Holidays And Special Occasions
Several events are important in the lives of the citizens of Seagate. Below is a list of the most widely celebrated holidays and events.
1/1 New Years Day: The first day in the year. Followers of Corellon Larethian consider this to be a holy day.
1/24 Beggar's Day: A day set aside to give those less fortunate and be thankful that you are not poor. On this day the usual laws regulating beggars are relaxed. This day (and the tradition of giving to the poor) was started to help them during the winter: the toughest time of the year. Followers of Fharlanghn call this their day of rest and stop traveling to reflect on life's journey. In colder climates they hold up for the winter.
2/16 Winter Equinox (the shortest day of the year): Tradition says that a cloudy morning will forecast a hot summer. Followers of Ehlonna and Obad-Hai consider this to be a bad day and often take it as a holiday and stay at home.
2/28 Wizard's Day: This day has been set aside to honor the wizards and all that they have done for (or to) society. Most wizards and mages take this day off, but everyone else works. It is not a popular holiday as most of the common folk fear the power that the mages wield. Followers of both Vecna and Boccob consider this to be a holy day.
3/6 Fish Run: Traditionally the first day of the fishing season. Followers of Olidammara consider this to be a major day.
3/10 Bond of Giving: Originally conceived to celebrate the end of winter. It is celebrated by giving gifts to one's friends and loved ones. This day is a work holiday and traditional feasting day. The Theatrical Guild likes to put on plays this day.
3/25 Days of Light: This week long celebration honors the Good aligned gods (like Bahamut and Pelor). Worshipers start a fast on People's Day and finish the week with a huge feast at noon on the Sabbath.
4/1 Market Day: This day celebrates the official start of the Trading Season. Most merchants open early and stay open late, offering special discounts. Followers of Olidammara consider this to be a major day.
4/5 Planting Day: This is one of the busiest days for farmers as they start the spring planting. It is a school holiday so the children can help with the planting.
5/20 Founders Day: This day is devoted to celebrations honoring the founding of the city and past governing officials. It is a holiday for government personnel only, although many others take the day off.
6/1 Masquerade: A holiday devoted to parties and social gatherings, usually "fancy dress parties" (disguises like for Halloween). Often contests are held for who can come up with the wildest costume. Worshipers of Carl Glittergold like this holiday and started a tradition of "trick or treat" where children go out begging for candy.
7/4 Running of Mares: A long anticipated holiday, when most of the people attend the horse races. On this day a three-day horse racing competition starts. The first day of the race is an official holiday, but many race fans take the other two days off as well.
7/25 Week of Balance: The week long celebration is devoted to honoring the Neutral Aligned gods. People's Day of this week (7/28) is traditionally a day of reckoning when taxes are due as are many loans.
8/13 Olympicus (Festival of Challenge): This day marks the start of a week long sports contest concluding on 8/21. Athletes compete in a wide range of sport activities. A recent innovation has private business supporting teams and individuals in the games. Followers of Kord and Hextor consider this to be a holy event.
8/16 Summer Solista (the longest day of the year): Although not an official holiday it is considered to be a holy day by the worshipers of Pelor and Ehlonna
9/4 Day of Rememberance: This day is set aside to remember friends and loved ones who have died. It is considered a work holiday and a day of mourning. Nerull the Reaper and Wee Jas are honored on this day.
9/18 Fool's Chance: This special day is set aside to honor the common man. A lottery is held with all who enter being eligible to become ruler for a day. Furthermore the winner of the lottery will get half the collected pot. Many private businesses as well as the government hold lotteries (and it is possible to enter as many lotteries as possible). A long honored system of checks and rules limits the power of the new ruler, giving them a chance to rule without being a fool.
10/17 Harvest Week: This week of heavy work is set aside to allow the farmers to bring in their crops, many troops, and other workers are detailed to help the farmers.
10/30 Harvest Fest: This celebration of the harvest celebrates the successful gathering of the year's crops. At the end of Harvest Week the governing officials (church or state depending on the group involved) decide if the Harvest was successful. If the Harvest was decided to not be successful then Harvest Fest is not celebrated and will be an extra day of work in an effort to improve next year's harvest. Yondalla is honored on this day.
11/22 Dome Rise/Day of the Dome: This day commemorates the creation of the dome to protect against a major meteor shower. How the dome was created is not common knowledge, but most people suspect that the gods were involved. On this day there are always parades and the military pass in review. Followers of Heironeous consider this to be a holy day. Followers of Vecna and Boccob save this day to hold special services.
11/25 Nights of Despair: This week long ceremony honors the Evil aligned gods. Many dark rituals are performed on the Sabbath of this week (11/32), and most people refuse to go out after dark. The dark gods like Vecna and Gruumsh are honored.
12/1 Gloom's Route: This holiday celebrates the end of the evil gods week. Traditionally the evil spirits refused to leave after the Nights of Despair so they had to be forced to leave. The people would dress up in costume and masquerade as spirits walking the streets to scare off the evil spirits. Many choose this time to hold masquerade balls, costume parties, and other similar celebrations. St. Cuthbert and his crusade against evil is honored on this day. The Cleft Fellowship often hold musical contests on this day.
12/32 New Year's Eve: The start of a two-day celebration marking the passing of another year and the start of winter.
  Notes: Holidays in Green are given as days off from work.
Times Of Day
Due to only a 11 degree axial tilt the planet Loam keeps close to the same times for dawn and sunset through out most of the year. The difference is noticeable, but it was not considered important enough to adjust for. Times of day are measured on a 24 hour cycle with the morning as called AN, a' fore noon, and the later part of the day is called PN, post noon.
  Dawn 6 AN approximately
  Mid-Morn 9 AN (Most shops open at this time or earlier.)
  Noon 12 PN (It is traditional to take a 45 minute lunch period.)
  Shop's-End 3 PN (The traditional time for shops and business to close.)
  Twilight 6 PN approximately
  Late-Watch 9 PN
  Mid-Watch 0 AN (Also known as midnight, since it is during the middle of the night.)
  Early-Watch 3 AN
Guard shifts typically run six hours starting at Early-Watch and running until Mid-Morn, then from Mid-Morn until Shops'-End then from Shops'-End until Late-Watch, and from Late-Watch until Early-Watch. Due to the longer weeks and fewer days off, the work day tends to only run about six hours, but there are many expectations to this rule. Time is reckoned from the sack of Aquila 642 years ago and is noted AS after the sack, and PS prior to the sack.
Dating Conventions
A cycle of animals representing the year is traditional among many of society, although it receives no official reorganization. Those born in a year of the animal are said to have the following strengths and weaknesses (The Campaign starts in the Year of the Torch).
Year Strength Weakness
  Octopus Flexibility Cowardice
  Badger Defense Suspicious
  Tree Patience Unyielding
  Torch Guidance Unpredictable
  Eagle Foresight Arrogant
  Shark Power/Strength Savagery
  Snake Cunning Disloyalty
  Flower Beauty Frivolous
  Candle Knowledge Shortsighted
  Sparrow Family Frail

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