Attunement Table

Attunement is the process where a psion uses their basic power to conduct a scan or take subtle control depending on their psionic field. Attunement also lets a psionic character detect the use of a psion in his area or the simple existence of one. Attunement can also be used to detect Taint, not by its presence, but by the lack of subquantum energy around a Aberrant. Attunement can also be used to detect other things as described in the chart below. Using Attunement is not illegal, if is hard for many psions to not use it. Use of psionics on someone else, without their permission, is considered bad form, and in some countries illegal.
Event or Object Sensing a Latent Psion Difficulty to Detect
Weak (Psi 2) +3
Average (Psi 3-4) +2
Strong (Psi 5+ or appropriate Merit) +1
Sensing a Psion
Weak (Psi 2 or 3) +2
Average (Psi 4-6) +1
Powerful (Psi 7-10)        Standard
Proxy Automatic Success
Detecting Psi Power in Use
Low-Level (• or ••)   +2
Mid-Level (••• or ••••)   +1
High-Level (•••••+)        Standard
Detecting a Bioapp
Insignificant (Tolerance 0 or 1)   +4
Small (Tolerance 2 or 3)   +3
Hefty (Tolerance 4+)   +2
Vehicle Sized   +1
Ship Sized        Standard
Detecting an Aberrant
Weak (Taint 1-3)   +3
Average (Taint 4-6)   +2
Powerful (Taint 7-10)        Standard
Prime Threat Automatic Success
Detecting a Tainted Area
Room Sized   +2
Building Sized   +1
Block Wide        Standard
Massive Automatic Success
Sensing Death as it Occurs
One Death   +4
Two Deaths   +3
Three Deaths   +2
Five Deaths   +1
10 Deaths        Standard
Using Attunement Inside a Tainted Area
Mild Ambient Taint +1 modifier
Moderate Ambient Taint +2 modifier
Severe Ambient Taint +3 modifier
Character is
A Latent +1 modifier
A Neutral +3 modifider
Under the influence of light drugs/alcohol +1 modifier
Under the influence of heavy drugs/sedated +3 modifider

Detecting Psi can be done with a recently developed machine, but it is very large on the order of several hundred pounds and expensive. The only places where these machines are placed are at the normal entry for key installations in the FSA and Nippon. No one else has invested the money in developing or using these machines. Otherwise Psi can only be detected with a lengthy medical test.
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