Major Groups, Corporations, Religions and Personal

Airboys: A East Coast based gang that specializes in hoverbykes and skimmers. They also freelance industrial espionage agents, couriers and smugglers.
Anima: A religion that believes all creatures have a soul and those souls can be communicated with, and can communicate with each other.
Austin Biolabs: A megacorporation with offices in Athens, Berlin, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Moscow, Munich, New York, Rome, Stockholm, Tokyo, Toronto, Washington and Stuttgart. The deal in medication computer programing and wetware. They own Ashe Pharmochemicals, Intellistoft Wetware and Genes Gaming. ø†‡
Bang: A revolutionary style of music that descends from rock and roll, but used techno music. The biggest change is how the lyrics are blended through a sound machine to go with the music. Typically a DJ does the sound mixing and a live concert is a special event because the mixings is custom made to that performance. Band members and DJs often take "mind enhancing" drugs to improve their performance. The audience also often indulges in "mind expanding" drugs as they dance to the beat. The music has been accused of being warmed over disco, but the subharmonics are different, the music is made to be felt as well as heard. The techno beat is only one aspect of the music. The lyrics is another and the music itself is another layer. Layering the songs is a hallmark of Bang.
Bauhaus: Megacorportion based out of Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Cairo, Chicago, Helsinki, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, Munich, New York, Osaka, Prague, San Francisco, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Warsaw, Washington and Zurich. They deal in design build projects specializing in infrastructure and hotels. They own the Bauhaus Hoteld chaing, Kraftwerk, Olivertti-Braun, Space Fittings and Ergonomics Inc. µ†‡
Black Hawks: A gang based in Chicago that specializes in infiltration of other organizations and assassinations. Most are martial art experts.
Blue Circle: The terror of downtown Sydney's on-street parking. Blue Circle is a thrill gang specializing in vehicular theft. Few of the members are serious criminals in the violent sense; their top priorities are excitement and fast credits. Most Blue Circles have a couple of points invested in Devices, representing either their B&E (Breaking & Entering) tools or their personal vehicles and at least one Contact in the form of a chop shop.
Carstead, Maximillian (Computer Prodigy): Considered by many to be the next Albert Einstein he lives and breathes computers.
Ceberus Complex: Based out of San Francisco, but with offices world wide. They specialize in industrial and commercial espionage. They have their hooks in WolrdComp, and InterComp. µ†‡
Chain Gang: A group of former prison guards centered around Sand Quentin. Known for murder, extortion, running protection rackets, bodyguarding, rape and general vandalism; all learned from inmates under their "care."
Chinese Orbital Marines: The elite of the Chinese fleet, the Orbital Marines are trained as boarding parties and as internal security for stations such as Liaowangta and Lulong. They were also the core of Chinese contingents of the re-contact missions sent to the extrasolar colonies in 2120. Most Orbital Marines tend to be specialists in one field such as infantry or aviation. ø
Church Channel: A megachurch organized world wide. They specialize in Christian based business and organizations as well as fund raising and charaties. They own Frock-in-a-Box, Clergy-on-Call, Creation Science inc. the Faith Shopping Network and the Church Channel.
Church of Immanent Escheation: A religious organization devoted to Nova Cults. It has been publicly abandoned and worshipers have gone into hiding. µ†
Condomble' Religion: Believes that everyone has a patron called an Orixa. They use something like zodiac signs; except they only have eight. A pattern has been drawn to the 8 proxies, who are considered to be embodiments of the Orixa. Candomble' practices magic and are all African based. That means the magic would have some elements of vodoo in them. µ
Corp Cops: A security company that manufactors its own armor, small automatic weapons, and shotguns. Headquartered in New York
Corporate Groups: Most metacorporations, many megacorportaion and a few normal corporations have psionic staff. µ†
Cyberpunks: A gang based in Massachusetts that are drug runners, extortions, assassins, thieves and engage in random acts of Street Terrorism. They recently franchised into Europe. µ
Dick Van Dykes: A prostitution and drug trafficking ladies gang first organized to complete with the Balkans. µ
The Directive: An organization made up of Intelligence assests from The US., Britian, Russia and Japan that kept track of Nova's and Aberrants. It was rumored to be connected with some conspiracy theories about Novas, but that was never proven. The countries involved deny the organization even existed, but reliable Novas reported it did. ø
The Divisians: Believed by many to have survived its official disbanding in 2061, this offshoot of the 2030--era Divis Mal fan club may be the universe's largest Aberrant cult. Urban legend states that the Divisians are behind many seemingly innocent social organizations--charity soup kitchens, your sports leagues, receational roleplaying groups. Under the veneer of respectability, however lurk shadowy conspiracies dedicated to converting every day folk to the blasphemous worship of Divis Mal and his fellow Aberrants. µ
Doc's Merry Men: This small pirate fleet is one of the more prosperous and professional ones in near space. They primarily prey on ore carrier destined for the orbital refineries around Luna and Mars, but the Merry Men have been known to hit the occasional military transport as well--and every successful raid on a weapons shipment makes them even more effective in their chosen occupation. Unconfirmed rumors state that the Merry Men receive corporate backing from one or more FSA--held dummy corporations and are, in fact, privateers targeted at Chinese and Nihojin interests. The degree of truth that these rumors hold is up to the Storyteller, but should determine the levels of Devices and Requisitions available to them. µ
Fusers: Based in San Francisco a gang known for cyberrunning, intelligence and acting as fences. They have franchised to Europe. µ
Futzmann, Arnorld: Wanted for slave trading in Europe and Aisa.
Gang Green: A London and Belgium based gang who work a political strongarms, cyber terrorists and protesters. µ
Ginos: A Chicago based gang of drug dealers the specialize in pizza franchises, weight training and freelance murder.
Glaciere Internacionale: A Canadian based metacorporation organized out of Canada with offices in Bejing, Berlin, Bombay, Calais, Cairo, Hong Kong, Leningrad, London, Los Angeles, Manila, Mexico City, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, San Diego, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington. They own Frigidaire, Iceberg Delivery Service, Cryotherm Inc and Frozen Indusitres. µ †‡
Hamhal, Muhammad Abu: International Terrorist, he must have a holoface or possibly is a Norca because he is only seen when he wants to be seen.
Harrington, Thompson: A trillionare with his fingers in to many 'pies' to name.
Heaven's Thunder Triad: A very powerful Chinese criminal group with world wide connections. They specialize in black tech and illegal technology, but they handle almost anything.
IIS (Field Divison):
The British Integrated Intelligence Service is the 22nd century's answer to the legendary MI-6 and its sister agencies. The IIS performs the same roles as most other national intelligence agencies: gathering data on other countries that those nations like to keep secret. The Field Division is the portion of the IIS responsible for the classic "spy" operations: deep cover operation in other nations to dig up information. As such, it's usually the most interesting choice for a character; IIS agents in the Analysis Division don't get out of their offices much. ø
Jacinto, Don: a famous Anima Shaman in Peru. He tries to combine elements from the Condomble' religion with Anima.
Kamisama Buddhism: A form of Shinto Buddhism that sees Novas as a higher form of being. Most Aberrant Cults started with this organization or its offshoots.
Kostbarr: a French metastar big on rebuilding Desire'e French. He is considered an honorary Norca, but almost ignores the group, at least publicly. He has many entertainment and political connections and gives big contributions to the rebuild Europe programs.
Kumar-Nehru: Based in Adias Ababa, Beijing, Berlin, Bombay, Brazilla, Cairo, Dallas, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Leningrad, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Manila, Melbourne, Mexico City, Minks, Montreal, Moscow, New York, Osaka, Rome, San Francisco, Sydney, Tel Aviv, The hague, Tokyo, Toronto, Washington and Zurich. They specialize in commercial agriculture including genetic design. They own Brookside Farm Foods, Viable Nutrient Cooperative and Ethopian Gardens. µ†
Medellin Cartel: The original criminal drug dealing organization in South America that became the Norca.
Mid Knights: Out of San Francisco this gang specializes in assassination, modeling, espionage and drug dealing.
Mikua Biolabs: Specializing in wetware, smart medication, implants and medical diagnositic equipment. Major shareholders in Nippon Investors, Becker & Becker and based world wide with offices in Berlin, Bombay, Brazilia, Cairo, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Koshimiru, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Moscow, Munich, New York, Osaka, San Francisco, Sydney, The Hague, Tokyo, Toronto, Warsaw and Washington. They own Intelligence International Inc, having branched out from biochemicals and machines to intelligence. µ†‡
Mugubwi, Channa (Cultuist): The face of the New Gods religion that consider Aberrants to be gods. She is very careful to remain clean of any illegal activity and is a media darling. She is the public face of the Aberrant Cultists.
N!: Entertainment channel that covers all Nova activities. After the Aberrant War it became a Nova History channel, but with the return of Aberrants it now covers their activies.
Nemo Marine Systems: Headquartered in Montego Bay they are a metacorporation with offices in Auckland, Barcelona, Berlin, Bombay, Cairo, Honolulu, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, Manila, Mexico City, Moscow, New York, Rome, San Francisco, Seoul, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Washingthon. Specializing in Nautilus Submarines with controlling interest in many major restaurant chains. µ
Netheads: A group of cyber hackers who specialize in intrusion and theft of industrial and commercial databases.
New Edison: An Aerospace metacorportion that deals with communication technology and energy supply systems. Holder of the patent for the fusion reactor. With offices in Athens, Auckland, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Bombay, Brazilia, Cairo, Chicago, Dallas, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Leningrad, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Manila, Melbourne, Mexico City, Montreal, Moscow, Munich, Osaka, Prague, Rome, San Francisco, Seoul, Stockholm, Sydney, Tel Aviv, The Hague, Tokyo, Toronto, Warsaw, Washington, Zurich, Mare Imbrium (Luna) and Yorktown Canyon (Mars). It specializes in big finance, power generators and is a major stockholder in the Bank of Luna. ø†‡
New Hitler Youth: A brutal racist gang of nazis based in Germany.
Newsday: on of the most respected new providers in the Solar System. Newsday has been on top of current events since Australia-based Genman Enterprises founded it in 2078. Newsday investigative news crews are generally cross-trained in both technical and presentation aspects of their jobs, though individuals do specialize. µ†
Nippon Industrial Products: A Osaka based metacorporation with offices in Barcelona, Beijin, Berlin, Bombay, Brazilia, Chicago, Hong Kong, Koshimiru, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Montreal, Moscow, Munich, New York, Rome, Sydney, Tokyo Toronto, Warsaw, Washington, Zurich and through-out Nippon. It owns US Machines, Virtual Robotics, and ServoMotors Inc. It specializes in personal and industrial robot constructionµ?†‡
Okira Materials: A metacorporation that specializes in power generation, metal production and mining, fissionables, satellites and aerospace. It is headquartered in Tokyo with offices in Athens, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Brazilia, Cairo, Chicago, Dallas, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Koshimiru, Lenigrad, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Manila, Melbourne, Mexico City, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, Munich, New York, Osaka, Prague, Rome, San Francisco, Seoul, Stockholm, Sydney, The Hague, Toronto, Warsaw, Washington, Zurich, Mare Tranquilits (Luna) and Nagasaki Canyon (Mars). It owns Matsuyama Rocket Systems and Petroline Petroleum Products.µ†‡
Oskovska: A megacorportion based in Lenigrad with offices in Beijin, Berlin, Bombay, Brazilia, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Moscow, Munich, New York, Prague, Rome, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Washington and Zurich. It owns Kernow Medical Equipment and Coherent. ø†‡
P!: Entertainment channel devoted to covering Psions and their activities.
Patel, Bhupendrha: Insurance Agent for Mega National, an international insurance corporation.
Project Proteus: A select arm of Project Utopia that was later absorbed by Aeon Trinity. It was designed to organization groups of Nova heroes like Team Tomorrow. With the Aberrant War it had very few members and eventually became no longer relevant. ø
Punk in Heads: Known for their green hair this gang specializes in sabotage and commercial intelligence as well as rioting.
Road Kills: A biker gang with franchises throughout the Western United States and in Europe. The deal drugs and weapons and stolen motorcycles and hover bikes.
Saldivar, Angelica: an artist who is opposed to the Norca. She is actually seen by the Norca as their moral compass. What Angelica finds objectionable would therefore be considered suspect.
Serendipity: A software production company that deals with personal entertainment systems, satellite imaging, computer core hardware. It is a metacorportion based in the Crystal Palace Orbital Station and Los Angeles with offices in Athens, Auckland, Barcelona, Beijin, Berlin, Bombay, Brazilia, Cairo, Chicago, Dallas, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Koshimiru, Lenigrad, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Manila, Melbourne, Mexico City, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, Munich, New York, Osaka, Prague, Rome, San Francisco, Seoul, Stockholm, Sydney, Tel Aviv, The Hague, Tokyo, Toronto, Warsaw, Washington, and Zurich. It owns Real Life Entertainment Pentacle CP's .'µ†‡
Shades: A drug dealing gang of prostitutes organized on the Western Coast of the United States.
Skateboys: A gang that acts as couriers for drugs and confidential documents who sponsor prostitution. They have franchised into New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Munich and Potsdam. µ
Stalines: A Russian gang that specializes in prostitution, bodyguarding, smuggling and propaganda. µ
Syzestemics: A Genetic Research and Computer Software and Memory company. It is headquartered in Berlin with offices in Athens, Auckland, Barcelona, Berlin, Heliskinki, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Lenigrad, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Manila, Melbourne, Mexico City, Nilan, Montreal, Moscow, Munich, New York, Prague, Rome, Seoul, Stockholm, Sydney, The Hague, Tokyo, Toronto, Warsaw, Washington D.C., Zurich, Orbital Labs Apollo and Athena. µ†‡
Takeshi, Markia (Mercenary Broker): A free-lance broker who is famous for the billion dollar deals and mergers that she has organized.
Team Tomorrow: Organization of Nova superheroes that tried to help the world. With the Aberrant War it was disbanded. µ
Tegan: Informal Aberrant organization active during the time of the Novas, it was designed to support Novas. It fell into disrepute during the Aberrant war. It is suspected that any active members would be either Aberrants or members of an Aberrant Cult; thus it has gone underground. It supported the case that Novas were a higher form of being. µ
Texas Rangers: Scattered across the FSA are dozens of paramilitary forces who ostensibly stand opposed to the current American government. The Rangers, a band of self-proclaimed freedom fighters based in the Tex-Mex District, are one such group. The Rangers mainly operate as a highly mobile mechanized infantry force, living off the charity of small settlements and what they can capture from FSM convoys. They tend to have high Cipher ratings, as many of them were born in unregulated areas of the country, but not much in the way of Resources. They are expected to have mysterious backers capable of providing them with high-level hardware--in this case the Fifth Legion. The original law enforcement organization in Texas were absorbed by the American CSA.
Thrashers: A gang centered in Hollywood and Berlin they specialize in drug dealing, extortion, robbery and small time crime.
Trans-Orbital: Commercial and Industrial Transportation, headquartered in New York with offices in all major airports and space ports as well as in Olympus, Luna and several orbital colonies.µ†‡
The United Nations: have their own Psi teams similar to Aeon Trinity, as does the Swiss Guard, the Vatican, most governments, the Mormon Neotic Brotherhood and the Middle East Terrorists. Even though psionics are illegal in most of the Middle East and heavily regulated in the FSA. The recent decision by the Pope to not allow Jesuits to become members of the Ministry has not helped things. The best staffed UN unit is the Xenorelations Divison. "Xenos" are curious blends of scientists and diplomats, able to relate (at least on some level) to the enigmatic extraterrestrials and to act as observers as well as negotiators. They take their work seriously, knowing that their work represents the foundation upon which all future human--alien relations will be built. The next best staffed group is the UAN Ambassadorial Corp; representative of most national governments' diplomatic divisions. The UANAC is unique, however, in that it manages both external relations with other Earth nations and internal relations among the UAN's member states. It is rare UANAC employee who is not at least trilingual; even the most sophisticated vocoder isn't capable of capturing all the subtle nuances of diplomatic negations. ø
Universal Products: A company that specializes in finished goods, prepared foods, metals, heavy equipment, electronics, pharmochemicals, clothing and textile. Headquartered in Tokyo with offices in Athens, Auckland, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Berlin, Bombay, Cairo, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Montreal, Moscow, Munich, New York, Osaka, Rome, San Franscisco, Seoul, Stockholm, Sydney, Toronto, Washington DC, Zurich with stores in thousands of locations; including departments in many supermarkets. µ†‡
Untouchables: An criminal organization, they don't take to be called a gang very well, organized for assassination, blackmail and extortion out of New York.
Utopia: A UN affiliated organization that supported the heroic activities of Novas. It gained an advisory position on the UN Security Council. With the Aberrant War it was largely abandoned and eventually absorbed by Aeon Trinity. µ‡ø
VARG Cavalry: The 1st, 7th and 5th Legions have the vast majority of the order's VARG troopers. Legions policy states that only sergeants and above may undergo VARG training (Status [Legions] 2 or higher). Additionally a VARG pilot must invest 3 points in Device to represent his assigned hardware. The VARG isn't a unique prototype; this expenditure represents the time commitment and amount of responsibility investing in a battle suit (most VARG troopers do the majority of their own maintenance for jobs that don't require a depot overhaul). Storyteller should only allow VARG pilot characters in certain circumstances, as the firepower controlled by even a lightweight unit can radically unbalance most teams--and blow big holes in the story. øµ
Vor V Zakone: More commonly recognized as the Russian Mafia, the collection of organized criminal groups known as the Vor V Zakone is a significant presence in eastern Europe and Luna's Downside. VVZ groups tend to go for pretensions of gentility and white-collar crime, though they're not above enforcing their decrees with force if necessary. There's a definite spit in this organization between-the-street-level thugs and the businessman (though some of the latter are hired muscle who made good through sheer luck and chutzpah). µ†
Wasps: A small time gang that specializes in vandalism, prostitution, yachting and murder. They run out of a New York Yacht club.
XWF: The Extreme Warfare Federation--an organization that promoted combat between Novas and Aberrants as a public show (much like the World Wrestling Federation). With the Aberrant War it went our of business. Now there are talks about putting it back into action using Psions.
Yakuzza: Japanese Criminal Gangs, many deal with Soma, Red 7, Spike, and Mite all illegal drugs. The Yakuzza have been active in Japan for centuries (most of its history), they started as a family clan and evolved into a criminal organization.


ø Government Unit
µ Multinational = a company with offices in several countries.
Megacorporation = a corporation that does over 1 billion Credits of business a year.
Metacorporation = a corporation that has offices on Mars, Luna or on Space Orbitals.

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