Guide to Seagate
  The Old Fortress has the seat of government
  The Old City is surrounded by the old city wall.  On the perimeter of the wall roses are grown to try and help with the smell from the Oseapeak river.
  Bullion Circle is the home of the city treasury and headquarters for the Hippogriff Guards.
  The Wizard's College has its main tower inside of the old city near the middle.  It has an outlying set of towers on Mage's Isle.
  Market Square is the major market area.  Shops border the square and the square itself is full of stalls.  Other stores and shops can be found along Merchant's Way.
  The Upper Middle Class lives in the middle of the city and the further east you live the lower the rent until you reach the slums.
  Dolphin Lane is a notorious for thieves and muggers.
  The Arena is in the Southeast corner of the city and that is a magnetic for dwarves who run a lot of armory shops in the area on the western side.
  The Hippodrome is on the south east corner of the city and it serves as a race track for races and chariots.  The primary stables, and the best horses, are found here.
  The Prison Isle, holds Preston's Prison, and is the major incarceration area.  There are numerous city jails that hold prisoners for short terms.  The prison island is patrolled by sharks and they are maintained by an aquatic elf community.
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