(A Guide to the System)
Cosmology, Monthly Living Expenses, Magic, Nation, Octorange
Star: Blaze
Innermost Planet: Twinkle, tidally locked world similar to Mercury in the Sol System.
Inner Planet: Topaz (heavy gravity water world)
Lom: The only Inhabited Planet
    Continents: Crescent, Roge, Rokugani, and Sorrid
    Primary Moon: Orbus Major
    Secondary Moon: Orbus Minor
Outermost Planet: Plutarc has 23 moons
Ort Cloud: Beyond Putarc is a thin shell of asteroids. Meteors hitting Lom are rare, Plutac picks up most of them.
The octorange spectrum (from The Colour Magic) is hard to see and it takes an entire round of concentration to use it. It is the literal color of magic and it is like having a permanent detect magic spell up. You can use it to tell what school of magic is involved, but you have to be trained (an arcane spell caster) and make an Int based check with a DC of 10 + the level of the spell (it originally came from the Colour of Magic the first Diskworld novel). If the character fails to make the DC then it is just too hard to read the color. You roll once, for octorange vision, when you create the character. If you have multiple levels then pick the class with the best chance.
  Psions and Wilders = 0%-20%
  Barbarians, Fighters, Cavaliers, Gunslingers, Knights, Paladins, Rangers, Samurai and Soul Knifess = 0%-25%
  Divine Casters, Inquisitors, Monks, Ninjas, Oracles, Rogues, Scouts, Shungenjas, Spelltheives, and Warlocks = 01%-30%
  Alchemists, Archivisit, Bards, Magus, Sorcerers, Summoners, Witches, Wizards Wu Jens, and other arcane casters = 01%-45%
  All Others = 0%-20%
Magic is a force created from mana. Black Guards, Clerics, Priests, Paladins, Rangers and other divine spell casters channel manna as well as direct positive or negative energy (when casting a cure or an inflict spell). They are granted this channeling power by their gods. Bards, Sorcerers, and other spontaneous spell casters direct mana directly as magic, but how they do it is a mystery to them. Wizards have the most conscious control over the mana they use, only they write down their spells and know the true source of magic (a few Prestige Classes require the character to learn the nature of their spells like the Corrupt Avenger). Gods and other divine beings have their existence amplified by mana, can generate mana from worship, and tap directly into mana. They grant magic to their followers allowing them to channel magical energy. The gods can chose how they direct that mana and who they direct it to.
Psionics is a magna directed with mental power. Psionics are similar to magic and spell resistance and psionic resistance do stack. A dispel magic spell will work on psionic powers and vice versa..
National Outlook (on the continent of Sorid from Lisis's point of view)
Allied Neutral Enemies
Lisis, Empire of Reason Alwip Vertny
Iman Kingdoms, Empire of Reason Ispic The Island Kingdoms (Pirates)
Econotel (Elvish Nation) Maltoveny Cenastic Alliance (Orcish Nation)
Firmat Confederation Wild Union Celese Empire
    Mage's Union
Monthly Living Expenses: handles clothing, dinning out, apartment rent, food etc. (In addition to Guild Fees, Life costs for adventuring.)
Living Expense
Wealthy 100 gp (buys a small house or rents a large house, a mansion can be rented for twice this fee.)
Middle Class 30 gp (Includes rent in an apartment or owning a small house in the poorer quarter of town.)
Spartan 20 gp/month (will have to pay for everything individually, except guild trainng and rental for you home in your home city.)
Poor 5 gp (roll 5% chance per month of chance of disease infection from poor living conditions) (will have to pay for everything individually, excpet for guild training fees)
Squalid 3 gp (roll 20% chance per month for chance of disease infection from poor living conditions) (will have to pay for everything individually, except for guild training fees)

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