Country Folks Campaign
This campaign takes place after the Great Die-Off and the Return. The evil gods have reneged on the deal and brought back too many monsters. Now it is up to your group to defend your village. Are you up to the challenge? .Two adventurers chained a couple of wishes and turned all objects to gunpowder then ignited it blowing up the world. The gods just harvested the souls until Zo'al demanded they be brought back. Check out Headlines for rules on how to role up a character. You will create 5 characters and your survivors will progress on. You will be getting leadership for free and this game is intended to go mythic quickly.

I will allow any alignment, but you must be friendly to the village of Helmond. Orphans are taken to Gongaga and into Mother Myra's orphanage, so you will most likely still have parents. It is possible to lose your parents and to be taken in by other family members. All members of the village of Helmond know each other and have been living together for years (typically generations0. You will support your village and your party, you should make a character who will get along with the game. Remember, that you are loyal to Trill and the Empire of Reason. Your town has known peace over the last few years, but in recent memory you have suffered a few raids from dwarves and orcs. The Empire of Reason fought off the orcs and Trill's forces have fought off the dwarves. She negotiated with the Druid Council to provide the treant who helps tend the trees. You live inside an apple orchard at a "T" intersection of trails that lead to Salt Marsh and Gongaga.

There is a ranger who lives in the area and passes through town occasionally to help. You have a blacksmith, a grocer an adept and a cleric. The local Druid Council looks upon the town favorable since you protect the forest and live with it. You harbor a treant and are friendly with the local druids.

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