Pathfinder Sorcerer/Wizard Spells

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0 Level (Cantrips)
Acid Splash (Conj.)2
Arcane Mark (Univ.)2
Bleed (Necro.)2
Breeze (Evoc.) (Web)2
Dancing Lights (Evoc.)2
Daze (Ench.)2
Detect Poison (Div.)2
Detect Magic (Div.)2
Disrupt Undead (Necro.)2
Drench (Conj.) (Web)2
Flare (Evoc.)2
Ghost Sound (Illus.)2
Haunted Fey Aspect (Illus.) (Ul. Combat)1
Light (Evoc.)2
Mage Hand (Trans.)2
Mending (Trans.)2
Message (Trans.)2
Open/Close (Trans.)2
Penumbra (Evoc.) (Web)2
Prestidigitation (Univ.)2
Ray of Frost (Evoc.)2
Read Magic (Div.)2
Resistance (Abjur.)2
Root (Trans.) (Web)2
Scoop (Evoc.) (Web)2
Spark (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's) 2
Touch of Fatigue (Necro.)2

1st Level
Abundant Ammunition (Con) (Ul. Combat)1
Accuracy (Trans.) (C. Arcane)2
Adhesive Spittle (Conj.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Adjuring Step (Abjur.) (Ul. Combat)1
Adoration (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Air Bubble (Conj.) (Ul. Combat)1
Alarm (Abjur.)2
Alchemical Tinker. (Trans.) (Race-Ratfolk)2
Alt. Musical Inst. (Illus.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Alter Winds (Trans.) (Adv. Players)1
Animate Rope (Trans.)2
Ant Haul (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Anticipate Peril (Div.) (Ul. Magic) 2
Bed of Iron (Necro.)(Knights of the Inner Sea)1
Blend (Race-Elf)2
Blood Money (Trans.) (Raise of the Runelords)1
Blurred Movement (Illus.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Body Capacitance (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Bouncing Body (Trans.) (Monster Codex)1
Break (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Bungle (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Burning Disarm (Trans.) (Cheliax Empire)1
Burning Hands (Evoc.)2
Carrion Compass (Div.) (Undead Slayer Hand.)1
Cause Fear (Necro.)2
Charm Person (Ench.)2
Chill Touch (Necro.)2
Clarion Call (Illus.) (Knights of the Inner Sea)1
Color Spray (Illus.)2
Commune with Birds (Div.) (Race)2
Comprehend Language (Div.)2
Corrosive Touch (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Crafter's Curse (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Crafter's Fortune (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Damp Powder (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Dancing Lantern (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Dazzling Blade (Illus.) (Rival Guide)1
Decompose Corpse (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Delusional Pride (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Detect Charm (Div.) (Adoran Spirit of Liberty)1
Detect Metal (Div.) (People of the River)1
Detect Secret Doors (Div.)2
Detect Undead (Div.)2
Discern Next of Kin (Div.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Disguise Self (Illus.)2
Disguise Weapon (Illus.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Ear-Piercing Scream (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Emblazon Crest (Trans.) (Knights of Inner Sea)1
Endothermis Touch (Trans.) (Monster Codex)1
Endure Elements (Abjur.)2
Enlarge Person (Trans.) 2
Erase (Trans.)2
Expediti. Excavation (Tans.)(Adv. Player's)2
Expeditious Retreat (Trans.)2
Fabricate Bullets (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Feather Fall (Trans.)2
Flare Burst (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Forced Quiet (Trans) (Ul. Magic)2
Gentle Breeze (Evoc.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Glide (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)1
Glue Seal (Conj.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Gravity Bow (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Grease (Conj.)2
Heightened Aware. (Div.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Hold Portal (Abjur.)2
Hydraulic Push (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Hypnotism (Ench.)2
Icicle Dagger (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Identify (Div.)2
Illusion of Calm (Illus.) (Ul. Combat)1
Infernal Healing (Conj.) (Inner Sea World)2
Interrogation (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)
Invisibility Alarm (Abjur) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Jump (Trans.)2
Jury-Rig (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Keep Watch (Ench.) (Knights of the Inner Sea)2
Ki Arrow (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Liberating Command (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Lighten Object (Trans.) (Inner Seas Gods)2
Line in the Sand (Adjur.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Lock Gaze (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Long Arm (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Longshot (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Mage Armor (Conj.)2
Magic Aura (Illus.)2
Magic Missile (Evoc.)2
Magic Weapon (Trans.)2
Marid's Mastery (Trans.)(Race-Undine)2
Memorize Page (Ench.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Memory Lapse (Ench.) (Adv. Player's) 2
Mirror Polish (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Mirror Strike (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Moment of Greatness (Ench.)(Ul. Combat)1
Monkey Fish (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Mount (Conj.)2
Mudball (Conj.) (Race-Goblin)2
Negative Reaction (Illus.) (Ul. Combat)1
Obscuring Mist (Conj.)2
Peacebond (Abjur.) (Ul. Combat)1
Phantom Blood (Necro.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Poisoned Egg (Trans.) (Inner Sea Guide)2
Polypurpose Panacea (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Protection From Arrows (Abjur.)2
Protect. vs. Chaos/Evil/Good/Law (Abjur.)2
Ray of Enfeeblement (Necro.)2
Ray of Sickening (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Recharge Innate Magic (Trans.) (Race-Gnome)2
Reduce Person (Trans.)2
Refine Impr. Weap. (Trans.)(Adv. Class Guide)2
Reinforce Armaments (Trans.)(Ul. Combat)1
Repair Undead (Necro.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Restore Corpse (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Sculpt Corpse (Necro.) (Adv. Player's)2
See Alignment (Div.) (Ul. Combat)1
Shadow Weapon (Illus.) (Ul. Magic)2
Shield (Abjur.)2
Shield Companion (Abjur.) (Animal Archive)1
Shock Shield (Abjur.) (Ul. Combat)1
Shocking Grasp (Evoc.)2
Silent Image (Illus.)2
Sleep (Ench.)2
Snapdragon Fireworks (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Snowball (Conj.) (People of the North)1
Sow Thought (Ench.) (Race-Changeling)2
Stone Fist (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Stone Shield (Conj.) (Race-Oread)2
Strong Wings (Trans.) (Race-Strix)2
Stumble Gap (Conj.) (Adv. Player's)2
Summon Minor Monster(Conj.)(Ul. Magic)2
Summon Monster I (Conj.)2
Sunder Breaker (Abjur.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Sundering Shards (Trans..) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Swift Girding (Trans.) (Knights of the Inner Sea)1
Technomancy (Div.) (Technology Guide)2
Theft Ward (Abjur.) (Race-Tengu)2
Thunderstopm (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Touch of Combustion (Evoc.) (Race-Ifrit)2
Touch of Graceless. (Trans.)(Adv. Player's)2
Touch of the Sea (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Transfer Tattoo (Trans.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
True Strike (Div.)2
Twisted Space (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Undine's Curse (Necro.) (Race-Undine)2
Unerring Weapon (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Unprepared Combatant (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Unseen Servant (Conj.)2
Urban Grace (Trans.) (Race-Half-Elf)2
Vanish (Illus.) (Adv. Player's)2
Ventriloquism (Illus.)2
Vocal Alteration (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Wave Shield (Abjur.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Weaken Powder (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Web Bolt (Conj.) (Race-Drow)2
Windy Escape (Trans.) (Race-Sylph)2
Winter Feathers (Abjur.) (Race-Tengu)2
Youthful Appearance (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2

2nd Level
Ablative Barrier (Abjur.) (Ul Combat)1
Aboleth's Lung (Trans.) (Race-Gillmen)2
Accelerate Poison (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Acid Arrows (Conj.)2
Acid Splash (Conj.)2
Adhesive Blood (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Adoration (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Admonishing Ray (Evoc.) (Echoes of Glory)2
Aggressive Thundercl. (Evoc.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Air Step (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Alter Self (Trans.)2
Amplify Stench (Trans.) (Monster Codex)1
Angelic Aspect, Lesser (Trans.) (Champs of Purity)1
Animal Aspect (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Ant Haul, Communal (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Arcane Disruption (Ench.) (Adv. Class Origins)2
Arcane Lock (Abjur.)2
Arrow Eruption (Conj.) (Adv. Player's)2
Badger's Ferocity (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Bear's Endurance (Trans.)2
Bestow Insight (Ench.) (Race-Human)2
Bestow Weapon Profi. (Ench.)(Ul. Combat)1
Blindness/Deafness (Necro.)2
Blood Armor (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Blood Blaze (Trans.) (Race-Orc)2
Blood in the Water (Necro.) (Monster Codex)1
Blood Transcription (Div.) (Ul. Magic)2
Blur (Illus.)2
Boiling Blood (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)1
Book Ward (Abjur.) (Seekers of Secrets)1
Brow Gasher (Necro.) (Ul. Combat)1
Bull's Strength (Trans.)2
Bullet Shield (Abjur.) (Ul. Combat)1
Bullet Ward (Abjur.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Bull's Strength (Trans.)2
Buoyancy (Trans.) (Pirates of the Inner Sea)2
Burning Gaze (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Burst of Radiance (Evoc.) (Champs. of Purity)2
Callback (Conj.) (Familiar Folio)2
Carrion Compass (Div.) (Undead Slayer's Handbook)1
Carry Companion (Trans.) (Knights of the Inner Sea)1
Cat's Grace (Trans.)2
Certain Grip (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Chain of Perdition (Evoc.) (Ul. Combat)1
Cloud of Seasickness (Conj.) (The Wormwood M.)1
Codespeak (Trans.) (2nd Dakrness Player's Guide)1
Command Undead (Necro.)2
Commune with Birds (Div.) (Race-Tengu)2
Companion Life Link (Necro.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Compassionate Ally (Ench.)2
Contingent Action (Evoc.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Continual Flame (Evoc.)2
Create Pit (Conj.) (Adv. Player's)2
Create Treasure Map (Div.) (Adv. Player's)2
Crimson Confession (Abjur.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Cushioning Bands (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Darkness (Evoc.)2
Darkvision (Trans.)2
Daze Monster (Ench.)2
Death from Below (Abjur.) (Race-Gnome)2
Deathwine (Necro.) (Rise of the Runleords)1
Defending Bone (Necro.) (Inner Sea Gods)2
Defensive Shock (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Defoliate (Necro.) (Surgava, the Lost Colony)1
Delay Pain (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Destabilize Powder (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Detect Thoughts (Div.)2
Disfiguring Touch (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Disguise Other (Illus.) (Ul. Magic)2
Disrupt Link (Abjur.) (Familiar Folio)2
Dust of Twilight (Conj.) (Adv. Player's) 1
Eagle's Splendor (Trans.)2
Eldritch Conduit (Trans.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Elemental Speech (Div.) (Adv. Player's)2
Elemental Touch (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Embrace Destiny (Div.) (Lost Kingdoms)1
Endure Elements, (Abjur.) Comm.(Ul. Combat)1
Escaping Ward (Trans.) (Race-Hafling)2
Euphoric Cloud (Conj.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Extreme Flexibility (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
False Life (Necro.)2
Fire Breath (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Fire Sneeze (Evoc.) (Goblins of Golarion)2
Fiery Shuriken (Conj.) (Ul. Combat)1
Flaming Sphere (Evoc.)2
Fleshcurdle (Trans.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Fog Cloud (Conj.)2
Fox's Cunning (Trans.)2
Frigid Touch (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Frost Fell (Evoc.) (Ul. Combat)1
Ghostly Disguise (Illus.) (Ul. Magic)2
Ghoul Touch (Necro. )2
Glide (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Glitterdust (Ajbur.)2
Greensight (Trans.) (Rival Guide)1
Gust of Wind (Evoc.)2
Gusting Sphere (Evoc.) (Race-Sylph)2
Haunting Mists (Illus.) (Ul. Magic)2
Heart of Air (Trans.) (C. Mage)2
Hidden Knowledge (Trans.) (2nd Dark. Play. Guide)1
Hideous Laughter (Ench.)2
Hypnotic Pattern (Illus.)2
Ice Slick (Evoc.) (Monster Codex)1
Imbue with Elemental Might (Evoc.) (Race-Sulis)2
Investigative Mind (Ench.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Invisibility (Illus.)2
Jitterbugs (Illus.) (Race-Gnome)2
Kinetic Reverberation (Trans.)(Ul. Combat)1
Knock (Trans.)2
Levitate (Trans.)2
Life Pact (Necro.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Limp Lash (Necro.) (Goblins of Golarion)2
Lipstich (Necro.) (Pathfinder Society F. Guide)2
Locate Object (Div.)2
Mad Hallucination (Illus.) (Ul. Magic)2
Magic Mouth (Illus.)2
Magic Siege Engine (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)2
Make Whole (Trans.)2
Masterwork Transform.(Trans.)(Ul. Magic)2
Merge with Familiar (Trans.) (Familiar Folio)2
Minor Image (Illus.)2
Mirror Hideaway (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Mirror Image (Illus.)2
Misdirection (Illus.)2
Miserable Pity (Abjur.) (Ul. Magic)2
Molten Orb (Trans.) (Race--Oread)2
Mount, Communal (Conj.) (Ul. Combat)1
Mud Buddy (Conj.) (Monster Codex)1
Obscure Object (Abjur.)2
Oppressive Boredom (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Owl's Wisdom (Trans.)2
Perceive Cues (Trans.) (Adv. Player's Guide)2
Pernicious Poison (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Pilfering Hand (Evoc.) (Ul. Combat)1
Protect. from Arrows (Abjur.)2
Protection from Chaos, Co. (Abjur.)(Ul. Comb.)1
Protection from Evil, Comm(Abjur)(Ul. Comb.)1
Protection from Good, Comm. (Abjur) (Ul. Comb.)1
Protection from Law, Com.(Abjur)(Ul. Comb.)1
Protective Penumbra (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Pyrotechnics (Trans.)2
Qualm (Ench.) (Ul. Combat)1
Recoil Fire (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Reinforce Armaments (Trans.)(Ul. Combat)1
Reloading Hands (Conj.) (Ul. Combat)1
Resist Energy (Abjur.)2
Retrieve Item (Conj.) (Classic Treas. Revisited)1
Returning Weapon (Conj.) (Ul. Combat)1
Ricochet Shot (Evoc.) (Ul. Combat)1
River Whip (Conj.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Rope Trick (Trans.)2
Scale Spikes (Trans.) (Web)1
Scare (Necro.)2
Scorching Ray (Evoc.)2
Sculpt Simulacrum (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Secret Speech (Div. (Inner Sea Gods)2
Seducer's Eyes (Ench.) (Inner Sea Gods)2
See Invisibility (Div.)2
Sentry Skull (Necro.) (Race-Orc)2
Shadow Anchor (Illus.) (Race-Wayangs)2
Share Language (Div.) (Adv. Player's)2
Share Memory (Div.) (Ul. Magic)2
Shatter (Evoc.)2
Silent Table (Illus.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Silk to Steel (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Skinsend (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)1
Slipstream (Conj.) (Adv. Player's)2
Sonic Scream (Evoc.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Snow Shape (Trans.) (Humans of Golarion)1
Spectral Hand (Necro.)2
Spider Climb (Trans.)2
Spontaneous Immolati.(Evoc.)(Ul. Combat)1
Squeeze (Trans.) (Race-Vishkanyas)2
Stabilize Powder (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Staggering Fall (Trans.) (Rival Guide)1
Steal Breath (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Steal Size (Trans.) (Giant Hunter's Handbook)1
Steal Voice (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)1
Stone Call (Conj.) (Adv. Player's)2
Stone Discus (Conj.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Stone Shield (Conj.) (Race--Oread)2
Stricken Heart (Necro.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Summon Monster II (Conj.)2
Summon Swarm (Conj.)2
Symbol of Mirroring (Illus.) (Ul. Magic)2
Tactical Acumen (Ench.) (Ul. Combat)1
Tattoo Potion (Trans.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Telekinetic Assembly (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Telekinetic Volley (Trans.) (Ranged Tactics Toolkit)1
Thunder Fire (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Time Shudder (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Touch Injection (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Touch of Bloodletting (Necro.) (Inner Sea Gods)2
Touch of Idiocy (Ench.)2
Touch of Mercy (Ench.) (Champs. of Purity)1
Tremor Blast (Trans.) (Inner Sea Gods)2
Twilight Haze (Illus.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Twisted Space (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Unnatural Lust (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Unshakable Chill (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Warding Weapon (Abjur.) (Ul. Combat)1
Web (Conj.)2
Web Shelter (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Whip of Spiders (Conj.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Whispering Wind (Trans.)2

3rd Level
Ablative Barrier (Conj.) (Ul. Combat)1
Ablative Sphere (Abjur.) (Humans of Golarion)1
Accursed Glare (Necro.) (Blood of the Moon)1
Adjustable Disguise (Illus.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Agonize (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)1
Air Breathing (Trans.) (Monster Codex)1
Air Geyser (Evoc.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Ancestral Regression (Trans.) (Race-Drow)2
Anchored Step (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Animal Aspect (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Animate Dead, Lesser (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Anthropomorp. Animal(Trans.)(Ul. Magic)2
Ape Walk (Trans.) (Sagava, the Lost Colony)1
Aqueous Orb (Conj.) (Adv. Player's)2
Arcane Sight (Div. )2
Armor Lock (Trans.) (Knights of the Inner Sea)1
Ash Storm (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Aura of Cannibalism (Necro.) (Monster Codex)1
Aura Sight (Div.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Barrow Haze (Necro.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Battering Blast (Evoc.) (Dugeons of Golarion)1
Beast Shape I (Trans.)2
Bestow Insight (Ench.) (Race--Human)2
Blacklight (Evoc.) (Pathfinder Chronicles)1
Blade Snare (Abjur.) (Inner Sea Gods)2
Blast Barrier (Trans.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Blink (Trans.)2
Blood Biography (Div.) (Adv. Player's)2
Blood Scent (Trans.) (Race-Orc)2
Blood Sentinel (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Bloody Arrows (Necro.) (Ranged Tactics Toolkit)1
Blot (Trans.) (Goblins of Golarion)1
Burdened Thoughts (Ench.) (Giant Hunter's Hand.)1
Burrow (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Call the Void (Evoc.) (Dragon Empires Primer)1
Campfire Wall (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Chain of Perdition (Evoc.) (Ul. Combat)1
Channel the Gift (Evoc.) (Inner Sea Gods)2
Charitable Impulse (Ench.) (Chronicles Of the Righteous)1
Clairaudience/Clairvoyance (Div.)2
Cloak of Winds (Abjur.) (Adv. Player's)2
Control Vermin (Trans.) (Monster Codex)1
Countless Eyes (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Crimson Confession (Abjur.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Darkvision, Communal(Trans.)(Ul. Comb.)1
Daylight (Evoc.)2
Dazzling Blade (Illus.) (Rival Guide)1
Deathwine (Necro.) (Rise of the Runelords)1
Deep Slumber (Ench.)2
Devolution (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Diamond Spray (Evoc.) (The Final Wish)1
Disable Construct (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Discern Value (Div.) (Dungeoneer's Handbook)1
Dispel Magic (Abjur.)2
Displacement (Illus.)2
Distracting Cacophony (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Draconic Reservoir (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Eldritch Fever (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Elemental Aura (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Enter Image (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Eruptive Pustules (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Excruciating Deformat. (Trans.)(Ul. Magic)2
Explosive Runes (Abjur.)2
Fearsome Duplicate (Illus.) (Race-Hafling)2
Fins to Feat (Trans.) (Race-Merfolk)2
Fire Trail (Trans.) (Race-Goblin)2
Fireball (Evoc.)2
Firestream (Evoc.) (Race-Ifrit)2
Flame Arrow (Trans.)2
Flash Fire (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Fly (Trans.)2
Force Anchors (Conj.) (Undead Slayer's Hand.)1
Force Punch (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)1
Fractions of Heal & Harm (Trans.) (Inner Sea Gods)2
Gaseous Form (Trans.)2
Gentle Repose (Necro.)2
Gloomblind Bolts (Conj.) (Race-Fetchling)2
Halt Undead (Necro.)2
Harrowing (Div.) (Inner Seas World Guide)2
Haste (Trans.)2
Healing Thief (Necro.) (Ul. Combat)1
Heart of Metal (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Heroism (Ench.)2
Heatstroke (Evoc.) (Sargava, the Lost Colony)1
Heroism (Ench.)2
Hold Person (Ench.)2
Hollow Blades (Trans.) (Giant Hunter's Handbook)1
Hostile Levitation (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Howling Agony (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Hydraulic Torrent (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Hydrophobia (Necro.) (Magical Marketplace)2
Ice Spears (Conj.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Illusory Script (Illus.)2
Imbue with Addiction (Trans.) (Magical Market.)2
Improve Trap (Trans.) (Race-Kobold)2
Invisibility Sphere (Illus.)2
Isolate (Illus.) (Monster Codex)1
Jitterbugs (Illus.) (Race-Gnome)2
Keen Edge (Trans.)2
Ki Leech (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Lightning Bolt (Evoc.)2
Loathsome Veil (Illus.) (Ul. Magic)2
Locate Weakness (Div.) (Ul. Combat)1
Lover's Vengeance (Ench.) (Inner Sea W. G.)2
Mad Monkeys (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Magic Circle v. Chaos/Evil/G./Lw. (Abjur.)2
Magic Weapon, Greater (Trans.)2
Major Image (Illus.)2
Marionette Possession (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Mindlock. Messenger (Ench.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Minor Dream (Illus.) (Race-Gnome)2
Monstrous Physique I (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Nauseating Trail (Conj.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Nixie's Lure (Ench.) (Race-Undine)2
Nondetection (Abjur.)2
Pain Strike (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Paragon Surge (Trans.) (Race-Half-Elf)2
Pellet Blast (Conj.) (Ul. Combat)1
Phantom Driver (Conj.) (Ul. Combat)1
Phantom Steed (Conj.)2
Pierce Disguise (Div.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Polymorph Familiar (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Prehensile Pilfer (Trans.) (Race-Varna)2
Protect. from Arr, Comm.(Abjur)(Ul. Comb.)1
Protect from Energy (Abjur.)2
Pugwampi's Grace (Ench.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Pup Shape (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Rage (Ench.)2
Raging Rubble (Trans.) (Race-Oread)2
Rain of Frogs (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Ray of Exhaustion (Necro.)2
Reckless Infatuation (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Remove Curse (Necro.)2
Resilient Reservoir (Trans.) (Race-Half-Elf)2
Resinous Skin (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Resist Energy, Comm. (Abjur.) (Ul. Comb.)1
Returning Weapon (Conj.) (Ul. Combat)1
Sands of Time (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Scale Spikes, Greater (Trans.) (Web)2
Secret Page (Trans.)2
Seek Thoughts (Div.) (Adv. Player's)2
Sepia Snake Sigil (Conj.)2
Share Language, Communal (Ul. Combat) 2
Sheet Lightning (Evoc.) (Rival Guide)1
Shield Companion (Abjur.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Shifting Sand (Trans.) (Adv. Player's) 2
Shrink Item (Trans.)2
Silver Darts (Conj.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Sleet Storm (Conj.)2
Slow (Trans.)2
Spherescry (Div.) (Classic Treas. Revisited)1
Spider Climb, Comm. (Trans.)(Ul. Combat)1
Spiked Pit (Conj.) (Adv. Player's)2
Stinking Cloud (Conj.)2
Storm Step (Conj.) (Blood of the Elements)1
Strangling Hair (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Stun. Barrier, Greater (Abjur.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Suggestion (Ench.)2
Summon Monster III (Conj.)2
Sum.Totem Creat. (Conj.) (Humans of Golorian)1
Sundered Serpent Coils (Conj.) (Monster Codex)1
Swarm of Fangs (Conj.) (Monster Codex)1
Thunderstomp, Greater (Evoc.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Tiny Hut (Evoc.)2
Tongues (Div.)2
Touch Injection (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Toxic Gift (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Trial of Fire and Acid (Evoc.) (Monster Codex)1
Twilight Knife (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Unadulterated Loathing (Ench.)(Ul. Magic)2
Undead Anatomy I (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Unliving Rage (Necro.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Vampiric Touch (Necro.)2
Vengeful Comets (Evoc.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Versatile Weapon (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Vision of Hell (Illus.) (Ul. Magic)2
Wall of Nausea (Illus.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Water Breathing (Trans.)2
Web Bolt (Conj.) (Race-Drow)2
Wind Wall (Evoc.)2

4th Level
Absorbing Inhalation (Trans.) (Race-Sylph)2
Abyssal Vermin (Trans.) (City of Locusts)1
Acid Pit (Conj.) (Adv. Player's)2
Age Resistance, Lesser (Trans.)(Ul. Magic)2
Aggravate Afflicti. (Necro.) (Secrets of the Sphinx)1
Aggress. Thundercl., Great. (Evoc.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Agonize (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Animal Aspect, Greater (Trans.)(Ul. Comb.)1
Animate Dead (Necro.)2
Antithetical Constraint (Ench.) (Champs. of Balance)1
Arcane Eye (Div.)2
Aura of Unremarkable (Ench.) (Cheliax Empire)2
Ball Lightning (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Beast Shape II (Trans.)2
Bestow Curse (Necro.)2
Black Tentacles (Conj.)2
Bloatbomb (Necro.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Bloody Arrows (Necro.) (Ranged Tactics Toolkit)1
Boneshatter (Necro.) (Pyramid of the Sky Pharohs)1
Calcific Touch (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Chain Lightning (Evoc.)2
Charm Monster (Ench.)2
Cloud Shape (Trans.) (Race-Sylph)2
Confusion (Ench.)2
Conjure Deadfall (Conj.) (Dungeoneer's Handbook)1
Contact Other Plane (Div.)2
Contagion (Necro.)2
Control Summon. Creat.(Ench.)(Ul. Magic)2
Conversing Wind (Trans.) (Ranged Tactics Tool.)1
Create Holds (Trans.) (Dungeoneer's Handbook)1
Creeping Ice (Evoc.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Crushing Despair (Ench.)2
Curse of Burn. Sleep (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Curse of Magic Negation (Abjur.)(Ul. Magic)2
Darkvision, Greater (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Daze, Mass (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Detect Scrying (Div.)2
Detonate (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Dimensional Anchor (Abjur.)2
Dimension Door (Conj.)2
Dragon Breath (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Earth Glide (Trans.) (Race-Svirfneblin)2
Elemental Body I (Trans.)2
Enchantment Foil (Abjur.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Enervation (Necro.)2
Enlarge Person, Mass (Trans.)2
Eyes of the Void (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
False Life, Greater (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Familiar Melding (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Fear (Necro.)2
Feeblemind (Ench.)2
Fire Shield (Evoc.)2
Fire Trap (Abjur.)2
Firefall (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Flaming Sphere, Great. (Evoc.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Fleshworm Infestation (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Forgetful Slumber (Ench.) (Race-Half-Elf)2
Geas, Lesser (Ench.)2
Ghost Wolf (Conj.) (Race-Half-Orc)2
Globe Of Invulnerability, L. (Abjur.)2
Hallucinatory Terrain (Illus.)2
Hellmouth Ash (Trans.) (Race-Tiefling)2
Hold Monster (Ench.)1
Hurricane Blast (Evoc.) (The Final Wish)1
Ice Storm (Evoc.)2
Illusory Wall (Illus.)2
Infernal Healing, Great.(Evoc.)(Inner Sea World)2
Invisibility, Greater (Illus.)2
Locate Creature (Div.)2
Malfunction (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Magic Sieg. Eng., Great.(Trans.)(Ul. Comb.)1
Malfunction (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)1
Malicious Spite (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Miasmatic Form (Trans.) (Race-Sylph)2
Mind Fog (Ench.)2
Minor Creation (Conj.)2
Minor Phantom Object (Illus.) (Race-Gnome)2
Mirror Transport (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Mislead (Illus.)2
Mnemonic Enhancer (Trans.)2
Monstrous Physique II (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Moonstruck (Ench.) (Adv. Player's)2
Named Bullet (Div.) (Ul. Combat)1
Nondetection, Comm. (Trans.)(Ul. Comb.)1
Obsidian Flow (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Overwhelming Grief (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Phantasmal Killer (Illus.)2
Phantom Chariot (Illus.) (Ul. Combat)1
Phantom Steed, Comm.(Conj.) (Ul. Combat)1
Phantasmal Killer (Illus.)2
Polymorph (Trans.)2
Protect. fr. Ener., Comm.(Abjur.)(Ul. Comb.)1
Prying Eyes (Div.)2
Rainbow Pattern (Illus.)2
Reduce Person, Mass (Trans.)2
Remove Curse (Abjur.)2
Resilient Reservoir (Trans.) (Race-Half-Elf)2
Resilient Sphere (Evoc.)2
Ride the Waves (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
River of Wind (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Sadomasochism (Necro.) (Inner Sea Gods)2
Scorching Ash Form (Trans.) (Race-Ifrit)2
Scrying (Div.)2
Secure Shelter (Conj.)2
Shadow Barbs (Illus.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Shadow Conjuration (Illus.)2
Shadow Projection (Necro.) (Adv. Player's)2
Shadow Step (Illus.) (Ul. Magic)2
Shadowy Haven (Trans.) (Race-Fetchling)2
Share Senses (Div.) (Adv. Player's)2
Shocking Image (Illus.) (Ul. Combat)1
Shout (Evoc.)2
Simulacrum, Lesser (Illus.) (Ul. Magic)2
Skeleton Crew (Necro.) (Pirates of Inner Sea)1
Solid Fog (Conj.)2
Spellcrash, Lesser (Abjur.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Stone Shape (Trans.)2
Stoneskin (Abjur.)2
Summon Accuser (Conj.) (Rival Guide)1
Summon Monster IV (Conj.)2
Suppr. Primal Magic (Abjur.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Symbol of Laughter (Ench.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Symbol of Revelation (Div.) (Ul. Magic)1
Symbol of Slowing (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)1
Telekinetic Charge (Evoc.) (Ul. Combat)1
Telepathic Bond (Div.)2
Terrible Remorse (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Tongues, Communal (Div.) (Ul. Combat)1
Touch of Slime (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Triggered Suggestion (Ench.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
True Form (Abjur.) (Adv. Player's)2
Unbearable Brightness (Evoc.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Unholy Blight (Evoc.)2
Vengeful Stinger (Trans.) (Inner Sea Gods)2
Vermin Shape I (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Vitriolic Mist (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Volcanic Storm (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Vomit Twin (Conj.) (Race-Goblin)2
Wall of Blindness (Necro.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Wall of Fire (Evoc.)2
Wall of Ice (Evoc.)2
Wander. Star Motes (Illus.) (Adv. Player's)2
Ward Shield (Abjur.) (Knights of the Inner Sea)1
Web Cloud (Conj.) (Race-Drow)2
Wrack (Necro.) (C. Divine)2

5th Level
Absorb Toxicity (Necro.) (Ul. Combat)1
Acidic Spray (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Angelic Aspect (Trans.) (Champs. of Purity)1
Animal Growth (Trans.)2
Apparent Master (Ench.) (Guardians of Dragonfall)1
Astral Projection, Lesser (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Augmenting Wall (Evoc.) (Ranged Tactics Toolkit)1
Baleful Polymorph (Trans.)2
Beast Shape III (Trans.)2
Black Spot (Necro.) (Pirates of the Inner Sea)1
Bladed Dash, Greater (Trans.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Blight (Necro.)2
Blood Boil (Necro.) (Magical Marketplace)1
Break Enchantment (Abjur.)2
Calm Air (Abjur.) (Ranged Tactics Toolkit)1
Caustic Blood (Trans.) (Inner Sea Gods)2
Circle of Death (Necro.)2
Cloudkill (Abjur.)2
Cone of Cold (Evoc.)2
Constricting Coils (Ench.) (Sanctum of the Serp.)1
Contact Other Plane (Div.)2
Corrosive Consumption (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Covetous Aura (Abjur.) (Inner Sea World Guide)2
Curse of Disgust (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Damnation Stride (Conj.) (Race-Tiefling)2
Dismissal (Abjur.)2
Dominate Person (Ench.)2
Dream (Illus.)2
Duplicate Familiar (Conj.) (Familiar Folio)2
Echolocation (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Elemental Body II (Trans.)2
Empathy Conduit (Necro.) (Familiar Folio)2
Enlarge Person, Greater (Trans.) (S. C.)2
Energy Siege Shot (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Fabricate (Trans.)2
False Vision (Illus.)2
Feeblemind (Ench.)2
Feast on Fear (Necro.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Fickle Winds (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Fire Snake (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Geniekind (Trans.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Geyser (Conj.) (Adv. Player's) 2
Ghoul Army (Necro.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Gift of the Deep (Trans.) (Monster Codex)1
Half-Blood Extraction (Trans.) (Race-Half-Orc)2
Hold Monster (Ench.)2
Hostile Juxtaposition (Conj.) (Ul. Combat)1
Hungry Earth (Trans.) (Monster Codex)2
Hungry Pit (Conj.) (Adv. Player's)2
Icy Prison (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Interposing Hand (Evoc.)2
Life Bubble (Abjur.) (Adv. Player's)2
Lighten Object, Mass (Trans.) (Inner Sea Gods)2
Lightning Arc (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Lighting Leap (Trans.) (C. Mage)2
Mage's Faithful Hound (Conj.)2
Mage's Private Sanctum (Abjur.)2
Magic Jar (Necro.)2
Major Creation (Conj.)2
Major Phantom Object (Illus.) (Race-Gnome)2
Mind Fog (Ench.)2
Mirage Arcane (Illus.)2
Monstrous Physique III (Trans.)(Ul. Magic)2
Nightmare (Illus.)2
Overland Flight (Trans.)2
Pain Strike, Mass (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Passwall (Trans.)2
Permanency (Univ.)2
Persistent Image (Illus. )2
Phantasmal Web (Illus.) (Adv. Player's)2
Plague Carrier (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Planar Adaptation (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Planar Blinding, Lesser (Conj.)2
Plant Shape I (Trans)2
Possess Object (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Prying Eyes (Div.)2
Rapid Repair (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Ray's Telepathic Bond (Div.)2
Repair Undead, Mass (Necro.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Runic Overload (Evoc.) (Giant Hunter's Handb.)1
Secret Chest (Conj.)2
Seeming (Illus.)2
Sending (Evoc.)2
Serenity (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)1
Servant Horde (Conj.) (C. Arcane)2
Shadow Evocation (Illus.)2
Siphon Magic (Abjur.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Smug Narcissism (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Sonic Thrust (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Soothe Construct (Abjur.) (Ul. Magic)2
Soulswitch (Necro.) (Familiar Folio)2
Spell Absorption (Abjur.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Spellsteal (Abjur.) (Monster Codex)1
Stoneskin, Communal (Abjur.) (Ul. Combat)1
Suffocation (Necro.) (Adv. Player's)2
Summon Infernal Host (Conj.) (Rival Guide)1
Summon Lesser Psychom. (Conj.) (Empty Graves)1
Summon Monster V (Conj.)2
Summoned Conduit (Necro.) (Ul. Combat)1
Summoner Conduit (Necro.) (Ul. Combat)1
Symbol of Pain (Necro.)2
Symbol of Scrying (Div.) (Ul. Magic)2
Symbol of Sleep (Ench.)2
Symbol of Striking (Illus.) (Ul. Combat)1
Telekinesis (Trans.)2
Telepathic Bond (Div.)2
Teleport (Conj.)2
Transmute Mud to Rock (Trans.)2
Transmute Rock to Mud (Trans.)2
Transplant Visage (Trans.) (Inner Sea Gods)2
Treasure Stitching (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Truespeak (Div.) (Race-Aasimar)2
Unbreakable Construct (Abjur.)(Ul. Magic)2
Undead Anatomy II (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Unseen Crew (Conj.) (Pirates of the Inner Sea)1
Vampiric Shadow (Necro.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Vermin Shape II (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Village Veil (Illus.) (Race-Hafling)2
Vulnerability (Trans.) (S. Comp.)2
Wall of Force (Evoc.)2
Wall of Light (Evoc.) (The Dragon's Demand)1
Wall of Sound (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Wall of Stone (Conj.)2
Waves of Fatigue (Necro.)2
Whip of Centipedes (Conj.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Wind Blades (Trans.) (Race-Sylph)2
Wrack (Necro.) (S. Comp.)2
Wreath of Blades (Abjur.) (Ul. Combat)1

6th Level
Acid Fog (Conj.)2
Age Resistance (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Analyze Dweomer (Div.)2
Antimagic Field (Abjur.)2
Banshee Blast (Necro.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Battlemind Link (Div.) (Ul. Magic)2
Bear's Endurance, Mass (Trans.)2
Beast Shape IV (Trans.)2
Bull's Strength, Mass (Trans.)2
Cat's Grace, Mass (Necro.)2
Chain Lightning (Evoc.)2
Chains of Fire (Evoc.) (Race-Ifrit)2
Chains of Light (Conj.) (Champs of Purity)1
Circle of Death (Necro.)2
Cloak of Dreams (Ench.) (Adv. Player's)2
Cold Ice Strike (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Conjure Black Pudding (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Contagion, Greater (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Contagious Flame (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)1
Contingency (Evoc.)2
Control Water (Trans.)2
Create Undead (Necro.)2
Curse, Major (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Disintegrate (Trans.)2
Dispel Magic, Greater (Abjur.)2
Dust Ward (Abjur.) (Monster Codex)1
Eagle's Splendor, Mass (Trans.)2
Eldritch Conduit, Greater (Trans.)(Inner Sea Magic)2
Elemental Assessor (Evoc.) (Chronicles of the Righteous)1
Elemental Body III (Trans.)2
Enemy Hammer (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Energy Siege Shot, Greater (Ul. Combat)1
Envious Urge (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Eyebite (Necro.)2
Flesh to Stone (Trans.)2
Fluid Form (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Forceful Hand (Evoc.)2
Form of the Dragon I (Trans.)2
Fox's Cunning Mass (Trans.)2
Freezing Sphere (Evoc.)2
Geas/Quest (Ench.)2
Getaway (Conj.) (Adv. Player's)2
Globe of Invulnerability (Abjur.)2
Guards and Wards (Abjur.)2
Hardening (Trans.) (Campaign Setting 207)1
Hellfire Ray (Evoc.) (Book of the Dammed)1
Heroism, Greater (Ench.)2
Ice Crystal Teleport (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Impart Mind (Trans.)2
Leashed Shackles (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Legend Lore (Div.)2
Mage's Lucubration (Trans.)2
Mislead (Evoc.)2
Monstrous Physique IV (Trans.)(Ul. Magic)2
Move Earth (Trans.)2
Named Bullet, Greater (Div.) (Ul. Combat)1
Owl's Wisdom, Mass (Trans.)2
Path of the Winds (Evoc.) (Race-Sylph)2
Permanent Image (Illus.)2
Planar Binding (Conj.)2
Plant Shape II (Trans.)2
Programmed Image (Illus.)2
Repulsion (Abjur. )2
Sabotage Construct (Trans.) (People of the River)1
Serenity (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Shadow Walk (Illus.)2
Sirocco (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Sonic Form (Trans.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Spellcrash (Abjur.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Stone to Flesh (Trans.)2
Suggestion, Mass (Ench.)2
Summon Monster VI (Conj.)2
Summon Vanth (Conj.) (Empty Graves)1
Symbol of Fear (Necro.)2
Symbol of Persuasion (Ench.)2
Symbol of Sealing (Abjur.) (Ul. Magic)2
Tar Pool (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Transfer Familiar (Evoc.) (Familiar Folio)2
Transformation (Trans.)2
True Seeing (Div.)2
Undead Anatomy III (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Undead to Death (Necro.)2
Undeath Ward (Abjur.) (Dungeons of Golorion)1
Unwilling Shield (Necro.) (Adv. Player's)2
Utter Contempt (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Veil (Illus.)2
Vengeful Outrage (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Wall of Iron (Conj.)2
Whip of Ants (Conj.) (Adv. Class Guide)2

7th Level
Age Resistance, Great. (Trans.)(Ul. Magic)2
Arcane Cannon, Greater (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Arcane Sight, Greater (Div.)2
Archon's Trumpet (Evoc.) (Champs. of Purity)1
Banishment (Abjur.)2
Caustic Eruption (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Circle of Clarity (Abjur.) (Ul. Magic)1
Control Construct (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Control Undead (Necro.)2
Control Weather (Trans.)2
Create Demiplane. Les. (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Create Variant Mummy (Necro.) (Shifting Sands)1
Deflection (Abjur.) (Adv. Player's)2
Delayed Blast Fireball (Evoc.)2
Dimensional Bounce (Conj.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Dragon Ally (Conj.) (S. Comp.)2
Elemental Body IV (Trans.)2
Epidemic (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Ethereal Jaunt (Trans.)2
Expend (Abjur.) (Adv. Player's)2
Finger of Death (Necro.)2
Fly, Mass (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Forcecage (Evoc.)2
Form of the Dragon II (Trans.)2
Giant Form I (Trans.)2
Grasping Hand (Evoc.)2
Hold Person, Mass (Ench.)2
Hostile Juxtaposition, Great (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Hungry Darkness (Evoc.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Ice Body (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Insanity (Ench.)2
Instant Summons (Conj.)2
Invisibility, Mass (Illus.)2
Joyful Rapture (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Ki Shout (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Limited Wish (Universal)2
Lunar Veil (Illus.) (Ul. Magic)2
Mage's Magnificent Mansion (Conj.)2
Mage's Sword (Evoc.)2
Magnetic Field (Abjur.) (People of the River)1
Phantasmal Revenge (Illus.) (Adv. Player's)2
Phase Door (Conj.)2
Plague Storm (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Planar Adapt., Mass (Trans.)(Adv. Player's)2
Planar Binding, Greater (Conj.)2
Plane Shift (Conj.)2
Plant Shape III (Trans.)2
Polymorph, Greater (Trans.)2
Power Word Blind (Ench.)2
Prismatic Spray (Evoc.)2
Project Image (Illus.)2
Rain of Arrows (Conj.) (Ranged Tactics Toolkit)1
Rampart (Conj.) (Adv. Player's)2
Resonating Word (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Reverse Gravity (Trans.)2
Scouring Winds (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Scrying, Greater (Div.)2
Sequester (Abjur.)2
Shadow Conjuration, Greater (Illus.)2
Simulacrum (Illus.)2
Solipsisum (Illus.) (S. Comp.)2
Spell Absorption, Great. (Abjur.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Spell Turning (Abjur.)2
Statue (Trans.)2
Summon Monster VII (Conj.)2
Symbol of Stunning (Ench.)2
Symbol of Weakness (Necro.)2
Teleport, Greater (Conj.)2
Teleport Object (Conj.)2
Teleport Trap (Abjur.) (Inner Sea World Guide)1
Temporary Resurrect.(Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Vision (Div.)2
Vortex (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Walk through Space (Conj.) (Ul. Combat)1
Waves of Ecstasy (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)2
Waves of Exhaustion (Necro.)2

8th Level
Antipathy (Ench.)2
Arcane Fusion, Greater (Univ.) (C. Mage)2
Angelic Asp., Great.(Trans.) (Champs. of Purity)1
Binding (Ench.)2
Call Construct (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Charm Monster, Mass (Ench.)2
Clenched Fist (Evoc.)2
Cloak of Chaos (Abjur)2
Clone (Necro.)2
Create Demiplane (Ul. Magic)2
Create Undead, Greater (Necro.)2
Demand (Ench.)2
Dimensional Lock (Abjur.)2
Discern Location (Div.)2
Euphoric Tranquility (Ench.)(Adv. Player's)2
Form of the Dragon III (Trans.)2
Frightful Aspect (Trans.) (Ul. Combat)1
Giant Form II (Trans.)2
Horrid Wilting (Necro.)2
Incendiary Cloud (Conj.)2
Iron Body (Trans.)2
Irresistible Dance (Ench.)2
Maze (Conj.)2
Mind Blank (Abjur.)2
Moment of Prescience (Div.)2
Orb of the Void (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Planar Binding (Conj.)2
Polar Ray (Evoc.)2
Polymorph Any Object (Trans.)2
Power Word Stun (Ench.)2
Prediction of Failure (Div.) (Ul. Magic)2
Prismatic Wall (Abjur.)2
Protection From Spells (Abjur.)2
Prying Eyes, Greater (Div.)2
Rain of Arrows (Conj.) (Ranged Tactics Toolkit)1
Rift of Ruin (Conj.) (Book of the Damned Vol2)1
Scintillating Pattern (Illus.)2
Screen (Illus.)2
Seamantle (Conj.) (Adv. Player's)2
Shadow Evocation, Greater (Illus.)2
Shout, Greater (Evoc.)2
Spell Absorption, Great. (Abjur.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Spellcrash, Greater (Abjur.) (Adv. Class Guide)2
Spellscar (Abjur.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Stormbolts (Evoc.) (Adv. Player's)2
Summon Monster VIII (Conj.)2
Sunburst (Evoc.)2
Symbol of Death (Necro.)2
Symbol of Dispelling (Abjur.) (Inner Sea Gods)2
Symbol of Insanity (Ench.)2
Sympathy (Ench.)2
Telekinetic Sphere (Evoc.)2
Temporal Stasis (Trans.)2
Trap the Soul (Conj.)2
Undead Anatomy IV (Ul. Magic)2
Wall of Lava (Conj.) (Adv. Player's)2

9th Level
Astral Projection (Necro.)2
Blinding Glory (Conj.) (Ex. D.)1
Canopic Conversion (Necro.) (Osiroion, Land of Pharohs)1
Clashing Rocks (Conj.) (Adv. Player's)2
Create Demiplane, Greater (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Crushing Hand (Evoc.)2
Cursed Earth (Necro.) (Ul. Magic)2
Dominate Monster (Ench.)2
Energy Drain (Necro.)2
Etherealness (Trans.)2
Fiery Body (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2
Foresight (Evoc.)2
Freedom (Abjur.)2
Gate (Conj.)2
Heroic Invocation (Ench.) (Ul. Combat)1
Hold Monster, Mass (Ench.)2
Icy Prison, Mass (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Imprisonment (Abjur.)2
Interplanetary Teleport (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
Mage's Disjunction (Abjur.)2
Mage's Magnific. Enclos. (Abjur.) Rival Guide)1
Meteor Swarm (Evoc.)2
Mind Blank, Communal (Abjur) (Ul. Combat)1
Necrotic Termination (Necro.) (L. M.)1
Overwhelming Presence (Ench. )(Ul. Magic)2
Power Word Kill (Ench.)2
Prismatic Sphere (Abjur.)2
Refuge (Conj.)2
Ride the Lightning (Evoc.) (Ul. Magic)2
Salvage (Trans.) (Pirates of the Inner Sea)1
Shades (Illus.)2
Shapechange (Trans.)2
Soul Bind (Necro.)2
Spellbane (Abjur.) (Inner Sea Magic)2
Suffocation, Mass (Necro.) (Adv. Player's)2
Summon Monster IX (Conj.)2
Symbol of Strife (Ench.) (Ul. Magic)1
Symbol of Vulnerability (Abjur.) (Ul. Magic)1
Teleportation Circle (Conj.)2
Time Stop (Trans.)2
Trans. Blood to Acid (Trans.) (Ul. Magic)2
Tsunami (Conj.) (Adv. Player's)2
Wail of Banshee (Necro.)2
Wall of Suppression(Abjur.)(Adv. Player's)2
Weird (Illus.)2
Winds of Vengeance (Evoc.)(Adv. Player's)2
Wish (Universal)2
Wooden Phalanx (Conj.) (Ul. Magic)2
World Wave (Trans.) (Adv. Player's)2


1 Only members of the Mages Guild can learn these spells
2 Can be learned by any Arcane Caste
See Guild Description for a description of accessable spells, most Guilds do not have access to those spells noted 1.

(2nd Dark. Play. Guide) = 2nd Darkness Player's Guide
(Adv. Class Guide) = Advanced Class Guide
(Adv. Class Origins) = Adv. Class Origins
(Adv. Player's) = Advanced Player's Guide
(Race-Xxx) = Advanced Race Guide-Race Name
(Animal Archive) = Animal Archive
(Blood of the Elements) = Blood of the Elements
(Blood of the Moon) = Blood of the Moon
(Book of the Damned Vol 1 or 2) = Book of the Damned Volume One or Two
(Campaign Setting 207) = Campaign Setting 207
(Champions of Balance) = Champions of Balance
(Champs of Purity) = (Champions of Purity)
(Cheliax: Empire of Devils) = Cheliax: Empire of Devils
(Chronicle of the Righteous) = Chronicle of the Righteous
(City of Locusts) = City of Locusts
(Classic Treas. Revisited) = Classic Treasures Revisited
(The Dragon's Demand) = The Dragon's Demand
(Dragon Empires Primer) = Dragon Empires Primer
(Dungeoneer's Handbook) or (Dungeoneer's Hand.) = Dungeoneer's Handbook
(Dungeons of Golorion) = Dungeons of Golorion
(Echoes of Glory) = Echoes of Glory
(Empty Graves) = Empty Graves

(Familiar Folio) = Familiar Folio
(Giant Hunter's Hand.) = Giant Hunter's Handbook
(Gnomes of Golarion) = Gnomes of Golarion

(Goblins of Golarion) = Goblins of Golarion
(Guardians of Dragonfall) = Guardians of Dragonfall
(Humans of Golarion) = Humans of Golarion(Inner Sea Gods) = Inner Sea Gods
(Inner Sea Magic) = Inner Sea Magic
(Inner Sea World Guide) = Inner Sea World Guide
(Knights of the Inner Sea) = Knights of the Inner Sea
(Lost Kingdoms) = Lost Kingdoms
(Magical Marketplace) = Magical Marketplace
(Monster Codex) = Monster Codex
(Osiron, Land o Ph.) = (Osirion, Land of the Pharaohs)
(Pathfinder Society Field Guide) = Pathfinder Society Field Guide
(People of the North) = People of the North
(People of the River) = People of the River
(Pirates of the Inner Sea) = Pirates of the Inner Sea
(Pryamid of the Sky Phar.) = Pryamid of the Sky Pharaoh

(Ranged Tactics Toolkit) = Ranged Tactics Toolkit
(Rise of the Runelords) = Rise of the Runelords
(Rival Guide) = Rival Guide
(Sargava, the Lost Colony) = Sargava, the Lost Colony
(Secrets of the Sphinx) = (Secrets of the Sphinx)
(Seekers of Secrets) = Seekers of Secrets
(Shifting Sands) = Shifting Sands
(Technology Guide) = Technology Guide
(The Final Wish) = The Final Wish
(Ul. Combat or (Ul. Comb) = Ultimate Combat
(Ul. Magic) = Ultimate Magic
(Undead Slayer Hand.) = Undead Slayer Handbook

Table of Contents
Pathfinder Table of Contents