Aeon Trinity Organization
Aeon Trinity is an organization with a long history. It is seen mostly as a public service organization like the Knights of Columbus, Free Masons, or the Red Cross. In reality it has been on the cusp of the fight for truth and justice, promoting the helpful involvement of specially adaptive and trained individuals. It started with Daredevils and Adventurers, progressed to super heroes and now works with psions. It is one of the few organizations that tries to go beyond mere politics and look at the bigger picture. It also has the size and membership to do something about the future. Trinity works with most governments behind the scenes, except for Nippon, and it has difficulties with the FSA and China. It is feared that all support from these two major nations may collapse if the Aberrant problem is ever solved. Aeon Trinity recognizes and honors the sovereignty of all nations, but it is able to operate across border, one of the few organizations that do. Thanks to Aeon Trinity's wide spread organization and vast holdings it is able to operate on par with the meta-corporations, in fact many meta-corporations seek their aid. There is an unpleasant habit of some corporations engaging industrial sabotage and blaming Aeon Trinity.

Orgotek built the Jumpships, and the UN raised the funds for it, but Trinity supplies the pilots and most of the crews. It is behind the reconnection with our extrasolar colonies. Trinity doesn't have access to many military ships, but they do have good relations with all the Psionic Orders.

Trinity is organized in three divisions: Neptune; which handles public relations, relations with other nations, liaison with the other organizations, administration and asset management. Triton; information acquisition and management, logistics and Aberrant tracking. Proteus; operations and training.

In Proteus there are several sections including; Apollo--crew and pilots, Athena--espionage and counter espionage, Hera--tactics, Mars--heavy combat, Titan--armored infantry, and Zeus--operations.

Positions in Trinity
Status Proteus Access Level Rank Color
X Trainee Alpha Recruits White
Field Operative Beta Basic Orange
•• Special Agent Gama Guards Red/Maroon
••• Lieutenant Epsilon Operator Purple
•••• Captain Theta Heavy Operator Blue/Navy
••••• Commander Omega Special Director Green/Jade
••••• • Director Unlimited Director Black on White
The party will start with Beta Clearance, after completing four weeks of basic training. They hold the rank of Field Operatives.

Aeon Trinity is organized by Chapter Houses with 6-12 members, with their headquarters under Lake Michigan. The Chicago HQ doubles as the regional office for North America; the other regional offices are presently located in Melbourne, New Delhi, Barcelona, Nairobi, Beijing, Vladivostok, Sao Paulo and Olympus. Each regional office monitors all activities within its jurisdiction, which generally covers a continent-wide territory. The party is based in Barcelona's region, Europe in Switzerland. There are several regional distribution offices that are working on encoding information for project rewrite--recovery of the OptiNet from all the text information that was lost in the Crash.

The game starts in 2120 right after the Huang-Marr incident; where members of the AEsculapian Order were working with Ogroteck on making new bioware that used Taint. Not only was this illegal, but the subjects weren't being told what was happening to them. The Psionic Orders are scrambling to recover ground and explain that this was done by renegade psions and does not represent the majority of the orders. Aeon Trinity is investigating and promises to route out the culprits. Needless to say psions are not exactly popular right now and the Aberrants are here. Not only have they started to invade Earth, but they have engaged the Chinese colony.

Aeon members wear a status pin that has their rank on it and includes a transponder with a 100 meter range. The players have Beta clearance and no access to milspec equipment. Standard issue scanners have a side band to track status pins if needed. If a cell phone connection is opened the status pin can be used to log into a Regional office to file a request for aid.

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