General History on Sorrid
Players need at least one pick in Knowledge (History) earned on the continet of Sorrid to learn this information.
Haflings, Gnomes and many creatures of the goblin species evolved or were created on Sorrid. Humanity and elven societies immigrated from the continent of Crescent northwest of Sorrid 3,400 years ago. This small contient is often called the cradle of civilization. Gnomes and Hafling opinions differ on this, they first arose in the area of land claimed by the Firmat Confederation.
Ispic the former home to the Winged Folk was founded between the sea and the Burning Sands. Most of the people are worshipers of Pelor and his sister Bright (actually a demigod). They developed from a nomadic people and built huge adobe structures. They also developed a peculiar death ritual and started to entomb their dead to prepare them for their journey to the after life.

Ispic was rumored to have contact with the Mage's Union, but no proof of that has survived.

Maltoveny was a colony of Alawip. The alawipins tried to escape the ravages of the pirates, from the Island Kingdoms, only to run afoul of the dragons. Alawip hosts a large population of chromatic dragons who resented the intrusion. The hardy new colonists have survived, but they always fear death from the sky.

The Mage's Union was rumored to be a union of wizards and magic users. It was supposed to be a great city in the mountains established by seven necromantic mages to promote the science of magic. It is said that during the Inhuman wars they supplied magic items to the Orcs in return for large amounts of money. After the Aquilian Empire fell the Inhumans turned on the Necromancers. The Orcs had grown too stong and they fought the Mage State. The mages were defeated and forced to retreat to the mountains to the west. This group eventually founded the Mage's Union. A Mage ruled society, but few forget that they once sided with the Orcs against civilization. They are now in a war with Econtel.

The Mage's Union is a group of isolationist and paranoid people since so little has been heard about them. It is not known what this nation is planning now, but it would be a safe bet to say that world domination would be high on the list (this can easily be extrapolated from the disposition of most powerful mages). They embody all that people fear about powerful magic users.

The Inman Kingdoms were the cradle of civilization on Sorrid. The civilized survivors came here after the giants were defeated. The Inman Kingdoms started off united, but with time degenerated into small countries and city states. Because of this many noble birth lines developed and it became fashionable to claim descent (real or imagined) from one of these noble houses. The situation in The Inman Kingdoms is still fluid, with alliances being made and treaties being struck, then changed. This entanglement of alliances and treaties caused small actions to have great repercussions. It was an unstable situation, needing only a small spark to set it off (think of Europe prior to WWI, just waiting for an incident like the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria to set off an internal war). They have now joined with Lilis to form the Empire of Reason.
Econtoel is the land of the elves. Most of the nation is covered by the Effen Forest, the largest forest on Lom. The elves have lived here for as long as they can remember. Once a strong and proud people, the Orcish wars have taken their toll on the elves. The longer lived elves do not reproduce as fast as the shorter lived orcish people, and the royal elvish line is especially weak. A defective trait has entered the royal elvish house reducing their birth rate and causing a wasting disease to affect many of the nobles at middle age. This has caused the elves to stagnate and may eventually spell their defeat in the struggle against the orcs. Recently their forces have been tasked even more as war with demons broke out on Corellon Larethian's home plane. They went far and will look for allies and even accepted the help of the drow.
Lilis (the campaign origin) was settled by people from the Inman Kingdoms and the elves from Econtoel, they were a member of the Aquillian Empire. The people of Lilis were a vigorous and prosperous nation before the Inhuman Wars. They had a lot of competition from the Cenastic Alliance. The Cenastics often made raids into Lilis which forced the Lilians to arm themselves.

The city of Seagate was established for several reasons:
1) To curtail the pirate activities from the Island Kingdoms that some how were spreading north.
2) To handle trade down the Osepaeak river.
3) To open negotiations with the Cenastic Alliance and try and reduce the raiding expeditions. The Lilians based a large navy at Seagate and opened several embassies (with the Cenastic Alliance, the elves of Econtoel, Vertny, Gelisic, and the Frimat Confederation).

When the Aquillian Empire fell the people retreated North to Lilis. There a string of forts protected the people from the ravages of the Cenastic Alliance. Now Lilis is the founding nation in the Empire of Reason with Seagate as its capital. The Inman Kingdoms have joined the Empire of Reason.
The Cenastic Alliance is comprised of a loose alliance of savage, nomadic warriors, mostly orcs. They regularly combine into raiding parties, attack their neighbors, retreat back inside their borders, and disperse. They make extensive use of horses, although some tribes favor the hippogriff (think a combination of Mongols and native Americans).

The Cenastic Alliance has been a source of major problems for all their neighbors, except for the Effen Forest which is difficult for the raiders to penetrate. It was the source of the barbarians that fought in the Inhuman wars. Lilis was the first nation to be able to beat the barbarians to a stand still. The raiders can only be negotiated with from positions of strength. Thanks to the work of the group Avalanche though the tide of battle turned against the Inhumans.

Now The Cenastic Alliance is only a shadow of its former self. It's tribes have fallen into wars among themselves, blaming each other for their downfall. Lilis has capitalized on this and is pressing the Orcs back. If Lilis had the funds and the manpower it would continue its actions against the Orcs and run them out of their own country. Now Lilis has claimed half of the lands of The Cenastic Alliance.

Gelisic was the breadbasket of the continent, an agrarian society with strong rural roots. However, pressures from the Cenastic Alliance and Vertny forced them into an alliance with the Frimat Confederation. They would have preferred to ally with the elves, but were geographically too far away from them. The Gelisinians came off a poor second to the conniving plans of Vertny so they were forced to ally with someone, and the militaristic Frimats were the lesser of three evils. The Inhumans now control Gelisic.
Vertny was the planner, the plotters, the schemers. This evil nation had a vast network of spies, and influence in many areas. Favoring subtlety and long range plans, their schemes often became too complex and convoluted to be completed. They were behind the barbarians attacking the Aquillan Empire. Only because of great work from the intelligence services of the elves and Lilis has this information come to light.
Alawip was home to a large population of Gnomes, Dwarves, and Halflings. The shortlands as some called it suffered many pirate raids from the Island Kingdom and excursions from Vertny, as well as raids from the Cenastic Alliance. They rarely passed the fortified town stage and attempted to colonize Maltoveny with limited success.
Island Kingdoms is home to a loose collection of pirates, who raided from the Gulf of Alphonse to Tresit Bay. They had an alliance with Vertny planned and were going to establish a base in Tresit Bay. However, the God's Wars interrupted their plans.
Frimat Confederation was a strong militaristic nation oppressed by Vertny, the Celes Empire and the Island Kingdoms. Despite this adversary, or perhaps because of it, they grew to be a strong and powerful people. They have survived the Inhuman Wars, but are now sorely pressed by enemy forces.
Major Land Features

Celesta Mountains were often called Frimat's shield. It is a tall, high mountain range.

Primish Swamp was home to the Lizardmen, the Osapeak River runs though it.

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