About Me; Dan your Host
I played my first game in September 1981. By my 5th game I was the DM (around the same time the Fiend Folio was released). I was in the U.S. Army at the time, working as a draftsman. I spent the next four years honing my skill with 2nd edition D&D. When I left the Army I returned to college and joined the local war gaming group. I helped to run D&D modules at a convention and I have run my own dungeons at a convention (twice for D&D and once for the game Top Secret). I have played in a convention game as well. I seem to spend most of my time behind the DM screen in the hot seat though.

I am disabled with Fibromyalgia that I got while serving with the US. Army during Desert Storm. I never went into combat so I don't consider myself to be a hero, merely a veteran. I suffer from depression, chronic pain and insomnia. At least it gives me time to work on my game since I am unable to work. Luckily, I have disability from the Veteran's Administration.

I dropped out of the D&D scene when third edition came out. I was mad that the Wizards of the Coast had taken all my knowledge of D&D and made it obsolete overnight. I took about 10 years off before finally getting back into D&D. I did well with 3.5 and ran two games. I have been doing a lot of playing recently and have played under a couple of DMs. I enjoy it more when I DM, but I learn more when I play. I get to know what the players feel and things that I like or don't like that the DM does.

I didn't like 4th edition very much and didn't bother learning the rules. I found Pathfinder to be better developed.

I have a fairly well developed world with multiple continents and a large collection of possible player races. Check out the acceptable player races article, the allowed character classes and other features of my website. I put the site together to put all the feats and rules in one place that was easier to search rather than going through 40 some odd books.

I learned Pathfinder soon after it came out. I played under an excellent DM who taught me a lot of things. I took the time off, from being a DM, to update my site to Pathfinder standards. I allow most of 3.5 and almost all of Pathfinder rules, including Oriental Adventures and the continent of Rokugan. I am still working on the books and finishing off my spell database (an Excel 2000 spreadsheet that includes all spells from all the various spell books in alphabetical order by level). When I finish the database I will post it and share it. This is possible to do with the open gaming license, as long as I don't charge anything for doing it and acknowledge that Wizards of the Coast and Paizo are the creators of the original content.

I only consider myself an Intermediate level Player and DM. I haven't memorized the rules and don't plan on doing that. I have played with more knowledgeable people and someday I will reach their skill level, at least I am trying to, but I will always need to refer to the rulebooks.

I have no problem with players new to the game. I had to learn Pathfinder and realize that learning all the rules is as hard as taking a college level course. I have patience and am willing to train new players.

If you have any questions that aren't covered in my website then contact me at danscififan@yahoo.com.

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