Dan's Pathfinder Witch Spells
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0 Level (Orisons)
Amanuensis (S. Comp.)
Arcane Mark
Caltrops (Conj.) (S. Comp.)
Dancing Lights
Dawn (S. Comp.)
Detect magic
Detect Poison
Electric Jolt (S. Comp.)
Launch Item (S. Comp.)
Putrefy Food and Drink (Adv. Player's)
Read Magic
Repair Minor Damage (S. Comp.)
Spark (Adv. Player's)
Stick (Trans.) (S. Comp.)
Touch of Fatigue

1st Level
Adhesive Spittle (Adv. Class Guide)
Adoration (Ul. Magic)
Air Bubble (Ul. Combat)
Alchemical Tinkering (Race-Ratfolk)
Alter Musical Instrum. (Adv. Class Guide)
Animal Purpose Train. (Adv. Class Guide)
Beast Claws (S. Comp.)
Beguiling Gift (Adv. Player's)
Blend (Race--Elf)
Blood Money (Rise of the Runelords)
Bouncing Body (Monster Codex)
Bungle (Ul. Magic)
Burning Hands
Buzzing Bee (S. Comp.)
Carrion Conpas (Undead Slayer's Hand.)
Cause Fear
Charm Person
Cheat (S. Comp.)
Chill Touch
Close Wounds (S. Comp.)
Commune with Birds (Race-Tengu)
Compel Hostility (Ul. Combat)
Comprehend Languages
Cure Light Wounds
Curse of Ill Fortune (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Damp Powder (Ul. Combat)
Dancing Lantern (Adv. Player's)
Decompose Corpse (Ul. Magic)
Deep Breath (Conj.) (S. Comp.)
Deep Slumber
Delay Disease (Race--Ratfolk)
Delusional Pride (Ul. Magic)
Detect Secret Doors
Diagnose Disease (Ul. Magic)
Discern Next of Kin (Adv. Class Guide)
Disguise Weapon (Adv. Class Guide)
Ear-Piercing Scream (Ul. Magic)
Ectoplasmic Armor (S. Comp.)
Endothermis Touch (Monster Codex)
Enlarge Person
Ethereal Chamber (S. Comp.)
Forced Quiet (Ul. Magic)
Frostbite (Ul. Magic)
Fumbletongue (Ul. Magic)
Gentle Breeze (Adv. Class Guide)
Haze of Dreams (Inner Sea Gods)
Hex Vulnerability (Adv. Class Guide)
Hex Ward (Ul. Magic)
Horrible Taste (S. Comp.)
Ice Dagger (S. Comp.)
Icicle Dagger (Ul. Magic)
Ill Omen (Adv. Player's)
Inflict Moderate Wounds
Infernal Healing (Inner Sea World Guide)
Instant Search (Div.) (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Iron Guts (S. Comp.)
Jury-Rig (Ul. Combat)
Karmic Blessing (Race-Samsarans)
Ki Arrow
Lock Gaze
Long Arm (Adv. Class Guide)
Mage Armor
Marid's Mastery (Race-Undine)
Mask Dweomer (Adv. Player's)
Memorize Page (Adv. Class Guide)
Mirror Polish (Adv. Class Guide)
Mudball (Race-Goblin)
Nauseating Dart (Adv. Class Guide)
Negative Reaction (Ul. Combat)
Nereid's Grace (Race-Undine)
Obscuring Mist
Peacebond (Ul. Combat)
Poisoned Egg (Inner Sea Gods)
Raging Flame (S. Comp.)
Ray of Clumsiness (S. Comp.
Ray of Enfeeblement
Ray of Flame (S. Comp.)
Ray of Sickening (Ul. Magic)
Recharge Innate Magic (Race-Gnome)
Reduce Person
Reinforce Armanments (Ul Combat)
Remove Scent (S. Comp.)
Remove Sickness
Reprobation (Ul. Magic)
Restore Corpse (Ul. Magic)
Sanctify Corpse
Shadow Weapon (Ul. Magic)
Shield Companion (Animal Archive)
Snowball (People of the North)
Sow Thought (Race-Changeling)
Spell Flower (S. Comp.)
Spirit Worm (S. Comp.)
Spontaneous Search (S. Comp.)

Strong Wings (Race-Strix)
Summon Minor Monster (Ul. Magic)
Summon Monster I
Sundering Shards (Adv. Class Guide)
Theft Ward (Race-Tengu)
Thunderhead (S. Comp.)
Touch of Combustion (Race-Ifrit)
Transfer Tattoo (Inner Sea Magic)
Unbreakable Heart (Inner Sea World Guide)
Undinie's Curse (Race-Undine)
Unerring Weapon (Ul. Combat)
Unprepared Combatant (Ul. Magic)
Unseen Servant
Urban Grace (Race-Half-Elf)
Vocal Alteration
Weaken Powder (Ul. Combat)
Web Bolt (Race-Drow)
Whispering Lore (Race-Elf)
Wings of the Sea (S. Comp.)
Youthful Appearance (Ul. Magic)

2nd Level
Aboleth's Lung (Race-Gillmen)
Adoration (Ul. Combat)
Adhesive Blood (Adv. Class Guide)
Aggressive Thunder. (Adv. Class Guide)
Aiming at the Target (S. Comp.)
Air Step (Adv. Class Guide)
Alter Self
Ancestral Regression (Race-Drow)
Anonymous Interaction (Adv. Class Guide)
Arcane Disruption (Adv. Class Guide)
Augment Familiar (C. W. & S. Comp.)
Beastspeak (Adv. Class Guide)
Bestow Insight (Race-Human)
Bestow Weapon Proficiency (Ul. Combat)
Binding Earth (Race-Oread)
Blood Armor (Adv. Class Guide)
Blood Blaze (Race-Orc)
Blood Transcription (Ul. Magic)
Boiling Blood (Ul. Magic)
Bonefiddle (Spell Comp.)
Bullet Shield (Ul. Combat)
Bullet Ward (Adv. Class Guide)
Buoyancy (Pirates of the Inner Sea)
Burning Gaze (Adv. Player's)
Callback (Familiar Folio)
Carry Companion (Knights of the Inner Sea)
Chain of Eyes (S. Comp.)
Climbing Beanstalk (Adv. Class Guide)
Cloud of Bewilderment (S. Comp.)
Commune with Birds (Race-Tengu)
Companion Life Link (Adv. Class Guide)
Control Vermin (Monster Codex)
Create Magic Tattoo (S. Comp.)
Crimson Confession (Adv. Class Guide)
Cure Moderate Wounds
Daze Monster
Death Candle (Race-Ifrit)
Death Knell
Decomposition (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Deathwine (Rise of the Runelords)
Defending Bone (Inner Sea Gods)
Delay Disease (Race-Ratfolk)
Delay Pain (Ul. Magic)
Delay Poison
Destabilize Powder (Ul. Combat)
Detect Thoughts
Disfiguring Touch (Ul. Magic)
Disrupt Link (Familiar Folio)
Earthbind (S. Comp.)
Eldritch Conduit (Inner Sea Magic)
Embrace Destiny (Lost Kingdoms)
Enemy's Heart (Race-Orc)
Enshroud Thoughts (Blood of the Elements)
False Life
Feast of Ashes (Adv. Player's)
Fester (Adv. Player's)
Find Traps
Fins to Feet (S. Comp.)
Flame Dagger (S. Comp.)
Fly Swift (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)

Fog Cloud
Frost Fall (Ul. Combat)
Frost Fall (Ul. Combat)
Fury of the Sun (Race-Ifrit)
Gentle Repose
Ghost Touch Armor (S. Comp.)
Ghostly Disguise (Ul. Magic)
Glide (Adv. Player's)
Haunting Mists (Ul. Magic)
Hidden Speech (Adv. Player's)
Hold Person
Ice Knife (C. Arcane & S. Comp)
Inflict Moderate Wounds
Investigative Mind (Adv. Class Guide)
Ironskin (Monster Codex)
Life Pact (Adv. Class Guide)
Limp Lash (Goblins of Golarion)
Lipstitch (Pathfinder Society Field Guide)
Mad Hallucination (Ul. Magic)
Mask Dweomer, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Masterwork Transformation (Ul. Magic)
Merge with Familiar (Familiar Folio)
Mesmerizing Glare (S. Comp.)
Minor Dream (Race-Gnome)
Mirror Hideaway (Adv. Class Guide)
Miserable Pity (Ul. Magic)
Mount, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Mud Buddy (Monster Codex)
Perceive Cues (Adv. Player's)
Pernicious Poison (Ul. Magic)
Phantasmal Assailants (C. A. & S. Comp.)
Pox Pustules (Adv. Player's)
Protective Penumbra
Qualm (Ul. Combat)
Quick Potion (S. Comp.)
Ray of Sickness (S. Comp.)
Ray of Stupidity (S. Comp.)
Ray of Weakness (S. Comp.)

Recoil Fire (Ul. Combat)
Reinforce Armaments, Comm. (Ul. Combat)
Returning Weapon (Ul. Combat)
Scale Spikes (Web)
Scorch (S. Comp.)
See Invisible
Sentry Skull (Race-Orc)
Shadow Anchor (Race-Wayangs)
Share Memory (Ul. Magic)
Shared Sacrifice (Inner Sea Gods)
Sickening Strikes (Race-Ratfolk)
Silent Table (Adv. Class Guide)
Silk to Steel (Ul. Magic)
Skinsend (Ul. Magic)
Snake's Swiftness (S. Comp.)
Snowball Swarm (S. Comp.)

Soothing Word (Condition Cards)
Speak to Allies (S. Comp.)
Spectral Hand
Squeeze (Race-Vishkanyas)
Stabilize Powder (Ul. Combat)
Staggering Fall (Rival Guide)
Steal Breath (Race-Catfolk)
Steal Voice (Ul. Magic)
Sting Ray (S. Comp.)
Stolen Breath (S. Comp.)

Stricken Heart (Adv. Class Guide)
Summon Monster II
Summon Swarm
Swim (C. Arcane & S. Comp.)
Symbol of Mirroring (Ul. Magic)
Tattoo Potion (Inner Sea Magic)
Thunder Fire (Ul. Combat)
Touch of Bloodletting (Inner Sea Gods)
Touch of Idiocy
Tremor Blast (Inner Sea Gods)
Twilight Haze (Adv. Class Guide)
Unnatural Lust (Ul. Magic)
Unshakable Chill (Ul. Magic)
Vomit Swarm (Adv. Player's)
Web Shelter (Ul. Magic)
Whip of Spiders (Adv. Class Guide)
Wings of Air (S. Comp.)
Zone of Truth

3rd Level
Accept Affliction (Champs. of Purity)
Adjustable Disguise (Adv. Class Guide)
Agonizing Rebuke (Race-Hobgoblin)
Aggravate Affliction (Secrets of the Sphinx)
Air Breathing (S. Comp.)
Anchored Step (Adv. Class Guide)
Anthropomorphic Animal
Arcane Sight
Armor Lock (Knights of the Inner Sea)
Ash Storm
Aura of Cannibalism (Monster Codex)
Aura of Sight (Adv. Class Guide)
Bands of Steel (C. A. & S. Comp.)
Bestow Curse
Blindsight (S. Comp.)
Blood Scent (Race-Orc)
Bloody Arrows (Ranged Tactics Toolkit)
Capricious Zephyr (S. Comp.)
Cackling Skull (Ul. Magic)
Cone of Dimness (S. Comp.)
Contagious Fog (S. Comp.)

Corpse Candle (C. Arcane & S. Comp.)
Countless Eyes (Ul. Magic)
Cup of Dust (Adv. Player's)
Curse of Impending. Blades, Mass (S. Comp.)
Deep Slumber
Delay Poison, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Disable Construct (Adv. Class Guide)
Dispel Magic
Eldritch Fever (Ul. Magic)
Enhance Familiar (S. Comp.)
Eruptive Pustules (Ul. Magic)
Euphoric Cloud (Adv. Class Guide)
Excruciating Deformation (Ul. Magic)
Extreme Flexibility (Adv. Class Guide)
Fearsome Duplicate (Race-Hafling)
Fins to Feet (Race-Merfolk)
Flash Fire (Ul. Combat)
Fortify Familiar (S. Comp.)
Ghost Touch Weapon (S. Comp.)

Gloomblind Bolts (Race-Fetchling)
Glyph of Warding
Great Thunderclap (S. Comp.)
Guiding Star (Adv. Player's)
Healing Thief (Ul. Combat)
Heart of Metal (Adv. Class Guide)
Hostile Levitation (Ul. Combat)
Howling Agony (Ul. Magic)
Ice Slick (Monster Codex)
Imbue with Addiction (Magical Marketpl.)
Imbue with Elemental Might (Race-Sulis)
Improve Trap (Race-Kobold)
Incorporeal Enhancement (S. Comp.)
Isolate (Monster Codex)
Ki Leech (Ul. Magic)
Lightning Bolt
Loathsome Veil (Ul. Magic)
Locate Object
Locate Weakness (Ul. Combat)
Marionette Possession (Ul. Magic)
Minor Dream (Race-Gnome)
Molten Orb (Race-Oread)
Nature's Exile (Adv. Player's)
Nauseating Trail (Adv. Class Guide)
Nixie's Lure (Race-Undine)
Pain Strike (Adv. Player's)
Paragon Surge (Race-Half-Elf)
Phantom Steed
Polymorph Familiar (Adv. Class Guide)
Pup Shape (Ul. Combat)
Raging Rubble (Race-Oread)
Rain of Frogs (Ul. Magic)
Ray of Dizziness (S. Comp.)
Ray of Exhaustion
Reckless Infatuation (Ul. Magic)
Remove Blindness/Deafness
Remove Curse
Remove Disease
Returning Weapon (Ul. Combat)
River Whip (Adv. Class Guide)
Safe Clearing (S. Comp.)
Sands of Time (Ul. Magic)
Scale Spikes, Greater (Web)
Scintillating Sphere (S. Comp.)
Screech (Adv. Player's)
Seek Thoughts (Adv. Player's)
Sepia Snake Sigil
Share Senses (Adv. Player's)
Silver Darts (Adv. Class Guide)
Skull Watch (S. Comp.)
Sleet Storm
Snake's Swiftness, Mass (S. Comp.)
Sonorous Hum (S. Comp.)

Speak with Dead
Spell Vulnerability (S. Comp.)
Spit Venom (Ul. Magic)
Steeldance (S. Comp.)
Stinking Cloud
Stone Discus (Adv. Class Guide)
Storm Step (Blood of the Elements)
Strangling Hair (Ul. Magic)
Summon Monster III
Sundered Serpent Coils (Monster Codex)
Suspended Silence (S. Comp.)
Telepath Bond, Less (C. D. & S. Comp.)

Thorny Entanglement (Adv. Class Guide)
Tremorsense (S. Comp.)
Trial of Fire and Acid (Monster Codex)
Twilight Knife (Adv. Player's)
Unadulterated Loathing (Ul. Magic)
Unluck (S. Comp.)
Vampiric Touch
Vermin Shape I (Ul. Magic)
Vision of Hell (Ul. Magic)
Ward of the Season (Race-Elf)
Water of Maddening (Inner Sea World)
Weather Eye (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Witness (Ul. Magic)

4th Level
Absorb Toxicity (Ul. Combat)
Absorb Weapon (S. Comp.)
Abyssal Vermin
Age Resistance, Lesser (Ul. Magic)
Aggress. Thundercloud (Adv. Class Guide)
Air Geyser (Adv. Class Guide)
Arc of Lightning (C. Arcana & S. Comp.)
Arcane Eye
Assay Resistance (C. Arcane)
Attune Form (Planar & S. Comp.)
Backlash (S. Comp.
Battle Trance (Race-Half-Orc)
Black Spot (Pirates of the Inner Sea)
Black Tentacles
Blast Barrier (Inner Sea Magic)
Blindsight, Greater (S. Comp.)
Bloodstar (S. Comp.)

Cape of Wasps (Ul. Magic)
Charm Monster
Circle Dance (S. Comp.)
Cloud Shape (Race-Sylph)
Contagious Touch (S. Comp.)
Corporeal Instability (Planar & S. Comp.)

Crushing Despair
Cure Serious Wounds
Curse of Burning Sleep (Adv. Class Guide)
Curse of Magic Negation (Ul. Magic)
Daze Mass (Ul. Magic)
Death Ward
Debilitating Portent (Ul. Combat)
Delay Death (S. Comp.)
Detect Scrying
Dimension Door
Discern Lies
Enchantment Foil (Adv. Class Guide)
Ethereal Mount (S. Comp.)
False Life, Greater (Ul. Magic)
Familiar Melding (Ul. Magic)
Fleshworm Infestation (Ul. Magic)
Flight of the Dragon (S. Comp.)
Force Chest (S. Comp.)

Forgetful Slumber (Race-Half-Elf)
Geas, Lesser
Hellmouth Lash (Race-Tiefling)
Hypothermia (S. Comp.)
Ice Storm
Infernal Healing (Inner Sea World Guide)
Inflict Serious Wounds
Last Breath (S. Comp. & M. Wild)
Locate Creature
Minor Creation
Mirror Transport (Adv. Class Guide)
Moonstruck (Adv. Player's)
Named Bullet (Ul. Combat)
Neutralize Poison
Persistent Vigor (Adv. Class Guide)
Phantasmal Killer
Raise from the Deep (S. Comp.)
Ray of Deflection (S. Comp.)

Resilient Reservoir (Race-Half-Elf)
Resistance Greater (S. Comp.)
Ride the Waves (Ul. Magic)
Ruin Delver's Fortune (S. Comp.)
Sadomasochism (Inner Sea Gods)
Secure Shelter
Shadow Step
Skeleton Crew (Pirates of the Inner Sea)
Sleepwalk (Adv. Player's)
Solid Fog
Spell Enhancer (S. Comp.)
Spite (Adv. Player's)
Summon Monster IV
Symbol of Healing (Ul. Magic)
Symbol of Revelation (Ul. Magic)
Symbol of Slowing (Ul. Magic)
Threefold Aspect (Adv. Player's)
Tongues, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Touch of Slime (Ul. Magic)
Treasure Scent (S. Comp.)
Vermin Shape II (Ul. Magic)
Voice of the Dragon (S. Comp.)
Volcanic Storm (Ul. Magic)
Wall of Blindn./Deafn. (Adv. Class Guide)
Wall of Sand (S. Comp.)
Wall of Water (S. Comp.)

Wandering Star Motes (Adv. Player's)
Wingbind (S. Comp.)

5th Level

Baleful Polymorph
Ball Lightning (S. Comp.)
Banish Seeming (Adv. Player's)
Bite of the Wereboar (S. Comp.)
Bladed Dash, Greater (Inner Sea Magic)
Break Enchantment
Contact Other Plane
Contagion, Greater (Ul. Magic)
Cure Critical Wounds
Curse, Major (Ul. Magic)
Curse of Disgust (Ul. Magic)
Dance of the Unicorn (S. Comp.)
Dimension Door, Greater (S. Comp.)
Duelward (C. Arcane & S. Comp.)

Duplicate Familiar (Familiar Folio)
Empathy Conduit (Familiar Folio)
Feast on Fear (Adv. Class Guide)
Fly, Mass (C. Arcane & S. Comp.)
Ghouls Army (Inner Sea Magic)
Half-Blood Extraction (Race-Half-Orc)
Hidden Lodge (S. Comp.)
Hostile Juxtaposition (Ul. Combat)
Hungry Earth (Monster Codex)
Imbue Hex (Adv. Class Origins)
Magic Jar
Major Creation
Mark of Justice
Mind Fog
Nauseating Breath (S. Comp.)
Night's Caress (S. Comp.)

Old Salt's Curse (Race-Human)
Overland Flight
Pain Strike, Mass (Adv. Player's)
Phantasmal Disorientation (C. Divine. & S. Comp.)
Plague Carrier (Ul. Magic)
Possess Object (Ul. Magic)
Prying Eyes
Refusal (C. Arcane & S. Comp.)
Rest Eternal (Adv. Player's)
Revivify (S. Comp.)
Secret Chest
Siphon Magic (Inner Sea Magic)
Smug Narcissism (Ul. Magic)
Soulswitch (Familiar Folio)
Spell Matrix, Lesser (S. Comp.)
Spellsteal (Monster Codex)
Suffocation (Adv. Player's)
Summon Monster V
Summoner Conduit (Ul. Combat)
Symbol of Pain
Symbol of Scrying (Ul. Magic)
Symbol of Sealing (Ul. Magic)
Symbol of Sleep
Symbol of Striking (Ul. Combat)
Telepathic Bond
Transplant Visage (Inner Sea Gods)
Truespeak (Race-Aasimar)
Vengeful Outrage (Ul. Magic)
Village Veil (Race-Hafling)
Vipergout (S. Comp.)
Wall of Dispel Magic (S. Comp.)
Wall of Limbs (S. Comp.)

Waves of Fatigue
Whip of Centipedes (Adv. Class Guide)
Wind Blades (Race-Sylph)
Wrack (S. Comp.)
Wreath of Blades (Ul. Combat)

6th Level
Acid Storm (S. Comp.)
Age Resistance, Greater (Ul. Magic)
Anticipate Teleport., Greater (S. Comp.)
Baleful Polymorph
Banish Seeming (Adv. Player's)
Banshee Blast (Adv. Class Guide)
Binding Earth, Mass (Race-Oread)
Bite of Weretiger (S. Comp.)
Break Enchantment
Brilliant Blade (C. Arcane & S. Comp.)
Cloak of the Sea (C. Adv.& S. Comp.)

Cold Snap (S. Comp.)
Contact Other Plane
Contagion, Mass (S. Comp.)
Cure Critical Wounds
Dream Casting (S. Comp.)
Dust Form (Ul. Combat)
Dust Ward (Monster Codex)
Epidemic (Ul. Magic)
Extract Water Elemental (S. Comp.)
Fester, Mass (Adv. Player's)
Fire Spiders (S. Comp.)
Ice Body (Ul. Magic)
Ice Crystal Teleport (Ul. Magic)
Magic Jar
Major Creation
Mark of Justice
Mind Fog
Named Bullet, Greater (Ul. Combat)
Opalescent Glare (Planar & S. Comp.)
Plague Storm (Ul. Magic)
Probe Thoughts (Psi & C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Prying Eyes
Resistance, Superior (S. Comp.)
Ruby Ray of Reversal (S. Comp.)

Runic Overload (Giant Hunter's Handbook)
Sabotage Construct (People of the River)
Spellcrash (Adv. Class Guide)
Summon Monster VI
Summon Vanth (Empty Graves)
Transfer Familiar (Familiar Folio)
Undeath Ward (Dungeons of Golorion)

7th Level
Age Resistance, Greater (Ul. Magic)
Arcane Sight, Greater
Bite of the Werebear (S. Comp.)
Black Mark (Race-Human)
Blackfire (C. A. & S. Comp.)
Brain Spider II (S. Comp.)

Chain Lightning
Control Weather
Create Demiplane, Lesser (Ul. Magic)
Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass
Dimensional Bounce (Adv. Class Guide)
Evil Glare (S. Comp.)
Excavate (S. Comp.)
Hiss of Sleep (S. Comp.
Hostile Juxtaposition, Great. (Ul. Combat)
Ice Body (Ul. Magic)
Instant Summons
Lunar Veil (Ul. Magic)
Magnetic Field (People of the River)
Phase Door
Plane Shift
Power Word Blind
Restoration, Mass (S. Comp.)
Scouring Winds (Ul. Magic)
Scrying, Greater
Spell Engine (S. Comp.)
Spell Matrix (S. Comp.)
Stun Ray (S. Comp.)
Submerge Ship (S. Comp.)

Summon Monster VII
Symbol of Stunning
Symbol of Weakness
Symphonic Nightmares (S. Comp.)
Teleport, Greater
Teleport Object
Temporary Resurrection (Ul. Magic)
Transfix (S. Comp.)
Walk through Space (Ul. Combat)
Waterspout (S. Comp.)
Waves of Ecstasy (Ul. Magic)
Waves of Exhaustion

8th Level
Blackfire (S. Comp.)
Charm Monster, Mass
Create Demiplane (Ul. Magic)
Cure Serious Wounds, Mass
Discern Location
Frightful Aspect (Ul. Combat)
Horrid Wilting
Inflict Serious Wounds, Mass
Irresistible Dance
Lightning Ring (S. Comp.)
Mind Blank
Moment of Prescience
Nine Lives (Race-Catfolk)
Power Word Stun
Prediction of Failure (Ul. Magic)
Prying Eyes, Greater
Stormbolts (Adv. Player's)
Summon Monster VIII
Symbol of Death
Symbol of Dispelling (Inner Sea Gods)
Symbol of Insanity
Trap the Soul
Wall of Greater Dispel Magic (S. Comp.)

9th Level
Astral Projection
Create Demiplane, Greater
Cure Critical Wounds, Mass
Cursed Earth (Ul. Magic)
Dominate Monster
Elemental Swarm
Eye of Power (S. Comp.)
Heroic Invocation (Ul. Combat)
Hold Monster, Mass
Inflict Critical Wounds, Mass
Instant Refuge (S. Comp.)
Mind Blank, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Polar Midnight (Ul. Magic)
Power Word Kill
Programmed Amnesia (S. Comp.)
Reality Maelstrom (S. Comp.)

Reaving Dispel (S. Comp.)
Soul Bind
Spell Matrix, Greater (S. Comp.)
Sphere of Ultimate Destruct. (S. Comp.)

Storm of Vengeance
Suffocation, Mass (Adv. Player's)
Summon Monster IX
Symbol of Strife (Ul. Magic)
Symbol of Vulnerability (Ul. Magic)
Teleportation Circle
Wail of the Banshee


(Adv. Class Guide) = Advance Class Guide
(Adv. Player's) = Advanced Player's Guide
(Race-Xxx) = Advanced Race Guide-Race Name
(Animal Archive) = Animal Archive
(Blood of the Elements) = Blood of the Elements
(Champs. of Purity) = Champions of Purity
(C. A.) or (C. Adv.) = Complete Adventurer
(C. Arcane) = Complete Arcane
(C. D.) or (C. Divine) = Complete Divine
(C. W.) = Complete Warrior

(Dungeons of Golorion) = Dungeons of Golorion
(Familiar Folio) = Familiar Folio
(Giant Hunter's Handbook) = Giant Hunter's Handbook
(Goblins of Golarion) = Goblins of Golarion
(Inner Sea Gods) = Inner Sea Gods
(Inner Sea Magic) = Inner Sea Magic
(Inner Sea World Guide) = Inner Sea World Guide
(Knights of the Inner Sea) = Knights of the Inner Sea
(Lost Kingdoms) = Lost Kingdoms
(Magical Marketpl.) = Magical Marketplace
(M. Wild) = Masters of the Wild
(Monster Codex) = Monster Codex
(Pathfinder Society Field Guide) = Pathfinder Society Field Guide
(People of the North) = People of the North
(People of the River) = People of the River
(Pirates of the Inner Sea) = Pirates of the Inner Sea
(Pl) or (Planar) = Planar Handbook
(Psi) = Psionic Handbook

(Rival Guide) = Rival Guide
(Secrets of the Sphinx) = Secrets of the Sphinx
(S. C.) or (S. Comp.) = Spell Compendium
(Rise of the Runelords) = Rise of the Runelords
(Ul. Combat) = Ultimate Combat
(Ul. Magic) = Ultimate Magic
(Undead Slayer's Hand.) = Undead Slayer's Handbook
3.0 or 3.5 edition source
Spell Selection: Witches cooperate more than magis, sorcerers, and wizards and freely share the spells on their spell lists, exept for racial spells.

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