Pathfinder Ranger Spells
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1st Level
Abundant Ammunition (Ul. Combat)
Air Bubble (Ul. Combat)
Animal Messenger
Anticipate Peril (Ul. Magic)
Blend (Race-Elf)
Blockade (C. Scoundrel)
Bowstaff (Ul. Combat)
Calm Animals
Charm Animal
Commune with Birds (Race-Tengu)
Compel Hostility (Ul. Combat)
Deadeye's Lore (Ul. Combat)
Delay Poison
Detect Animals or Plants
Detect Poison
Detect Snares and Pits
Diagnose Disease (Ul. Magic)
Endure Elements
Hide from Animals
Hold Animal
Horn of Pursuit (Ul. Magic)
Ironbeard (Race-Dwarf)
Know the Enemy Jump
Liberating Command (Ul. Combat)
Lightfoot (S. Comp.)
Linebreaker (Race-Half-Orc)
Longshot (Ul. Combat)
Magic Fang
Marid's Mastery (Race-Undine)
Pass without Trace
Read Magic
Resist Energy
Returning Weapon (Ul. Combat)
Savage Maw (Race-Half-Orc)
Speak with Animals
Strong Wings (Race-Strix)
Summon Mionor Ally Jump
Summon Nature's Ally I
Sun Metal (Ul. Combat)
Urban Grace (Race-Half-Elf)
Wartrain Mount Jump
Winter Feathers (Race-Tengu)

2nd Level
Accelerate Poison (Adv. Player's)
Acute Senses (Ul. Magic)
Allfood (Adv. Player's)
Animal Aspect (Ul. Combat)
Ant Haul, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Arrow Eruption (Adv. Player's)
Aspect of the Bear (Adv. Player's)
Badger's Ferocity (Ul. Magic)
Bear's Endurance
Blood Scent (Race-Orc)
Bloodhound (Adv. Player's)
Brow Gasher (Ul. Combat)
Campfire Wall (Adv. Player's)
Cat's Grace
Chameleon Stride (Adv. Player's)
Create Treasure Map (Adv. Player's)
Cure Light Wounds
Delay Disease (Race-Ratfolk)
Eagle Eye (Adv. Player's)
Effortless Armor (Ul. Combat)
Escaping Ward (Race-Hafling)
Forest Friend (Ul. Combat)
Groundswell (Race-Dwarf)
Guiding Star (Adv. Player's)
Hide Campsite (Adv. Player's)
Hunter's Eye (Adv. Player's)
Improve Trap (Race-Kobold)
Locate Weakness (Ul. Combat)
Lockjaw (Adv. Player's)
Owl's Wisdom
Perceive Cues (Adv. Player's)
Protection from Energy
Protective Spirit (Adv. Player's)
Reloading Hands (Ul. Combat)
Returning Weapon, Comm. (Ul. Combat)
Ricochet Shot (Ul. Combat)
Slipstream (Adv. Player's)
Speak with Plants
Spike Growth
Stone Call (Adv. Player's)
Summon Nature's Ally II
Versatile Weapon (Adv. Player's)
Web Shelter (Ul. Magic)
Wilderness Soldiers (Ul. Combat)

3rd Level
Animal Aspect, Greater (Ul. Combat)
Aspect of the Stag (Adv. Player's)
Battle Trance (Race-Half-Orc)
Blessing of the Mole (Ul. Magic)
Bloody Claws (Adv. Player's)
Burrow (Ul. Magic)
Burst of Speed (Ul. Combat)
Cloak of Winds (Adv. Player's)
Command Plants
Companion Mind Link (Ul. Combat)
Cure Moderate Wounds
Delay Poison, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Diminish Plants
Feather Step, Mass (Adv. Player's)
Fickle Winds (Ul. Magic)
Instant Enemy (Adv. Player's)
Life Bubble (Adv. Player's)
Magic Fang, Greater
Named Bullet (Ul. Combat)
Neutralize Poison
Plant Growth
Protect. from Energy Comm. (Ul. Combat)
Reduce Animal
Remove Disease
Repel Vermin
Resist Energy, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Strong Jaw (Adv. Player's)
Summon Nature's Ally III
Tireless Pursuers (Adv. Player's)
Tree Shape
Venomous Bolt (Adv. Player's)
Ward of the Season (Race-Elf)
Water Walk

4th Level
Animal Growth
Aspect of the Wolf (Adv. Player's)
Cloud Shape (Race-Sylph)
Commune with Nature
Cure Serious Wounds
Blessing of the Salamander (Adv. Player's)
Bow Spirit (Adv. Player's)
Darkvision, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Find Quarry (Ul. Combat)
Freedom of Movement
Grove of Respite (Adv. Player's)
Named Bullet, Greater (Ul. Combat)
Raise Animal Companion (Ul. Magic)
Sickening Strikes (Race-Ratfolk)
Summon Nature's Ally IV
Terrain Bond (Ul. Combat)
Tree Stride
Water Walk, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Ward of the Season (Race-Elf)

(Adv. Player's) = Advanced Player's Guide
(Race-Xxx) = Advanced Race Guide--Race Name
(Melee Toolkit) = Melee Tactics Toolkit

(Ranged Toolkit) = Ranged Tactics Toolkit
(Ul. Combat) = Ultimate Combat
(Ul. Magic) = Ultimate Magic

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