Racial Outlook in an Oriental Adventures World
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Dwarves and Elves have long had a rivalry.
Elves and Dwarves have long had a rivalry.
Gnomes are well regarded by most people.
Half-Elves are pretty well accepted by most people, but don't have an identifiable group.
Half-Orcs are despised by pretty much everyone.
Haflings are well received by most people.
Hengeyokai are considered to be flighty and insular.
Humans are by far the most common race.
   Badger ® (M) A clan with not home and trying to rebuild their clan so they often work as mercenaries.
Crab ® Have a long history of animosity toward the Crane, and are currently at war with them. Hostile toward the Scorpions, and allied with Mantis and Unicorn.
Crane ® Rivals with the Lions and at war with the Crab, often find themselves at odds with Scorpions. They have good relations with the Imperial family, but with few others.
Dragon ® At war with the Phoenix and the Lions over land in Phoenix territory. The Agasha family has defected to the Phoenix clan. They helped restore the Scorpions.
   Dragonfly ® (M) Bear both Dragon and Phoenix blood, they have been caught in the middle of the war between the Dragon and Phoenix and over half their members were slain in the war.
   Fox ® (M) Formly the Ki-Rin clan and they carry spirit blood. They have been allied with the Wasp, Sparrow, Crane and Mantis in the past. They have a long rivalry with the Hare.
   Hare ® (M) Have many friends among the Dragon and the Lion. They are hostile to the Scorpion and Fox. They were almost destroyed by the Scorpion.
Lion ® Consider the Crane and the Scorpion their enemies and at war with the Dragon. Neutral toward Unicorn, Phoenix, Mantis and Crab clans. They have occasionally been allies with the Hare. The Dragonfly and Wasp have earned the Lion's wraith. Recently signed a treaty with the Phoenix.
Mantis ® Their habit of always wearing armor has put off other clans. They came from the Crabs are still friendly toward them. They are a clan on the downhill slip.
   Monkey ® (M) They have no enemies and are strongly allied with the Imperial family, but they are neutral in the issue of the 4 winds. Some Scorpions resent that some of their land was given to the Monkey.
   Ox ® (M) They were granted lands in Phoenix territory for their valor in the War of Spirits. They use Unicorn cavalry techniques.
Phoenix ® Are pacifists, who are currently aligned with the Lion against the Dragon. There is some resentment toward the Mantis who lay siege to their homes.
Scorpion ® At present can only count the Dragon as an ally. The Mantis are hostile against them, but the Scorpions consider the case to be closed. They are looking for the Kolat. It is only a matter of time before they come to the aid of Dragons against the Phoenix and Lions.
   Sparrow ® (M) They are a poor clan who have allied with the Wasp and Fox in the past.
   Tortoise ® (M) Hantei has seized the resources of the Tortoise more than any of the other Winds.
Unicorn ® Are often ignored due to their nomadic style and so they lack any real enemies. They have assisted the Crabs against the Shadowlands and their cavalry has been a factor in every major conflict in Rokugan.
Gaijin (alien) are only accepted by the Unicorn Clan. Most humanoids could pass themselves off as funny looking humans (dwarves, elves, gnomes, half-elves, half-orcs, haflings, orcs).
Korobokuru are private and considered to be crude by most people and not well accepted by many. Thery are not found in Rokugan.
Naga ® are well respected in Rokugan, although the Cobra are often considered dangerous.
Nezumi ® are well accepted by most people as long as they "remember their place" (their lower station in life). They used to have an advanced civilization, but it was destroyed with the fall of the Spirits.
Oni is a wide description covering any creature that comes from the Shadowlands and includes most monster races. All are hated and reviled, most are attacked on sight.
Spirit Folk are well received by most people, but are very shy and hesitant to interact with others.
Vanara are fairly well accepted, but often treated as barbarians. Oddly enough they consider the Rokugani people to be barbarians having dealt mostly with the Unicorn.
Zokujin: an intelligent race of nonhumans used by the Lions, who are treated as slaves, this is considered humane as long as the slaves are not mistreated.
® = found in Rokugan (M) = Minor Clan
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