Druid Spells
0th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th
0st Level (Orisons)
Animal Trick (M. Wild)
Create Water
Cure Minor Wounds
Darkseed (M. Wild)
Dawn (S. Comp.)
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Know Direction
Naturewatch (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Purify Food and Drink
Read Magic

1st Level
Animate Fire (S. Comp.)
Animate Water (C. Arcana & S. Comp.)
Animate Wood (C. Arcana & S. Comp.)
Aquatic Escape (C. Scoundrel)
Aspect of the Wolf (S. Comp.)
Aura Against Flame (S. Comp.)
Babau Slime (S. Comp.)
Beast Claws (S. Comp.)
Beastland Ferocity (Planar & S. Comp.)
Beget Bogun (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Blockade (C. Scoundrel)
Branch to Branch (S. Comp.)
Breath of the Jungle (S. Comp.)
Buoyant Lifting (S. Comp.)
Calm Animals
Camouflage (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Charm Animals
Claws of the Bear (S. Comp.)
Climb Walls (S. Comp.)
Climbing Tree (C. Mage)
Cloudburst (S. Comp.)
Cold Fire (S. Comp.)
Conjure Ice Beast I (Frost)
Crabwalk (S. Comp.)
Crunchy Snow (Frost)
Cure Light Wounds
Deep Breath (S. Comp.)
Delay Disease (S. Comp.)
Detect Animals or Plants
Detect Snares and Pits
Ease of Breath (Frost)
Endure Elements
Enrage Animal (S. Comp.)
Eyes of the Avoral (Ex. D.)
Faerie Fire
Foundation of Stone
Hawkeye (S. Comp.)
Healtful Best (S. Comp.)
Hide from Animals
Horrible Taste (S. Comp.)
Impending Stones (City)
Ivory Flesh (Frost)
Lion's Charge (S. Species)
Locate Touchstone (Planar)
Low-Light Vision (S. Comp.)
Magic Fang
Magic Stone
Obscuring Mist
Omen of Peril (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Pass without Trace
Power Sight (M. Wild)
Produce Flame
Raging Flame (S. Comp.)
Ram's Might (S. Comp.)
Rapid Burrowing (S. Comp.)
Raptor's Sight (Races of Wild)
Regenerate Light Wounds (M. Wild)
Remove Scent (S. Comp.)
Resist Planar Alignment (Planar & S. C.)
Sandblast (C. Divine & C. Comp.)
Silvered Claws (Ex. D.)
Slow Burn (S. Comp.)
Snake's Swiftness (S. Comp.)
Snowdrift (Frost)
Snowshoes (S. Comp.)
Snowsight (Frost)
Speak with Animals
Spore Field (C. Scoundrel)
Summon Nature's Ally I
Surefooted Stride (S. Comp.)
Thunderhead (S. Comp.)
Traveler's Mount (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Updraft (S. Comp.)
Vigor, Lesser (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Vine Strike (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Wall of Smoke (S. Comp.)
Winged Watcher (C. Scoundrel)
Wings of the Sea (S. Comp.)
Winter Chill (S. Comp.)
Wood Wose (C. Divine & S. Comp.)

2nd Level
Adrenaline Surge (M. Wild)
Align Fang (S. Comp.)
Animal Messenger
Animal Reduction (M. Wild)
Animal Trance
Animalistic Power (PHB2)
Animate Fire (C. Arcana)
Avoid Planar Effects (Planar & S. Comp.)
Balancing Lorecall (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Bear's Endurance
Binding Winds (S. Comp.)
Bite of the Wererat (S. Comp.)
Blinding Spittle (S. Comp.)
Blindsight (S. Species)
Blood Frenzy (S. Comp.)
Blood Snow (Frost)
Body of the Sun (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Body Ward (C. Champ.)
Brambles (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Branch to Branch (C. Adv.)
Briar Web (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Brumal Stiffening (Frost)
Bull's Strength
Buoyant Lifting (S. Species)
Burrow (S. Comp.)
Camouflage, Mass (S. Comp.)
Cat's Grace
Chameleon (C. Arcana)
Chill Metal
Cloud Wings (S. Comp.)
Cloudburst (C. Divine)
Conjure Ice Beast II (Frost)
Countermoon (S. Comp.)
Creeping Cold (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Daggerspell Stance (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Decomposition (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Delay Poison
Divine Presence (C. Champ.)
Drifts of the Shalm (PHB2)
Earthbind (S. Comp.)
Earthen Grace (S. Comp.)
Earthfast (S. Comp.)
Easy Trail (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Embrace the Wild (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Estanna's Stew (Ex. D.)
Evergreen (Frost)
Filter (Tome and Blood)
Fins to Feet (S. Comp.)
Fire Trap
Flame Blade
Flaming Sphere
Flash-Freeze (Frost)
Fog Cloud
Frost Breath (S. Comp.)
Frost Weapon (Frost)
Green Blockade (M. Wild)
Gust of Wind
Healing Lorecall (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Healing Sting (S. Comp.)
Heart of Air (C. Mage)
Heartfire (S. Comp.)
Heat Metal
Hold Animal
Interfaith Blessing (C. Champ.)
Kelpstrand (S. Comp.)
Linked Perception (PHB2)
Listening Lorecall (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Local Tremor (R. of Dragon)
Major Resistance (S. Species)
Mark of the Outcast (S. Comp.)
Master Air (S. Comp.)
Metal Fang (S. Comp.)
Might of the Oak (M. Wild)
Mountain Stance (S. Comp.)
Nature's Favor (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Numbing Sphere (Frost)
Obscuring Snow (Frost)
One with the Land (S. Comp.)
Owl's Wisdom
Peaceful Serenity of Io (R. of Dragon)
Persistence of the Waves (M. Wild)
Reduce Animal
Regenerate Moderate Wounds (M. Wild)
Remove Addiction (Ex. D.)
Resist Energy
Restoration, Lesser
Saltray (S. Comp.)
Scent (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Share Husk (S. Comp.)
Smoke Stairs (C. Scoundrel)
Snake Swiftness, Mass (S. Comp.)
Snow Walk (Frost)
Soften Earth and Stone
Speed of the Wind (M. Wild)
Spider climb
Splinterbolt (S. Comp.)
Summon Dire Hawk (Races of Wild)
Summon Nature's Ally II
Summon Swarm
Surefooted Stride (S. Comp)
Swim (C. Arcana & S. Comp.)
Thaw (Frost)
Thin Air (Frost)
Tiger's Tooth (S. Comp.)
Train Animal (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Tree Shape
Warp Wood
Wings of Air (S. Comp.)
Winter's Embrace (S. Comp.)
Wood Shape
Woodland Veil (Races of Wild)
Wracking Touch (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Zone of Glacial Cold (Frost)

3rd Level
Affliction (Ex. D.)
Air Breathing (S. Comp.)
Alter Fortune (PHB2)
Align Fang, Mass (S. Comp.)
Artic Haze (Frost)
Attune Form (Planar & S. Comp.)
Aura of Cold, Lesser (Frost)
Babu Slime (Planar)
Bite of the Werewolf (S. Comp.)
Beast Claws (C. Divine)
Blinding Snow (Frost)
Blindsight (S. Comp.)
Bottle of Smoke (S. Comp.)
Call Lightning
Capricious Zephyr (S. Comp.)
Charge of the Triceratops (S. Comp.)
Circle Dance (S. Comp.)
Column of Ice (Frost)
Conjure Ice Beast (Frost)
Control Temperature (Frost)
Corona of Cold (S. Comp.)
Countermoon (M. Wild)
Creaking Cacophony (S. Comp.)
Crown of Clarity (PHB2)
Crumble (S. Comp.)
Cure Moderate Wounds
Dehydrate (S. Comp.)
Diminish Plants
Dominate Animal
Embrace the Wild (C. Divine)
Energize Potion (Ex. D.)
Energy Vortex (S. Comp.)
Entangling Staff (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Evard's Menacing Tentacles (PHB2)
False Bravado (M. Wild)
Fire Wings (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Fly, Swift (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Forest Eyes (C. Champ.)
Forest Voice (C. Champ.)
Forestfold (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Giant's Wrath (S. Comp.)
Girallon's Blessing (S. Comp.)
Heart of Water (C. Mage)
Heatstroke (S. Comp.)
Ice Shape (Frost)
Icelance (S. Comp.)
Infestation of Maggots (C. D. & S. Comp.)
Jagged Tooth (S. Comp.)
Junglerazer (S. Comp.)
Lion's Charge (S. Comp.)
Magic Fang, Greater
Meld into Ice (Frost)
Meld Into Stone
Nature's Balance (S. Comp.)
Nature's Favor (C. Divine M. Wild)
Nature's Rampart (S. Comp.)
Neutralize Poison
Plant Growth
Prickling Torment (C. Mage)
Primal Form (S. Comp.)
Protection from Energy
Quilfire (S. Comp.)
Regenerate Ring (M. Wild)
Resist Energy, Mass (C. Arcana & S. C.)
Resist Taint (H. Horror)
Remove Disease
Sink (S. Comp.)
Snakebite (S. Comp.)
Snowshoes, Mass (S. Comp.)
Spiderskin (S. Comp.)
Spike Growth
Spikes (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Spirit Jaws (S. Comp.)
Standing Wave (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Stone Shape
Summon Nature's Ally III
Thornskin (C. Arcana & S. Comp.)
Thunderous Roar (S. Comp.)
Treasure Scent (S. Comp.)
Tremor (S. Comp.)
Unicorn Horn (C. Mage)
Vigor (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Vigor, Mass Lesser (C. Divine & S. C.)
Vine Mine (S. Comp.)
Wall of Vermin (C. Scoundrel)
Water Breathing
Weather Eye (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Wind Wall
Winter's Embrace (Frost)

4th Level
Air Walk
Antiplant Shell
Arc of Lightning (C. Arcana & S. Comp.)
Bite of the Wereboar (S. Comp.)
Blinding Beauty (Ex. D.)
Blight (M. Wild)
Blindsight, Greater (S. Comp.)
Boreal Wind (Frost)
Bottle of Smoke (C. Divine)
Burrow, Mass (S. Comp.)
Call of Stone (PHB2)
Camouflage, Mass (C. Divine)
Chain of Eyes (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Command Plants
Conjure Ice Beast IV (Frost)
Contagious Touch (S. Comp.)
Contingent Energy Resistance (S. Comp.)
Creeping Cold, Greater (S. Comp.)
Cure Serious Wounds
Dispel Magic
Energy Vortex (C. Divine)
Enhance Wild Shape (S. Comp.)
Essence of the Raptor (S. Comp.)
Eye of the Hurricane (S. Comp.)
Feathers (M. Wild)
Flame Strike
Forestfold (C. Divine & M. Wild)
Freedom of Movement
Freeze Armor (Frost)
Friendly Fire (Ex. of E.)
Frostfell Slide (Frost)
Giant Vermin
Healing Spirit (PHB2)
Heart of Earth (C. Mage)
Hibernal Healing (Frost)
Ice Storm
Iconic Manifestation (C. Champ.)
Improved Blindsight (S. Species)
Jaws of the Wolf (S. Comp.)
Land Womb (S. Comp.)
Languor (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Last Breath (S. Comp. & M. Wild)
Lay of the Land (Planar & S. Comp.)
Magic Fang, Superior (S. Comp.)
Mass Calm (M. Wild)
Meteoric Strike (PHB2)
Miasma (M. Wild)
Miasma of Entropy (S. Comp.)
Moon Bolt (S. Comp.)
Murderous Mist (C. Divine & Comp.)
Perinarch (Planar & S. Comp.)
Phantasmal Wasting (Ex. of E.)
Planar Tolerance (Planar & S. Comp.)
Poison Vines (S. Comp.)
Regenerate Serious Wounds (M. Wild)
Renewed Vigor (PHB2)
Repel Vermin
Resistance, Greater (S. Comp.)
Rushing Waters (S. Comp.)
Rustling Grasp
Shadowblast (S. Comp.)
Sheltered Vitality (S. Comp.)
Spark of Life (S. Comp.)
Spike Stones
Stars of Arvandor (Ex. D.)
Starvation (S. Comp.)
Sudden Stalagmite (S. Comp.)
Summon Elementite Swarm (Plan. & S. C.)
Summon Nature's Ally IV
Summon Pest Swarm (City)
Surefooted Stride, Mass (S. Comp.)
Swim, Mass (S. Comp.)
Touchstone Lighting (Planar)
Vortex of Teeth (S. Comp.)
Wall of Water (S. Comp.)
Waterball (M. Wild)
Wild Runner (S. Comp.)
Wind at Back (S. Comp.)
Wings of Air Greater (S. Comp.)
Wood Rot (S. Comp.)

5th Level
Animal Growth
Anticold Sphere (S. Comp.)
Astral Hospice (Planar)
Baleful Polymorph
Big Sky (M. Wild)
Binding Winds (C. Divine)
Bite of the Weartiger (S. Comp.)
Bleed (C. Champ.)
Blizzard (Frost)
Blood Creepers (PHB2)
Call Avalanche (Frost)
Call Lighting Storm
Cloak of the Sea (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Cold Snap (S. Comp.)
Commune with Nature
Conjure Ice Beast V (Frost)
Contagion, Mass (S. Comp.)
Control Winds
Cure Critical Wounds
Dance of the Unicorn (S. Comp.)
Dancing Web (Ex. D.)
Death Ward
Dire Hunger (S. Comp.)
Druid Grove (M. Wild)
Echo Skull (S. Comp.)
Energetic Healing (Ex. D.)
Fireward (S. Comp.)
Focus Touchstone Energy (Planar)
Heal Animal Companion (S. Comp.)
Heart of Fire (C. Mage)
Hibernal Healing (Frost)
Ice Flowers (S. Comp.)
Ice Shield (Frost)
Inferno (S. Comp.)
Insect Plague
Jungle's Rapture (S. Comp.)
Kiss of Death (M. Wild)
Longstrider, Mass (PHB2)
Magic Convalescence (PHB2)
Mantle of the Icy Soul (Frost & S. Comp.)
Mass Trance (M. Wild)
Memory Rot (S. Comp.)
Owl's Insight (S. Comp.)
Panacea (S. Comp.)
Pass Through Ice (Frost)
Phantom Stag (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Plant Body (S. Comp.)
Posion Thorns (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Quill Blast (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Radiance (PHB2)
Regenerate Critical Wounds (M. Wild)
Rejuvenation Cocoon (C. Divine & S. C.)
Seed of Life (C. Champ.)
Sirine's Grace (S. Comp.)
Spear of Valarian (Ex. D.)
Stoneshape, Greater (S. Comp.)
Summon Nature's Ally V
Superior Resistance (S. Species)
Swamp Stride (S. Comp.)
Transmute Mud to Rock
Transmute Rock to Mud
Tree Stride
Vigor, Greater (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Wall of Coldfire (Frost)
Wall of Fire
Wall of Thorns
Wind Tunnel (S. Comp.)

6th Level
Anger of the Noonday Sun (C. D. & S. C.)
Animate Snow (Frost & S. Comp.)
Antilife Shell
Aspect of the Earth Hunter (S. Comp.)
Bear's Endurance, Mass
Bite of the Wearbear (S. Comp.)
Blood Sirocco (S. Comp.)
Bones of the Earth (PHB2)
Cat's Grace, Mass
Chasing Perfection (PHB2)
Cometfall (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Conjure Ice Beast VI (Frost)
Contagious Touch (C. Divine & M. Wild)
Cure Light Wounds, Mass
Death Hail (Frost)
Dinosaur Stampede (S. Comp.)
Dispel Magic, Greater
Drown (S. Comp.)
Energy Immunity (C. Arcana & S. Comp.)
Entomb (Frost)
Enveloping Cocoon (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Extract Water Elemental (S. Comp.)
Find the Path
Fire Seeds
Fires of Purity (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Freeze (S. Comp.)
Greater Call Lightning (M. Wild)
Hide the Path (S. Comp.)
Hungry Gizzard (S. Comp.)
Ice Rift (Frost)
Mandragora (M. Wild)
Miasma (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Miasma of Entropy (Planar)
Move Earth
Move Snow and Ice (Frost)
Owl's Wisdom, Mass
Plant Body (S. Species)
Phantasmal Disorientation (C. D. & S. C.)
Protection from All Elements (M. Wild)
Regenerate Circle (M. Wild)
Repel Wood
Resistance, Superior (S. Comp.)
Snow Wave (Frost)
Spell Staff
Stone Tell
Stonehold (S. Comp.)
Storm of Fire and Ice (C. Mage)
Summon Greater Elemental (Plan. & S. C.)
Summon Nature's Ally VI
Tidal Surge (S. Comp.)
Tortoise Shell (S. Comp.)
Touch of Adamantine (Ex. D.)
Transport via Plants
Vigorous Circle (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Wall of Stone
Wooden Blight (C. Champ.)

7th Level
Animalistic Power, Mass (PHB2)
Animate Plants
As the Frost (PHB2)
Aura of Cold, Greater (Frost)
Aura of Vitality (S. Comp.)
Brilliant Aura (C. Divine)
Brilliant Blade (S. Comp.)
Cloudwalkers (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Conjure Ice Beast VIII (Frost)
Control Weather
Creeping Cold, Greater (C. Divine)
Creeping Doom
Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass
Fimbulwinter (Frost)
Fire Storm
Frostfell (Frost)
Glacier (Frost)
Master Earth (S. Comp.)
Plague (PHB2)
Poison Vines (C. Divine)
Scry Location (C. Scoundrel)
Scrying, Greater
Shifting Paths (S. Comp.)
Slime Wave (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Storm or Elemental Fury (S. Comp.)
Storm Tower (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Summon Nature's Ally VII
Swamp Lung (S. Comp.)
Thunder Field (PHB2)
Transmute Metal to Wood
True Seeing
Unicorn Heart (C. Mage)
Waterspout (S. Comp.)
Wind Walk
Word of Balance (S. Comp.)
Wrack Earth (PHB2)

8th Level
Animal Shapes
Awaken, Mass (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Bombardment (S. Comp.)
Brilliant Aura (S. Comp.)
Cocoon (S. Comp.)
Control Plants
Cure Serious Wounds, Mass
Deadfell (S. Comp.)
Deadly Lahar (C. Mage)
Finger of Death
Forest Child (C. Champ.)
Great Worm of the Earth (C. Mage)
Leonal's Roar (Ex. D.)
Maelstrom (S. Comp.)
Phantom Wolf (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Red Tide (S. Comp.)
Repel Metal or Stone
Reverse Gravity
Spark of Life (L. M.)
Speak with Anything (M. Wild)
Stormrage (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Storm of Elemental Fury (C. Divine)
Summon Nature's Ally VIII
Unearthly Beauty (Ex. D.)
Unyielding Roots (S. Comp.)
Word of Recall

9th Level
Cast in Stone (S. Comp.)
Cometstrike (Frost)
Conjure Ice Beast IX (Frost)
Cure Critical Wounds, Mass
Death Ward, Mass (S. Comp.)
Drown, Mass (S. Comp.)
Elemental Swarm
Epidemic (M. Wild)
Invulnerability to Elements (M. Wild)
Lookingglass (M. Wild)
Nature's Avatar (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Perinarch, Planar (S. Comp.)
Phantom Bear (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Rain of Black Tulips (Ex. D.)
Shadow Landscape (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Storm of Vengeance
Summon Element. Monolith (C. A. & S. C.)
Summon Nature's Ally IX
Thunderswarm (M. Wild)
Towering Thunderhead (C. Mage)
Transmute Rock to Lava (S. Comp.)
True Reincarnate (M. Wild)
Tsunami (S. Comp.)
Undermaster (S. Comp.)
Unyielding Roots (C. Divine)

(C. A.) or (C. Arcane) = Complete Arcane
(C. Champ.) = Complete Champion
(C. D.) or (C. Divine) = Complete Divine
(Ex. of E.) = Exemplars of Evil
(Ex. D.) = The Book of Exalted Deeds
(Frost) = Frostburn
(H. Horror) = Heroes of Horror
(M. Wild) = Masters of the Wild
(Plan.) or (Planar) = Planar Handbook
(Races of Wild) = Races of the Wild
(S. C.) or (S. Comp.) = Spell Compendium
(S. Species) = Savage Species

Table of Contents