Oriental Special and Superior Items

Beneficence of the Ancestors: A special lacquer derived by the Crane Clan with the blessing of the water kami. The lacquer is applied in much the same fashion as lacquer would be applied to armor. Once applied the lacquer prevents minor damage and scratches from occurring and repairs any damage that does occur. Applying it requires a DC 20 roll against a complementary skill such as Profession (Swordsmith) for a katana, or Profession (Armorer) for armor; taking at least one hour to properly coat the subject. Once applied the object is immune to normal degradation/aging and receives an additional +2 enhancement bonus on any Saving Throws it need to make for the next year. Market Price: 900 gp per lbs sufficient to coat a sword (includes weight of container). To make must be of the Crane Clan; cast endure elements, resist elements, or protection from elements and make whole, cost to create 450 gp +36 EXP.
Breathing Tube:
a simple length of bamboo or hallowed out reed which the ninja can breathe through while underwater.
Eggshell Grenades (Nage-teppo): A favorite of ninja, used to create a distraction. Commonly packed with alchemical substances like; dust, flashpowder, pepper and poison smoke. Use the normal rules for grenade type weapons, range increment 5', they are very fragile and must be stowed carefully to avoid breakage. If the character carrying them falls they must make a Fort save (DC 10+damage taken) to avoid breaking them.
Dust: blinds the target for 1d4 rounds, those within 5' must make a Fort save (DC 10) or be blinded for 1 round. Alchemy skill DC 20 to make
Flashpowder: effective only when thrown into a fire, where they explode in a brilliant flash. Any creature in 10' must make a Fort save (DC 10) or be blinded 1d4 rounds. No effect if the fire is missed. Alchemy skill DC 25 to make.
Pepper: incapacitates the target for 1 round, unless they make a Fort save (DC 10). The target is stunned; loses Dex bonus to AC, enemies have +2 to hit, and they can take no actions. There is no splash effect. Alchemy Skill DC 20 to make.
Poison Smoke: effective only when thrown into a fire, where it bursts into a cloud of vile smoke with a 10' radius; the effect duplicates stinking cloud. Those in the cloud must make a Fort save (DC 13) or be nauseated. Nauseated characters can only take a single move action for 1d4+1 rounds after leaving the cloud. There is no effect if the grenade misses the fire. Alchemy skill DC 25 to make.
Flash Paper (Moragaru): Thin rice paper treated with a chemical that ignites upon friction. When rubbed it gives off a flash equivalent to a flare cantrip. If done close to the eyes and rubbed the creature is dazzled unless they make a Fort save (DC 10), dazzled creatures suffer -1 to hit, the effect lasts 1 minute. Blind creatures are immune.
Gando: A small metal cup that is attached to the top of a candle directing its light upward and preventing it from spilling out into the surrounding area. This allows a ninja to carry a light source while shielding it from unfriendly eyes.
Jade Powder: A mix of thick oil and ground jade used to coat blades for combat with Shadowlands creatures. It deals normal damage to oni penetrating their DR, but it only good for 1 strike. Applying jade powder is a full round action and can provoke attacks of opportunity. It can be made normally using the Craft skill from the PHB.
Kasugai: Large iron bars with small spikes on each end that jut out perpendicular to the bar itself. These can be quickly driven into doors, anchoring them to the framework around a door and preventing any entry.
Liquid Smoke (Ekitai Kemuri): Creates an opaque smoke when exposed to air filling a 10' cube, obscuring all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5'. Creatures within 5' have 20% concealment, those further away have 50% concealment, with a corresponding miss chance. Alchemy skill DC 20 to make.
Mizu Gujmo: Without question one of the strangest ninja tools, a series of air bladders connected by a net. Deflated the entire package is quite small. When necessary the bladders can be quickly inflated to allow a single person to stand upon the net and move silently across a body of water. Frequently used in conjunction with the shinobi-kai for infiltration via waterways.
Musubi-bashigo: A ladder crafted from a single length of rope that has loops tied into it every few feet. Ninja can use this to hang immobile along a wall for lengthy periods of time to avoid detection.
Ninja Saya: More than just a sheath for the ninja it is usually longer than the blade with a detachable cap that contains blinding powder to be thrown in an enemy's eyes. Or the sheathe can be used as a breathing tube, while others contain a second smaller blade in the false end that can be thrown with a flick of the wrist.
Noroshi Zutsu: A careful mix of ash and sulfur, this foul powder is then compressed into a ball and loaded into a machi-kanshisha pipe to be blown or thrown in a foe's face blinding and possibly chocking them.
Shinobi-kai: At first glance a simple staff, this length of bamboo can extend a number of flattened metal pieces from one end to create a crude oar. This is used in conjunction with the mizu gumo to allow a ninja to silently glide across a body of water and approach a target from an unsuspected direction.
Sleeping Fire (Hinemuri): A special form of alchemical fire that ignites when its temperature changes, even slightly. It is often painted thinly on items as a trap; creatures touching or even breathing on a treated area touch off a blast that does 1d3 points of damage for 2 rounds. Burning characters can try to extinguish the fire with a Reflex save (DC 15), rolling on the ground provides a +2, leaping into a lake or magically extinguishing the flames can put the fire out. Alchemy skill DC 20 to make.
Tsugi Bune: Another particularly unusual innovation, it is a boat large enough to hold 4 people at once. The boat can be quickly broken down into for man-portable sections. The broken down sections resemble a simple storage crate and can be concealed in plain sight.

Special and Superior Items Cost Weight   Special and Superior Items Cost Weight
Beneficence of the Ancestors 900 gp 1 lbs.   Flash paper (square) 5 gp 1 oz.
Eggshell grenade, dust 10 gp 1 oz.   Jade powder (flask) 100 gp 6 oz.
Eggshell grenade, flashpowder 60 gp 1 oz.   Liquid smoke (flask) 20 gp 6 oz.
Eggshell grenade, pepper 10 gp 1 oz.   Sleeping fire (flask) 40 gp 6 oz.
Eggshell grenade, poison smoke 150 gp 1 oz.  
Weapon* Direct Hit Splash   Range Increment Weight  
Eggshell grenade, dust blinded (1d4 rounds) blinded (1 rnd)**   5' 1 oz.  
Eggshell grenade, flashpowder*** blinded ---   5' 1 oz.  
Eggshell grenade, pepper stunned (1 rounds) ---   5' 1 oz.  
Eggshell grenade, poison smoke*** stinking cloud; nauseated 1d4+1 rounds after leaving the cloud. ---   5' 1 oz.  
Special and Superior Items Cost Weight   Area of Effect    
Liquid Smoke Smoke 1 1/4 lbs.   10'    
*Grenade-like weapon requires no proficiency to use.
**Grenade-like weapons deal splash damage to all creatures within 5' of impact spot.
***If the grenade misses being thrown into a fire it is wasted and the effect doesn't occur.
New Weapons
Bakuhatsugama Identical to a kusarigama with something fragile on the end that is designed to burst on impact. It can hold a wide range of products from poison to explosives.
Blowgun Often simply a length of hollow bamboo with a notch at one end. A ninja-to is straight so often the scabbard is designed to be able to be used as a blowgun. The weapon's concept is to deliver a small dart or needle, usually poisoned, with a puff of air.
Chigi-riki Similar to a morning star; it is a length of bamboo with a chain at both ends. The other end has a shorter length of chain with spikes on the bamboo. It is effective at penetrating light armor.
Flute Knife A short staff or normal flute that disguises a thin blade.
Kagi-nawa A simple multi-pronged hook attached to a length of rope. It can be used as a weapon or as a grappling hook.
Kamayari A spear with hooked prongs, the prongs can catch and rend a foe.
Kusarigama Essentially a kama or sickle with a length of chain attached to the handle and with a weight attached to the other end of the chain. The chain can bludgeon, strangle, or entangle a foe, while the kama can be used normally. The weight can also be used to bludgeon.
Kyoketsu-shoge A length of rope with either a hook or a double edged dagger attached to one end and an iron ring attached to the other end.
Mamukigama Identical to a Kusarigama except it has a live poisonous snake at the end where the weight would be. Only the most skilled dare use this weapon.
Manrikikusari A chain with weighted iron handles at each end, it can be used to bludgeon or entangle a foe.
Neko-te Metal thumbnails with a needle jutting out, they are used to inject poison.
Ninja-to The most common weapon of a ninja it is a simple straight short sword about the same length of a wakizashi. They are typically created from scrap metal or cast off steel and don't have the same craftsmanship as a daisho. This makes them cheaper and easier to produce, but less sturdy than a daisho, but it also means a ninja can leave it behind. They are also tough and sharp enough to penetrate armor and cut a man down.
Shikomi-zue (Blade) A bo (quarterstaff) with a concealed blade in one end that can be extended with a flick of the wrist, transforming the weapon into a spear.
Shikomi-zue (Chain) A bo (quarterstaff) with a length of chain concealed inside of it. The chain can be extended from one end with a flick of wrist to create a crude flail.
Shikomi-zue (Chain and Hook) A bo (quarterstaff) with a with a length of chain concealed inside and a flip out hook at the other end. The weapon can be used to attack with either end.
Shinobi-shuko/Shinobi-ashiko Gloves and sandals (respectively) with a large metal claws attached. They are intended for use in climbing and combat.
Shuriken Simple star shaped discs that are thrown at the target. They normally do little damage, but in trained hands can inflict wounds in vital spots. They can also be used to deliver poison.
Shobo A very short metal shaft with rings of iron attached to it. It fits neatly into the hand and increases the potency of a ninja's unarmed attacks.
Spine Dagger A small handle, approximately the size of a fist, with a long protruding blade.
Telescoping Blowgun A collapsible blowgun, appearing to be a simple cane when in its disguised form.
Toami Jutsu Another innocuous weapon, a simple fishing net with weights attached to the ends. It is used to entangle and incapacitate opponents while the ninja performs their duties.
Tsubute Stone throwing missiles very similar to shuriken, only with blunted edges. Tsubute are designed to knock an enemy unconscious or distract him rather than cause any serious damage.
Note: The use of and simple possession of many of these weapons is dishonorable and illegal. They are usually made of cheap materials so they can be abandoned if necessary.
New Weapons
Item Cost Damage Critical Range Weight Type
Martial Weapons--Melee and Ranged
   Neko-te 5 zin 1 --- --- 1 oz Piercing
   Shinobi-shuko/Shinobi-ashiko (1) 3 koku 1d3 x2 --- 8 oz. Piercing
   Shobo 5 bu 1d4 x2 --- 1 lbs Bludgeoning
   Flute Knife 3 bu 1d4 x2 10' 1 lbs Piercing
   Spine Dagger 8 bu 1d4 x3 ---   Piercing
   Bakuhatsugama 6 koku 1d4 x2 --- 5 lbs Bludgeoning/Slashing
   Chig-riki 5 koku 1d4 x2 --- 7 lbs Slashing
   Kagi-nawa 9 bu 1d6 x2 --- 2 lbs Slashing
   Kusarigama* 5 koku 1d6 x2 --- 5 lbs Bludgeoning/Slashing
   Kyoketsu-shoge 5 koku 1d6 x3 --- 5 lbs Bludgeoning/Slashing
   Mamukigama* 12 koku 1d6 x2 --- 6 lbs Bludgeoning/Slashing
   Manrikikusari* 6 koku 1d6 x2 --- 6 lbs Bludgeoning
   Ninja-to 5 koku 1d6 x2 --- 4 lbs Slashing
   Kamayari* 2 koku 1d10 x2 10' 3 lbs Piercing
   Shikomi-zue (blade)* 1 koku 1d8 x3 10' 2 lbs Piercing
   Shikomi-zue (chain)* 3 koku 1d8 x2 --- 4 lbs Bludgeoning
   Shikomi-zue (chain and hook)* 4 koku 1d10 x2 --- 6 lbs Bludgeoning/Slashing
Exotic Weapons Ranged
   Shurkien 1 koku 1 x2 10' 0.2 lbs Piercing
  Tsubute 1 koku 1 x2 10' 0.5 lbs Bludgeoning
   Blowgun 8 bu 1 x2 10' 1 lbs Piercing
   Toam Jutsu 10 koku special special 10' 10 lbs special
(special = see the weapon's description for more information)
   Telescoping Blowgun 1 koku 1d4 x2 20' 3lbs Piercing
Notes: * = A reach weapon
(1) Entry created by DM for missing entry
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