Assassin Spells
1st, 2nd. 3rd, 4th
1st Level 3rd Level

Bloodletting (C. Mage)

Amorphous Form (S. Comp.)
Catsfeet (C. Mage) Create Fetch (C. Scoundrel)
Critical Strike (S. Comp.) Deep Slumber
Dead End (S. Comp.) Deeper Darkness
Detect Poison Enduring Scrutiny (C. Mage)
Disguise Self False Life
Distract Assailant (S. Comp.) Fangs of the Vampire King (S. Comp.)
Ebon Eyes (S. Comp.) Find the Gap (S. Comp.)
Feather Fall Magic Circle against Good
Ghost Sound Misdirection
Healer's Vision (C. Scoundrel) Nightmare Terrain (C. Mage)
Insightful Feint (S. Comp.) Nondetection
Instant Locksmith (S. Comp.) Pale of Twilight C. Mage)
Instant Search (S. Comp.) Rusted Blade (C. Mage)
Jump Spectral Weapon (S. Comp.)
Lightfoot (S. Comp.) Spider Poison (S. Comp.)
Low-Light Vision (S. Comp.) Toxic Tongue (C. Mage)
Mimicry (C. Scoundrel) Vital Strike (C. Mage)
Obscuring Mist Wraithstrike (S. Comp.)
Reaving Aura (C. Mage)  
Shock and Awe (S. Comp.) 4th Level
Silent Portal (S. Comp.) Assassin's Darkness (C. Scoundrel)
Sleep Clairaudience/Clairvoyance
Sniper's Shot (S. Comp.) Cursed Blade (S. Comp.)
Spring Sheath (Song & Silence) Deathsight (C. Mage)
Sticky Fingers (S. Comp.) Dimension Door
True Strike Freedom of Movement
Vigilant Slumber (C. Mage)


  Greater Invisibility
2nd Level Heart Ripper (S. Comp.)
Absorb Weapon (S. Comp.) Hide from Dragons (S. Comp.)
Alter Self Implacable Pursuer (S. Comp.)
Animate Weapon (C. Mage) Locate Creature
Blade of Pain and Fear (S. Comp.) Modify Memory
Cat's Grace Mordenkain. Trust. Bloodhound (C. Mage)
Darkness Poison
Fell the Greatest Foes (S. Comp.) Shadow Form (S. Comp.)
Fire Shuriken (S. Comp.) Shadow Phase (S. Comp.)
Fox's Cunning Sniper's Eye (S. Comp.)
Getaway (Song & Silence) Unseen Strike (C. Mage)
Ice Knife (S. Comp.) Vulnerability (S. Comp.)
Illusionary Script  
Invisibility Swift (S. Comp.)  
Iron Silence (S. Comp.)  
Marked Object (S. Comp.)  
Near Horizon (C. Mage)  
Pass Without Trace  
Phantom Foe (S. Comp.)  
Returning Weapon (Races of Wild)  
Smoke Stairs (C. Scoundrel) = The Completer Scoundrel
Spider Climb (C. Mage) = Complete Mage
Summon Weapon (C. Mage) (Song & Silence) = Song and Silence
Undetectable Alignment (S. Comp) = Spell Compendium
Veil of Shadow (S. Comp.) (Races of Wild) = Races of the Wild

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