Cleric Spells
0st, 1st, 2nd. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th
0 Level (Orisons)
Amanuensis (S. Comp.)
Create Water
Cure Minor Wounds
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Inflict Minor Wounds
No Light (V. Dark.)
Preserve Organ (V. Dark.)
Purify Food and Drink
Read Magic
Slash Tongue (V. Dark.)
Summon Holy Symbol (C. Champ.)

1st Level
Anarchic Water (Planar & S. Comp.)
Angry Ache (V. Dark.)
Axiomatic Water (Planar & S. Comp.)
Blade of Blood (PHB2)
Bless Water
Blessed Aim (S. Comp.)
Blood Wind (S. Comp.)
Cause Fear
Cold Fire (S. Comp.)
Comprehend Languages
Conjure Ice Beast (Frost)
Conviction (S. Comp.)
Cure Light Wounds
Curse Water
Delay Disease (S. Comp.)
Detect Chaos/Evil/Good/Law
Detect Fire (Frost)
Detect Taint (H. Horror)
Detect Undead
Detect Weaponry (City)
Dispel Ward (S. Comp.)
Divine Favor
Drug Resistance (V. Dark.)
Ease of Breath (Frost)
Ebon Eyes (S. Comp.)
Endure Elements
Entropic Shield
Extract Drug (V. Dark.)
Eyes of Avoral (Ex. D.)
Faith Healing (S. Comp.)
Fortify Cold Creatures (Frost)
Foundation of Stone (S. Comp.)
Grave Strike (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Guiding Light (S. Comp.)
Healer's Vision (C. Scoundrel)
Heartache (V. Dark.)
Healthful Rest (S. Comp.)
Hide from Undead
Ice Gauntlet (S. Comp.)
Ice Slick (Frost)
Impede (C. Champ.)
Incite (S. Comp.)
Inhibit (S. Comp.)
Inflict Light Wounds
Invest Light Protection (PHB2)
Ironguts (S. Comp.)
Lantern Light (Ex. D.)
Light of Lunia (Planar & S. Comp.)
Magic Stone
Magic Weapon
Moon Lust (S. Comp.)
Necrotic Awareness (L. M.)
Nightshield (S. Comp.)
Nimbus of Light (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Obscuring Mist
Omen of Peril (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Peacebond (City)
Portal Beacon (S. Comp.)
Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law
Ray of Hope (Ex. D.)
Regenerate Light Wounds (M. Wild)
Remove Fear
Resist Planar Alignments (Pl.& S. Comp.)
Resurgence (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Sacrificial Skill (V. Dark.)
Shield of Faith
Shivering Touch, Lesser
Sign (S. Comp.)
Slow Consumption (V. Dark.)
Sorrow (V. Dark.)
Snowshoes (S. Comp.)
Spell Flower (S. Comp.)
Spider Hand (V. Dark.)
Stupor (V. Dark.)
Summon Monster I
Summon Undead (S. Comp.)
Suspend Disease (V. Dark.)
Tongue of Baalzebul (V. Dark.)
Updraft (S. Comp.)
Vigor, Lesser (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Vision of Heaven (Ex. Deeds)
Vision of Glory (S. Comp.)
Wings of the Sea (S. Comp.)

2nd Level
Addiction (V. Dark.)
Align Weapon
Animalistic Power (PHB2)
Aura Against Flame (S. Comp.)
Avoid Planar Effects (S. Comp.)
Balor Nimbus (S. Comp.)
Bear's Endurance
Benediction (C. Champ.)
Bewildering Substitution (C. Champ.)
Black Karma Curse (PHB2)
Blade Brothers (PHB2)
Blade of Pain and Fear (L. M.)
Blood Snow (Frost)
Blood Wind (S. Species)
Body Blades (S. Comp.)
Body Ward (C. Champ.)
Boneblast (V. Dark.)
Brambles (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Brumal Stiffening (Frost)
Bull's Strength
Calm Emotions
Close Wounds (S. Comp.)
Cloud of Knives (PHB2)
Conduit of Life (C. Champ.)
Conjure Ice Beast II (Frost)
Conjure Ice Object (Frost)
Cure Moderate Wounds
Curse of Ill Fortune (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Dance of Ruin (V. Dark.)
Dark Way (S. Comp.)
Darkbolt (V. Dark.)
Death Knell
Deific Vengeance (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Delay Poison
Divine Insight (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Divine Interdiction (S. Comp.)
Divine Presence (C. Champ.)
Divine Protection (S. Comp.)
Eagle's Splendor
Energized Shield, Lesser (S. Comp.)
Execration (C. Champ.)
Extend Tentacles (S. Comp.)
Filter (Tome and Blood)
Find Traps
Fins to Feet (S. Species)
Fox's Cunning (S. Species)
Frost Breath (S. Comp.)
Frost Weapon (Frost)
Frostburn, Lesser (Frost)
Fuse Arms (S. Comp.)
Gentle Repose
Ghost Touch Armor (S. Comp.)
Hand of Divinity (S. Comp.)
Healing Lorecall (C. Adv. & S. Comp.)
Hold Person
Infernal Wounds (S. Comp.)
Inflict Moderate Wounds
Inky Cloud (S. Comp.)
Interfaith Blessing (C. Camp.)
Insight of Good Fortune (PHB2)
Iron Silence (C. Adv.)
Laogezd's Breath (S. Species)
Light of Faith (C. Champ.)
Light of Lunia (Planar)
Light of Mercuris (S. Comp.)
Living Undeath (S. Comp.)
Local Tremor (R. of Dragon)
Locate Touchstone (Planar)
Lore of the Gods (C. Champ.)
Major Resistance (S. Species)
Make Whole
Mark of Judgment (PHB2)
Mark of the Outcast (S. Comp.)
Master Cavalier (C. Champ.)
Master's Touch (PHB2)
Manifestation of the Deity (C. Scoundrel)
Necrotic Scrying (L. M.)
Obscuring Snow (Frost)
Owl's Wisdom
Peaceful Serenity of Io (R. of Dragon)
Protection from Negative Energy (S. Comp.)
Protection from Positive Energy (S. Comp.)
Quick March (S. Comp.)
Rapid Burrowing (S. Species)
Regenerate Moderate Wounds (M. Wild)
Remove Paralysis
Resist Energy
Restoration, Lesser
Rigor Mortis (H. Horror)
Sap Strength (V. Dark.)
Searing Light
Share Talents (PHB2)
Shield Other
Shroud of Undeath (S. Comp.)
Sonorous Hum (S. Species)
Soul Ward (C. Champ.)
Sound Burst
Spawn Screen (S. Comp.)
Spell Immunity, Lesser (S. Comp.)
Spider Legs (V. Dark.)
Spiritual Weapon
Spores of the Vrock (V. Dark.)
Stabilize (S. Comp.)
Stay the Hand (PHB2)
Stretch Weapon (PHB2)
Substitute Domain (C. Champ.)
Summon Elysian Thrush (Plan. & S. Comp.)
Summon Monster II
Summon Undead II (S. Comp.)
Stabilize (S. Comp.)
Stone Bones (S. Comp.)
Thin Air (Frost)
Turn Anathema (C. Champ.)
Undetectable Alignment
Veil of Shadow (S. Comp.)
Wave of Grief (S. Comp.)
Wings of the Sea (S. Species)
Wither Limb (V. Dark.)
Zone of Truth

3rd Level
Affliction (Ex. D.)
Aid, Mass (S. Comp.)
Air Breathing (S. Comp.)
Align Weapon, Mass (S. Comp.)
Alter Fortune (PHB2)
Anarchic Storm (Planar & S. Comp.)
Animate Dead
Anitdragon Aura (S. Comp.)
Attune Form (Planar & S. Comp.)
Aura of Cold, Lesser (Frost)
Awaken Sin (S. Comp.)
Axiomatic Storm (Planar & S. Comp.)
Babau Slime
Bestow Curse
Binding Snow (Frost)
Blade of Pain and Fear (S. Comp.)
Blessed Aim (C. Divine)
Blessed Sight (Ex. D.)
Blindsight (S. Comp.)
Bolster Aura (C. Champ.)
Boneblade (V. Dark.)
Briar Web (C. Divine)
Bridge of Sound (S. Species)
Chain of Eyes (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Channeled Divine Shield (PHB2)
Checkmate's Light (S. Comp.)
Circle Dance (S. Comp.)
Cloak of Bravery (C. Warrior & S. Comp.)
Conduit of Life (C. Champ.)
Circle of Nauseas (V. Dark.)
Clutch of Orcus (V. Dark.)
Conjure Ice Beast III (Frost)
Continual Flame
Control Snow and Ice (Frost)
Create Food and Water
Crown of the Grave (PHB2)
Close Wounds (S. Comp.)
Clutch of Orcus (S. Comp.)
Crown of Might (PHB2)
Crown of Protection (PHB2)
Crown of Smiting (PHB2)
Conviction, Mass (S. Comp.)
Corona of Cold (S. Comp.)
Cure Serious Wounds
Curse of Arrow Attraction (PHB2)
Darkfire (S. Comp.)
Deeper Darkness
Defile Snow and Ice (Frost)
Deific Bastion (C. Champ.)
Demon Dirge (S. Comp.)
Devil Blight (Planar & S. Comp.)
Devil's Eye (V. Dark.)
Dispel Magic
Divine Retaliation (PHB2)
Downdraft (S. Comp.)
Energized Potion (Ex. D.)
Energized Shield (S. Comp.)
Energy Aegis (PHB2)
Energy Vortex (S. Comp.)
Energy Vulnerability (PHB2)
Eyes of the Zombie (V. Dark.)
Favorable Sacrifice (S. Comp.)
Fell of the Greatest Foe (S. Comp.)
Flame of Faith (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Flesh Ripper (V. Dark.)
Footsteps of the Divine (C. Champ.)
Ghost Touch Weapon (S. Comp.)
Girallon's Blessing (S. Comp.)
Glyph of Warding
Grace (S. Comp.)
Hamatula Barbs (Planar & S. Comp.)
Heart's Ease (Ex. D.)
Helping Hand
Hesitate (PHB2)
Holy Storm (Planar & S. Comp.)
Ice Axe (S. Comp.)
Ice Shape (Frost)
Infallible Servant (Ex. of E.)
Inflict Serious Wounds
Inspired Aim (Ex. D.)
Interplanar Message (S. Comp.)
Invest Moderate Protection (PHB2)
Invisibility Purge
Knight's Move (S. Comp.)
Know Opponent (S. Comp.)
Know Vulnerabilities (S. Comp.)
Light of Mercuria (Planar)
Light of Venya (Planar & S. Comp.)
Light of Wisdom (C. Champ.)
Locate Object
Locate Touchstone (Planar)
Magic Circle against Chaos/Evil/Good/Law
Mantle of Chaos/Evil/Gd/Law (Pl. & S. C.)
Magic Vestment
Mark of Doom (PHB2)
Masochism (V. Dark.)
Meld into Ice (Frost)
Meld into Stone
Nauseating Breath (S. Comp.)
Necrotic Scrying (L. M.)
Obscure Object
Protection from Energy
Protection from Negative Energy (Planar)
Protection from Positive Energy (Planar)
Refreshment (Ex. D.)
Regenerate Moderate Wounds (M. Wild)
Rejuvenate Corpse (S. Comp.)
Remove Blindness/Deafness
Remove Curse
Remove Nausea (Ex. D.)
Resist Energy (C. Arcana)
Resist Energy, Mass (S. Comp.)
Resist Taint (H. Horror)
Resurgence, Mass (S. Comp.)
Ring of Blades (C. Arcana & S. Comp.)
Sadism (V. Dark.)
Safety (S. Comp.)
Searing Light
Sheltered Vitality (L. M.)
Shield of Warding (S. Comp.)
Shivering Touch (Frost)
Shriveling (V. Dark.)
Sink (S. Comp.)
Skull Watch (S. Comp.)
Slashing Darkness (S. Comp.)
Snowshoes, Mass (S. Comp.)
Sonorous Hum (S. Comp.)
Spark of Life (S. Comp.)
Spawn Screen (L. M.)
Speak with Dead
Spikes (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Stiffen (Ex. of E.)
Stone Shape
Subdue Aura (C. Champ.)
Summon Monster III
Summon Undead III (S. Comp.)
Suppress Glyph (S. Comp.)
Telepathic Bond, Lesser (Psionic and C. D.)
Tremor (S. Comp.)
Unholy Storm (Planar & S. Comp.)
Unliving Weapon (V. Dark.)
Vigor (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Vigor, Mass Lesser (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Visage of Deity, Lesser (C. Divine & S. C.)
Wall of Light (S. Comp.)
Water Breathing
Water Walk
Weapon of Energy (S. Comp.)
Weapon of Impact (S. Comp.)
Weapon of the Deity (S. Comp.)
Willing Sacrifice (Ex. of E.)
Wind Wall
Wrack (C. Divine)
Wrack (V. Dark.)

4th Level
Abyssal Might (V. Dark.)
Air Walk
Aligned Aura (C. Champ.)
Alliance Undone (Ex. of E.)
Assay Resistance (C. Arcana)
Assay Spell Resistance (S. Comp.)
Astral Hospice (Planar & S. Comp.)
Attune Form (Planar)
Balor Nimbus (Planar)
Beast Claws (C. Divine)
Bleakness (PHB2)
Blessing of the Righteous (PHB2)
Blindsight, Greater (S. Comp.)
Blood of Martyr (Ex. D.)
Castigate (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Celestial Brilliance
Channeled Divine Health (PHB2)
Claws of the Savage (V. Dark.)
Confound (C. Champ.)
Conjure Ice Beast IV (Frost)
Consumptive Field (L. M.)
Contingent Energy Resistance (S. Comp.)
Control Water
Cure Critical Wounds
Damning Darkness (V. Dark.)
Dampen Magic (C. Champ.)
Death Ward
Defile Snow and Ice (Frost)
Delay Death (S. Comp.)
Demon Dirge (Planar)
Dweomer of Transference (Psionic)
Dimensional Anchor
Discern Lies
Divine Power
Doomtide (C. Divine)
Dust to Dust (Races of Wild)
Earth Reaver (S. Species)
Energy Vortex (C. Divine)
Evil Glare (Planar)
Extend Tentacles (S. Species)
Focus Touchstone Energy (Planar)
Freedom of Movement
Freeze Armor (Frost)
Frostburn (Frost)
Giant Vermin
Ghost Touch Weapon (L. M.)
Glacial Globe of Invulner. (Frost)
Glowing Orb (S. Comp.)
Greater Status (Ex. D.)
Hand of the Faithful (S. Comp.)
Healing Spirit (PHB2)
Hell's Power (V. Dark.)
Holy Transformation, Lesser (S. Comp.)
Hypothermia (S. Comp.)
Ice Shape (Frost)
Identify Transgressor (V. Dark.)
Imbue with Spell Ability
Infernal Transformation, Lesser (S. Comp.)
Infernal Wound (Planar)
Inflict Critical Wounds
Iron Bones (S. Comp.)
Life Ward (S. Comp.)
Light of Purity (C. Champ.)
Magic Weapon, Greater
Make Manifest (S. Comp.)
Meld into Ice (Frost)
Moon Bolt (S. Comp.)
Moral Façade (C. Champ.)
Mystic Aegis (PHB2)
Necrotic Domination (L. M.)
Negative Energy Aura (Planar & S. Comp.)
Neutralize Poison
Panacea (S. Comp.)
Planar Ally, Lesser
Planar Exchange, Lesser (Plan. & S. Comp.)
Planar Tolerance (S. Comp.)
Positive Energy Aura (Planar & S. Comp.)
Profane Item (C. Champ.)
Pronouncement of Fate (H. Horror)
Psychic Poison (V. Dark.)
Recitation (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Remove Fatigue (Ex. D.)
Renewed Vigor (PHB2)
Repel Vermin
Resistance, Greater (S. Comp.)
Resurgence, Mass (C. Divine)
Revenance (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Sacred Item (C. Champ.)
Seed of Life (C. Champ.)
Seed of Undeath (C. Mage)
Shadowblast (S. Comp.)
Sheltered Vitality (S. Comp.)
Shield of Faith, Mass (S. Comp.)
Shivering Touch (Frost)
Sound Lance (S. Comp.)
Spell Immunity
Spell Vulnerability (Planar & S. Comp.)
Spiritual Advisor (C. Champ.)
Stifle Spell (PHB2)
Stop Heart (V. Dark.)
Summon Bearded Devil (Plan & S. Comp.)
Summon Hound Archon (Plan & S. Comp.)
Summon Monster IV
Summon Pest Swarm (City)
Summon Undead IV (S. Comp.)
Sustain (Ex. D.)
Stars of Arvandor (Ex. D.)
Sword of Conscience (Ex. D.)
Undead Bane Weapon (S. Comp.)
Wall of Chaos/Evil/Good/Law (S. Comp.)
Wall of Sand (S. Comp.)
Weapon of Energy (S. Species)
Weapon of the Deity (C. Divine)
Weather Eye (C. Divine)
Winter's Embrace (Frost)
Wrack (S. Comp.)

5th Level
Aura of Evasion (S. Comp.)
Bewildering Mischance (C. Champ.)
Bleed (C. Champ.)
Blight (M. Wild)
Blistering Radiance (C. Arcana & S. Comp.)
Boreal Wind (Frost)
Break Enchantment
Call Zelekhut (Planar & S. Comp.)
Chaav's Laugh (Ex. D.)
Charnel Fire (V. Dark.)
Command, Greater
Condemnation (PHB2)
Conjure Ice Beast V (Frost)
Contagion, Mass (S. Comp.)
Convert Wand (Ex. D.)
Crawling Darkness (S. Comp.)
Crown of Flame (Ex. D.)
Cure Light Wounds, Mass
Curse of Ill Fortune, Mass (S. Comp.)
Dance of the Unicorn (C. Divine)
Dancing Web (Ex. D.)
Darts of Life (C. Champ.)
Death Throes (S. Comp. & Planar)
Dispel Cold (Frost)
Dispel Chaos/Evil/Good/Law
Dispel Fire (Frost)
Disrupting Weapon
Divine Agility (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Divine Retribution (C. Champ.)
Doomtide (S. Comp.)
Door of Decay (C. Champ.)
Dragon Breath (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Earth Reaver (S. Comp.)
Energetic Healing (Ex. D.)
Etherealness, Swift (PHB2)
False Sending (V. Dark.)
Fire in the Blood
Flame Strike
Frostbite (Frost)
Haunt Shift (L. M.)
Healing Circle (C. Champ.)
Heartclutch (V. Dark.)
Hibernal Healing (Frost)
Hibernate (Frost)
Improved Blindsight (S. Species)
Incorporeal Nova (S. Comp.)
Inflict Light Wounds, Mass
Insect Plague
Invest Heavy Protection (PHB2)
Life's Grace (S. Comp.)
Magic Convalescence (PHB2)
Mana Flux (PHB2)
Mark of Justice
Mark of Sin (C. Champ.)
Meteoric Strike (PHB2)
Necrotic Burst (L. M.)
Oath of Blood (H. Horror)
Opalescent Glare (Planar)
Pass Through Ice (Frost)
Plane Shift
Psychic Turmoil (Psionic)
Radiance (PHB2)
Raise Dead
Regenerate Critical Wounds (M. Wild)
Renewed Vigor (PHB2)
Resonating Resistance (V. Dark.)
Revivify (S. Comp.)
Righteous Might
Righteous Wrath of the Faithful (S. Comp.)
Sacred Guardian (Ex. D.)
Sanctuary, Mass (S. Comp.)
Slay Living
Spell Resistance
Stalwart Pact (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Stone Shape, Greater (S. Comp.)
Subvert Planar Essence (C. Divine & S. C.)
Summon Bralani Eladrin (S. Comp.)
Summon Monster V
Summon Undead V
Superior Resistance
Surge of Fortune (C. Champ.)
Symbol of Pain
Symbol of Sleep
Symbol of Spell Loss (S. Comp.)
Telepathy Block (Ex. D.)
Triadspell (S. Comp.)
True Seeing
Unholy Storm (Planar)
Valiant Fury (C. Warrior)
Vigor, Greater (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Vulnerability (S. Comp.)
Wall of Dispel Magic (S. Comp.)
Wall of Stone
Warding Gems (Ex. D.)
Zone of Peace (City)
Zone of Respite (S. Comp.)
Zone of Revelation (S. Comp.)

6th Level
Algid Enhancement (Frost)
Animate Object
Antilife Shell
Awaken Undead
Barghest's Feast (Planar)
Bear's Endurance, Mass
Blade Barrier
Bolt of Glory
Call Faithful Servants (Ex. D.)
Celestial Blood (Ex. D.)
Chasing Perfection (PHB2)
Cloak of Hate (H. Horror)
Cloud of the Archaieral (V. Dark.)
Cold Snap (S. Comp.)
Cometfall (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Conjure Ice Beast VI (Frost)
Create Undead
Crown of Brilliance (Ex. D.)
Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass
Dispel Magic, Greater
Eagle's Splendor, Mass
Energy Immunity (C. Arcana & S. Comp.)
Fiendish Quickening (V. Dark.)
Find the Path
Frostburn, Mass (Frost)
Ghost Trap (S. Comp.)
Glyph of Warding, Greater
Heroes' Feast
Hide the Path (S. Comp.)
Ice Flowers (S. Comp.)
Ice Rift (Frost)
Inflict Moderate Wounds, Mass
Light of Courage (C. Champ.)
Lucent Lance (S. Comp.)
Make Manifest, Mass (S. Comp.)
Mantle of the Icy Soul (Frost & S. Comp.)
Necrotic Eruption (L. M.)
Opalescent Glare (Planar & S. Comp.)
Owl's Wisdom, Mass
Planar Ally
Planar Exchange (Planar& S. Comp.)
Quickshift (Ex. D.)
Rejection (S. Comp.)
Resistance, Superior (S. Comp.)
Revive Outsider (S. Comp.)
Sarcophagus of Stone (S. Comp.)
Secure Corpse (Ex. D.)
Slime Wave (M. Wild)
Snare Astral Traveler (V. Dark.)
Spider Plague (S. Comp.)
Spiritual Guardian (C. Champ.)
Stone Body (S. Comp.)
Summon Babau Demon (Plan & S. Comp.)
Summon Bralani Eladrin (Plan & S. Comp.)
Summon Monster VI
Symbol of Fear
Symbol of Persuasion
Thousand Needles (V. Dark.)
Touch of Adamantine (Ex. D.)
Undeath to Death
Vengeance Halo (Ex. D.)
Vigorous Circle (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Visage of the Deity (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Weight of Sin (C. Champ.)
Wind Walk
Word of Recall
Zealot Pact (C. Divine & S. Comp.)

7th Level
Animalistic Power, Mass (PHB2)
Aura of Cold, Greater (Frost)
Baston of Good (Ex. D.)
Bestow Curse, Greater (C. Divine & S. C.)
Blood to Water (S. Comp.)
Brain Spider II (S. Comp.)
Brilliant Blade (S. Comp.)
Call Kolyarut (Planar & S. Comp.)
Conjure Ice Beast VII (Frost)
Consumptive Field, Greater (S. Comp.)
Control Weather
Cure Serious Wounds, Mass
Death Dragon (S. Comp.)
Energy Ebb (S. Comp.)
Ethereal Jaunt
Evil Glare (S. Comp.)
Fiendish Clarity (V. Dark.)
Fortunate Fate (S. Comp.)
Harm, Greater
Heaven's Trumpet (Ex. D.)
Holy Word
Holy Star (S. Comp.)
Holy Transformation (S. Comp.)
Imprison Soul (V. Dark.)
Infernal Transformation (S. Comp.)
Inflict Serous Wounds, Mass
Minor Servitor (S. Species)
Necrotic Curse (Necro.) (C. Mage) 1
Necrotic Eruption (L. M.)
Pact of Return (H. Horror)
Plague (PHB2)
Planar Bubble (Planar& S. Comp.)
Plane Shift, Greater (Planar & S. Comp.)
Pulse of Hate (PHB2)
Radiant Assault (S. Comp.)
Ravenous Darkness (C. Champ.)
Rejuvenating Light (C. Champ.)
Renewal Pact (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Restoration, Greater
Restoration, Mass (S. Comp.)
Righteous Burst (PHB2)
Righteous Glare (Ex. D.)
Righteous Smite (Ex. D.)
Righteous Wrath of Faithful (C. Divine)
Scrying, Greater
Seed of Undeath, Greater (C. Mage)
Shield of the Archons (Ex. D.)
Slime Wave (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Spark of Life (L. M.)
Spell Resistance, Mass (C. Divine & S. C.)
Summon Aspect of Bahamut (R. of Dragon)
Summon Monster VII
Symphonic Nightmare (S. Comp.)
Symbol of Stunning
Symbol of Weakness
Tomb of Light (Ex. D.)
Undead Mask (S. Species)
Wretched Blight (V. Dark.)
Withering Palm (C. Arcana & S. Comp.)
Word of Chaos

8th Level
Antimagic Field
Axiomatic Creature (Ex. D.)
Befoul (V. Dark.)
Bestow Greater Curse (V. Dark.)
Bodak Birth (V. Dark.)
Bodak's Glare (Planar & S. Comp.)
Brain Spider (Psionic and C. Divine)
Brilliant Aura (S. Comp.)
Chain Dispel (PHB2)
Cloak of Chaos
Conjure Ice Beast VIII (Frost)
Create Greater Undead
Cure Critical Wounds, Mass
Death Pact (C. Divine & S. Comp.)
Death Ward, Mass (S. Comp.)
Dimension Lock
Discern Location
Familial Geas (H. Horror)
Fierce Pride of the Beastlands (Plan & S. C.)
Fire Storm
General of Undeath (S. Comp.)
Heat Drain (S. Comp.)
Holy Aura
Imprison Soul (V. Dark.)
Inflict Critical Wounds, Mass
Last Judgment (Ex. D.)
Lion's Roar (C. Warrior & S. Comp.)
Necrotic Empowerment (L. M.)
Pestilence (V. Dark.)
Planar Ally, Greater
Planar Exchange, Greater (Planar & S. C.)
Power Word Stun
Psychic Turmoil, Greater (Psionic)
Restoration Mass (L. M.)
Shield of Law
Spark of Life (L. M.)
Spell Immunity, Greater
Spider Plague (S. Species)
Spread of Contentment (Ex. D.)
Stormrage (S. Comp.)
Summon Giants (Frost)
Summon Monster VIII
Symbol of Death
Symbol of Insanity
Unholy Aura
Veil of Undeath (L. M.)
Visions of the Future (PHB2)
Wall of Greater Dispel Magic (S. Comp.)

9th Level
Abyssal Army (Spell Comp.)
Astral Projection
Awaken Construct (S. Comp.)
Call Margut (Planar & S. Comp.)
Cloak of Bravery, Greater (C. Warrior)
Conjure Ice Beast IX (Frost)
Despoil (V. Dark.)
End of Strife (Ex. D.)
Energy Drain
Fimbulwinter (Frost)
Heal Mass
Heavenly Host (Planar & S. Comp.)
Hellish Horde (Planar & S. Comp.)
Hunters of Hades (Planar & S. Comp.)
Imprison Soul (H. Horror)
Incarnate Construct (S. Species)
Necrotic Termination (L. M.)
Plague of Undead (S. Comp.)
Soul Bind
Spread of Savagery (V. Dark.)
Storm of Vengeance
Sublime Revelry (Ex. D.)
Summon Element. Monolith (C. A. & S. C.)
Summon Golem (PHB2)
Summon Monster IX
True Resurrection
Undeath's Eternal Foe (S. Comp.)
Vile Death (S. Comp.)
Visage of the Deity, Greater (C. D. & S. C.)
Were-Doom (V. Dark.)

(C. A.) or (C. Arcane) = Complete Arcane
(C. Champ.) = Complete Champion
(C. D.) or (C. Divine) = Complete Divine
(C. Mage) = Complete Mage
(C. Scoundrel) = Complete Scoundrel
(Ex. D.) = Book of Exalted Deeds
(Ex. of E.) = Exemplars of Evil
(Frost) = Frostburn
(L. M.) = Libris Mortis
(M. Wild) = Masters of the Wild
(Plan) or (Planar) = Planar Handbook
(S. C.) or (S. Comp.) = Spell Compendium
(S. Species) = Savage Species
(Races of Wild) = Races of the Wild
(V. Dark.) = Book of Vile Darkness
Good Clerics may not use spells from the Book of Vile Darkness.

Table of Contents