Dan Pathfinder Inquisitor Spell List
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0th Level Spells
Acid Splash
Brand World Wave (Adv. Player's)
Create Water
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Disrupt Undead
Read Magic
Sift World Wave (Adv. Player's)

1st Level Spells

Animal Purpose Train. (Adv. Class Guide)
Bed of Iron (Knights of the Inner Sea)
Bless Water
Blood Blaze (Race-Orc)

Bowstaff (Ul. Combat)
Burst Bonds World Wave (Adv. Player's)
Camouflage (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Cause Fear
Compel Hostility (Ul. Combat)
Comprehend Languages
Cure Light Wounds
Curse Water
Deadeye's Lore (Ul. Combat)
Death Candle (Race-Ifrit)
Deep Slumber
Detect Undead
Disguise Self
Divine Favor
Ear-Piercing Scream (Ul. Magic)
Energized Shield, Lesser (S. Comp.)
Expeditious Retreat
Faith Healing (S. Comp.)
Forbid Action (Ul. Magic)
Forced Quiet (Ul. Magic)
Ghost Touch Armor (S. Comp.)
Guided Shot (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)

Haze of Dreams (Inner Sea Gods)
Heightened Awareness (Adv. Class Guide)
Hex Ward (Ul. Magic)
Hide from Undead
Horn of Pursuit (Ul. Magic)
Hunter's Lore (Ul. Combat)
Inflict Light Wounds
Instant Search (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Interrogation (Ul. Magic)
Invisibility Alarm (Adv. Class Guide)
Ironbeard (Race-Dwarf)
Keep Watch (Knights of the Inner Sea)
Know the Enemy (Ul. Magic)
Know Greatest Enemy (S. Comp.)
Lend Judgment (Ul. Magic)
Linebreaker (Race-Half-Orc)
Lionheart (S. Comp.)
Litany of Sloth (Ul. Combat)
Litany of Weakness (Ul. Combat)
Living Prints (S. Comp.)
Lock Gaze (Ul. Combat)
Longshot (Ul. Combat)
Low-Light Vision (C. A.) (S. Comp.)
Magic Weapon
Peacebond (Ul. Combat)
Persuasive Goad (Ul. Magic)
Poisoned Egg (Inner Sea Guide)
Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law
Recharge Innate magic (Race-Gnome)
Returning Weapon (Ul. Combat)
Sanctify Corspe (Ul. Magic)
Scent (S. Comp.)
Secret Speech (Inner Sea Gods)
Sign (S. Comp.)
Sniper's Shot (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Snowshoes (S. Comp.)
Stabilize (S. Comp.)
Stalking Brand (S. Comp.)

Theft Ward (Race-Tengu)
Touch of Combustion (Race-Ifrit)
Tireless Pursuit World Wave (Adv. Player's)
Touch of Combustion (Race-Ifrit)
True Strike
Unerring Weapon (Ul. Combat)
Vigor, Lesser (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Vocal Alteration (Ul. Magic)
Wartrain Mount (Ul. Magic)
Weaponwand (Inner Sea Magic)
Winter Feathers (Race-Tengu)
Wrath World Wave (Adv. Player's)

2nd Level Spells
Acute Senses (Ul. Magic)
Align Weapon
Bailiff (Genius Guide to 110 Spell Variants)
Bestow Insight (Race-Human)
Bestow Weapon Proficiency (Ul. Combat)
Blessing of Luck & Resolve (Race-Hafling)
Blistering Inevective (Ul. Combat)
Bloodhound (Adv. Player's)
Bloodhound (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Brow Gasher (Ul. Combat)
Bullet Ward (Adv. Class Guide)
Calm Emotions
Camouflage, Mass (S. Comp.)
Castigate (Adv. Player's)
Confess (Adv. Player's)
Corruption Resistance (Adv. Player's)
Cure Moderate Wounds
Death Candle (Race-Ifrit)
Death Knell
Defending Bone (Inner Sea Gods)
Delay Disease (Race-Ratfolk)
Delay Pain (Ul. Magic)
Discovery torch (Ul. Combat)
Disguise Other (Ul. Magic)
Distressing Tone (Ul. Magic)
Effortless Armor (Ul. Combat)
Enshroud Thoughts (Blood of the Elements)
Escaping Ward (Race-Hafling)
Fell the Greatest Foe (S. Comp.)
Find Traps
Flame of Faith (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Flames of the Faithful (Adv. Player's)
Follow Aura (Adv. Player's)
Ghostbane Dirge (Adv. Player's)
Ghostly Disguise (Ul. Magic)
Honeyed Tongue (Adv. Player's)
Howling Agony (Ul. Magic)
Improve Trap (Race-Kobold)
Instrument of Agony (Ul. Combat)
Knight's Move (S. Comp.)
Litany of Defense (Ul. Combat)
Magic Siege Engine (Ul. Combat)
Mark of the Outcast (S. Comp.)
Perceive Cues (Adv. Player's)
Protect. from Chaos, Comm. (Ul. Combat)
Protect. from Evil, Comm. (Ul. Combat)
Protect. from Good, Comm. (Ul. Combat)
Protect. from Law Comm. (Ul. Combat)
Qualm (Ul. Combat)
Resistance, Superior (S. Comp.)
Returning Weapon, Comm. (Ul. Combat)
Sacred Bond (Adv. Player's)
Savage Maw (Race-Half-Orc)
See Invisible
Shield of Warding (S. Comp.)
Shield Other
Soothing Word (Condition Cards)
Spiritual Weapon
Stricken Heart (Adv. Class Guide)
Surmount Affliction (Ul. Magic)
Tactical Acumen (Ul. Combat)
Tremor Blast (Inner Sea Gods)
Tremorsense (S. Comp.)
Undetectable Alignment
Weapon of Awe (Adv. Player's)
Whispering Wind
Zone of Truth

3rd Level Spells
Agonizing Rebuke (Race-Hobgoblin)
Banish Seeming (Adv. Player's)
Battle Trance (Race-Half-Orc)
Blade Storm (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Blessing of the Mole (Ul. Magic)
Blinding Ray (Race-Dhampir)
Blindsight (S. Comp.)
Blood Biography (Adv. Player's)
Blood Scent (Race-Orc)
Bloody Arrows (Ranged Tactics Toolkit)
Burst of Speed (Ul. Combat)
Cast Out (Adv. Player's)
Continual Flame
Coordinated Effort (Adv. Player's)
Countless Eyes (Ul. Magic)
Cure Serious Wounds
Daybreak Arrow (Ul. Combat)
Deadly Juggernaut (Ul. Combat)
Deeper Darkness
Delay Poison, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Detect Curse
Dimensional Anchor
Dispel Magic
Disrupt Link (Familiar Folio)
Eldritch Fever (Ul. Magic)
Fearsome Duplicate (Race-Hafling)
Fester (Adv. Player's)
Glyph of Warding
Halt Undead
Hidden Speech (Adv. Player's)
Hunter's Eye (Adv. Player's)
Inflict Serious Wounds
Invisibility Purge
Isolate (Monster Codex)
Keen Edge
Litany of Eloquence (Ul. Combat)
Litany of Entanglement (Ul. Combat)
Litany of Righteousness (Ul. Combat)
Litany of Warding (Ul. Combat)
Locate Object
Locate Weakness (Ul. Combat)
Magic Circle Against Chaos/Evil/Good/Law
Magic Vestment
Magic Weapon, Greater
Mark of the Hunter (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Obscure Object
Perceive Cues (Adv. Player's)
Phantasmal Decoy (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Posse (Genius Guide to 110 Spell Varaints)
Protection from Energy
Remove Curse
Remove Disease
Resist Energy, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Resistance, Greater (S. Comp.)
Righteous Vigor (Adv. Player's)
Sadomaschism Inner Sea Gods)
Safe Clearing (S. Comp.)
Searing Light
Seek Thoughts (Adv. Player's)
Speak with Dead
Terrible Remorse (Ul. Magic)
Vigor (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Vigor, Mass Lesser (C. Divine & S. Comp.)

Ward the Faithful (Adv. Player's)
Witness (Ul. Magic)
Word of Binding (S. Comp.)

4th Level Spells
Aura Sight (Adv. Class Guide)
Banish Ward (Gen. Guide to 110 Spell Var.)
Battlemink Link (Ul. Magic)
Blindsight, Greater (S. Comp.)
Brand, Greater (Adv. Player's)
Chaos Hammer
Coward's Lament (Adv. Player's)
Crusader's Edge (Inner Sea Magic)
Cure Critical Wounds
Curse of Magic Negation (Ul. Magic)
Daze, Mass (Ul. Magic)
Death Ward
Defile Armor (Adv. Player's)
Denounce (Adv. Player's)
Detect Scrying
Discern Lies
Divine Power
Enchantment Foil (Adv. Class Guide)
Find Quarry (Ul. Combat)
Fleshworm Infestation (Ul. Magic)
Forced Repentance (Adv. Player's)
Forceful Strike (Inner Sea Gods)
Freedom of Movement
Geas. Lesser
Healing Warmth (Race-Ifrit)
Hold Monster
Holy Smite
Inflict Critical Wounds
Interrogation, Greater (Ul. Magic)
Judgment Light
Leashed Shackles (Ul. Magic)
Litany of Escape (Ul. Combat)
Litany of Sight (Ul. Combat)
Magic Siege Engine, Greater (Ul. Combat)
Mark of the Reptile God (Monster Codex)
Named Bullet (Ul. Combat)
Neutralize Poison
Order's Wraith
Persistent Vigor (Adv. Class Guide)
Protect. from Energy Comm. (Ul. Combat)
Rebuke (Adv. Player's)
Reprobation (Ul. Magic)
Sanctify Armor (Adv. Player's)
Shared Wrath (Adv. Player's)
Sleepwalk (Adv. Player's)
Spell Immunity
Tireless Pursuers (Adv. Player's)
Transplant Visage (Inner Sea Gods)
Undeath Ward (Dungeons of Golorion)
Unholy Blight
Vigor, Greater (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Vigorous Circle (C. Divine & S. Comp.)

Ward Shield (Knights of the Inner Sea)

5th Level Spells
Break Enchantment
Castigate, Mass (Adv. Player's)
Command, Greater
Cure Light Wounds Mass
Dispel Chaos/Evil/Good/Law
Disrupting Weapon
Divine Pursuit (Ul. Magic)
Flame Strike
Forbid Action, Greater (Ul. Magic)
Ghostbane Dirge, Mass (Adv. Player's)
Hunter's Blessing (Inner Seas Gods)
Inflict Light Wounds, Mass
Lend Greater Judgment (Ul. Magic)
Litany of Thunder (Ul. Combat)
Litany of Vengeance (Ul. Combat)
Mark of Justice
Resounding Blow (Adv. Player's)
Righteous Might
Soulswitch (Familiar Folio)
Spawn Ward (Race-Dhampir)
Spell Immunity, Communal (Ul. Combat)
Spell Resistance
Stoneskin Communal (Ul. Combat)
Telepathic Bond
True Seeing
Unwilling Shield (Adv. Player's)
Vulnerability (S. Comp.)

6th Level Spells
Blade Barrier
Bless. of Luck & Res., Mass(Race-Hafling)
Circle of Death
Cleanse (Adv. Player's)
Cure Moderate Wounds Mass
Dispel Magic, Greater
Dragonbane (Geni. Guide to 110 Spell Var.)
Fester, Mass (Adv. Player's)
Find The Path
Ghost Trap (S. Comp.)
Glyphs of Warding
Hero's Feast
Holy Word
Howling Chain (S. Comp.)
Inflict Serious Wounds Mass
Legend Lore
Litany of Madness (Ul. Combat)
Named Bullet, Greater (Ul. Combat)
Overwhelming Pressure (Ul. Magic)
Undeath to Death
Visage of the Deity (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Word of Chaos

Table of Contents
Pathfinder Table of Contents
(Adv. Class Guide) = Advanced Class Guide
(Adv. Player's) = Advanced Player's Guide
(Race-Xxx) = Advanced Race Guide-Race Name
(C. Adv.) = Complete Adventurer
(C. Divine) = Complete Divine
(Monster Codex) = Monster Codex
(S. Comp.) = Spell Compendium

(Ul. Combat) = Ultimate Combat

(Ul. Magic) = Ultimate Magic
Inquisitors have access to all spells on their spell list.