New Land Campaign
This campaign takes place after the unification of most of Sorrid under the Empire of Reason. Now is the final stages of the war against the Inhumans; the war to take the Cenestaic Alliance, Vertney and the Celes Empire. Leaving only the Wild Union and the Mage's Union as independent nations.

Twenty years of peace have been deliberately broken by Lilis upon provocation from Inhuman raids. The raids are normal orc, goblin and gnoll tribes looking for easy pickings. The farmers and ranchers in the newly conquered land don't realize this though. They came clamoring for help and after several major incidents war was declared.

With war declared the Cenestaic Alliance is on the short end of a very sharp stick. They are not doing well in the war and the Empire of Reason has brought the elves of Crescent in to help. The Island Nations are continuing to be mercenaries fighting for the losing side; mostly as pirates. The Celes Empire is reinforcing the Cenestaic Alliance forces, knowing that if the Celes Empire falls they will be next.

With alliances, support and well trained troops the Empire of Reason is doing well in the war, but they still need to do the bloody work of fighting and they don't know what Vertney is planning or doing.

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