4, Use Rope +4, Feats; Quick Draw, Weapon Finesse, own a ship worth at least 10,000 gp
- A pirate with the skill to fight at sea.
Dread Witch
(H. Horror)
Base Will save +4, Knowledge (Arcana) +3, Ability to cast cause fear and scare, must have suffered at least 1 fear effect with a failed save.
- Spellcasters who use the power of fear.
Drunken Master
(C. Warrior)
Tumble +8, Feats; Dodge, Great Fortitude, Improved Unarmed Strike (or monk's unarmed strike), Special; Flurry of Blows, Evasion, Must be chosen by existing Drunken Master and survive a night of revelry.
- Unarmed fighters who use the unpredictable nature of being drunk as a combat style.
BAB +6, Perform +3, Tumble +5, Feats; Dodge, Mobility, Weapon Finesse
- Masters at fighting in light armor, also know as swashbucklers.
Dungeon Delver
(C. Adv.)
Climb +10, Craft (Stonemassonary) +5, Disable Device +10, Hide +5 Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +5, MOve Silently +5, Open Lock +10 Search +10, Feats; Alertness, Blind-Fight, Trapfinding class feature and must survive a great trial underground (see text)
- A specialist in adventuring in dungeons.
Dwarven Defender
Dwarf, Lawful, +7 Attack Bonus, Feats; Dodge, Endurance and Toughness
- Tough defenders of the dwarven race who gain damage reduction.
Earth Dreamer
(Races of Stone)
Knowledge (Nature) +5, Spellcraft +10, Earth Sense, Able to cast 1st level spells
- Spellcasters who utilize the power of the earth.
Ebon Saint
(C. Psionic)
Bluff +8, Disguise +8, Hid +8, Move Silently +8, Feats; Combat Expertise Improved Feint, Must at least one PSP, Sneak attack +1D6, or psionic sneak attack +1D6
- Psionic dark infiltrators who sneak into lairs of their enemies and expose their secrets.
Ebonmar Infiltrator
Decipher Script +4, Hide +8, Move Silently +8, Search +4, Sense Motive +4, Any 2 of the following: Alertness, Deceitful, Investigator, Negotiator and Stealthy, Must be a member of House Ebonmar, can be waved with DM approval.
- A limited spell casting class that grants uncanny dodge, sneak attack a bonus on your Search, Sense Motive and Spot Checks, Speed Reading, the ability to hide in plain sight, darkvision and blindness and eventually the ability to go ethereal.
Ectopic Adept
(C. Psionic)
Psicraft +8, Feats; Skill Focus Craft (Sculpting), Ectropic Form (any), Must be able to manifest the astral construct.
- A psion who sculpts astral constructs.

Effigy Masterr
(C. Arcane)

Craft (Leatherworking, Metalworking or Woodworking) +10, Knowledge (Arcana) +5, Spellcraft +5, Use Magic Device +2
- Arcane casters who create mechanical effigies to serve you.
Eldritch Knight
Martial Weapons and able to cast 3rd level spells.
- Arcane casters skilled with martial weapons.
Elemental Savant
(C. Arcane)
Knowledge (Arcana) +8, Knowledge (The Planes) +4, Feats; Energy Substitution (Acid, Cold, Electricity, or Fire), able to cast at least 3 spells that have one of the following descriptors in common; acid, cold, electricity or fire
- Arcane caster who harness the power of elementals.
Elemental Warrior
+7 BAB, Knowledge (The Planes) +5, Must have traveled to at least one elemental plane
- A warrior who takes on the power of one of the elements.
Eldritch Disciple
(C. Mage)
Knowledge (Religion) +8, Knowledge (The Planes) +4, able to cast 2nd level divine spells, able to use invocations, able to turn or rebuke undead, must worship a chaotic or evil deity.
- A warlock who works with divine spellcasting power.
Eldritch Theurge
(C. Mage)
Knowledge (Arcana) +8, Knowledge (the Planes) +8, Able to cast 2nd level arcane spells, able to use least invocations, eldritch blast +2d6
- A warlock who uses arcane spells in combination gaining levels in both classes.
(Ex. Psi.)
BAB +3, Concentration+8, Mobility, Spring Attack, Able to manifest 1st level powers.
- A psionic character known for their agility in combat.
Emancipated Spawn
(S. Species)
Intelligent undead created by another undead using its spawn ability, BAB +3, Must have created as a spawn by an undead creature that has since been destroyed.
- A short class that gives you turn resistance and the ability to recover your previous life.
Emissary of Barachiel
(B. of Ex. Deeds)
Lawful Good, Diplomacy +8, Knowledge (the Planes) +4, Servant of the Heavens, Words of Creation
- A limited divine spellcasting class that can grant powers to others based on their alignment and even the ability to temporarily convert nongood creatures.
Enlightened Fist
(C. Arcane)
Concentration +8, Knowledge (Arcana) +8\5, Spellcraft +5, Feats; Combat Casting, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist and Arcane spellcaster of at least 3rd level
- Monk/Spell Caster using their touch spells with a power packed punch.
Enlightened Spirit
(C. Mage)
Good, Knowledge (the Planes) +8, Eldritch Blast 3d6
- A warlock who strays from the fiendish origins to arcane magic.
(C. Divine)
Not good, Concentration +5, Knowledge (Arcana ) +5, Great Fortitude, Magical Aptitude, able to cast 4th level divine spells
- Divine casters who summon and control a small shard of absolute nothingness gaining the power of entropy from it.
Ephemeral Exemplar
(Libris Mortis)
Undead (Incorporeal Subtype), BAB +3, Base Will save +5
- A short class that grants turn resistance, ghostly gasp and the ability to create enhanced spawn.
(C. Divine)
Same alignment as deity, Bluff +8, Gather Info. +5, Knowledge (Religion) +5, Perform (Oratory) +6, Sense Motive +5, Feats; Negotiator or Persuasive
- A great orator who inspires the faithful and tries to convert the unfaithful.
Exalted Arcanist
(B. of Ex. Deeds)
Good alignment, Base Will save +5, Knowledge (Arcana) +9, Knowledge (Religion) +4, Consecrate Spell, Purify Spell, Able to spontaneously cast 3rd level arcane spells.
- A spellcasting class that can add the Purify Spell feat without increasing the spell's level.
(C. Adv.)
Diplomacy +6, any other skill +13, Feats; Skill Focus (any)
- Tapping the wellspring talent of their race they attempt to master skills and feats.
Exotic Weapon Master
(C. Warrior)
+6 BAB, Craft (Weaponsmithing) +3, Feats; Exotic Weapon Focus (any Exotic Weapon)
- Masters of a specific exotic weapon and its fighting style.
Eye of Gruumsh
(C. Warrior)
Orc or Half-Orc, Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Evil, +6 Attack Bonus, Feats; Exotic Weapon Prof. (Orc Double Axe), Weapon Focus (Orc Double Axe), Worship Gruumsh and lose right eye, lose all abilities if the eye is repaired
- One eyed clerics of Gruumsh who get Blindsight, ability to rage and command a horde of Orcs.
Eye of Loth
Drow, Hide +8, Knowledge (Religion) +4, Listen +8, Spot +8, Cautious Attack, Trickery, Evasion, Sneak Attack +2d6 or Skirmish +2d6
- A slow advancing spellcaster class that grants blindsene, improves your Sneak Attack and gain the ability to cast zone of truth.
Fang of Loth
(S. & S.)
Nonlawful and nongood, BAB +5, Use Magic Device +10. Must acquire a fang of Loth and get it to function with a successful Use Magic Device check (DC 25). This grants her the benefits of the item and fuses it permanently to their neck.
- A warrior whose devotion to Loth eventually turns them into a spider.
+4 BAB, Bluff, Diplomacy or Intimidate +8, with 5 ranks in the other two skills, not lawful
- Limited spellcasters with an aura of confidence and sneak attack ability.
(C. Arcane)
Knowledge (Arcana) +10, Profession (Gambler) +5, Able to cast at least 1 divination spell of 1st level or higher
- An arcane spell caster who works with the power of luck.
(H. Horror)
Nongood, Concentation +8, Knowledge (Arcana) +8, Knowledge (The Planes) +8, Feats Blood Calls to Blood, Eschew Materials, Must be able to cast 2nd-level arcane spells without preparation.
- Spellcasters who take on the power of Fiends.
Fiend of Blasphemy
(Fiend Folio)
Evil Outsider, Base Will save +7, Bluff +10, Knowledge (Religion) +10, Leadership, Must have at least 1 spell-like ability that duplicates a spell effect of 4th level or higher.
- Grants the limited divine spellcasting ability and the ability to utilize power from worshipers.
Fiend of Corruption
(Fiend Folio)
Evil Outsider, Base Will Save +7, Bluff +10, Disguise +10, Sense Motive +10, Must be able to use charm person or charm monster as a spell or spell-like ability.
- Gain an alternate form, mind shielding and later the ability to grant another their wish to forge a soul bargain.
Fiend of Possession
(Fiend Folio)
Evil Outsider, Base Will save +5, Hide +6, Knowledge (Arcana) +6
- Gain ethereal form, the ability to possess an object or curse it and develop power over a magic item.
Fist of Hextor
(S. & Fist)
Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil or Lawful Neutral, BAB +5, Power Attack, Cleave, Weapon Proficiency (Spiked Gauntlet), Intimidate +4, Spot +4
Knowledge (Religion) +4, Must worship Hextor and must survive the ritual ceremony of induction into the Fists of Hextor Organization.
- Brutal and frightful mercenaries in the service of Hextor.
Fist of Raziel
(B. of Ex. Deeds)
Lawful Good, BAB +6, Diplomacy +5, Knowledge (Religion) +5, Power Attack, Servant of the Heavens. Able to cast divine favor.
-A spellcasting class that gains Smite Evil and other powers for their weapon.
Fist of the Forest
(C. Champ.)
BAB +4, Handle Animal +4, Survival +4, Great Fortitude, Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack, Must gain approval as a fist of the forest by the leaders of a band of Guardians of the Green then adopt the lifestyle of an animal.
- A wild soul who gain the powers of an animal; in AC,movement,battle, living, unarmed combat and eventually the scent ability.
Fist of Zuoken
(Ex. Psi.)
BAB +4, Concentration +9, Wild Talent, Still Mind class feature
- Psionic martial artists who blend psionic power with unarmed combat.
Flayerspawn Psychic
(C. Psionic)
Able to manifest psionic charm, Knowledge (Psionics) +8, Illithid Heritage, speak Undercommon
- A psion who uses the power of a mind flayers mental blast.
(L. of M.)
Non-lawful, Heal +4, Knowledge (Arcana( +8, Graft Flesh, Summon familiar class feature.
- A spellcasting class that gains an aberrant Familiar you gain the power of flesh grafting using the flesh of aberrantions (Fiend Folio).
Fochlucan Lyrist
(C. Adv.)
NG N, CN or NE, Decipher Script +7, Diplomacy +7, Gather Information +7, Knowledge (Nature) +7, Perform (String) +13, Sleight of Hand +7, Speak Language (Druidic), Able to cast 1st level arcane and divine spells, bardic knowledge and evasion abilities
- Bards who cast arcane and divine spells.
Forest Reeve
(C. Champ.)
BAB +5, Knowledge (Nature) +2, Listen +4, Spot +4, Survival +8, Endurance, Track, Must be chosen as a forest reeve by the leaders of a band of Guardians of the Green then serve a 6 month apprenticeship to a Guardian of the Green who has at least 3 forest reeve levels.
- Chosen for their devotion to the forest they become earth's defenders.
Frost Mage
Able to cast 1st level arcane spells, Knowledge (arcana) +8, Feats; Frozen Magic, Must spend 24 hours unprotected in a blizzard.
- Arcane casters who are adapted to the power of cold.
BAB +6, Intimidate +4, Survival +4, Feats; Frozen Berserker, Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack, Rage as a class ability, must have been reduced to 0 hit points by cold damage (either from magical or natural)
- Barbarians of the cold able to absorb cold energy and even rend their foes.
Fortune's Friend
(C. Scoundrel)
+3 BAB, Any Skill +8, Feats; any luck feat
- Slow advancing spellcasters who use luck as a skill.
Frenzied Berserker
(C. Warrior)
Not Lawful, +6 BAB, Feats; Cleave, Destructive Rage, Intimidating Rage, Power Attack
- More powerful than raging a frenzy gives +6 Str, -4 AC and 2 non-lethal damage a round.
(M. of Planes)
Nonlawful, BAB +4, Knowledge (the Planes) +4, Use Magic Device +8, Must have visited 2 planes of existence other then their native plane.
- Planar travelers who see themselves as cosmic free agents who can talk their way out of trouble.
(C. Divine)
Knowledge (Arcana) +6, Knowledge (Nature) +6, able to cast 2nd level Arcane spells and 2nd level Divine spells
- A spell caster who channels magical power through the land itself, must have more than 1 spellcasting class.
(C. Arcane)
Decipher Script +9, Disable Device +4, Knowledge (Arcana) +9, Search +4, Feats; Scribe Scroll, able to cast 3rd level arcane spells
- An arcane spell caster who knows the power of glyphs.
Ghost-Faced Killer
(C. Adv.)
Evil, +5 BAB, Hide +6, Concentration +4, Intimidate 8+, Move Silently +6, Feats; Improved Initiative , Power Attack
- Hidden killers who strike with surprise frightening their targets.
(S. & Fist)
Lawful Good, Lawful Evil, Chaotic Evil, or True Neutral, BAB +6, Endurance, Iron Will, Toughness, Intimidate +4, Move Silently +4
- A wandering mysterious figure who can feign death, go ethereal, and shadow walk.
(S. & Fist)
BAB +5, Perform or Intimidate +4, Must have 2 feats from this list of fighter bonus feats
- A warrior who fights for the pleasures of an audience they study their opponent, even use poison, all for the roar of the crowd.
Gnome Giant-Slayer
(C. Warrior)
Gnome, +5 BAB, Escape Artist +3, Language (Giant), Tumble +3 Feats; Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack
- Specializing in attacking giants and defending against their attacks.
Goliath Liberator
(Races of Stone)
Goliath, BAB +7, Hide +5, Move Silently +5, Track, The character must participated in the successful rescue of captives held by giants or have been imprisoned by giants and escaped.
- Goliaths who work to liberate others taken by giants as slaves.
Gray Guard
(C. Scoundrel)
Lawful Good, Knowledge (Religion) +8, Sense Motive +4, Special: Lay Hands Power, Code of Conduct against evil
- Slow advancing spellcasters with paladin-like powers less restrained by their knightly vows.
Green Star Adept
(C. Arcane)
BAB +4, Decipher Script +2, Knowledge (Arcana) +8, Knowledge (Architecture/Engineering) +2, Knowledge (Geography) +2, Knowledge (History) +2, Combat Casting, Arcane caster level 1, Must acquire a piece of starmetal weighing at least 2 onces, powder it, and consume the infusion with other reagents costing 1,000 gp and taking a week to prepare.
- The Star Metal Metors needed for this class don't exist in this planetary system. Replace your body with a magical meteoric metal (supports spell casting).
Hafling Outrider
(C. Warrior)
Hafling, +5 BAB Listen +3, Ride +6, Spot +3, Feats; Mounted Archery
- Riders who fight from the saddle.
Hand of the Winged Masters
(Dragon Magic)
BAB +4, Bluff 4 ranks, Hide +4, Move Silently +4, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Sense Motive +4, Speak Language (Draconic), Dragontouched, Sneak Attack, sudden strike or skirmish +d26
- A class that helps dragon gain a rogue's skills.
Havoc Mage
BAB +4m, Knowledge (Arcana) +5, Able to cast 2nd level arcane spells
- A caster able to use their spells with a weapon in hand.
(T 9 Hells)
Chaotic, Bluff +8, Knowledge (the Planes) +4, Sense Motive +8, Speak Language (Infernal), Combat Expertise, Improved Feint, Undo Resistance, Sneak Attack +2d6, Skirmish +d26 or Sudden Strike +2d6
- By sacrificing sneak attack damage you can steal spell-like and supernatural abilities as well as making it harder to cast conjuration and divination spells.
Hellfire Warlock
(T 9 Hells)
Intimidate +6, Knowledge (the Planes) +12, Spellcraft +6, Speak Language (Infernal), Warlock Invocations brimstone blast or hellrime
- Offers hellfire power to improve your protection and your invocations.
(T 9 Hells)
Good alignment, BAB +5, Knowledge (the Planes) +4, Power Attack, Must slay an evil outsider.
- Gain power from your fury and as you gain levels you can heal, boost your AC and improve your saving rolls.
Knowledge (Religion) +15, any metamagic feat, able to cast 7th level divine spells
- Divine spellcasters who gain more special powers than those granted by their Domain.
Highland Stalker
(C. Adv.)
+5 BAB, Listen +8, Spot +8, Survival +8, Feats; Track, Skirmish or Sneak Attack class features
- Mountain specialists who favors stalking their targets (gain skirmish ability).
Holt Warden
(C. Champ.)
Knowledge (Nature) +8, Survival +4, Able to cast 3rd level divine spells, including the 3 lowest of the Plant Domain. Must be chosen as a holt warden by the leaders of a band of Guardians of the Green then serve a 1-year apprenticeship to a Guardian of the Green who has at least 5 holt warden levels.
- Spiritual leaders in the Guardians of the Green, providing religious motivation to the order.
Holy Liberator
(C. Divine)
CG, +5 BAB Diplomacy +5, Sense Motive +5, Feat; Iron Will
- A distant cousin of the paladin devoted to overthrowing tyranny. They particularly direct their efforts against lawful evil societies.
Holy Scourge
(C. Mage)
Good, Knowledge (Religion) +2, Able to cast 3 evocation spells, able to cast 3rd level arcane spells
- A fanatic in the fight against evil you can use spells and smite your foes.
Nonlawful, Appraise +8, Disable Device +4, Escape Artist +4, Hide +8, Move Silently +8, Open Locks +4, Search +8, The character must have participated in the location and recovery of a treasure hoard (dragon or otherwise) at least 5,000 gp or more.
- A limited spellcasting class that gains trapsense, Darkvision and other skills that help a character steal from a dragon.
Horizon Walker
Knowledge (Geography) +8, Endurance
- A traveler who master a terrain on the Prime Material and other planes.
(C. Divine)
Not Chaotic, +5 BABA, Handle Animal +5, Ride +5, Feats; Mounted Combat, Ride by Attack, able to cast 1st level Divine spells
- A divine spell caster whose duty is to protect pilgrims as they travel.
Hulking Hurler
(C. Warrior)
+5 BAB, Feats; Point Blank Shot, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (any thrown weapon)
- Brutes, typically from the giant races, who specialize in throwing rocks.
Hunter of the Dead
(C. Warrior)
Not evil, +5 BAB, Knowledge (Religion) +5, Able to turn Undead, Special; Scare of Unlife--must have lost one level or had one ability score drained by an Undead creature.
- Specialists in hunting undead they gain smite and extra turning.
Illithid Savant
(S. Species)
Mind Flayer, Knowledge (Arcana) +10, Must have consumed the brain of a creature of CR 9 or greater.
- Allows you to acquire feats, lore, skills, and class features of the brain that you consumed.
Illithid Slayer
(Ex. Psi.)
BAB +4, Knowledge (Dungoneering) +4, Track, Must have a power point reserve of at least 1 power point
- Psions who hunt mind flayers.
Illumine Soul
(C. Psionics)
Not evil, Knowledge (Psionics) +8, Knowledge (Religion) +4, Mind Blade, psychic strike +1D8
- A living conduit of positive energy who use it to fight evil and undead.
Initiate of Pistis Sophia
(B. of ExD.)
Lawful Good, Base Fort, Ref and Will save +5, Concentration +9
- Gains Smite Evil, Electricity Resistance, Dodge and Evasion abilities.
Initiate of the Sevenfold
(C. Arcane)
Knowledge (Arcane) +12, Knowledge (Nature)+4, Spellcraft +12 Feats; Greater Spell Focus (abjuration), Spell Focus (abjuration), Skill
Focus (Spellcraft), able to cast 5 abjuration spells including at least 2 of 4th level or higher
- An arcane caster who taps the prismatic powers in veils for protection.
Initiate of the Draconic Mysteries (Draco.) Alertness, Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack, Concentration +6, Jump +8, Tumble +4, Language Speak (Dragonic)
- A class that grants evasion, frightful presence, some monk abilities and SR and finally shapechange into a dragon; all designed for a martial character to explore having some powers of the dragon.
Insidious Corruptor
Drow, Evil alignment, Bluff +9, Diplomacy +4, Sense Motive +4, Persuasive, Able to cast dominate person.
- Slow advancing spellcaster that grants your level as an insight bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate and Sense Motive skills.
Invisible Blade
(C. Warrior)
Bluff +8, Sense Motive +6, Feats; Far Shot, Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus (Dagger, Kurkri or Punching Dagger), Must defeat a worthy foe with daggers, kurkris or punching daggers as his only weapons including 1 stance, able to cast 2nd level arcane spells.
- Deadly fighters who specialize in sneak attacks with daggers.
Iron Mind
(Races of Stone)
BAB +3, Concentration +8, Armor Proficiency (Heavy), Invest Armor Iron Will, Able to manifest 1 first level psionic power
- Psionic warriors who armor their minds and gain damage reduction.
(C. Warrior)
Lawful, +6 BAB, Gather Information +5, Search +5, Survival +5 Feats; Skill Focus (Gather Information), Track
- Hunters for justice who hunt criminals not for profit, but for the joy of it.
Justiciar of Taiia
(Deities and Demigods)
Nongood, worships Taiia, BAB +4, Knowledge (Religion) +6
This deity is not used in this campagin. A limited divine spellcaster who gains sneak attack and the ability to use augury and later divination as a spell like ability.
Keeper of the Cerulean Sign (L. of M.) Can't be an aberration, Gather Information +5, Knowledge (Arcana) +5, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +8, Sense Motive +5,
Aberration Banemagic, Craft Wonderous Item, Must create a cerulean sign without aid; an ancient rune from a long dead deity.
- A spellcasting class that learns how to detect and fight aberrations allowing you to do additional damage against aberrations with your spells.
(C. Warrior)
Lawful, +5 BAB, Concentration +5, Diplomacy +5, Ride +5, Feats; Combat Expertise, Weapon Focus (any), Must complete an oath
of service to an overlord or ideal.
- Masters of Ki who can empower their weapons in service to a lord.
Drow, Endurance, Diehard, Unspeakable Vow, Vow of Vengeance
- Able to rage, smite elves and can do extra damage against Fey creatures.
Knight of the Chalice
(C. Warrior)
Lawful Good, +8 Attack Bonus, Knowledge (The Planes) +5, Knowledge (Religion) +10, Able to cast divine spells including Protection from Evil.
- Fiendslayers, warriors who strive against demons.
Knight of the Iron Glacier
Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral, Handle Animal +5, Ride +9, Survival +2, Feats; Animal Affinity, Exotic Weapon (bastard sword),
Mounted Combat, Ride-By-Attack, Prove to the order that your intentions are noble and true (typically undergoing a minor quest)
- Warriors adept at noticing danger in the frostfell environment.
Knight Protector
(C. Warrior)
Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good, +5 Attack Bonus, Diplomacy +6, Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) +4, Ride +6
- Martial knights who have a rigid chivalric code to protect the public.
Knight of the Middle Circle (D. of Faith) Good, Nonchaotic, BAB +6, Handle Animal +7, Gather Information +4
Members of the Stargazers organization providing security for the members an performing quests (a paladin can multiclass).
Knight of the Pearl
Lawful Good, BAB +5, Extra Turning, Knowledge (Religion) +5, Turn Undead, proficient with at least 1 martial arts weapon and heavy armor. Must be accepted as a member of the Order of the Pearl.
- Protector of the aventi people of the sea granted the secrets for infusing the waters with positive energy, able to take levels as a Paladin.
(S. & Fist)
BAB +5, Rope Use +2, Craft (Leatherworking) +2, Weapon Focus (Whip), Must own a whip or a whip dagger.
- Using the whip as an extension of themselves they gain powers with the whip including sneak attack.
Legendary Captain
BAB +4, Profession (Sailor) +8, Knowledge (Geography) +5, Leadership. Must be the captain or master of a ship.
- A captain who can get more out of their ships ultimately an Admiral.
Legendary Leader
(Heroes of B.)
Iron Will, Leadership, Base Leadership score 7+
- Commanders of battle troops who gain a hero's luck.
(V. Dark.)
Evil, Knowledge (Arcana) +6, Spellcraft +6, Must be a Vampire
- Use negative energy reserves are used to boost spells.
Lion Talisid
(Ex. B of Deeds)
Neutral Good, BAB +4, Knowledge (Nature) +9, Survival +9, Favored of the Companions, Able to cast summon nature's ally 2. The character must have an animal companion as a class feature.
- A spellcasting class that gains Wild Shape, Immunity to Fear and Scent.
(R. of Destiny)
Illumian, Decipher Script +10, Disable Device +5, Knowledge (Arcana) +10, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +5, Able to cast at least 1 3rd level arcane spell from the divination school. Trapfinding class feature.
- A spellcasting class that gains Evasion, detect magic at will and the ability to cast some spells spontaneously.
Lord of Tides
Survival +8, Scorpion's Resolve, Able to cast 2nd level divine spells, You undergo an initiation ritual and return with a Relic.
- Go beyond survival in the desert and gain a sense of movement of magma and summon elementals, even opening portals to the Inner Planes.
Leviathan Hunter
BAB +5, Iron Will, Track, Knowledge (Nature) +4, Favored Enemy aberrations, animals, dragons or magical beasts).
- A hunter of massive creatures of legend and power, dedicated to hunting creatures of the perilous depths.
Knowledge (Any) +10 in each, Feats; any 3 metamagic or item creation plus Skill Focus (Knowledge), able to cast 7 different divination spells one of which must be 3rd level or higher.
- Spellcasters who concentrate on knowledge and lore gaining extra languages.
(R. of Wild)
Hafling, Profession (Gambler) +9, Dallah Thaun's Luck feat, Able to cast 3rd level arcane or divine spells (if divine caster then access to the Luck Domain)
- Spellcasters who steal others luck to improve their gambling.
Lurking Terror
(Libris Mortis)
Undead, Hide +8, Move Silently +8 (if the creature has the incorporeal subtype they don't need the Move Silently requirement).
- A short class that gains improved darkvision and the ability to Hide in Plain Sight.
Lyric Thaumaturge
(C. Mage)
Knowledge (Arcana) +6, Perform (any) +9, Spellcraft +6, Melodic Castings, Able to cast 2nd level arcane spells, bardic music 5/day
- You use the harmonics of music and magic so that they resonate together, granting you additional spell power and the ability to deal damage with your songs.
(C. Adv.)
Gnome, Craft (any) +8, Use Magic Device +4, Feats; any 2 item creation feats, Arcane spell caster 5th level
- Master gnome crafters that specialize in creating magic items.
Mage of the Arcane Order (C. Arcane) Knowledge (Arcana) +8, Feats; Cooperative Spell and 1 other metamagic feat, able to cast 2nd level arcane spells, initiation fee of 750 gp.
- A guildmage who belongs to an academy or guild of magic.
Magical Trickster
(C. Scoundrel)
Any Metamagic Feat, Able to cast 3rd level spells, Any two Skill Tricks
- Spellcasters who use their magic to trick people.
(C. Scoundrel)
Not Evil, Bluff +4, Knowledge (The Planes) +4, Language (Celestial, Infernal), Feat; Augment Summoning, Spell Focus (Conjuration) able to cast Summon Monster III.
- A spellcaster who turns evil's power toward the fight for good.
Master of Chains
(S. & Fist)
Nongood, Escape Artist +6, Open Lock +4, Intimidate +4, Exotic Weapon (Spiked Chain), Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Improved Disarm, Weapon Focus (Spiked Chain), Weapon Specialization (Spiked Chain)
- Master of chain combat.
Master of Flies
(S. Species)
Any nongood alignment, Escape Artist +5, Knowledge (Nature) +8, Quick Change, Must posses the ability to change form.
- Able to assume swarm shape, eventually taking on the form of an insect plague and later creeping doom.
Master of Many Forms
(C. Adv.)
Alertness, Endurance, Wild Shape class features
- A shapechanger with more powerful wildshape.
Master of Masks
(C. Scoundrel)
Bluff +8, Disguise +8, Perform (Act) +8, any 4 languages, Must have successfully impersonated an individual fooling even close friends.
- A slow advancing spellcaster who hide behind masks.
Master of Shrouds
(D. of Faith)
Nongood, Base Will save +5, Concentration +10, Spellcraft +10, Able to access at least one of these domains; Death, Evil, Protection (if you can cast at least 1 spell from the domain you have access to it).
- Gaining more power over the turning and control of undead.
Master of the Unseen Hand (C. Warrior) Concentration +8, Able to cast Telekinesis or access to Telekinesis as a spell-like or supernatural ability (or psionic)
- Able to get more out of telekinesis and eventually learn to fly.
Master Samurai
(S & Fist.)
BAB +5, Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) +4, Ride +4, Intimidate +4, Cleave, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword)
- Military retainer of a lord who uses the power of Ki in battle.
Master Specialist
(C. Mage)
Knowledge (Arcana) +5, Spellcraft +5, Spell Focus (1 school), Must be able to cast 2nd level arcane spells, must be a specialist wizard.
- Arcane casters who specialize in a school of magic so much that they become masters of their chosen discipline.
Master Transmogrifist
(C. Arcane)
Not lawful, Bluff +2, Disguise +5, Feat; Eschew Materials, able to cast Alter Self and Polymorph.
- An arcane caster who specializes in spells that change their form perfect for the school of polymorph.
Master Thrower
(C. Warrior)
+5 BAB, Sleight of Hand +4, Feats; Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot Weapon Focus (any thrown weapon)
- Martial masters at throwing light weapons.
Master Vampire
(Libris Mortis)
Must be a vampire and control at least 2 vampire spawn.
- A spellcasting class that allows the vampire to control more undead.
Master of Radiance
(Libiris Mortis)
Nonevil alignment, Knowledge (Nature) +8, Knowledge (Religion) +5, Able to cast daylight as a divine spell.
- A short spellcasting class that gains the power of light.
Master of the Unseen Hand
(C. Warrior)
Concentration +8, Able to cast telekinesis or access to telekinesis as a spell like supernatural ability.
- Telekinetic who use their power as force and eventually to fly.
Menacing Brute
(R. of Destiny)
Half-Orc, Nongood, BAB +5, Intimidate +5, Knowledge (Local) +2, Search +2, Iron Will
- This short class gives mob member useful skills like Demoralizing Stare, Resourceful Search, Sneak Attack, and Ruthless Cut.
(Ex. Psi.)
Knowledge (Psionics) +8, Psicraft +4, Piscrystal Affinity, Manifester level 4th
- Psions who learn how to manifest their powers for free.
(C. Arcane)
Not Good, Bluff +4 Ranks, Diplomacy +4, Intimidate 4 ranks, Sense able Motive +4, to cast; Charm Person as a spell-like ability or use the Charm invocation
- An arcane enchanter who charms monsters to fight for them.
Knowledge (any) +8, or Survival +8, must be inducted by a member of the Mind's Eye
- Slow advancing spellcasters who can manipulate fate.
(C. Warrior)
+3 BAB, Concentration +8, able to cast Detect Thoughts spell or to use Detect Thoughts as a spell-like ability.
- A short class where the character blends their ability to read minds with combat.
Mortal Hunter
(V. Dark.)
Outside type, Evil, BAB +5, Move Silently +3, Speak (Common), Wilderness +5, Alertness, Mortalbane, Track
- Grants limited spells the ability to smite mortals and polymorph.
(C. Scoundrel)
Not Lawful, Bluff +8, Knowledge (Arcana), (Local), or (Psionics) +4, Spellcraft +4, Feat; Deceitful
- Frauds and con artists able to assume a new identity and adept at getting out of trouble.
Mystic Theurge
Knowledge (Arcana) +6, Knowledge (Religion) +6, able to cast 2nd level divine spells and able to cast 2nd level arcane magic.
- Blurring divine and arcane powers these spellcasters have a wide range of spells to draw on.
Mythic Exemplar
(C Champ.)
Knowledge (History) +3, one of the following; Diplomacy +7, Intimidate +7, Knowledge (Arcana) +7, Knowledge (Religion) +7 or Move Silently +7. Any one of the following; BAB +5, able to cast 3rd level spells, sneak attack +d26, or able to grant allies a bonus on attack rolls, saves, or checks as an extraordinary ability. Must be a member of the Disciples of Legend.
- You follow the path of an exemplar of history (can support spellcasting).
Nature's Warrior
(C. Warrior)
Neutral, +4 BAB, Knowledge (Nature) +8, Knowledge (the planes) +2, Survival +8, Feats; Track, Wild Shape ability
- Martial defenders of the natural world who slowly gain levels as spellcasters.
Nightmare Spinner
(C. Mage)
Bluff +4, Intimidate +4, Sense Motive +4, Able to cast 3rd level arcane spells, Able to cast at least one fear spell and at last one mind-affecting illusion spell.
- Using the power of nightmares to put fear in your foes, you belong to a secret organization.
Nightsong Enforcer
(C. Adv.)
+5 Attack Bonus, Hide +10, Move Silently +10, Feats; Improved Initiative Evasion Class feature, must undergo training with Nightsong Guild (club)
- Stealth-centered combat rogues who strike from hidden places to eliminate their foes, not fight them.
Nightsong Infiltrator
(C. Adv.)
Climb +10, Disable Device +5, Open Lock +5, Search +5, Feats; Alertness Must undergo training with Nightsong Guild (Club)
- Rogues who specialization in infiltration and breaking and entering.
Ninja of the Crescent Moon (S. & Fist) BAB +6, Improved Unarmed Strike, Deflect Arrows, Quick Draw, Move Silently +10, Hide +10, Evasion class feature, Must contact the
Crescent Moon leadership.
- Combining Rogue and Monk into a group of stealthy mercenaries.
Occult Slayer
(C. Warrior)
+5 BAB, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Spellcraft +3, Feats; Improved Initiative, Weapon Focus (any)
- Slayers of irresponsible spellcasters.
(C. Adv.)
LG, Dwarf, Knowledge (History) +10, Knowledge (any ) +10, Perform (Oratory) +5
- Dwarven teachers who take up bard-like abilities to teach the culture of their church.
Ordained Champion
(C. Champ.)
Lawful, Netural Good, or Neutral Evil, Knowledge (Religion) +7, Weapon Focus with deity's favorite weapon, Able to cast magic weapon as a divine spell. Must worship Hextor or Heironeous.
- A champion of your church devoted to war able to imbue their attacks with divine energy.
Order of the Bow Initiate
(C. Warrior)
Initiate +5 BAB, Craft (Bowmaking) +5, Knowledge (Religion) +2, Feats; Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Weapon Focus
(Longbow, shortbow or composite version)
- Precise specialists of the bow.
(R. of Destiny)
Half-Elf, Half-Orc, or Half-Ogre, Diplomacy +8 or Intimidate +8
- This short class giving strength to your allies in combat.
Outlaw of Crimson Road
(S. & S.)
BAB +4, Bluff +5, Disguise +5, Gather Information +5, Intimidate +5 Ride +5, Combat Expertise, Improved Initiative, Must have had an
appropriate legal authority issue a not of writ for outlawry upon the character. Must swear to abide the Outlaw's Code.
- Even highway men have a code.
Pact-Bound Adept
(Dragon Magic)
Knowledge (Arcana) +9, Spellcraft +9, Draconic Heritage, Must be able to cast 3rd level arcane spells, Must have an active dragonpact with a dragon.
- A short class that has limited spell improvement allowing a dragon to gain Eschew Matierals and some metamagic feats.
Pale Master
(Tome and Blood)
Not good, Knowledge (Religion) +8, Feats; Skill Focus [Knowledge (Religion)], able to cast arcane spells of 3rd level or higher, must have spent 3 days in a tome with animated undead.
- Necormancers who work with undead, building their own bone armor.
Paragnostic Apostle
(C. Champ.)
Knowledge (Arcana) +5, Knowledge (Religion) +5, Knowledge (any other) +5, Able to cast 3rd level spells or use spell-like abilities of
equivalent level. A member of the Paragnositc Assembly
- Knowledge is power you use it to raise the potency of your spellcasting.
Paragnosic Initiate
(C. Champ.)
Knowledge (Arcana) +2, Knowledge (Religion) +2, Knowledge (any other) +2, BAB +4 or Tumble +7, Must be a member of the Paragonstic Assembly.
- A seeker of knowledge who is a warrior that assists a spellcaster.
Peregrine Runner
(Races of Stone)
Goliath, BAB +4, Climb +9, Diplomacy +4, Handle Animal +4, Jump +9, Endurance, Run
- Message runners and long range scouts who can move quickly through the mountains.
Pious Templar
(C. Divine)
+5 BAB, Knowledge (Religion) +4, Feats; True Believer, Weapon Focus with her deity's favored weapon
- A holy warrior with limited spells who bears her deity's weapon into battle to defend their temple.
Planar Champion
(M. of Planes)
BAB +6, Knowledge (the Planes) +4, Weapon Specialization, Must have made peaceful contact with their deity or their agents and must have completed an assigned task to become a agent of their god. Cannot become the divine agent of another god.
- Warrior of a hundred worlds renown for their weapon skills.
(M. of Planes)
Concentration +10, Knowledge (the Planes) +4, Spellcraft +10, Craft Wondrous Item, Able to cast 5th level arcane spells, Must have visited an Inner or Outer Plane.
- Spellcasters who are expert at traveling the planes, able to sense planar portals and create demiplanes.
Platinum Knight
Good, Dragonfriend, Diplomacy +4, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Speak Language (Draconic)
- A slow advancing spellcaster who take on some of the abilities of Bahamut, with immunity to frightful presence and the ability to smite evil dragons.
Not Lawful, +8 BAB, Handle Animal +5, Knowledge (nature) +5, Survival +5, Feats; Endurance, Self-Sufficient, Toughness
- A warrior who can assume primeval form to gain an animal's powers.
Prophet of Erathaol
(B. of Ex. Deeds)
Lawful Good, Knowledge (Arcana) +5, Spellcraft +10, Sacred Vow, Servant of the Heavens, Spell Focus (Divination), Vow of Chastity, Able to cast 4th level arcane or divine spells.
- A spellcasting oracle that becomes possessed by their deity.

Psibond Agent
(C. Scoundrel)

Gather Information +8, Sense Motive +4, Any 3 Languages, Power Point reserve of at least 1 point, sneak attack +1d6.
- A psionic character who acts as a spy and work through the control of other's minds.

Psion Uncarnate
(Ex. Psi.)

Knowledge (Psionics) +8, Psicraft +8, Psionic Body, Able to manifest 3rd level powers. Must have some instruction by another psion uncarnate, have access to teachings of the Golden Mind or belong to an organization that has access to or is administered by the Golden Mind.
- Formless, fleshless and unbound by the limits of corporately is the goal of these psionic characters.
Purifier of the Hallowed Doctrine (H. Horror) Good alignment or true neutral, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Knowledge (Religion) +8, Feats Pure Soul, Able to turn undead
- Slow advancing spellcaster who smites tainted foes.
Purple Dragon Knight
(C. Warrior)
Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Lawful Neutral or Neutral, +5 Attack Bonus, Diplomacy +1 or Intimidate +1, Listen +2, Ride +2, Spot +2
Feats; Mounted Combat, Negotiator, Membership in the Purple Dragons
- Members of a famous order of knights who lead troops in battle.
(Ex. Psi.)
Chaotic, Concentration +8, Craft (Alchemy) +1, Knowledge (Psionics) +2, Must have a power point reserve of at least 1 power point.
- Psions who utilize the power of fire.
Radiant Serv.of Pelor
(C. Divine)
NG, Will +5, Heal +5, Knowledge (Religion) +9, Feat; Extra Turning, able to cast 1st level Divine spells and access to sun domain, worship Pelor
- Spell casters of Pelor who gain more healing power and power vs. undead.
Rage Mage
(C. Warrior)
Not Lawful, +4 Attack Bonus, Feat; Combat Casting, Able to cast 2nd level arcane spells, Special; Rage or Frenzy ability
- Blending spellcasting and the rage ability in a fierce character.
Rainbow Servant
(C. Divine)
Not evil or chaotic, Knowledge (Arcane) +4, Able to cast 3rd level arcane spells, must find hidden jungle temples of Couatls
- Good arcane spellcasters who are servants to the Couatls with access to clerical domains.
(C. Warrior)
Chaotic Evil or Neutral Evil, +5 Attack Bonus, Intimidate +3, Knowledge Religion ) +3, Survival +4, Feats; Improved Sunder, Power Attack, Must survive an initiation rite (p. 74).
- The opposite of rangers they use pain and fear in service to Erythul.
Reaping Mauler
(C. Warrior)
+5 BAB, Escape Artist +5, Tumble +5, Feats; Improved Unarmed Strike must have defeated at least 3 foes larger than himself with only his bare hands.
- Wrestlers who fight unarmed with grapples and sleeper holds.
Red Avengers
(S. & Fist)
BAB +5, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Listen +8, Tumble +8
- An ancient order of monks who use the power of Ki to gain some monk abilities.
Red Wizard
Spellcraft 8 ranks, Tatoo Focus (New Feature of the Red Wizard) plus a total of 3 metamagic item creation feats and able to cast 3rd level arcane spells.
- An order of evil wizards in the Forgotten Realms setting who specialize in a school of magic gaining power from their tattoos.
Rimefire Witch
Concentration +6, Knowledge (History) +6, Knowledge (religion) +9, Spellcraft +6, Feats; Iron Will, Mark of Hleid, Able to cast divine spells, Have Hleid as a deity, have a dream of and locate a rimefire eidolon.
- Spellcasters who hear the call of the uldar deity of the frostfell Hleid. They travel to a special iceberg to gain the power of rimefire.
Risen Martyr
(B. of Ex. Deeds)
Good alignment, Base Fort, Ref and Will save +2, Any Skill +9, Speak Language (Celestial), Nimbus of Light, and 1 exalted feat.
- Gains some of the powers of Celestials, including a bonus to their weapon attack and damage rolls and immunity to acid and Electricity.
(C. Warrior)
Not lawful, +6 BAB, Feats; Exotic Weapon Prof (Bastard Sword), Must have fled or been exiled from service of a feudal lord worship Wee Jas, able to turn or rebuke undead.
- A formerly noble warrior who were samurai before betraying their lord.
Royal Explorer
(S. & S.)
Decipher Script +5, Profession (Cartographer) +8, Wilderness Lore +5, Alertness, Endurance, Must join the Royal Explorers Society and submit a report of exploration of an area with a significant relic for the society.
- Academic explorer who gains bonus languages.
(Races of Stone)
Dwarf, Concentration +5, Craft (Stoneworking) +8, Armor Proficiency (heavy), Scribe Scroll, Able to cast 1st level arcane spells
- Spellcasters who use the magic of runes.
(R. of Wild)
BAB +6 or Any skill +9 and able to cast 3rd level spells
- A spellcaster who serve as elven defenders giving you powers of the elven race.
Sacred Exorcist
(C. Divine)
Good, Knowledge (the Planes) +10, Knowledge (Religion) +7, able to cast dismissal or dispel evil. Requires the sanction of a church or order that ordains exorcists.
- Spell casters who fight fiends and undead.
Sacred Fist
(C. Divine)
BAB +4, Knowledge (Religion) +8, Combat Casting, Combat Reflexes, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Able to cast 1st level divinespells.
- Spellcasting monks who fight for their faith.
Sand Shaper
Neutral, Knowledge (Nature) +4, Survival +4, Touchstone (City of the Dead), 5th level Arcane caster
- Part prophet, part priest, part magician and part assassin you can sculpt sand to serve you.
Scaled Horror
(S. Species)
Must have either aquatic or reptilian subtype, BAB +5, Hide +5, Move Silently +5, plus either Swim +5 or a +8 racial bonus on Swim checks.
- A limited spellcasting class that gain Improved Grab, Keen Scent, DR, Spring Attack, Silent Spell and Still Spell.
Scarlet Corsair
Nonlawful, BAB +5, Bluff +8, Intimidate +8, Profession (Salior) +4, Sneak Attack +1d6. Must have established a reputation as a fearsome pirate.
- A legendary pirate able to strike fear in your enemies.
Sacred Exorcist
(C. Divine)
Good, Knowledge (The Planes) +10, Knowledge (Religion) +7, able to cast Dismissal or Dispel Evil, permission of church.
- A spellcasting class who can practice exorcism, resist possession and dispel evil.
Sacred Fist
(C. Divine)
+4 BAB, Knowledge (Religion) +8, Feats; Combat Casting, Combat Reflexes, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, able to cast 1st level Divine spells
- Divine spellcasting monks who can invoke flames around their hands.
Sanctified Mind
(L. of M.)
Nonevil alignment, BAB +4, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +2, Knowledge (Psionics) +2, Sense Motive +2, Proficient with all martial weapons. Must have a power point reserve of at least 1 point.
- Blending spellcasting, combat, and psionics you are trained how to combat Mind Flayers even forcing them to temporally lose access to their psionic powers.
Sanctified One
(C. Champ.)
BAB +5, Your alignment must match that of your chosen deity, Knowledge (Religion) +6, Must complete a sanctification ritual
performed by a priest or other authority of your church.
- A holy warrior who gains powers unique to their deity.
Scion of Tem-Et-Nu
Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral, BAB +5, Diplomacy +8, Swim +4. You must be blessed by Tem-Et-Nu in a ritual in one of her temples
- Paladin of the rivers in the wastelands sacred to the deity, you learn how to tapping the power of the river.
Scorpion Heritor
BAB +3, Hide +8, Knowledge (Nature) +4, Survival +4, Scorpion's Resolve. Must have survived the venomous sting of a monstrous scorpion.
- Tap the powers of a scorpion, gaining access to its venom and even its shape.
Scar Enforcer
(R. of Destiny)
Half-Elf, nongood, BAB +3, Bluff +8, Hide +4, Move Silently +4
- A slow advancing spellcasting class that offers Favored Enemy and Smite Enemy, Sneak Attack, Disguise Self and Hide in Plain Sight.
Sea Witch
Chaotic, Able to cast Arcane spells including control water, control weather, or favorable winds as well as summon monster III+.
- Arcane spell casters of water and storms with a love for violent weather.
Seeker of Misty Isle
(C. Divine)
Elf/Half-Elf, Knowledge (Religion) +4, Survival +8, able to cast 2nd level divine spells, must be introduced into the order by another member
- Spellcasting elves or half-elves who search for the misty isle; a elven haven.
Seeker of the Song
(C. Arcane)
Skill Focus (Perform), Bardic Music ability, Must have been exposed to the primal music by hearing it from another bard.
- Bards who gain even more power from their music.
(Tome and Blood)
+4 BAB, Knowledge (any) +6, All simple and martial weapons and all armor, able to cast spells of 2nd level or higher, must have defeated a foe without recourse to spellcasting or special class abilities.
- A spellcaster who fights with a sword and are able to ignore armor penalties and store spell power in their blades.
Sentinel of Bharrai
(B. of Ex. Deeds)
Good alignment, Knowledge (Arcana) +8, Knowledge (Nature) +8, Spellcraft +8, Sacred Vow, Vow of Obedience
- A spellcasting class that can change into a bear of their HD and eventually the power to summon Celestial Dire Bears.
Shadow Sentinel
(R. of Destiny)
Illumian, BAB +5, Weapon Focus (any slashing weapon), Must pass combat examination from sentinel leaders.
- Allows you to gain a umbral blade and a daily shadow point pool that lets you add power to your blade.
Shadowbane Inquisitor
(C. Adv.)
LG, +5 BAB, Gather Information +4, Knowledge (Religion) +2, Sense Motive +8, Feats; Power Attack, Detect Evil class features or able
to cast Detect Evil as a divine spell
- Stealthy warriors against evil with the smite ability.
Shadowbane Stalker
(C. Adv.)
LG, Gather Information +8, Search +4, Sense Motive +4, Detect Evil class feature or ability to cast it as a divine spell, sneak attack +1d6
- Members of an order of holy knights dedicated to fight evil they use divine spells, sneak attack and ultimately a sacred strike that channels divine spell power to deal extra damage in a melee attack.
Shadowcraft Mage
(Races of Stone)
Gnome, Bluff +4, Hide +4, Spell Focus (Illusion), Able to cast at least 3 illusions spells, including at least one shadow spell of 4th+ level
- Mages who uses illusion and shadow magic.
Move Silently +8, Hide +10, Perform (Dance) +5, Feats; Combat Reflexes Dodge and Mobility
- Dancing on the border of shadow, they use the plane for short jumps and giving them skills to avoid being hit in combat.
(C. Adv.)
+3 BAB, Hide +5, Move Silently +5, Sleight of Hand +3, Manifester level 3rd, able to mainfest Concealing Amorphia
- A stealthy psionic who moves through the pathways of the mind.
(C. Champ.)
Good, Gather Information +6, Hide +6, Move Silently +6, Good Devotion, Healing, Devotion, Strength Devotion or Sun Devotion, Able to cast 1st level divine spells. Must be a cleric or paladin of Pelor.
- Covert arm of the church that seeks hidden evil.
(C. Champ.)
Good, BAB +5, Knowledge (Religion) +2, One of these feats; Good Devotion, Healing, Devotion, Law Devotion, Strength Devotion, Sun
Devotion, or War Devotion.
- An elite group of the military from the church of Pelor or Heironeous.
Shinning Blade of H.
(C. Divine)
LG, +7 BAB, , Will +3, Knowledge (Religion) +7, able to cast 1st level Divine spells, must worship Heironeous
- Divine Spellcasters who fight for Heironeous combining their holy power with martial combat.
Singer of Concordance
(R. of Dragon)
Dragonblood, able to cast 3rd level divine spells, Knowledge (Religion) +8, worship Io.
- Spellcasters who attune themselves to Io's Spheres of Concordance creating a sphere of power.
(S. Species)
Bluff +6, Intimidate +6, Perform +8, Must posses an innate sonic, mind-affecting ability.
- A class that improves your sonic attack forms and increases your Cha.
Skull Clan Hunter
Good, Knowledge (Religion) +8, Able to turn undead, Sneak Attack +2d6
- A warrior in the fight against undead able to Sneak Attack undead.
(B. of Ex. Deeds)
Good alignment, Elf or Half-Elf, BAB +7, Handle Animal +10, Ride +10, Mounted Combat, either Mounted Archery or Ride-By Attack, 1 exalted feat, The character must spend 1 week living and meditating atop a mountain.
- Slow advancing spellcaster that can summon a giant eagle as a mount.
(R. of Wild)
Raptorn, able to cast summon monster IV or summon nature's ally IV, Flight as an extraordinary ability.
- Divine casters who gain powers from the pact with Air Elementals.
Slaad Brooder
(S. Species)
Slaad, Chaotic alignment, Concentration +10, Great Fortitude, Improved Multiattack
- A class that allows a Slaad to improve their ability to implant a pellet.
Slayer of Domeil
(B. of Ex. Deeds)
Lawful Good alignment, Hide +8, Move Silently +8, Sanctify Martial Strike, Servant of the Heavens, Sneak Attack +3d6, Evasion class ability.
- A limited spellcasting class that improves their Sneak Attack and can make a death touch attack.
Soldier of Light
(Deities and Demigods)
Neutral Good, worships Elishar, BAB +5, Knoweledge (Religion) +4
- The deity is not used in this campaign. A limited divine spell casting class who gets Spontaneous casting, the ability to turn Undead, with extra Turning, Smite Good and a bonus against necromanitic spell.
Soul Eater
(V. Dark.)
Any living non-humanoid, Evil, BAB +5, Knowledge (Arcana) +2, Alertness, Weapon Focus (natural weapon), On the verge of death the
creature must be approached by a Fiend to enter a pact that forces them to feed off of creature's souls.
- Gain Energy Drain and the ability to use soul power.
(C. Psion)
Autohypnosis +8, Feats; Point Blank Shot, , Throw Mind Blade, class feature
- In the tradition of a soulknife only with a soulbow.
(T 9 Hells)
Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral, Intimidate +4, Knowledge (Religion) +9, Knowledge (the Planes) +4, Speak Language (Infernal), Iron Will, Able to cast 1st level divine spells.
- Divine Spellcasters gain the ability to rebuke outsiders and resistance against the powers of evil outsiders.
(C. Warrior)
+4 BAB, Knowledge (Arcana) +6, Feats; Proficiency with all simple and martial weapons and with all armor. Able to cast 2nd level spells
- Slow advancing spellcasters who meld magic and martial fighting.
Spellwarp Sniper
( C. Scoundrel)
Concentration +8, Spellcraft +8, Power Blank Shot, Able to cast 3rd level spells, Sneak attack or sudden strike +1d6
- Spellcasters who use their rogue skills to improve their targeting ability with ray spells.
(S. & S.)
BAB +5, Bluff +5, Gather Information +5, Skill Focus (Bluff), Must have 2 skills from this list; Diplomacy, Disguise, Forgery and Sense Motive.
- Skilled with cover identities they gather information for their master.
Squire of Legend
(C. Champ.)
Knowledge (History) +3, Any one of the following; Diplomacy +7, Intimidate +7, Knowledge (Arcana) +7, Knowledge (Religion) +7, or
Move Silently +7. Must be a member of the Disciples of Legend.
- A follower in the steps of their chosen paragon allowing you to grant powers to your allies.
Stalker of Kharash
(B. of Ex. Deeds)
Neutral Good, Hide +8, Move Silently +8, Alertness, Favored of the Companions, Track
- A ranger class that gains the Smite Evil ability.
(Races of Stone)
Giant, Humanoid, or monstrous humanoid, Appraise +2, Craft (Stoneworking +5, The character must be able to speak Dwarves, Gnome, or Goliath (must match the chosen race's language) and Terran The character must be invited to become a member of the chosen race, living with the race for several years and maybe having to complete a quest.
- Warriors who bond with a mountain race gaining some powers of the selected race.
Stonedeath Assassin
(Races of Stone)
Goblinoid subtype, BAB +3, Hide +8, Move Silently +8
- Goblins who hunt and quietly kill members of the stone races in their own grounds.
(C. Warrior)
Dwarf, Craft (Stoneworking) +6, Speak Language (Terran), Endurance, Must undergo an arduous ritual involving immersion in sacred loam, long fasting deep underground and the ingestion of 1,000 gp of gem dust. They must carry a gem of that type as a totem to access their spell-like abilities.
- Dwarves who gain their power from stone.
Stonespeaker Guardian
(Races of Stone)
Feral Gargun or Goliath, Knowledge (Nature) +6, Survival +8, Endurance, Stone Form, Wild Shape Ability
- Divine goliath spellcasters who can use the powers of the earth.
Storm Disciple
(C. Psion)
BAB +5, Knowledge (Religion) +8, Chaotic, Energy mantle or Natural World mantle
- A psionic manifester who channels electricity, the power of storms.
Nonlawful, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Knowledge (Nature) +4. Must have the ability to cast gust of wind and either lightning bolt or call lightning.
- An Arcane caster who can wield the power of the storm.
(C. Divine)
Fort. +4, Feats; Endurance, Great Fortitude, Weapon Focus (Spear or Javelin), worship Talos, must have been struck by a bolt of lightning
- Divine spellcasters who harness the electrical power of storms.
Concentrate +8, Knowldege (Arcana) +8, Knowledge (Geography) +4 Knowledge (Nature) +4, Perfom (Sing) +8, Spellcraft +4, Magical
Aptitude, Storm Magic, Must have the bardic music class abililty.
- Bards of the Frostfell who temper the storm's fury with their music.
(R. of Wild)
Raptoran, BAB +5, Flight as an extraordinary ability
- An area warrior who are the elite protectors of the Raptoran race.
Suel Archanamach
(C. Arcane)
+6 BAB, Concentration +4, Jump +4, Spellcraft +5, Tumble +4, Feats; Combat Casting, Iron Will, know anciently Suloise, must be proficient with at least 4 martial or exotic weapons.
- Limited arcane spellcasters who can ignore some armor penalties to spell casting.
Spellwarp Sniper
(C. Scoundrel)
Concentration +8, Spellcraft +8, Feats; Point Blank Shot, Able to cast 3rd level spells, Special; Sneak attack or sudden strike + 1d6
- A spellcasting master of rays who can turn spells into rays that are not normally ray spells.
(C. Adv.)
Bluff +8, Diplomacy +4, Disguise +8, Forgery +4 Gather Information +4 Sense Motive +4, Feats; Skill Focus (Bluff)
- Spymasters with some rogue abilities and a cover identity.
(C. Warrior)
Dwarf, +5 BAB, Craft (Stoneworking) +6, Language (Terran), Feats; Endurance, undergo an arduous ritual involving immersion in sacred load, with long fasting see p. 81
- A class that grants a lot of earth based powers with a long list of powers that can be chosen.
Storm Disciple
(C. Psionic)
+5 BAB, Knowledge (Religion) +8, Chaotic, Energy Mantle or Natural World Mantle
- A Psionic character who channels electricity.
Concentration +8, Knowledge (arcana) +8, Knowledge (geography) +4, Knowledge (nature) +4, Perform (sing) +8, Spellcraft +4, Feats; Magical Aptitude, Storm Magic, bardic music class ability
- Spellcasters who channel the electricity of storms with music.
(C. Adv.)
+5 BAB, Bluff +5, Intimidate +5, Knowledge (Local) +5, Feats; Combat Expertise, Improved Feint
- Toughs who fight in the urban battlefield often Fighter/Rogues.
Sublime Chord
(C. Arc.)
Knowledge (Arcana) +13,Listen +13, Perfom (Any) +10, Profession (Astrologer) +6, Spellcraft +6, Able to cast 3rd level arcane spells, bardic music.
- Bards who look in the mathmatematics of song in search of the final chord.
(B. of Ex. Deeds)
Female, Good alingment, Knowledge (Nature) +8, Speak Language (Sylvan), Survival +8, Sacred Vow, Vow of Poverty, Able to cast speak with animals. The character must have wild empathy as a class feature.
- A spellcasting class that gains SR, the ability to shapeshift into a swan the ability to charm and a favored enemy.
Swift Wing
(Dragon Magic)
BAB +3, Speak Language (Draconic), Able to cast 3rd level divine spells, able to turn undead
- A divine spell casting class that gains energy resistance and DR along with access to the Dragon Domain.
Sword of Righteousness
(B. of Ex. Deeds)
Good alignment, BAB +6, Either Favored of the Companions, Knight of Stars, or Servant of the Heavens, plus 1 additional exalted feat.
- A way for martially oriented characters, typically a paladin, fighter, ranger, barbarian, monk or even rogue, to gain more exalted feats.
Tactical Soldier|
BAB +5, Sense Motive +2, Cleave, Combat Reflexes
- A master of fighting in teams.
Tainted Scholar
(H. Horror)
Concentration +8, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Able to cast 1st level arcane spells or use least invocations (warlock)
- Spellcasters who learn that they can substitute their own blood as a spell component, they explore forbidden lore and can learn the amount of taint in a creature.
Talon of Tiamat
Evil, BAB +4, Dragonthrall, Bluff +4, Intimidate +4, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Speak Language (Draconic)
- A slow advancing spellcasting class, that gains several breath weapons and other dragon-like abilities to help characters serve Tiamat.
Tattooed Monk
(C. Warrior)
Lawful, +3 Attack Bonus, Knowledge (Religion) +8, Feats; Endurance Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike
- Monks who channel power through magical tattoos.
(C. Adv.)
+6 BAB, Feats; Dodge, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Mobility Spring Attack, Two-Weapon Fighting
- They are the point of calm in a storm of attacks with two weapons.
(D. of Faith)
BAB +5, Knowledge (Religion) +5, Endurance, Weapon Focus (deity's favored weapon)
- A holy warrior sworn to the defense of a temple that gain damage reduction.
Temple Raider of Ol.
(C. Divine)
Chaotic, +5 Base Attack Bonus, Disable Device +4, Knowledge (Religion) +1, Open Locks +4, Search +8, worshiper of Olidammara
- Thieves with limited spell casting who specialize in robbing temples.
Spell Focus (conjuration) feat, able to cast Lesser Planer Ally.
- Reaching out to other planes these divine spellcasters use extraplannar allies.
Thayan Knight
(C. Warrior)
Human, not good, BAB +5, Intimidate +2, Knowledge (Aracana) +2, Knowledge (Local Thay) +2, Iron Will, Weapon Focus (longsword), Sworn allegieance to the Red Wizards.
- Members of an evil order of knights native to the Forgotten Realms. A short class that gives bonuses to save vs. fear and bonues to attack the Red Wizard's enemies.
(C. Adv.)
Balance +8, Climb +8, Jump +8, Tumble +8, Evasion class feature
- Agile rogues who specialize in getting in and out undetected.
(S. & S.)
Nonlawful, Balance +8, Climb +8, Jump +8, Tumble +8, The character Evasion ability and a member in good standing of a Thieves Guild.
- Experts skilled at getting in from above.
Thrall of Demogorgon
(V. Dark.)
Chaotic Evil, BAB +4, Knowledge (Arcana) +2, Knowledge (Religion) +2, Knowledge (any other) +2, Willing Deformity, Thrall to Demon, Must be able to cast 1st level spells or make sneak attacks. A thrall is initiated in a horrific rite that involves the sacrifice of an Intelligent being dedicated to Demogorgon, on unahllowed ground, at night and in the presence of a demon.
- Can slowly advance your spellcasting or take bonus feats as they gain the powers of the demon lord Demogorgon.
Thrall of Grazz
(V. Dark.)
Evil, Knowledge (Arcana) +5, Bluff +2, Diplomacy +2, Thrall to Demon, Violate Spell, Must be able to cast 3rd level spells with the evil descriptor. Followers are initiated in a horrific rite that involves the sacrifice of an Intelligent being within an area of magical darkness under the influence of a desecrator or unhallow spell.
- Slowly advance as a spellcaster, while gaining a bonus to Charisma skills.
Thrall of Juiblex
(V. Dark.)
Evil, Base Fort Save +6, Escape Artist +5, Thrall to Demon, Willing Deformity, Must have been polymorphed or experienced some sort of shapechanging experience. Thralls are initiated in a horrific rite that involves the sacrifice of an Intelligent being with at least 3 oozes, slimes or puddings present. The victim is dissolved in acid.
- Gain the power of oozes and slimes as well as the polymorph ability.
Thrall of Orcus
(V. Dark.)
Evil, BAB +4, Knowledge (Arcana) +2, Knowledge (Religion) +2, Lichloved, Thrall to demon. Must be able to cast a spell of the Necromancy school. The initiate undergoes a rite where an Intelligent being is sacrificed on an altar made of at least 30 skulls and in complete darkness.
- Slowly advance as a spellcaster, gaining summoning ability.
(Ex. Psi.)
Diplomacy +4, Knowledge (Psionics) +8, Inquisitor, Manifester level 5th and able to manifest mindlink.
- Enchanting and mentally manipulating psions.
Tomb Warden
(Libris Mortis)
Undead, nonchaotic alignment, BAB +3, Base Will save +5, Toughness, A tome warden must dedicate itself to the protetion of a tomb, graveyard, or similar resting place of the dead.
- A short class that adds turn immunity, something similar to blindsense and an insight bonus on attack and damage rolls.
Topaz Guardian
(L. of M.)
Good alignment, BAB +5, Base Will save +5 or divine grace class feature Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +4, Sense Motive +4, Spot +2, Quick Recovery, Must be sponsered by an existing member and approved by a High Sunwarden of the order.
- A short Class that offers spellcasting who gain Smite aberration and use a topaz diadem to block attempts to control your mind.
Craft (Trapmaking) +8, Disable Device +8, Open Lock +5, Search +8, Trapfinding class feature
- Master at laying traps with limited spell casting.
Tribal Protector
(S. & Fist)
Same alignment as tribe, humanoid or monstrous humanoid except; dwarf elf, gnome, hafling, half-elf or human, BAB +5, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Knowledge (Nature) +4
- Battlefield champion of a savage race who specialize in combat in a specific type of terrain.
Troubadour of Stars
(B. of Ex. Deeds)
Chaotic Good, Peform +6, Knight of Stars, Able to spontaneously cast 4th Arcane spells.
- Able to cast spells as an Eladrin, use sanctified spells and extra bardic abilities.
True Necromancer
(Libris Mortis)
Non good alignment, Knowledge (Arcana) +8, Knowledge (Religion) +8, Spell Focus (Necromancy), Able to cast summon undead 2 as a divine spell and command undead as an arcane spell. Able to rebuke undead. Access to the Death Domian.
- A long prestige class that allows you to advance as both a divine and arcane caster, gaining powers of the undead.
True Necromancer
(Tome and Blood)
Not good, Knowledge (Arcane) +8, Knowledge (Religion) +8, able to cast divine spells and Animate Dead, and arcane spells which must include Spectral Hand and Vampiric Touch, have access to Death Domain
- Arcane and divine spellcasters who create undead and eventually learn how to drain energy like them.
Ultimate Magus
(C. Mage)
Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Spellcraft +8, Any metamagic feat, Able to spontaneously cast 1st level spells and cast 2nd level arcane spells from a spellbook.
  - A Sorcerer/Wizard who gains power in both classes.
Uncanny Trickster
(C. Scoundrel)
Any 4 skills +8 each, Skill Tricks; any 4
- Spellcasters who excel at using tricks.
Unseen Seer
(C. Mage)
Hide +8, Search +8, Sense Motive +4, Spellcraft +4, Spot +4, Able to cast 1st level arcane spells including at least 2 divination spells.
- Blending stealth and arcane spells to become a master of information gathering.
(C. Divine)
Evil, Fort +3, Will +3, Bluff +6, Knowledge (Arcana) +5, Knowledge (The Planes) +5, Knowledge (Religion) +8, Spellcraft +8, Feats; Iron Will, Spell Focus (Evil)
- Limited spellcasters who have found out how to steal divine power without worshiping the deity.
Urban Savant
8 Ranks in any one and 2 ranks in each of the other skills: Knowledge (Dungeoneering), Knowledge (Local) and Knowledge (Nature), Favored (League of the Eyes or a similar guild, Bardic Knowledge class ability or Knowledge (History) +2, Must be a member in good standing of the League of Eyes or a similar organization.
- A spellcasting class that draws on a person's extensive knowledge to give them benefits against some creatures, eventually you gain or improve your low-light vision.
Urban Soul
(R. of Destiny)
Human, Knowledge (Local) +10, Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering) +5, Gather Information +5, Blessing from the temple of
- Gives you powers to use in urban adventuring as well as a meld into stone like ability.
Vassal of Bahamut
(B. of Ex. Deeds)
Lawful Good, BAB +2, Craft (Armorsmithing) +5, Diplomacy +5, Sacred Vow, Vow of Obedience, They must have single-handedly slain a juvenile or older red dragon.
- A limited spellcasting class that makes and wears platinum armor and dragon senses.
Vermin Lord
(V. Dark.)
Evil, Hide +3, Knowledge (Nature) +2, Move Silently +3, Verminfriend Must be able to cast giant vermin. Must be ordained by an intelligent evil creature with a physical resemblance to vermin.
- Slow advance as spellcaster gaining insect's blood drain, armor and other powers.
(C. Adv.)
Not evil, +4 Attack Bonus, Gather Information +8, Intimidate +4, Knowledge (Local) +8, Search +4, Sense Motive +8, Feats; Alertness
- Those who suffer at the hand of criminals and work to prevent that from happening to others, they gain the smite ability.
(C. Adv.)
Diplomacy +4, Intimidate +4 Perform (any) +10, Arcane spell caster 1st level
- An arcane spellcasting entertainer with bardic abilities.
Void Disciple
(C. Divine)
Neutral, Spellcraft +10, Feats; Heighten Spell, Spell Penetration, able to cast 3rd level arcane or divine spells
- Spellcasters who use the power of the void allowing them to grant temporary feats or power to ability checks eventually allowing them to grant negative level.
Walker in the Waste
Non-Good, Heat Endurance. Able to cast at least 3 spells of the Sand or Thirst Domain as divine spells
- Gain the powers of the sand, including the ability to inflict it on others and creature monsters common to the sand.
War Chanter
(C. Warrior)
Not Lawful, +4 BAB, Perform (Sing) or Perform (Oratory) +6, Feats, Combat Expertise, Weapon Focus, able to use inspire courage bard ability
- Warriors who use music to inspire their allies in battle.
War Hulk This class is not allowed
BAB +5, Cleave, Must be Large or larger
- Able to use their massive strength to throw rocks or make powerful swings with their weapons.
War Mind
(Ex. Psi.)
Nonchaotic, BAB +3, Knowledge (History) +2, Knowledge (Psionics) +8, Must have had some instruction by another war mind, have access to Tariic texts, or belong to an organization that has access to Talariic texts
- Expert psions who are knowledgeable in the art of war.
War Weaver
(Heroes of B.)
Craft (Weaving) +6, Knowldege (Arcana) +6, Enlarge Spell, Able to cast 3rd level arcane spells
- Spellcasters who can weave spells into an eldritch tapestry for use later.
BAB +3, Must have lead a tribe in battle
- Self made warriors who lead their tribe into battle.
(S. & Fist)
BAB +7, Diplomacy +5, Nonchaotic, Nonevil, Leadership, Martial Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Specialization.
- Leaders of armies whose mere sight of their battle banner can strike fear into troops.
(C. Divine)
+5 BAB, Diplomacy +8, Sense Motive +5, Feat; Combat Casting, able to cast at least 1 Divine spells from Destruction, Protection, Strength, or War, able to turn or rebuke undead
- Fierce Clerics who leads troops into battle.
Warrior of Darkness
(V. Dark.)
Evil, BAB +5, Alchemy +3, Knowledge (Arcana) +3, Speak Language (Abyssal or Infernal), Iron Will, Must endure a week of painful and
scaring black magic rituals performed in solitude, the secrets of which takes months to study and learn.
- Creating black magic oil to gain power and eventually damage resistance and spell resistance.
(C. Warrior)
+4 BAB, Must be able to change shape as lycanthrope or phasm, supernatural ability, Polymorph as spell-like ability, able to cast
Polymorph Spell, or Wild Shape (not Quasits, Vampires or unlisted races)
- Martial warriors who morph their body to improve themselves in combat.
Neutral, BAB +4, Survival +8, Swim +5. Able to cast 1st level divine spells. Animal companion with aquatic subtype or swim speed.
- A druid or ranger of the waves.
Wayfarer Guide
(C. Arcane)
Knowledge (Arcana) +10, Knowledge (Geography) +10 ranks, able to cast Teleport, Must join the Wayfarers Union (but can quit later).
- An arcane spellcasting master of teleportation, belonging to a guild.
(R. of Wild)
Hafling, BAB +4, Balance +3, Climb +3, Hide +6, Jump +3, Point-Blank Shot, Quick Draw, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Sneak Attack +1d6
- Rogues who fight against those who are bullies against the hafling race.
Wild Mage
(C. Arcane)
Chaotic, Knowledge (The Planes) +4, Spellcraft +8, Use Magic Device +4, Feats; Magical Aptitude, any Metamagic Feat, Arcane caster of at least 1st level.
- An arcane spellcaster who uses the random nature of magic for power.
Wild Plains Outrider
(C. Adv.)
Ride 9+, Mounted Combat, Track, Animal Companion large enough to serve as a mount or Paladin's special mount.
- A rider who patrols the remote wild areas (a paladin can multiclass).
Wild Soul
(C. Mage)
Nonlawful, Knowledge (Arcana) +8, Knowledge (Nature) +4, Must be able to cast 2nd level arcane spells, must make peaceful contact with a fey creature and peacefully spend at least a day among fey.
- Arcanists who have tapped into the power of nature, who swear an alliance with either the Seelie Court (good) or the Unseelie Court (evil).
(R. of Wild)
Elf or Half-Elf, Any Good or Chaotic alignment, Hide +5, Knowledge (Nature) +5, Move Silently +5, Survival +8
- Elven trackers who use a primal scream against their foes.
Winterhaunt of Iborighu
Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil, or Neutral Evil, Concentration +8, Knowledge (arcana) +5, Knowledge (religion) +8, Feats; Chosen of
Iborighu, Craft Wondrous Item, Piercing Cold, able to cast 1st level divine spells, Deity; Iborighu, create a minor or major ironheart.
  - Spellcasters who add the power of cold to their spells.
(B. of Ex. Deeds)
Good alignment, Base Will save +5, 1 exalted feat plus either Favored of the Champions, Knight of Stars, or Servant of the Heavens. Able to cast 3rd level arcane or divine spells or manifest 3rd level psionic powers.
- A short class that makes an easy way for spellcasters or psionic characters to gain extra exalted feats.
Wyrm Wizard
(Dragon Magic)
Knowledge (Arcana) +9, Spellcraft +9, Speak Langague (Draconic), Any Metamagic Feat, Able to prepare and cast 1st level arcane spells.
- An arcane spellcasting class that gives you additional access to dragon knowledge, the ability to better penetrate SR and to counterspell.
Zerth Cenobite
(C. Psionic)
+4 BAB, Concentration +9, PSP reserve +2, Still mind class feature
- A martial artist psion who blends psionic power with monk abilities.
Notes: Not used in the New Lands Campagin.
BAB = Base Attack Bonus
(B. of Ex. D.) = Book of Exalted Deeds
(C. Adv.) = Complete Adventurer
(C. Arcane) = Complete Arcane
(C. Divine) = Complete Divine
(C. Psionic) = Complete Psionic
(C. Scoundrel) = Complete Scoundrel
(C. Warrior) = Complete Warrior
(DMG) = Dungeon Masters Guide
(Draco.) = Draconomicon
(Drow) = Drow of the Underdark
(Frost) = Frostburn
(H. of Abyss) = Hordes of the Abyss
(H. of B.) = Heroes of Battle

(H. Horror) = Heroes of Horror
(Libris Mortis) = Libris Mortis Book of the Undead
(L. of M.) = Lords of Madness
(Miniatures) = Miniatures Handbook
(R. of Destiny) = Races of Destiny
(Races of Stone) = Races of Stone
(R. of Wild) = Races of the Wild

(Sand.) = Sandstorm
(S. Species) = Savage Species
(Storm.) = Stormwrack
(Tome and Blood) = Tome and Blood
(T 9 Hells) = Tyrants of the 9 Hells
(V. Dark.) = Book of Vile Darkness

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