1.  The game will take place on Sorrid in Trill's Forest, in an apple orchard, in the small village of Helmond, population 254, days after the big explosion and the big return. You are living on Trill's land and owe her because of this; she accepts 1/8th of all the apples harvested by the town, including any apple cider created (carried to her city of Gongaga). You can call on Trill for aid in an emergency situation and she might even respond a time or two, never more than three times. There is a penalty for crying wolf and she will probably banish that person from the village to go live on their own and the will most likely die.
2.  I will try a game more like Mikes game with occasional combat and depending more on story. The story will be what happens to the countryside after the big return and the evil gods provide too many monsters. Your party will represent the citizen's reaction to this emergency.
3.  The Good bonus; I will continue to provide a small experience point bonus for players who play a good alignment.
4.  Players will start with 5 characters of NPC Classes with 0 experience points; you will be the villagers of Helmond and you will not be playing with Gestalt classes to start with. Each player will start with a total of 800 crowns to buy materials, weapons, armor and supplies for their characters. You will have homes in the village or the immediate area. Any starting money not spent on equipment will be refunded to the town, after all it is their money.
5.  Adepts will select their gods from the 3.5 Edition Deities and Demigods as indexed on this site. Characters are recommended to have gods, but not required.
6.  Races allowed; Core Races (see Balancing the Core Races), Featured Races, Uncommon Races, Races from Psionics Unleashed, and Third Party Races. Hengeyokai are not allowed nor are any creatures from Rokugan or Dwarves. Dwaves and anyone harboring them will be turned into pin cushions by Trill's forces. The default races are elf, half-elf or human. Most people in town are elves.
7.  Mountain lions, cougars and pumas are to be left alone and not hurt. If you lose a child to a puma then you were careless with that child, it is not the puma's fault. You will respect all animals. This doesn't mean that you can't kill animals, only that you must have a good reason and you must use all of its parts. All fae are to be respected, if a fae pulls a practical joke then you can't kill it. If the practical joke kills somone then they suffered from an incurable lack of a sense of humor. The fae who is responsible can be reported to Trill and she will decide on its punishment. Green dragons are to be respected. If one comes through town and kills a person then he can be dealt with appropriately. Any blue dragons will be asked for their name if it is Big Bertha or Silverleaf then they are to be left alone and not bothered. Otherwise deal with a dragon as you would normally. If they don't give their name then they can be considered to be too rude to be allowed to exist and may be killed with Trill's blessing.
8.  All Adventurer Guilds will be allowed, and characters can be of any alignment. Guns are martial weapons, but there are none in town. A gun would have to be built by the character and in the hands of any other character would have the broken condition, advanced firearms will not be allowed until later in the game. You were born and raised in the village of Helmond and grew up together, there are few secrets from your fellow villagers. You want to protect and help them, this is your mission and you represent the best the village was able to scrape together for this defense.
9.  You will adventure with your five characters until reaching 1,000 experience points at which point you chose one character among the survivors and they will become a first level gestalt character with 1 player class level (their favored class) and one NPC level. Then you will choose a second character to be your co-hort. Both characters will immediately gain three stat points to apply to their physical stats and three stat points to apply to their physical stats. They may not apply 4 or more points to one stat and may apply 1, 2, or 3 points to any stat combination as long as 3 points are applied to their physical stats (Str, Dex, Con) and 3 points are applied to their mental stats (Int, Wis, and Cha).
10.  We will be using the standard calander indexed on this site, as well as the history. Your homes are well built stone buildings with thatch rooves (can you say fire hazard?). Since you all know each other there will be no big rivals, you don't have to like each other, but you do have to get along. You can farm in the space between trees if you are able to do so. Taking an expert farmer as one of your five might be recommended. There is not much armor in town so I suggest that one of you become the blacksmith. There is a 5th level feeble adept who worships Pelor and applies to the towns spiritual needs. He can make heal potions that he will hand out one to each 5 man/woman group. He also has a wand of cure light wounds. He and his assistant, a 2nd level cleric represent your religious, scholarly and spiritual support.
11.   Your party will be tested, the survivors will be allowed to progress; you will choose one of them to become your primary character and you will select a second one to serve as your co-hort. You will start your characters at level 0 with maximum hit points, each character will be built as a 20 point character. If you want to play a caster then I suggest you roll up a few adepts, if you want armor then I suggest you have one of your characters be an expert with blacksmithing as a craft. The characters who become your primaries will be allowed to become gestault characters. Your co-hort will be single classed and will progress at one level below yours; in effect you are getting the leadership feat for free. The town will be the rest of your followers.
12. I will be using the new book Wardens of the Wild. The spells have already been added to the spell database. The new feats and new versions of races will be allowed only for members of the versions of creatures proposed in Wardens of the Wild. If you use a race from balancing the core races you will not be allowed to use the new feats from Wardens of the Wild (including a Weapon Focus that applies to bows and elven swords for the cost of only 1 feat). I have a hard copy of the book available and a PDF copy in among Dan's PDFs in Dropbox.
13.   The town will have a few experienced NPCs and a young treant who cares for the orchard. You will lead this team as you organize them for the defense of the town. What happens next is up to you.
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