Pathfinder Magus Spell List
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1st Level Spells
Adjuring Step (Ul. Combat) 1
Blend (Race-Elf)2 Corrosive Touch (Ul. Magic) 2
Frostbite (Ul. Magic) 2
Illusion of Calm (Ul. Combat) 1
Ironbeard (Race-Dwarf) 2
Jury-Rig (Ul. Combat) 1
Linebreaker (Race-Half-Orc) 2
Lock Gaze (Ul. Combat) 1
Longshot (Ul. Combat) 1
Mirror Strike (Ul. Combat) 1
Mudball (Race- Goblin) 2
Negative Reaction (Ul. Combat) 1
Recharge Innate Magic (Race-Gnome) 2
Reinforce Armaments (Ul. Combat) 1
Returning Weapon (Ul. Combat) 1
Shock Shield (Ul. Combat) 1
Unerring Weapon (Ul. Combat) 1
Warding Weapon (Ul. Combat) 1

2nd Level Spells
Ablative Barrier (Ul. Combat) 1
Animal Aspect (Ul. Combat) 1
Bestow Weapon Proficiency (Ul. Combat) 1
Blood Transcription (Ul. Magic) 2
Brow Gasher (Ul. Combat) 1
Defensive Shock (Ul. Magic) 2
Effortless Armor (Ul. Combat) 1
Elemental Touch (Adv. Players) 2
Frigid Touch (Ul. Magic) 2
Groundswell (Race-Dwarf) 2
Imbue with Elemental Might (Race-Sulis) 2
Minor Dream (Race-Gnome) 2
Mount, Communal (Ul. Combat) 1
Pilfering Hand (Ul. Combat) 1
Reloading Hands (Ul. Combat) 1
Reinforce Armaments, Communal (Ul. Combat) 1
Returning Weapon, Communal (Ul. Combat) 1
Savage Maw (Race-Half-Orc) 2
Stone Shield (Race-Oread) 2
Tactical Acumen (Ul. Combat) 1
Telekinetic Assembly (Ul. Combat) 1
Twisted Space (Ul. Combat) 1

3rd Level Spells
Animal Aspect, Greater (Ul. Combat) 1
Burst of Speed (Ul. Combat) 1
Fire Trail (Race-Fetchling) 2
Firestream (Race-Ifrit) 2
Force Hook Charge (Ul. Magic) 2
Force Punch (Ul. Magic) 2
Glomblind Bolts (Race-Fetchling) 2
Locate Weakness (Ul. Combat 1
Monstrous Physique I (Ul. Magic) 2
Prehensile Pilfer (Race-Varana) 2
Resilient Reservoir (Race-Half-Elf) 2
Undead Anatomy I (Ul. Magic) 2
Vomit Twin (Race-Goblin) 2

4th Level Spells
Arcana Theft (Ul. Magic) 2
Monstrous Physique II (Ul. Magic) 2
Paragon Surge (Race-Half-Elf) 2
Pellet Blast (Ul. Combat) 1
Vermin Shape I (Ul. Magic) 2
Wall of Sound (Ul. Magic) 2
Wreath of Blades (Ul. Combat) 1

5th Level Spells
Acidic Spray (Ul. Magic)2
Corrosive Consumption (Ul. Magic) 2
Monstrous Physique II (Ul. Magic) 2
Symbol of Striking (Ul. Combat) 1
Vermin Shape II (Ul. Magic) 2
Wind Blades (Race-Sylph) 2

6th Level Spells
Chains of Fire (Race-Ifrit) 2
Monstrous Physique IV (Ul. Magic) 2
Undead Anatomy III (Ul. Magic) 2
Walk through Space (Ul. Combat) 1

Table of Contents
Pathfinder Table of Contents


(Ul. Combat) = Ultimate Combat
(Ul. Magic) = Ultimate Magic
1 = Can only be learned by members of the Mage's Guild
2 = Can be learned by any Magus