Pathfinder Druid Spells
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0st Level (Orisons)
Create Water
Cure Minor Wounds
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Know Direction
Purify Food and Drink
Read Magic
Spark (Adv. Player's)

1st Level
Air Bubble (Ul. Combat)
Alter Winds (Adv. Player's)
Ant Haul (Adv. Player's)
Aspect of the Falcon (Adv. Player's)
Blend (Race-Elf)
Bristle (Adv. Player's)
Call Animal
Calm Animals
Charm Animals
Cloak of Shade (Adv. Player's)
Commune with Birds (Race-Tengu)
Cure Light Wounds
Damp Powder (Ul. Combat)
Deadeye's Lore (Ul. Combat)
Decompose Corpse (Ul. Magic)
Detect Aberration (Adv. Player's)
Detect Animals or Plants
Detect Snares and Pits
Diagnose Disease (Ul. Magic)
Endure Elements
Expeditious Excavation (Adv. Player's)
Faerie Fire
Feather Step (Adv. Player's)
Flare Burst (Adv. Player's)
Foundation of Stone
Frostbite (Ul. Magic)
Hide from Animals
Hydraulic Push (Adv. Player's)
Keen Senses (Adv. Player's)
Liberating Command (Ul. Combat)
Magic Fang
Magic Stone
Marid's Mastery (Race-Undine)
Mighty Fist of the Earth (Race-Oread)
Mudball (Race-Goblin)
Negate Aroma (Adv. Player's)
Nereid's Grace (Race-Undine)
Obscuring Mist
Pass without Trace
Produce Flame
Ray of Sickening (Ul. Magic)
Recharge Innate Magic (Race-Gnome)
Remove Sickness (Ul. Magic)
Restore Corpse (Ul. Magic)
Shield Companion (Animal Archive)
Snow Shape (Humans of Golarion)
Snowball (People of the North)
Speak with Animals
Stone Fist (Adv. Player's)
Stone Shield (Race-Oread)
Strong Wings (Race-Strix)
Summon Minor Ally (Ul. Magic)
Summon Nature's Ally I
Theft Ward (Race-Tengu)
Thunderstomp (Adv. Class Guide)
Touch of Combustion (Race-Ifrit)
Touch of the Sea (Adv. Player's)
Wave Shield (Adv. Class Guide)
Weaken Powder (Ul. Combat)
Whispering Lore (Race-Elf)
Windy Escape (Race-Sylph)
Winter Feathers (Race-Tengu)

2nd Level
Aboleth's Lung (Race-Gillmen)
Accelerate Poison (Adv. Player's)
Air Step (Adv. Class Guide)
Aggressive Thunderclo. (Adv. Class Guide)
Amplify Stench (Monster Codex)
Animal Aspect (Ul. Combat)
Animal Messenger
Animal Trance
Ant, Haul, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Aspect of the Bear (Adv. Player's)
Bear's Endurance
Beastspeak (Adv. Class Guide)
Binding Earth (Race-Oread)
Bull's Strength
Callback (Familiar Folio)
Burning Gaze (Adv. Player's)
Campfire Wall (Adv. Player's)
Carry Companion (Knights of the Inner Sea)
Cat's Grace
Certain Grip (Ul. Combat)
Chill Metal
Climbing Beanstalk (Adv. Class Guide)
Companion Life Link (Adv. Class Guide)
Control Vermin (Monster Codex)
Defoliate (Sargava, the Lost Colony)
Delay Disease (Race-Ratfolk)
Delay Poison
Eagle Eye (Adv. Player's)
Elemental Speech (Adv. Player's)
Endure Elements, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Feast of Ashes (Adv. Player's)
Fire Sneeze (Goblins of Golarion)
Fire Trap
Flame Blade
Flaming Sphere
Fog Cloud
Forest Friend (Ul. Combat)
Frigid Touch (Ul. Magic)
Frost Fall (Ul. Combat)
Fury of the Sun (Race-Ifrit)
Glide (Adv. Player's)
Groundswell (Trans.) (Race-Dwarf)
Gust of Wind
Gusting Sphere (Race-Sylph)
Heat Metal
Hold Animal
Ice Slick (Monster Codex)
Ironskin (Monster Codex)
Lockjaw (Adv. Player's)
Masterwork Transformation (Ul. Magic)
Mud Buddy (Monster Codex)
Natural Rhythm (Adv. Player's)
Owl's Wisdom
Pernicious Poison (Ul. Magic)
Pox Pustules (Adv. Player's)
Reduce Animal
Resist Energy
Restoration, Lesser
Savage Maw (Race-Half-Orc)
Scale Spikes (Web)
Scent Trail (Adv. Player's)
Share Language (Adv. Player's)
Sickening Strikes (Race-Ratfolk)
Slipstream (Adv. Player's)
Soften Earth and Stone
Soothing Word (Conditions Card)
Spider climb
Steal Breath (Race-Catfolk)
Stone Call (Adv. Player's)
Stone Discus (Adv. Class Guide)
Summon Nature's Ally II
Summon Swarm
Tar Ball (Ul. Magic)
Touch of Bloodletting (Inner Sea Gods)
Tree Shape
Unshakable Chill (Ul. Magic)
Warp Wood
Wartrain Mount (Ul. Magic)
Web Shelter (Ul. Magic)
Whip of Spiders (Adv. Class Guide)
Wilderness Soldiers (Ul. Combat)
Wood Shape

3rd Level
Accept Affliction (Champs. Of Purity)
Aggravate Affliction (Secrets of the Sphinx)
Air Breathing (Monster Codex)
Air Geyser (Adv. Class Guide)
Anchored Step (Adv. Class Guide)
Animal Aspect, Greater (Ul. Combat)
Anthropomorphic Animal (Ul. Magic)
Aqueous Orb (Adv. Player's)
Ash Storm (Ul. Magic)
Badger's Ferocity (Ul. Magic)
Blade Snare (Inner Sea Gods)
Blood Scent (Race-Orc)
Burrow (Ul. Magic)
Burst of Nettles (Ul. Magic)
Call Lightning
Cloak of Winds (Adv. Player's)
Companion Mind Link (Ul. Combat)
Companion Mink Link (Ul. Combat)
Create Treasure Map (Adv. Player's)
Cup of Dust (Adv. Player's)
Cure Moderate Wounds
Damp Powder (Ul. Combat)
Delay Poison, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Diminish Plants
Dominate Animal
Elemental Speech (Adv. Player's)
Feather Step, Mass (Adv. Player's)
Fins to Feet (Race-Merfolk)
Fungal Infestation (Ul. Magic)
Hide Campsite (Adv. Player's)
Hydraulic Torrent (Adv. Player's)
Improve Trap (Race-Kobold)
Lily Pad Stride (Adv. Player's)
Mad Monkeys (Ul. Magic)
Magic Fang, Greater
Meld Into Stone
Nature's Exile (Adv. Player's)
Neutralize Poison
Nixie's Lure (Race-Undine)
Plant Growth
Protection from Energy
Pup Shape (Ul. Combat)
Raging Rubble (Race-Oread)
Rain of Frogs (Ul. Magic)
Remove Disease
Resinous Skin (Ul. Combat)
Resist Energy, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Scale Spikes, Create (Web)
Share Language, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Sheet Lightning (Rival Guide)
Shifting Sand (Adv. Player's)
Sleet Storm
Speak with Plants
Spider Climb, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Spike Growth
Spit Venom (Ul. Magic)
Stone Shape
Summon Nature's Ally III
Thunderstomp, Greater, (Adv. Class Guide)
Vermin Shape I (Ul. Magic)
Ward of the Season (Race-Elf)
Water Breathing
Wind Wall

4th Level
Absorb Toxicity (Ul. Combat)
Absorbing Inhalation (Race-Sylph)
Age Resistance, Lesser (Ul. Magic)
Aggressi. Thundercloud (Adv. Class Guide)
Air Walk
Ancestral Memory (Inner Sea World Guide)
Antiplant Shell
Arboreal Hammer (Ul. Magic)
Aspect of the Stag (Adv. Player's)
Atavism (Ul. Magic)
Ball Lightning (Adv. Player's)
Blast Barrier (Inner Sea Magic)
Bloody Claws (Adv. Player's)
Calm Air (Ranged Tactics Toolbox)
Cape of Wasps (Ul. Magic)
Caustic Blood (Inner Sea Gods)
Cloud Shape (Race-Sylph)
Command Plants
Control Water
Create Holds (Dungeoneer's Handbook)
Cure Serious Wounds
Dispel Magic
Earth Glide (Race-Svirfneblin)
Echolocation (Ul. Magic)
Flame Strike
Flaming Sphere, Greater (Adv. Class Guide)
Freedom of Movement
Geyser (Adv. Player's)
Giant Vermin
Grove of Respite (Adv. Player's)
Healing Warmth (Race-Ifrit)
Ice Storm
Life Bubble (Adv. Player's)
Moonstruck (Adv. Player's)
Obsidian Flow (Ul. Combat)
Plague Carrier (Ul. Magic)
Protect. from Energy, Comm. (Ul. Combat)
Repel Vermin
Ride the Waves (Ul. Magic)
River of Wind (Adv. Player's)
Rustling Grasp
Snake Staff (Adv. Player's)
Spike Stones
Strong Jaw (Adv. Player's)
Summon Nature's Ally IV
Thorn Body (Adv. Player's)
Touch of Slime (Ul. Magic)
True Form (Adv. Player's)
Vermin Shape II (Ul. Magic)
Volcanic Storm (Ul. Magic)

5th Level
Air Walk, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Animal Growth
Aspect of the Wolf (Adv. Player's)
Baleful Polymorph
Blessing of the Salamander (Adv. Player's)
Call Lighting Storm
Commune with Nature
Contagion Greater (Ul. Magic)
Control Winds
Cure Critical Wounds
Death Ward
Fickle Winds (Ul. Magic)
Fire Snake (Adv. Player's)
Geniekind (Inner Sea Magic)
Half-Blood Extraction (Race-Half-Orc)
Hungry Earth (Monster Codex)
Hunter's Blessing (Inner Sea Gods)
Insect Plague
Old Salt's Curse (Race-Human)
Raise Animal Companion (Ul. Magic)
Reprobation (Ul. Magic)
Rest Eternal (Adv. Player's)
Soulswitch (Familiar Folio)
Snake Staff (Adv. Player's)
Summon Nature's Ally V
Threefold Aspect (Adv. Player's)
Transmute Mud to Rock
Transmute Rock to Mud
Tree Stride
Wall of Fire
Wall of Light (The Dragon's Demand)
Wall of Thorns
Whip of Centipedes (Adv. Class Guide)
Wind Blades (Race-Sylph)

6th Level
Age Resistance, Greater (Ul. Magic)
Antilife Shell
Awaken (Animal Archive)
Bear's Endurance, Mass
Binding Earth, Mass (Race-Oread)
Cat's Grace, Mass
Cure Light Wounds, Mass
Dispel Magic, Greater
Dust Form (Ul. Combat)
Eagle Aerie (Ul. Magic)
Epidemic (Ul. Magic)
Find the Path
Fire Seeds
Move Earth
Owl's Wisdom, Mass
Path of the Winds (Race-Sylph)
Plague Storm (Ul. Magic)
Repel Wood
Sirocco (Adv. Player's)
Spell Staff
Stone Tell
Stoneskin, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Summon Nature's Ally VI
Swarm Skin (Adv. Player's)
Tar Pool (Ul. Combat)
Transport via Plants
Wall of Stone

7th Level
Age Resistance, Greater (Ul. Magic)
Animate Plants
Black Mark (Race-Human)
Control Weather
Creeping Doom
Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass
Fire Storm
Rampart (Adv. Player's)
Scouring Winds (Ul. Magic)
Scrying, Greater
Siege of Trees (Ul. Combat)
Summon Nature's Ally VII
Transmute Metal to Wood
True Seeing
Vortex (Adv. Player's)
Wind Walk

8th Level
Animal Shapes
Atavism, Mass (Ul. Magic)
Blood Mist (Ul. Magic)
Control Plants
Cure Serious Wounds, Mass
Euphoric Tranquility (Adv. Player's)
Finger of Death
Frightful Aspect (Ul. Combat)
Repel Metal or Stone
Reverse Gravity
Seamantle (Adv. Player's)
Stormbolts (Adv. Player's)
Summon Nature's Ally VIII
Wall of Lava (Adv. Player's)
Word of Recall

9th Level
Clashing Rocks (Adv. Player's)
Cure Critical Wounds, Mass
Elemental Swarm
Polar Midnight (Ul. Magic)
Siege of Trees, Greater (Ul. Combat)
Storm of Vengeance
Summon Elder Worm (Ul. Magic)
Summon Froghemoth (Ul. Magic)
Summon Nature's Ally IX
Tsunami (Adv. Player's)
Winds of Vengeance (Adv. Player's)
World Wave (Adv. Player's)

(Adv. Class Guide) = Advanced Class Guide
(Adv. Player's) = Advance Player's Guide
(Race--Xxx) = Advanced Race Guide--Race
(Animal Archive) = Animal Archive
(Champs. of Purity) = Champions of Purity
(Familiar Folio) = Familiar Folio
(Humans of Golarion) = Humans of Golarion
(Inner Sea Gods) = Inner Sea Gods
(Inner Sea Magic) = Inner Sea Magic
(Inner Sea World Guide) = Inner Sea World Guide
(Inner Sea World) = Inner Sea Word
(Monster Codex) = Monster Codex
(People of the North) = People of the North
(Secrets of the Sphinx) = Secrets of the Sphinx
(Ul. Combat) = Ultimate Combat
(Ul. Magic) = Ultimate Magic

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