Cost of City Services
(Subject to DM's adjustment)
Armor Repair 2 crown
   Weapon Repair 1 crown
Blacksmith 15 shilling
   Cheap Meal with drinks 4 pence
   Average Meal with drinks 3 shilling
   Fancy Meal with drinks 5 shilling
   A cheap play/show 1d10 shilling
   A good play/show 1d10 crown
   An excellent play/show 10 x1d10 crown
   Cheap Entertainment 5 pence
   Average Entertainment 3 shilling
   Fancy Entertainment 1 crown
Horses, Care of  
   Farer (Horseshoes) 1 crown
   Horse Grooming 2 crown
   Horse Meal 8 shilling
   Stable 5 shilling/night
   Stable (with Horse Meal) 2 crown
   Rent, Cheap Apartment 1d4 crown/month
   Rent, Average Apartment or Cottage 1d4 x10 crown/month
   Rent Villa or Manor 2d8 x10 crown/month
   Buy Cheap Apartment 1d4 x100 crown
   Buy Average Apartment or Cottage 1d4 x1,000 crown
   Buy Villa or Manor 2d8 x1,000 crown
Laundry 1shilling/piece
Legal Services  
   Good Barrister 1 crown/day
   Expert Barrister 10 crown/day
   Forged Papers 10 crown-100 crown
   General 1 crown/day
   Magic-Mage's Guild Members 1 crown/day
   Magic-All Others 100 crown/day
   Sage's Services 50 crown-100 crown/question
   Identification of Magic Items 1% of price
Meal (per day)  
   Poor 1 shilling
   Common 3 shilling
   Good 5 shilling
Personal Services  
   City Guide 1 shilling/day
   Hireling, trained 3 shilling/day
   Hirelin, untrained 1 shilling/day
   Letter or package delivery 15 shilling
   Messenger 2 pence per mile
   Night Guard 1 crown
   Storage 1 crown/cubic foot/week
Stay at an Inn  
   Cheap Inn 2 shilling/night
   Average Inn 5 shilling/night
   Fancy Inn 2 crown/night
Skill/Feat Training 50 crown/week
Spellcasting 10 crown x spell level x caster level + components
   Coach Cab 3 pence/mile
   Road, or gate toll 1 pence
   Ship Passage, first class 5 shilling per mile
   Ship Passage, 2nd rate passage 1 shilling per mile
   Ship Passage, working 1 pence per mile
   Teleport 450 within 100'
   Teleport, unlimited 910 crowns
Drink Prices
Cheap Ale (mug) 2 pence
Cheap Ale (Gallon) 1 shilling
Good Ale (mug) 4 pence
Good Ale (Gallon) 2 shilling
Excellent Ale (Mug) 6 pence
Excellent Ale (Gallon) 5 shilling
Anvil, Blackberry & Lemon, 230 proof, magical 10 crown
Beer, Pika (a seaweed) 1 pence
Cheap Beer 2 pence
Good Beer 5 pence
Excellent Beer 1 shilling
Imported, High Quality Beer 1 crown
Cheap Bourbon 2 shilling
Good Bourbon 7 shilling
Excellent Bourbon 11 shilling
Imported, High Quality Bourbon 1 crown
Cheap Grog 4 pence
Good Grog 6 pence
Excellent Grog 1 shilling
Juice, Apple 3 shilling
Good Juice, Apple 8 shilling
Cheap Juice, Blackberry 4 shilling
Juice Blackberry 9 shilling
Juice, Grape 3 shilling
Good Juice, Grape 8 shilling
Juice, Orange 3 shilling
Good Juice, Orange 8 shilling
Cheap Juice, Pear 4 shilling
Good Juice, Pear 9 shilling
Juice, Strawberry 4 shilling
Juice, Filtered Strawberry 9 shilling
Juice, Tomato 3 shilling
Good Juice, Tomato 8 shilling
Cheap Mead 3 shilling
Good Mead 5 shilling
Excellent Mead 1 crown
Milk, Cow 4 pence
Milk, Goat 3 pence
Pepperine, Peppered Wine 5 shilling
Sassafras Tea 8 shilling
Cheap Sishu (Mushroom Juice) 4 pence
Filtered Sishu 8 pence
Tea 2 pence
Water, Spring 1 pence
Water, Spring, Filtered 5 pence
Cheap Wine (glass) 1 pence
Cheap Wine (pitcher) 2 shilling
Good Wine (glass) 5 shilling
Good Wine (gallon) 3 crown
Excellent Wine (glass) 1 crown
Excellent Wine (bottle) 10 crown
Imported, High Quality Wine 5 crown
Drow Wine (made with a special fungus) 3 crown
Elven Wine (very light alcohol content) 5 crown
White Elf, Wine (150 proof + drug) 4 crown

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