Oriental Character Classes
Archivist Duskblade Paladin (X) Soul Knife
Ardant Favored Soul Psion Spellthief
Barbarian ® (1) Favored Soul Psychic Warrior Spirit Shaman
Bard (X) Fighter ® Ranger ® (3) (only some are divine spellcasters) Swashbuckler
Beguiler Healer Rogue ® (4) Swift Wing
Cleric (X) Hexblade Ronin ® Warlock
Courtier ® Inkyo-Enlighted Monk Samurai ® Warmage (X)
Divine Mind Knight (X) Scout Warmage (X)
Dragonfire Adept Lurk Shaman Wilder
Dragon Shaman Marshal (P) Shungenja ® (5) (divine casters) Wizard (X)
Dread Necromancer Monk ® Sohei (Rokugani Monks) Wu Jen (arcane spellcasters)
Druid (X) ® (2) Ninja ® (Officially they don't exist) Sorcerer ® (arcane spellcasters)  
Classes in bold are common, the other classes are rare to very rare.
® = Found in Rokugan
(X) = Usually a banded class because they are totally alien to the setting.
(P) = Only as a Prestige Class
(1) 1st level barbarians who are not members of the Shinjo or Hida family need to spend 2 points for literacy.
(2) Druid habits would be practiced only by Yobbanjin barbarians and the Naga. Naga use a pearl as their divine focus.
(3) Rangers of the Fox clan or Nagas use spells, rangers from other clans rarely use spells; instead when they would normally receive access to a new level of spells they gain a feat from the list of fighter bonus feats.
(4) Rogues have no proficiency with crossbows, instead they are proficient with the longbow (yumi) and daikyu.
(5) Naga shugenja have their ofa inscribed on mother-of-pearl (the inside of an oyster) and use pearls as their focus.

Multiclassing is less common in Rokugan, if you take the Shungenja class and leave it then you can never take levels in it again (a few Rokugani prestige classes allow exceptions as does the Chosen By the Kami feat, or the Steady Soul feat.
Prestige Classes available will be decided on a case by case basis; a teacher is required and some clans may not provide instruction.
Special Character Class Capabilities
Class HD Skill Points Starting Wealth (Determined by the DM) Races
Courtier ® 1d6 8+ Int modifier (x4 at 1st level) 6d4 x10 koku + wealth (50 gp/Cha modifier) Human, nezumi, naga
Inkyo-Enlighted Monk ® 1d8 4+ Int modifer (x4 at 1st level) 40 koku Human, naga and nezumi have very different religions, but the doors are open to them if they wish.
Ninja ® 1d6 4+ Int modifer (x4 at 1st level) 75 koku Naga, nezumi and humans (it is dishonorable to be a ninja)
Samurai ® 1d10 4+ Int modifer (x4 at 1st level) Masterwork katana and wakizashi + 100 koku Almost exclusivly human, spirit folk in other settings. Rarely a nezumi has been accepted by the Crab, kenku are rare as well.
Shaman 1d6 4+ Int modifer (x4 at 1st level) 50 koku Mostly humans, hengeyokai, nezumi and korobokurua are rare, spirit folk are uncommon.
Shungenja ® 1d6 4+ Int modifer (x4 at 1st level) wakizashi + 100 koku + required ofuda (spell sheets) Mostly humans (other spell casters in Rokugan are sorcerers)
Sohei 1d10 2+ Int modifer (x4 at 1st level) 60 koku Moslty humans, hengeyokai, spirit folk, korobokururs, nezumi and vanaras are rare.
The starting wealth for other character classes are given in the standard table. The starting HD and Skill Points are given in the standard tables.
In other Oriental settings almost any member of a race is able to join one of the other classes.
Character Class Capabilities
Class Honor/Alignment Weapons Armor
Courtier ® Most are honorable and lawful, but otherwise have no restrictions. Simple weapons and the wakizashi (short sword) None
Inkyo-Enlighted Monk ® Typically lawful, most try to be honorable Simple weapons Light armor
Ninja ® Generally evil, it is dishonorable to be a ninja and many hide it, so ninjas give up their honor to serve their lord. They often take the Perceive Honor feat. Dagger, dart, shuriken, katana, ninja-to, kusari-gama, and blowgun No armor or shields (wearing armor negates some ninja abilities)
Samurai ® Lawful and Honorable as per the code of Bushido. Simple and Martial weapons, most take exotic weapons proficiency bastard sword (katana) Light and medium armor
Shaman Most are good, a few are evil, most care little about honor. All simple weapons Light armor
Shungenja ® Most are lawful and honorable, but there are no restrictions. Technically all Shungenja are members of the Samurai class.
Simple weapons and the wakizashi (short sword) No armor
Sohei Must be lawful or lose their divine power, some are honorable. Simple and Martial weapons All armor
Most other people try to at least pass as honorable.
Shields are usually only used by peasant fighters.
Octorange Vision
Octorange = The Color of Mana (from The Colour of Magic). Being able to see octorange is like having a constant detect magic spell in effect, you can literally see the color that magic has (From Terry Pratchet's Diskworld). Those trained in magic (shugenja and arcane casters) who have octorange vision can determine the school of a spell with an Int check, DC 10+ the level of the spell. If they fail then it is just too hard to read the color. Characters have a chance to see the octorange end of the spectrum. You roll once at character creation, if you have two or more classes use the chance from the best class.
Psions and Wilders = 0%-10%
Courtiers, Fighters, Palidans, Rangers, Samurai and Soul Knives = 0%-15%
Divine Casters, Inkyo-Enlighted Monks, Monks, Ninja, Rogues, Shaman, Shungenja and Sohei = 0%-25%
Wizards and Sorcerers = 0%-45%
All Others = 0%-12%
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