Levels of Care from the AEsculapian Order
Alpha Coverage: Full Clinic-Network access, including the opportunity to undergo cutting-edge procedures not yet available to the public. A field specialist can be called on at any time anywhere. The cost is 15% of all income over 5,000 Cr annually with a 500,000 Cr opening payment. The cost rises 50% if live-in care is required. Special services such as travel to the location are billed separately. Special care teams ride in special ambulances to respond to the patient. If more extensive treatment is needed the patient is transferred to a hospital, after being stabilized.

Beta Coverage: Access to all network clinics, priority care from vitakinetic physicians and various perks (shorter wait time in private rooms). The coverage requires a 25,000 Cr annual fee and house calls can be arranged with advanced scheduling and an additional fee of 1,000 Cr per hour for one doctor and standard equipment, the cost rises if specialists or unusual equipment is required. Standard ambulances respond to emergences and the patient must be brought to the facility unless a house call is scheduled.

Gamma Coverage: The public at large gets this level of treatment; many mid-sized businesses offer a Gamma Coverage plan as part of their benefits package. Gamma subscribers get as much access to vitakinetic treatment as a staff load and higher grades of service allow; minor aliments receive conventional treatment. The plan costs 5,000 Cr annually or a 200 Cr flat per visit charge. Specialized testing and care involves more cost. A partial refund is offered to patients who have to wait more than 10 minutes for a scheduled appointment or more than an hour in emergency rooms and walk-in facilities. Standard ambulances respond to emergences and the patient must be brought to the facility.

Delta Coverage: This basic plan is the AEsculapian's accounting term for the care provided in its free clinics. Most care is through conventional means--neutral doctors using medical training not psi powers. Vitakinesis is used only for life-threatening or other dangerous conditions. Delta patients are usually seen by interns and residents with fully certified physicians as supervisors. Treatment is on first come first serve basis except for relative emergences which get some priority. The treatment is free unless the patient has a positive credit profile in which case 50 Cr is charged per visit. This is the base coverage for the truly destitute and lower income people. Standard ambulances respond to emergences and the patient must be brought to the facility.

Party members will have Gamma Coverage so as to blend in with the population. Wounds taken on missions will be specially reported to Aeon Trinity and not reported to the standard police. Doctors and staff know and understand this. The standard Legion members receive this level of care when not on a battlefield. Of course the Order picks up all the medical bills.

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