Pathfinder Character Classes
The Ninja in the Complete Adventurer is replacede by the Ninja from Ultimate Combat, the Sohei has become a Monk Archetype.
Adept (Pathfinder page 448) Dread Necromancer (Heroes of H. page 84) Magus (Ultimate Magic page 6) Sorcerer (Pathfinder page 70)
Alchemist (Adv. Players Guide page 26) Duskblade (PHB2 page 19) Marshal (Miniatures page 11) Soul Knife (Psionics Unleased page 28)
Archivist (Heroes of H. page 82) Expert (Pathfinder page 450) Ninja (Ultimate Combat page 13) Spellthief (C. Adventurer page 13)
Ardant (C. Psionic page 5) Factorm (Dungeonscape page 14) Oracle (Adv. Players Guide page 42) Spirit Shaman (C. Divine page 14)
Aristocrat (Pathfinder page 449) Favored Soul (C. Divine page 6) Paladin (Pathfinder page 60) Summoner (Adv. Players Guide page 54)
Barbarian (Pathfinder page 31) Favored Soul (Miniatures page 5) Psion (Psionics Unleashed page 19) Swashbuckler (C. Warrior page 11)
Bard (Pathfinder page 34) Fighter (Pathfinder page 55) Psychic Warrior (Psionics Unleased page 25) Warlock (C. Arcane page 5)
Beguiler (PHB2 page 6) Gunslinger (Ultimate Combat page 6) Ranger (Pathfinder page 64) Warmage (Miniatures page 14)
Cavalier (Adv. Players Guide page 32) Healer (Miniatures page 8) Rogue (Pathfinder page 67) Warrior (Pathfinder page 451)
Cleric (Pathfinder page 38) Hexblade (C. Warrior page 5) Samurai (Ultimate Combat18) Wilder (Psionics Unleased page 33)
Commoner (Pathfinder page 449) Inquisitor (Adv. Players Guide page 38) Scout (C. Adventurer page 10) Witch (Adv. Players Guide page 65)
Dragonfire Adept (Dragon Magic page 24) Knight (PHB2 page 24) Shaman (Oriental Adventures page 22) Wizard (Pathfinder page 77)
Dragon Shaman (PHB2 page 11) Lurk (C. Psionic page 13) Shungenja (Rokugan page 36) Wu Jen (C. Arcane page 14)
(Adv. Player's Guide) = Advanced Players Guide)
(C. Adventurer) = Complete Adventurer
(C. Arcane) = Complete Arcane
(C. Divine) = Complete Divine
(C. Psion) = Complete Psionic
(C. Warrior) = Complete Warrior
(Dragon Magic) = Dragon Magic
(Dungeonscape) = Dungeonscape

(Heroes of H.) = Heroes of Horror)
(Miniatures) = Miniatures Handbook
(Pathfinder) = Pathfinder Core Rule Book
(PHB2) = Player's Handbook II
(Psionics Unleased) = Psionics Unleased
(Rokugan) = Rokugan
(Ultimate Combat) = Ultimate Combat
(Ultimate Magic) = Ultimage Magic
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