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Rokugan is a magic poor world and Shugenja's are weak. Running your standard magic rich D&D characters in such a setting gives them too much power. I recommend that you stick purely to the Oriental Adventures and Rokugan book and disallow the character classes that don't exist in Rokugan and disallow the majority of magic items. Or I recommend that you play in the standard magic rich D&D world and characters who want to be one of the Oriental type come from Rokugan and are explorers in a new world. That would keep the game in better balance. The Wiki on Rokugan is quite extensive and good, but it continues after the d20 books have stopped. I used elements of the wiki to become happening events in my original world that was based in the era of the 4 Winds when no one knew who the emperor would be.

There is a separate section for the Orient because it is very different than the normal Western Style of D&D, especially in Rokugan. Remember Japan was closed to all gaijin until Commodore Mathew C. Perry steamed into the Edo (Tokyo) harbor demanding a chance to trade or he would shell the city. This act marked the end of the Edo Period and the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate which fell into turmoil becoming the end of the feudal period in Japan. Rokugan is equally xenophobic and isolated. Commodore Perry's modern steam powered warship basically found a medieval society that had yet to apply gun powder technology to rifles or cannon. Less than 100 years later that Japanese Empire was able to threaten the entire world.
Wikipedia has a good over-view of Rokugan, which is the principle campaign area. There are some changes for my campaign world though: the Spider clan does not exist and the Ivory Kingdom is north of the Burning Sands. To the west of Rokugan lie barbaric almost uninhabited areas and the Shadowlands lie to the south of Rokugan, what may lie beyond them is unknown. The barely known Empires of the Senpet and the Yodotai have not been heard from in a long time (the Yodotai has since been discovered to have fallen to eastern oni and to have been replaced by what they are calling The Empire of Reason). The Thrane and Merenae Kingdoms have never been contacted. Guns and cannon are barely known in Rokugan and after some bad experiences they are illegal. The Zokujin are not a player race. Because I have not played the original card game or any of the Legend of the Five Rings games expect some changes from those worlds. Another words you don't know what I have in my world.
Oriental Characters PDF
Oriental Races (Races in other Oriental Areas, Families of the Clans, Races in Rokugan, The Clans, Languages) PDF
The following information is only accessible with at least one rank in Local History (Rokugan), otherwise you have to learn it in game.
Facts and Customs in the Oriental World (Koku coins, Shugenja, Arcane Spells, Ritual Magic, Government, Crime and Punishment, Testimony in Court, The Roads, Etiquette, Bowing and Kneeling, Gifts, Learning, Kuni Witch Hunters, Brotherhood of Shinsei, Musha Shugyo: the "warrior pilgrimage", Bandits, Ninja, Officals of the Law, Yojimbo: bodyguards, Bushido, Respect) PDF
Oriental Alignment and Honor (A Blood Duel, Dueling, Hostages, Surrender,) PDF
Racial Outlook in an Oriental Adventures World PDF
Oriental Feats Some feats are limited by Clans (noted in the feat's description), all normal feats are also allowed. PDF
Oriental Skills (Battle, Games, Heritage, Iaijutsu, Knowledge, Research, Kuji-Kiri, Mimic, Poison, Sense Motive, Speak Language, Tea Ceremony, Tumbling) PDF
Oriental Prestige Classes PDF
Oriental Dojos and Katas PDF
Oriental Spirit Realms (Chikushudo, Gaki-Do, Jigoku, Meido, Ningen-Do, Sakkaku, Tengoku, Toshigoku, Yomi, YumeDo, Other Monsters in the Orient, New Subtypes of Monsters, Jade, Crystal and Obsidian) PDF
Oriental Religion and Organization in Oriental Adventures and Rokugan Ancestor Worship, Kami, Shinto, The Fortunes, The Celestial Order, The Orcales, The Dragons, Samurai, The Clergy, The Bonge, The Eta, Other Important Groups, Sins (The Buddha has yet to spread his enlighten across the Oriental World, Hindi is almost unknown and while the attitude of Confucianism may be found the philosophy is only in its rudimentary form.) PDF
Oriental Poisons You will have to find a dealer in the game and escape or bypass the Imperial provisions agaisnt the use of poison (it is dishonorable). PDF
Oriental Special and Superior Items (Beneficence of the Ancestors Lacquer, Breathing Tube, Eggshell Grenades, Flashpaper, Gando, Jade Powder, Kasugai, Liquid Smoke, Mizu Gujmo, Musubi-bashigo, Ninja Saya, Noroshi Zutsu, Shinobi-kai, Sleeping Fire, Tsugi Bune) PDF
New Oriental Weapons (Neko-te, Shobo, Flute Knife, Spine Dagger, Bakuhatsugama, Chig-riki, Kagi-nawa, Kusarigama, Kyoketsu-shoge, Mamukigama, Manrikikusari, Ninja-to, Kamayari, Shikomi-zue blade, Shikomi-zue chain, Shikomi-zue chain and hook, Shinobi-shuko/Shinobi-ashiko, Shurkien, Tsubute, Blowgun, Toam Jutsu, Telescoping Blowgun PDF
Oriental Time (Hours, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) PDF
Maho Spell List (Sorcerers and Shugenja) PDF
Shugenja Schools (Air, Earth, Fire, Kitsune, Moshi, Tonbo, Water, Order of the: All-Seeing Eye, Consuming Flame, Forbidding Wasteland, Gentle Rain, Impenetrable Crucible, Ineffable Mystery, Perfect Sculpture, Spring Zephyr) (Shugenja get schools or orders rather than domain spells.) PDF
Shugenja Spell List divine spell casters PDF
Sohei Spell List divine casters PDF
Tattoos Gain magical effects from a tattoo PDF
Wu Jen Spell List arcane spell casters PDF
The Taint The Taint Mechanic, The Shadowlands Taint, Combat with Tainted Creatures, Death in the Shadowlands, Curing the Taint, Magic in the Shadowlands, The Effects of Taint on a Character PDF
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