Dan Pathfinder Alchemist Spell List
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1st Level Spells
Adhexive Spittle (Adv. Class Guide)2
Adjuring Step (Ul. Combat)1
Anarchic Water (Planar & S. Comp.)2
Ant Haul (Adv. Player's)2
Anticipate Peril (Ul. Magic)2
Aura Against Flame (S. Comp.)2
Axiomatic Water (Planar & S. Comp.)2
Babau Slime (S. Comp.)2
Beast Claws (S. Comp.)2
Blend (Race-Elf)2
Blood Transcription (Ul. Magic)2
Blurred Movement (Adv. Class Guide)2
Body Capacitance (Adv. Class Guide)2
Bomber's Eye (Adv. Player's)2
Bouncing Body (Monster Codex)1
Comprehend Languages
Corrosive Grasp (Conj.) (S. Comp.)2
Crafter's Fortune (Adv. Player's)2
Cure Light Wounds2
Fist of Stone (C. A.) (S. Comp.)2
Heightened Awareness (Adv. Class Guide)2
Illusion of Calm (Ul. Combat)1
Invisibility Alarm (Adv. Class Guide)2
Iron Guts (S. Comp.)2
Keen Senses (Adv. Player's) 2
Linebreaker (Race-Half-Orc)2
Longshot (Ul. Combat)1
Low-Light Vision (Trans.) (C. A.) (S. C.)2
Monkey Fish (Adv. Class Guide)2
Negate Aroma (Adv. Player's)2
Phantom Blood (Adv. Class Guide)2
Polypurpose Panacea (Ul. Magic)2
Recharge Innate Magic (Race-Gnome)2
Reduce Person2
See Alignment (Ul. Combat)1
Shock Shield (Ul. Combat)1
Silverbeard (S. Comp.)2
Smell of Fear (S. Comp.)2
Stone Fist (Adv. Player's)2
Targeted Bomb Admixture (Ul. Combat)1
Touch of the Sea (Adv. Player's)2
Urban Grace (Race-Half-Elf)2
Vocal Alteration (Ul. Magic)2
Wall of Smoke (S. Comp.)2
Youthful Appearance (Ul. Magic)2


4th Level Spells
Absorbing Inhalation (Race-Sylph)2
Adjustable Polymorph (Adv. Class Guide)2
Air Walk (Ul. Combat)1
Age Resistance (Ul. Magic)2
Arcane Eye2
Assay Spell Resistance (S. Comp.)2
Beast Shape II2
Bite of the Wearboar (S. Comp.)2
Burning Blood (Inner Sea Gods)2
Caustic Blood (Inner Sea Gods)2
Contagious Touch (S. Comp.)2
Cure Critical Wounds2
Darkvision, Greater (Ul. Magic)2
Death Ward2
Detonate (Adv. Player's)2
Discern Lies2
Displacer Form (S. Comp.)2
Dragon's Breath (Adv. Player's)2
Duplicate Familiar (Familiar Folio)2
Earth Glide (Race-Svirfneblin)2
Echolocation (Ul. Magic)2
Elemental Body2
Enchantment Foil (Adv. Class Guide)2
Eyes of the Void (Adv. Class Guide)2
False Life, Greater (Ul. Magic)2
Fire Shield2
Fluid Form (Adv. Player's)2
Freedom of Movement2
Healing Warmth (Race-Ifrit)2
Infernal Transformation (S. Comp.)2
Invisibility, Greater2
Miasma of Entropy (S. Comp.)2
Miasmatic Form (Race-Sylph)2
Monstrous Physique II (Ul. Magic)2
Murderous Mist (C. Divine & S. Comp.)2
Mutagenic Touch (Ul. Combat)1
Neutralize Poison2
Panacea (S. Comp.)2
Persistent Vigor (Adv. Class Guide)2
Scale Spikes, Greater (Web)2
Scorching Ash (Race Ifrit)2
Spell Immunity2
Tongues, Communal (Ul. Combat)1
Touch of Slime (Ul. Magic)2
Universal Formula (Adv. Player's)2
Vermin Shape I (Ul. Magic)2
Viper Bomb Admixture (Ul. Combat)1
Vitriolic Mist (Ul. Magic)2
Wild Runner (S. Comp.)2

5th Level Spells
Age Resistance, Greater (Ul. Magic)2
Air Walk, Communal (Ul. Combat)1
Ancestr. Memory (Inner Sea World Guide)2
Beast Shape III2
Bite of the Weretiger (S. Comp.)2
Contact Other Plane2
Dance of the Unicorn (S. Comp.)2
Delayed Consumption (Adv. Player's)2
Draconic Might (S. Comp.)2
Draconic Polymorph (S. Comp.)2
Dust Form (Ul. Combat)1
Elemental Body II2
Elude Time (Adv. Player's)2
Fiendform (S. Comp.)2
Half-Blood Extraction (Race-Half-Orc)2
Languid Bomb Admixture (Ul. Combat)1
Magic Jar2
Monstrous Physique III (Ul. Magic)2
Overland Flight2
Planar Adaptation (Adv. Player's)2
Poison Thorns (C. Divine & S. Comp.)2
Plant Shape I2
Resurgent Transformation (Adv. Player's)2
Spell Resistance2
Stoneskin, Communal (Ul. Combat)1
Transplant Visage (Inner Sea Gods)2
Undead Anatomy II (Ul. Magic)2
Vermin Shape II (Ul. Magic)2
Viscid Glob (S. Comp.)2
Vitriolic Sphere (C. Arcane & S. Comp.)2

6th Level Spells
Analyze Dweomer2
Beast Shape IV2
Bite of the Wearbear (S. Comp.)2
Caging Bomb Admixture (Ul. Combat)1
Elemental Body III2
Form of the Dragon I2
Giant Form I2
Magnetic Field (People of the River)1
Miasma (C. Divine & S. Comp.)2
Monstrous Physique IV (Ul. Magic)2
Ooze Puppet (S. Comp.)2
Plant Shape II2
Shadow Walk2
Sonic Form (Adv. Class Guide)2
True Seeing2
Twin Form (Adv. Player's)2
Undead Anatomy III (Ul. Magic)2
Walk Through Space (Ul. Combat)1
Wind Walk2

2nd Level Spells
Ablative Barrier (Ul. Combat)1
Acute Senses (Ul. Magic2
Adhesive Blood (Adv. Class Guide)2
Air Step (Adv. Class Guide)2
Alchemical Allocation (Adv. Player's)2
Alter Self2
Ancestral Regression (Race-Drow)2
Angleskin (S. Comp.)2
Animal Aspect (Ul. Combat)1
Ant Haul, Commual (Ul. Combat)1
Bear's Endurance2
Bestow Weapon Proficiency (Ul. Combat)1
Bite of the Wererat (S. Comp.)2
Blistering Invective (Ul. Combat)1
Blood Armor (Adv. Class Guide)2
Blood Blaze (Race-Orc)2
Blood Transcription (Ul. Magic)2
Bull's Strength2
Bullet Shield (Ul. Combat)1
Cat's Grace2
Certain Grip (Ul. Combat)1
Cure Moderate Wounds2
Defensive Shock (Ul. Magic)2
Delay Disease (Race-Ratfolk)2
Delay Poison2
Eagle's Splendor2
Elemental Touch (Adv. Player's)2
Empower Holy Water (Undead Slayer's)1
Enshroud Thoughts (Blood o the Elements)1
Extreme Flexibility (Adv. Class Guide)2
False Life2
Fins to Feet (S. Species)1
Fire Breath (Adv. Player's)2
Fire Sneeze (Goblins of Golarion)1
Fox's Cunning (S. Species)1
Fuse Arms (S. Species)1
Ghostly Disguise (Ul. Magic)2
Imbue with Addiction (Magical Marketpl.)2
Inky Cloud (S. Comp.)2
Investigative Mind (Adv. Class Guide)2
Ironskin (Monster Codex)1
Kinetic Reverberation (Ul. Combat)1
Malevolent Miasma (S. Comp.)2
Merge with Familiar (Familiar Folio)2
Minor Dream (Race-Gnome)2
Owl's Wisdom2
Perceive Cues (Adv. Player's)2
Protection From Arrows2
Quick Potion (S. Comp.)2
Resist Energy2
Restoration, Lesser2
Scale Spikes (Web)2
See Invisible2
Shadow Bomb Admixture (Ul. Combat)1
Sickening Strikes (Race-Ratfolk)2
Skinsend (Ul. Magic)2
Spider Climb2
Squeeze (Race-Dishkanyas)2
Tattoo Potion (Inner Sea Magic)2
Touch Injection (Ul. Combat)1
Transmute Potion to Poison (Adv. Player's)2
Undetectable Alignment2
Vomit Swarm (Adv. Player's)2
Water of Madden. (Inner Sea World Guide)2


3rd Level Spells
Absorbing Touch (Adv. Player's)2
Absorb Toxicity (Ul. Combat)1
Acid Breath (Conj.) (S. Comp.)2
Adjustable Disguise2
Age Resistance, Lesser (Ul. Magic)2
Air Breathing (Monster Codex)2
Amorphous Form (S. Comp.)2
Amplify Elixir (Adv. Player's)2
Ancestral Regression (Race-Drow)2
Anchored Step (Adv. Class Guide)2
Animal Aspect, Greater (Ul. Combat)1
Arcane Sight2
Aura Sight (Adv. Class Guide)2
Battle Trance (Race-Half-Orc)2
Beast Shape2
Bite of the Wererat (S. Comp.)2
Bite of the Werewolf (S. Comp.)2
Blood Scent (Race-Orc)2
Blood Sentinel (Adv. Class Guide)
Bloodhound (Adv. Player's)2
Bloodhound (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)2
Bottle of Smoke (M. Wild)1
Burrow (Ul. Magic)2
Burst of Speed (Ul. Combat)1
Claws of Darkness (S. Comp.)2
Contagious Fog (S. Comp.)2
Countless Eyes (Ul. Magic)2
Cure Serious Wounds2
Darkvision, Communal (Ul. Combat)1
Delay Poison Connumal (Ul. Combat)1
Disable Construct (Adv. Class Guide)2
Draconic Reservoir (Adv. Player's)2
Elemental Aura (Adv. Player's)2
Endure Elements Communal (Ul. Combat)1
Eruptive Pustules (Ul. Magic)2
Fire Trail (Race-Goblin)2
Gaseous Form2
Griallon's Blessing (S. Comp.)2
Lightn. Lash Bomb, Admixt.(Ul. Combat)1
Marionette Possession (Ul. Magic)2
Monstrous Physique (Ul. Magic)2
Nauseating Breath (S. Comp.)2
Nauseating Trail (Adv. Class Guide)2
Orchid's Drop (Inner Sea Magic)2
Paragon Surge (Race-Half-Elf)2
Prehensile Pilfer (Race-Varna)2
Protect. from Arrows, Comm.(Ul. Combat)1
Protection from Energy2
Resinous Skin (Ul. Combat)1
Resist Energy, Communal (Ul Combat)1
Seek Thoughts (Adv. Player's)2
Spider Climb Communal (Ul. Combat)1
Thorn Body (Adv. Player's)2
Treasure Scent (S. Comp.)2
Undead Anatomy I (Ul. Player's)2
Vomit Twin (Race-Goblin)2
Water Breathing2




Table of Contents
Pathfinder Table of Contents

1 = Can only be learned by members of the Mage's Guild.
2 = Can be learned by the members of the Mage's Guild, the Brother's of the Staff and other arcane alchemists.
(Adv. Player's) = Advanced Player's Guide
(C. Adv.) = Complete Adventurer
(C. A.) or (C. Arcane) = Complete Arcane
(C. Divine) = Complete Divine
(Inner Sea Guide) = Inner Sea Guide
(Inner Sea World Guide) = Inner Sea World Guide
(M. Wild) = Masters of the Wild
(Planar) = Planar Handbook
(Race-Xxx) = Advanced Race Guide--Race

(S. C.) or (S. Comp.) = Spell Compendium

(S. Species) = Savage Species
(Ul. Combat) = Ultimate Combat
(Ul. Magic) = Ultimate Magic
3.0 or 3.5 Edition Spells